Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • This morning my legs heavy (a recovery ru)n and it was Dark, drizzly ,but warm. Only wildlife spotted today were horses in field. I enjoyed being out !!!
  • morning early morning runners!!!

     you guys make me feel great! i thought i was the only one who got up at silly- oclock until i found this!

     ive been running at crack of dawn, somewhere between 4 and 4.30 for years. my boyfriend thinks im nuts but i love it. its like having the world to yourself, you can explore the city all on your own. best time to run, not traffic, noise or people to bump into!

     in reply to turboelli i need my sleep so end up in bed about 10pm, sometimes earlier.

     went out today at 4.30, did a short one though as got a slight hamstring tightness and dont want to make it an injury!!!- wish i could have gone further...

    question for any of you guys who run in cities- DO YOU FIND THAT FOXES WHO ARE OUT THAT EARLY TRY AND RUN WITH YOU?  no im not nuts, its happened to me loads.......!!!! weird

     anyway, big hello to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     Gemma xxxxx

  • Out at 04:45 this morning. Legs like slabs of dead meat. Crawled for 8 miles before returning home.
  • what do people do for 'breakfast' - if anything - before these runs?

    04.:30 ... makes my 06:45 look like a long lie-in!

    At that time of day I haven't had a fox run with me but I've had offended looks as if I've encroached upon their time.

  • i-plodder,

     i generally dont have any breakfast before my run, far too early. all i need is a sip of water and then when i return i'll have a good breakfast. not before. not enough time to digest and not get stitches!

     thanks for replying about foxes! it was all very strange, i think they were chasing me, but hey, make me run faster!


  • iplodder: Dont eat anything. Up, stretch, drink some diluted juice and out the door.

    Foxes either run away or just sit and stare !

    Dino: Cracking description of tired legsimage

  • Not sure I'd want to be chased down the road by a pack of hungry foxes...or even a 'leash' of hungry foxes which is the collective noun for them!!

    Fortunately I don't seem to attract faxes but I've had to jump over the occasional adder when I'ver been out running. I once was bitten by one of the slippery serpents and had to sit for 2 hours in A&E waiting to see whether or not I'd need an antidote for the venom!!

    The worst experience though was being out in the middle of the forest just as it was getting dark and suddenly seeing a pack of 9 or 10 German Shepherds running towards me. They surrounded me and were barking furiously and acting very aggressively and looked as though they were about to attack. Luckily the owners appeared just in the nick of time and called the dogs off. Don't know why anyone would want that many vicious looking dogs. My guess is that they were guard dogs or something!

    I go running with my own dog now so he sorts out any troublemakers from the canine world!!
  • Chris!

     jees! Adders??!! wow dont get many crawling around in central london. i dont like the sound of that A+E experience you had, never had a trauma like that from a run! though i shamefully can admit a few times at that time in the morning....when hadnt fully woken up i have banged into a few trees..ops!

    never had any dogs chase me, though when i lived near a large park with stags they did give me a good run! that was frightening! hmmm maybe i should get a dog to take out with me on my runs- though it probably wouldnt appreciate the early mornings!

     lets see what i find tomorrow morning!! it could be like a wildlife challenge...who saw what...etc

     see ya!


  • ps. Birkmyre, i just saw your post a few days ago about going out at 2.30am!!! haha now thats funny!! hope it was a good run!

  • Okay Gemma, wildlife challenge accepted!!

    There's usually a family of deer hanging around on the 14th tee of the golf course I run through. The earlier I get there the greater the chance of seeing them. Never been out at 2.30 though....I reckon that'd be too early even for the wildlife.

    And if I go for a run from work in Chiswick there are usually flocks of noisy Parakeets flying around and I've seen quite a few rats on the Thames path! How many points do you get for a rat?!!!!!
  • Just back from a week in Portugal, always get up at about 6 to run and beat the heat whilst I'm away. Saw the same chap skinny dipping most mornings, how many points for a cock spot?

    Also had to run around the locals pulling in their fishing nets on the beach, makes a change from dodging dog walkers!

  • Posted a while ago on this, but another early morning person.  I've noticed that my pace is better at that time than if I run at lunchtime or evening.

    Had to go out 6pm today, had to wait for new shoes to arrive! Felt very strange!  Def getting cooler in mornings, could see my breath the other day and it's also tad darker.

    Back to early am start tomorrow image.

    I never eat beforehand - I need to allow at least 3 hrs for food to digest and while I don't mind getting up early, I draw the line at getting up in the middle of the night, just to eat!

    Anyhow, see it as good training, always going out on empty, makes you run sensibly!

  • I'm with you Jeepers, what's happened, in a week we're back to dark mornings?
  • Now where did I put that headtorch?
  • Cold out so long sleeved top on  and dark up here alredy when I was out.4 foxes this morning. They all ignored me !
  • Chris,

     i think rats get big points- so small to spot!

    wildlife challenge it is!!- so this morning at 4.30, 1 fox, 3 cats, few birds but the best bit of wildlife??? a drunk human sprawled on the floor!!!!!!!!!! absolutely true!

    i was coming round a corner and thought what was a dead body!...except for it was moaning and growning and lying flat on floor. i asked if she was ok and if she was hurt and growned she was ok, i wasnt sure so stayed for a while before trotting off!!

     so Chris, how many points do i get for that!??

    run good this morning, nice temp and hamstring problems clearing up.

    Birkmyre- sorry to hear the ignored you, probably so used to seeing you now!


