Fat Club - Sunday 24 Aug

I can't believe I'm the first today although the weekends tend to be pretty quiet for us FC-ers. Maybe we should have one weekend thread for Sat and Sun?

Anyway, I had a curry last night and my friend isn't around to go on my long run today so I'm doing that tomorrow and doing a shorter easy run today. Hmmmm, I don't think I will be posting a loss tomorrow somehow.


  • Running muppet -- I've been up since 6am and forgot to start the Sunday thread when I looked in :) I think a "weekend - Sat & Sun" thread is a really good idea. There were only 6 posts for Saturday (probably all off having a good time like me!)

    I didn't do so badly yesterday - went shopping to the Trafford Centre which was a pleasant surprise because I expected it to be hugely busy and to get trampled - but it wasn't.

    Had a chicken caesar salad on ciabatta sandwich for lunch and unfortunately then, all the good intentions ended when we got home and I had a chinese take away (from our favourite rstaurant) which translated to 3 courses (soup, spring rolls and beef szechuan with half rice and chips) although we did go on then to complete the evening with a "banana milkshake" smoothie.

    Something that has been bothering me in light of my recent problems with the lump, is the amount of weight I have lost and the time scale. I've gone from 13st 10 down to 12st 12 in approximately 5 weeks. I think that's 12 pounds (just under a stone) in 5 weeks. I'm wondering whether this is too much..? I'm not being neurotic, I'm wondering because I have PCOS (polycysic ovaries) and this has caused me no end of problems in the past with trying to lose weight and not being able to, even though I have always been active. With the PCOS you see, the imbalance in hormones disrupts the balance of insulin and glucose and so fat is often stored more readily in these people. Anyway, I was wondering whether my weight loss is what should be expected for someone on a diet and fitness regime..? Obviously I haven't dieted strictly (hence the chinese food) but also I don't tend to eat alot of junk either and I never have. It just seems to me that 12 pounds in 5 weeks is alot and I'm wondering whether it's because of the lump (obviously I know I won't know that for sure until I get results from the tests back) just, it seems strange that I've struggled for years and now suddenly it's moving relatively easily.
  • UltracatUltracat ✭✭✭
    Hi Cath, been away from the forum for a few days, hope your results on Wednesdays are okay. With regard to weight loss, 12lbs is alot to lose but not unheard of. How you are feeling within yourself is more important.
  • Jane - I'm tired, really tired but I'm putting it down to being neurotic and stressed (not sleeping well)!! :)

  • not an expert but I think your weight loss in the first week will be more than usual as apparently you lose a lot of water. However after that 2 pounds a week is an ok goal and one that I aim for, especially if you have started to eat healthier and exercising more.
    But as Jane M says you should listen to what your body is telling you, and maybe if you are feeling neurotic and stresed you should look at your diet and make sure you are eating properly as I know one of the side effects of me being stressed if not eating.
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    Your tiredness could be due to stress and lack of sleep. Have you tried any natural remedies to aid your sleep? The aromatherapy type oil called lavender helps me get to sleep, I put a few drops on my pillow. Exercise also gives me more energy and relieves stress.

    Thinking of you.
  • Hi Jane & Gemini

    I normally have a lavender bath before bed - helps to soothe and relax me. Normally I'm pretty easy going - I think it's just everything that has been happening recently driving me nuts :)

    Jane -- Thanks I really appreciate the concern everyone has shown me on this forum. It really helps even though everyone is anonymously sitting somewhere else in time and space - just being able to talk about things and vent has a therapeutic effect.

    Gemini -- I do eat properly really and I eat enough. I don't generally have a problem with food although I don't have a sweet tooth. This is what my problem is, I haven't been vastly strict with watching the calories (crisps and I actually ate chocolate last week!) but I'm still losing what must be at least 2lbs a week - so I just wondered whether this was usual.
  • Hoping the tests come back with no bad news.
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