Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Gemma

    Yeah I reckon the Prodigy would be a pretty good choice of music for the morning trots!!

    What's your target for the Marathon? My next race is the Snowdonia Marathon and I'm aiming to get round in sub 4 hours. Hopefully the weather will be an improvement on the last couple of years. Driving rain and gale force winds aren't exactly good for setting a pb!

    Enjoy your run and watch out for the slugs and drunks!!

  • Cold and dark out today. Legs frozen. Last run at this time with shorts on. Tracksters from tomorrow. Autums is now here at stupid o clock. Nature report: 2 foxes a squirrel and 4 horses,but the horses were in their field and so I'd be cheating to count themimage,
  • yeah Jeepers...i did think about that after i posted it...and had a little chuckle! whoops!image

    nature report- 2 foxes, one cute black and white cat, 2 upright sober humans and a few bats!

    Birkmyre- yeah it is getting colder, now wearing long sleave top as oppposed to t shirt, still shorts though. in a way i quite like the cold mornings, i find im awake a lot quicker!

     chris- yeah got wake up music! my marathon goal time is 2.59 (ie sub 3) ive prevoiusly been a 3.10 marathoner except for a few when i was injured. but if im not injured this time i think i can crack it, have a few halfs to get up to standard so should be ok. whens the snowdonia marathon? how long you got?

    hope run went well xxx

  • No slugs this morning, pleased to report - word must have got round that I was on my wayimage.

    Chily here, still in sleeveless top and shorts, but sun was quite warm - very suddenly.  Quite weird, cold to start with then when sun broke through clouds, heat was noticeable.

    Tired 7m D + D - Tuesday night followed by Wednesday morning catching up on meimage

  • So, I did it!  Was up at 5.30am and out the door by 5.40am, back home by 6.35am.  No idea how far I went as planned route had to be changed when the road was cordoned off for a RTA.  Did huge detour and ended up going up the hill I wanted to avoid.  Made it up though, for the first time in a while so very pleased with myself.  Not bothered about mileage, just need to get out and do something!

    Wildlife very pants: 1 cat, 2 magpies and 1 yorkshire terrier (with owner).  Quite a few people about at that time of the morning today and weather perfect for a trot around Surbiton!

  • congrats SBC!!! 

    sounds like a fantastic run, domnt worry about milage yet, youre right just get out there and more importantly enjoy it! i always find the wildlife is a little more exciting when theres no one around so maybe youll see more in the future!

    again well done!


  • Thanks honey - I feel better in myself for having done it and think Thursday am's will be the way to go from now on.

    I did think that I might go a different way next time and go past Chessington World of Adventures - maybe I could see a lion through a whole in the fence or something?....

  • haha..yeah that would score huge points!

    mmm yeah maybe i should go find the nearest zoo!...though they'd probably all be asleep and if i saw a lion that early in the morning i dont think i'd want to attract its attention!!

    i always find running in the morning means i feel so much better the whle day, those first 10 mins can be tough but after that youre sailing!!! xxx

    take care xx

  • Gentle trot for me this morning as I'm planning a 10 miler after work tonight. Crisp bright morning here in Surrey with the sun reflecting off hundreds of dew covered cobwebs in the heather and gorse.

    Pretty pathetic wildlife report though: a squirrel and heron and that's it. So I reckon that puts me at the bottom of the rankings today!! Looks like Gemma's tops again with the bat sightings.

    Gemma - Sub 3 hours would be pretty impressive...good luck with that! The Snowdonia Marathon's at the end of October so I've still got about 10 weeks to go.
  • heron's pretty good going! i think if SBC sees that lion then shes topped the list!

    end of october's quite a nice time for a marathon, i was going to do amsterdam which is around then but couldnt afford it! mines in december so got plenty of time!

     good luck for your 10m tonight, my biggy training is on saturday with the club so hopefully get some good runs and strength sessions in before then!

    i guess most of your morning runs are on grass? unfortunately all i have is uneven pavements!!...and road when its this quiet!

