Carver Wolverhampton City Marathon

E.C.N.E.C.N. ✭✭✭
anyone playing again?


  • Looked at it last year, but could not make my mind up image.

    Was it two laps the same - cant remember.

    ECN - take it you did the full, so was it any good ? 

  • I am going to be doing the half.  This will be my first one.
  • I'm in...slightly worried about lack of Isotonic of course, but have roped Daddy in to provide such services.

     Might even get him to set up a little table for the fellow runners (subject to checking with race organiser...)

  • E.C.N.E.C.N. ✭✭✭

    yeah have done the 1/2 twice and the full last year, it is two laps with a  little bit of a funny little loop, however i did mention this to the organisers last year and they said they would look into it.

    it is a good run, well.... i quite enjoy it 

  • Did it last year

    Enjoyable raceimage

  • Is it a flat course.  As this is my first I just want to get around (at leat it is a PB) then I am hopefully going to do the Brum one in October and try to go faster.
  • will be mine subject to a decdent run in the Cov half-two laps good/bad?
  • coming back to kick pure arse image

    we ran 4:41 last year followed by Robin hood the next week in 5:07

  • Hi All

    Did the full last year and looks like I will do the same this year.  The course is gently undualiting of what I can remember one or two climbs but nothing to fear.  Can get a bit lonely on the second lap.  

    Fell in a heap at the 20 mile point at Stratford due to the heat (suffered with cramp).  So plenty of long sunshine runs for me this time around.

  • yes Stratford was hell

    gave in at 17

  • Stratford was supposed to be my one and only attempt at a full, but really enjoyed it so I have the bit between my teeth to go for another this year (did 4.28  and did not mind the heat too much but the second lap was a bit of a killer and a little lonely).

    This sounds a little similar, so pondering image.

    Does it fill up quick (sure I read somewhere that 400 ! did it last year - that cant be right can it ?).

    Did a 7 miler this morning which was glorious.

  • E.C.N.E.C.N. ✭✭✭

    are you playing again Mr Mick n Phil;?

    may actually catch up this year? are you playing at the Ellenborough 10k at Maryport in August again?

    what about Langdale?

  • MillsterMillster ✭✭✭
    ECN - Fancy seeing you hereimage.  Just having a look at this one, because I think my plans to do Langdale may be scuppered due to a clash of dates.  Will you be bringing your little pacemaker?
  • E.C.N.E.C.N. ✭✭✭
    yeah she will be there but only to actually run the kids fun run this time and as usual get on my girlfiends nerves while i run image
  • Hi All

    Im thinking of doing this or Robin Hood after a very bad Edinburgh marathon. At the moment im leaning towards this as I get the impression that it is flatter.

    Ive seen the route and have nbo problem with 2 laps, its gernarlly nice for supporters. Does anyone have any idea of the elovations of this race?

    Any help would be appreciated
  • Hi Apples, had a similar choice to you. Decided on wolvo as I'm pretty sure it will be flatter. A lad from work from the area says he doesnt think there is too much to worry about elavation wise. Looking at the winning times on this course and their respective pbs there is nothing to suggest this isnt a fast course. What sort of time you looking at? I'll be officially entering soon.
  • Hi Harry

    Thanks for the reply.

    I had great training for Edinburgh but got a chest infection and it affected me from about 10 miles on, in the end I was just happy to finish. My target in that was 3:35 but I think I would be happy with 3:45 now.

    Think ive pretty much decided on Wolves now as its within an hours drive of family and can combine the two, as soon as I know my chest is going to be ok I will get an Entry in.

    What kind of time are you and everyone else aiming for?
  • Am thinking of doing this one as part of a mental month in Sept....

    What's the crowd support like?  I've heard stories that marathoners are left to run alongside buses on the second lap - that can't be true can it?

  • Hi all,

               Thinking of doing this marathon or Nottingham the week after.Anyone know which is the better course for a PB?I've heaerd Nottingham is to crowded.

  • Seems a lot of people have been deliberating over this (me included). I think Wolvo will be quicker, but less people to pace you round! Roughly 400 running in Wolvo opposed to 2000 in Nottingham. I'm in for Wolverhampton as its meant to be flatter and less exposed.
  • I think I am going to do both.....
  • Hi harry,

    Thanks for the reply.Think Wolverhampton sounds the better option.Like you I'm a bit worried about the lack of isotonics. Is the water in bottles because I've read somewhere it's in cups.
  • Again, a similiar worry to me. Its sposnored by Buxton or some other mineral water company so I expect that the water will be bottled. With regards to iso, I emailed the organiser...and he confirmed no iso will be on the course. Sad times. However due to the lapped nature of the course I'll probably have someone meet me at 5 and 18 miles with a bottle of iso. Combined with 1 or 2 gels...
  • Hi All

    Vixx76 - Thats one way to make your mind up.  Respect to you,

    Paul - last year it was in bottles.  Don't know about this year though.

    Will have to start a training plan though keep telling myself its ages to go untill I count the weeks.  Have a couple of halfs to warm up with the Wombourne and the B&BCHM.  Anyone got some other races planned?

  • Another hill - have just entered both races image

    Is Wombourne next weekend? Can you still enter now?

  • I've started couting down. 12 weeks to go, if it helps... I'll be running some shorter races, but nothing special, hopefully have a half marathon in just depemds whats if i can find one to fit the schedule!! There is one two weeks before the race, but maybe that is a little close...
  • Vixx - Wombourne is the 20th can still pay online just google it.  I think that they charge an extra £8.00 if you pay on the day.
  • Sorry thats 13 weeks to much for that maths degree...
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