does anybody take pills or powders of any description which are totally above board which they feel help them recover after runs or even just for your own wellbeing. i feel with the amount of stress we put our bodies under some people including myself might benefit from your knowledge.


  • I use once a day concentrated galic tablets [odour free] & I never get a cold. I do work outside though & I think that helps.
    I also use muti-vitamins, I'm good with my diet but I feel these might fill in any gaps I miss. Also plain organic chocolate for the iron [doctors orders] so I don't suffer from anaemia again.
    And High Five sports drink before hard training sessions.
    All of the above you can find in most health food shops & supermarkets.
  • Big Tim - please say a little more about the chocolate/iron connection. How much iron do you get from how much chocolate? (I was badly anemic earlier in the year, so this might be helpful for me.)

    Sorry for leading the thread a little astray. I'm afraid that I don't use any supplements to enhance my training, just a multivitamin each day. And cod liver oil, occasionally.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    After a hard training session I sometimes drink Complan or similar to instantly refuel my muscles. These meal replacement drinks are ideal for this purpose as they have a high carb/low protein base with other nutrients.
  • High5 protein recovery drink (milk chocolate flavour - yum!) - I find it realy helpful after long runs or any really hard effort, a bit like Hilly's Complan probably, to help muscles rebuild (and it replaces carbs quickly). I definitely notice the difference using this as to how fast I can recover - and hence progress to the next day's hard training. s.
  • Hi Hildegard,
    I'm afraid I don't know how much iron you get from say 100g bar of plain chocolate.
    Its a long time ago [1991/92] I had my problem which was caused by lots of running but Plain chocolate is mentioned in several books that I have read.
    Sunfower & Pumpkin seeds are good for iron too.
    Poppie was'nt joking when he ate his spinach because it's full of iron.
    I eat beef at least once a week.
    I did read up a lot on anaemia at the time & have never had trouble since. The diet I eat now if full of iron, but it has become just a way of life & unfortunatly I have forgotton much of what I read.
    I've run 100+ miles in the build up to marathons so it is possible to still train hard.
    It is worth going for a good quality multi-vitamin. I use 'Quest' once a day.
    I wish you the best of luck & hope you get sorted soon.


  • My diet is ok but lacking in fish (yuck) so I take Cardioace which has omega-3 fish oil, it also contains vitamin C ( I smoke), and the mythical chromium (its suppose to help weight loss!) plus garlic and vitmains E and B12.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Hi Hildegard,
    I have been suffering with iron deficiency since running London. Obviously it was building up before then and I've always had quite a low iron count, especially when I was pregnant. I don't eat very much red meat or any of the real iron packed foods. My running has suffered a great deal from this problem, not helped by other health problems through the summer.

    Anyway hopefully these are now coming to an end and I can start to regain the strength I had before all this. I now take a quality multi vit with iron (Radience) and 2 sachets of Spatone a day. I also try to now eat red meat at least once a week, even though I don't particularly like it. I'm starting to see improvemnts in my energy etc, but it takes time to build iron levels back up.

    I don't know if you're aware of Spatone Iron+, it's a natural springwater that is easily absorbed. You can't overdose on it and there aren't any side effects. I buy mine from Holland and Barret.
  • Hi Hilly,

    Never heard of Spatone before, but I shall look in my local H&B for it.


  • Hi Hildegard,

    I've been thinking about low iron some more.
    I remember reading that Tannin found in Tea inhibits the absorption of iron & that drinking orange jucie after a meal high in iron increases absorption.

    Hope this is of intrest.

  • just came across this article from 16 years ago and found it interesting that there is very little talk about sport supplements and more about vitamins.

    I wonder what the answers would be now, in my experience few sports people don't use some form of sport supplement, whether is be gels or protein powders or electrolite drinks. It's funny how supplements have took over sport in such a small time

  • After my every day runs I always take supplements, these help me a lot with the recovery of my muscles. The best supplement I've found is sunestron, it helps me a lot, I recommend it :smiley:
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