Great Running Technique

Hi All. Heres a great running technique.

Landing on the front foot place one foot as far forward as you chose. So forth with the next foot.

The toes land in conjunction with the front foot.

Move yourself forward concurrent with the forward movement and placement of your foot.

Increasing stride length and power increases the nature of the technique from walking to running to sprinting. Increasing stride speed increases speed.

To sprint. In as powerful a manner as possible ensuring you land on the front foot place one foot as far forward as you possibly can. So forth with the next foot.

Other actions involved in walking running and sprinting will by process of balance come naturaly to you if you follow the above instructions.

The above stated technique is a section of the work Alpha by Ricky Bennison. It is a far superior technique to heel running and has very beneficial effects to all round power and stamina.

Ive inserted some great pictures of ancient Greek running vases with a technique demonstrated which is concurrent with the above stated technique.

All the Best Ricky



  • What is this?
    Take the piss night?
  • Nice butts though image image
  • No its not take the piss night lard. You should try this technique. Land front foot and toes. It works. 

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Next week:  Recovery techniques and posture, with Ricky Tomlinson.

  • "Landing on the front foot place one foot as far forward as you chose. So forth with the next foot."

    So this isn't the work of Monsieur Troll?

    First ever post as well!

    I think you could be right PhilPub! image

  • God. I wish i hadn't but i googled:

    Alpha Ricky Bennison

    He's a nutter.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I'm actually ahead of you on the google search and read the whole thing via a different (theology) forum he spammed.  Really not sure what to make of it all, since on the one hand it all sounds a bit loopy, on the other hand some of his ideas have shades of Spinoza's notions of God and pantheism (God is everything, everything is God...)  I think. Or maybe I'm going mad.

    Still, WTF all that has to do with running technique I'm really not sure.  I think it's bedtime.  Nighty night!

  • they are all out tonight !!!
  • The technique is clearly stated. With that it contains basic elements. Thats good because a description of a technique should cover points which are pertinent to the performance of the technique. It is a superior running technique to the heel running technique. I suggest you it give it a try and see how you get on.
  • "Landing on the front foot place one foot as far forward as you chose. So forth with the next foot."


    Is there another way to run that i've been missing?

    Maybe i really am a moron.

    PhilPub, if he wants to debate pheology on another forum (personally i still think that makes him a nutter) then fair enough, it's a free country, but like you say, what's it got to do with running?

  • Ironically the placement of the foot that you suggest is more or less synonymous with heel striking at any sub-maximal pace.

  • Whilst i appreciate the art on the vases, i don't think they're an accurate representation of classic greek running, rather a stylised form to show movement and athleticism. I doubt very much the real athletes in question varied greatly in technique from their modern counterparts at their respective distances.

    If i had a time machine, i'd love to see how good they were compared to today, on their natural diets, and hard lifestyle type training, though. My instinct says the best wouldn't be as good as todays best, but the average man would wipe the floor, even with todays better than average.

  • When modern taught running technique falsely states the primary means of movement is by pushing backwards with the foot I believe its even more of a pertinent point to make.

  • Romanov on his Pose website has drawn attention to these piccies before now (in particular the bent knee & the implicit forefoot landing). What he doesn't point out - and the OP seems to assume is all a feature of superior running technique - is that the foot is landing in many cases waaay in front of centre of mass.

    I challenge the OP to complete 50 miles of training, running with form exactly as depicted.
    He might also wish to book a physio appointment in advance to treat his resultant calf strains.

  • limperlimper ✭✭✭
    And if he's naked and barefooted I think that might affect his gait over a few miles as well.
  • Actually, genuinely interested in the question of how barefoot affects gait. When I run barefoot it is very emphatically forefoot running, to minimise prickly bits getting to the tickly bits. My question is, where people habitually do not wear shoes, are they all forefoot runners? Or do their arches grow tough?

    Stupid thing is, when I was a child there were four happy summers when I went barefoot 95% of the time. I also ran everywhere. But I can't remember whether I ran on forefoot or not.

    I do remember that three or four sticking plasters hiding cuts and stubbed toenails was the norm..
  • I doubt Ricky Bennison has run further than a few yards in his whole life, he'd just had a few too many hand shandy's lastnite.
  • We might have uncovered an undesirable side effect: those chaps on the vases have all got VERY small willies.
  • the ones in the first pic seem to be playing some sort of "oooooooh chase me game"

    maybe its a Greek thing

  • When I state front foot I mean the front section of the foot.
  • Thanks for that clarification because landing on your back foot would mean... running backwards.

    I think it's time to ask the nice lady in the white coat for some more happy pills Ricky.

  • limperlimper ✭✭✭

    If we have to run like the Greek guys I vote for Vase # 4. That would look well cool in a race!

    I agree about those willies Jj. Dreadful. Are these pictures a fair and true representation of running men's bits then fellas?image

  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    a lard arse wrote (see)

    God. I wish i hadn't but i googled:

    Alpha Ricky Bennison

    He's a nutter.

    well he gives advice on all sorts, see here (from above link)... image

    Sexual breath psychology

    The adoption of a greater inhaled state is intrinsicly linked to masculine sexuality. In the practice of masculine sexuality encompassing both the physical sexual act and the perceivable signals of sexual interest inhalation increases. The man is in a greater inhaled state.

    The adoption of a lesser inhaled state is intrinsicly linked to feminine sexuality. In the practice of feminine sexuality encompassing both the physical sexual act and the perceivable signals of sexual interest inhalation decreases. The woman is in a lesser inhaled state.


  • NamNam ✭✭✭

    Dear Ricky...

    Your Greek Gods are all overstriding.

    Thank you.

  • Well spotted Jj ! So either the greeks did have little willies, or possibly its not wise to base your running technique on what some bloke scribbled on the side of a vase ?

  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    I'm still in a lesser inhaled state from laughing so much.
  • To be fair if you were to run fast naked, the last thing you would want would be to have a big willy banging about all over the place.

    I suspect that ancient Greek runners were primary selected  for having very small genitalia, thus allowing them to run fast with no y-fronts on without any discomfort.

  • image hee, hee, hee.....this is funny! 
  • Well theres obviously some on here who wish to deflect attention away from the original post. Fact is it is superior to land with the front foot and toes than with the heel. Landing the foot on the heel is damaging which is why such an amount of padding has to be worn on the foot to protect against an unnaturaly high level of impact.

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