  • Slug-hopping this morning, the damp brings the buggers out - and they're the enormous variety image.  Can never bring myself to squish them anyhow, so spend my time jumping over them (must look quite odd to anyone spectating).  Had a bit of an incident last year, one managed to land on the back of my leg (imageimage) and in spite of trying to avoid them, accidently stepped on one then nearly went AOT as they made my shoe extremely slippery.

     Apart from that, plenty of birds, a solitary cat, horses, cows and pigs (in fields), oh and some upright and fully mobile humans, some towing canines on long pieces of leather.

    7m @ recovery pace D+D.

  • slug hopping- maybe it adds some extra training dimention? extra agility and plyometrics with all that hopping??

     sounds like nice run! hopefully less slippery tomorrow x

  • Looks like Gemma's the outright winner today with the drunken human (17 points) plus 6pts for the fox and 4pts each for the cats . I only managed a squirrel (2pts) a rabbit (3pts) and a woodpecker (3pts). Not sure how many points slugs get but I would have thought that enormous ones deserve at least 5pts!!!

    Glorious morning though and legs felt pretty good considering I went out for a hilly 10k last night.
  • yay i win!!

     thats pretty good going considering you had 10km last nite too. i have to say though, i dont think i want to get that 17 points (ie drunks!) too often!

    have a good day xx

  • Morning all!  Am in training for my first HM and have so far only done one early morning - was out by 5.45am and back by 6.30am - only just started training so wasn't physically able to do much more but also had to be back in time to get ready to leave for work.

    Not been up to an evening run this week since my 8/9 miler on Sunday but you guys have motivated me to get up early tomorrow, despite going out tonite and being out tomorrow evening too!

    Will keep an eyeout for the wildlife and the drunkards..... (do my own chickens count  or is that cheating?!)


  • fantastic SBC!

    thats a great run and youll feel great running in the morning- best time of the day.

     though i dont think your own chickens count!!! haha


  • Boo hiss!  Surbiton's not great for wildlife as far as i'm aware!

    The early morning run I did was a fair few weeks ago and was actually a good one - no one about, not too hot, about as pleasant a run as a run could be for one who doesn't really run!  I did do a 10 mile a couple of weeks ago with my runner brother who got me round - wasn't easy but glad I've done it once at least.  HM not til October so still got time to step it up a bit.

    Real problem is not having much time for early morning runs - would want to run for at least an hour or so but that inolves getting up so much earlier!  May be I could do it on Friday instead when I'm working from home - now, I'm giving myself a get out clause for not doing it tomorrow.......

  • Welcome to the gang SBC.

    gemma:  re my 2.30am unintentional early run.I remember thinking that it was colder and quieterr than my usual 7.30am run. image Well done on your win. A regular contest ??

    We stay 5mins away from the countryside, so can see often a bit of wildlife on morning runs. L

  • Thanks Birkmyre!

    Think I may need to start making up some wildlife spots - how much for an anteater?  Am sure there is a hyena to be spotted on the A3 if I look hard enough....

  • haha, SBC if you can find that hyena or even the anteater i think you take the crown!!

    im sure over time youll get up to your hour run goal, it takes just slow increases to get there and youll soon find its easy!

     Birkmyre- yeah lets make it a regular contest...i think it make the morning run more exciting and gives me something to report to you guys!

    lucky you living near the countryside..sounds beautiful, especially when sometimes all i get here is police sirens!

    take care you guys!

  • Jeepers, I've just re-read your post about slug-hopping (a new olympic event maybe) and can't figure out how one "landed' on the back of your leg!! Most of the slugs that I've come across are pretty solidly stuck to the ground and don't have the ability to jump or fly or anything!! If you've discovered a new, more agile breed of slug you should send details to the Conchological Society of UK and Ireland http://www.conchsoc.org/index.php

    SBC, a wild anteater in the UK would score pretty highly...perhaps in the high 40's to mid 50's. If you want to spot one you should find a place where there are loads of ants and build yourself a hide and just wait!! Early evenings are the best time to see them when they come to feed. Let us know how you get on!!

    ps I must have too much time on my hands!!
    pps Arcade Fire 'The Suburbs'...great early morning run music
  • I have no idea either how it got stuck to my leg, I felt something wet and assumed that I'd splashed myself, or got splashed by leaves, looked down and there it was.  I can only assume that it must have been travelling up a leaf when I went past (as we're pretty rural my way) and it somehow got transferred to my leg.  Luckily I have yet to spot a new species of flying slugimage.

    SBC,  yep, afraid that it does involve getting up earlier than normal!  I've missed quite a few months training this year, so am hoping to catch up a bit over the summer.  I do HR training, so I'm following the first weeks of a 3 month plan, 45 - 55m each week.  I get up early, do my 7 / 8m (12+ LSR at weekend) but it's the only way that I can get the miles in.  OK now as it's light, but will be interesting to see what happens in the winter when my routes will have to change as we've no lighting out here and the paths are treacherous (not to mention a bit image in the dark!)

    7m last night then 7m this am, 12 hours later, to get me back into my morning routines.  Feeling it a bit now, but hopefully, will be OK by tomorrow morning.image

  • chris, nice music tastes  image- arcade fire will definitely get you going. i find that a bit of Prodigy gets me going early in the morning though i have been sneeking in a few old jacko tunes and even earth wind and fire!! boogie wonderland!!! oh the shame!!!!image

    i wonder if i'll see any slugs tomorrow morning...hmmmm well that would be better than a drunk!image

    training for half marathon in sept but really my goal is pb in my next marathon so that is what gets me up and going so early!

    anyway- enjoy your morning trots everyone!!!!!



  • gemma carter wrote (see)

    anyway- enjoy your morning trots everyone!!!!!



    image Nice choice of phrase, Gemmaimage
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