Veruca - what can I do!?

I have often had verucas which I get treated and they go away. I have one now on base of foot that I have had cryo treated 4 times. NHS says they will now not do anything more for me, but it's still causing a lot of pain and stopping me from running. Is the solution to get it cut out on private? Any Advice please would be fantastic!?



  • My 6 year old had a really bad one. I used a home freeze kit and followed the instructions plus neat tea tree oil nightly and also bazuka in between the home freeze treatment. I did this for about six weeks and one morning it had just vanished. They can be right little pests but the key is to keep at it.My husband had over 20 over both feet and this is the same thing i did with his and they too eventually vanished! Good luck!!
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    Generally the treatments aren't hugely effective.  They only work by aggravating your immune system sufficiently that it recognises the verucca and gets rid of it.  That means that it's pot luck if it works or not.  If you ask your doc he/she will tell you this.  It also means that it's pointless to pay for more treatment.

    If it is on the sole of your foot and is causing discomfort then use a small pair of sharp scissors to cut away the dead and hard skin.  Then soak your foot and use a pumice stone to remove even more skin.

  • I did that though M.Ister W and mine got bigger!

    It went away when it was ready. Its a virus that will run its course eventually. Salicylic acid worked up to a point....

  • Funnily enough we had a problem with my seven year old last year and a combination of bazuka, tea tree oil and emery board (carefully) eventually got rid of it. The key is treating it every evening before bed, and being patient!
  • I tried everthing and nothing worked, not freezing or bazooka stuff. I now have a solution. I put organic unfiltered cyder vinegar (That contains the mother) on cotton wool and taped it to the Veruca. Its actually working. Unbelievable! Try it. Hurts like crazy for the 1st 24 hrs then pain goes away. I can even wear heels again and running is now not a problem.
  • Latest
    costly though.
    alternative, Faulkner stim te immune sustem
     or electro surgical removal....radical, but successful . But the wound healing becomes an issue. 
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    Use the inside of a banana skin and tape it to the veruca.Leave it on overnight and if possible replace it again in the morning.It was the only thing that worked for me and was suggested to me by a podiatrist. 
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