  • Most of my runs are on hilly, sandy heathland - part of the military training area so plenty of bangs and explosions to keep me awake when the army are there on exercises. Have to watch out for trip wires though as they're connected to thunderflashes and I wouldn't want to set one of those off!
  • had to cut this evening's run down to 8.5miles as it was getting dark and I didn't have a torch with me. Wildlife: 1 rabbit, 1 bat, 6 soldiers on patrol.

    Back out again in 7 hours for my stupid o'clock run!!
  • I have had this week off so no early early runs but have been running midmorning and its no as nice.

    Too many people and dogs around, back to normal 5.30am's next week, although I have noticed that its only just getting light at that time. Might have to start to revert to my winter routes image

  • Morning. Soaked through on my fartlek. Tracksters, flo vest and long sleeved top.Nature watch update: 2 foxes, 1 cat and 2 squirrels. All just ignored me. No Lions sighted !image

    Rain bouncing off the large electrical pylons/wires made that funny kinda static noise.

  • Back onto the regular 'earlies' after last weeks residential course and a 10k race on Sunday. Out a 04:30 this morning after a good night's downpour, couldn't use the two subways as I can't swim and how I've missed the crunchy snail sounds on the footpaths, apart from that no wildlife to mention today.

    Still got in a 7.3m slow run, which shook off my stiffness from a 16 mile steady paced run that I done on Wednesday Night.

  • Slept right through the alarm this morning so no run!! Probably missed all sorts of interesting wildlife out on the common.

    Planning a long swim later today - maybe a mile and a half or two miles.
  • Blimey Chris, the amount of training you're doing is impressive!

    Nowt to report in terms of critter spotting, other than moggies or dog walkers.  Spotted a fox in our garden tho' & a squirrel is on a 1 Critter mission to strip the bird feeder/apple tree bare.

    Had a good week - 6 mile bike ride on Monday evening, 4.5 mile hilly run on Tuesday morning, cycle commute on Wednesday & been out for 7 miler this morning.  Had to scale back to 2 rather than 3 runs, as got a 30th birthday party tonight & Hen Do tomorrow. 

    I'm not giving myself a hard time about having to amend my schedule, I'm really enjoying running & cycling & feel my priority is to build a good fitness base/increase my LSR.  Sometimes, it's better to be realistic & flexible rather than get disheartened.

    Have good weekend, everyone image

  • Chris: I can't even swim 2.5 lengths image Good training by you as has been stated.

    Last winter on a frosty early morning run. I  saw 6 horses galloping up towards me and the sound of their hooves off the frozen tarmac was very loud.They'd escaped from their field. (broken fence) 

    My heart rate went into overdrive, until they all stopped and had some breakfast in the local High School grass playing fields.

    Hopefully that doesn't happen again this winter.

  • i think i had the worst nature watch today....image

    a worm........one small wriggly worm!!!...... that was it...i was actively looking for animals after 30 mins! oh well. i have my long run tomorrow 12.5miles, be it slightly later than crack of dawn, maybe we'll spot something to write about!

    Birkmyre sounds like a wet one then! i always find when it rains i naturally run faster, or maybe it just feels that way..??? the only problem is an electrical devices (ie phone have to be tucked up somewhere dry!)

    Chris- sorry you slept through the alarm, hate it when that happens!image

    ickle legs- yeah its annoying when theres so much going on in week that prevents normal running schedule but your right, dont stress better not to try do all at once! sounds like you had a good hil run though- dont have many hills round here!

    right have a good weekend everyone, hopefully you all get a lie in at the weekend!image


  • Ickle legs - hope you enjoyed your partying!!

    Birkmyre - sounds like you had a lucky escape from those horses. I've heard (herd) of cows trampling people but not horses. If you're like me and listen to music on the run you probably wouldn't have heard them coming!!

    Gemma - well done on the worm spotting!!

    Have a fun weekend...
  • Morning. No early run today. family alla way to Highland Games, do a session later at a 'normal time' !

    Chris; Yeah I know re horses. It was like watching a film as they came galloping up a slight hill and out of the frost / fog. If I'd a heart rate monitor on, it'd have blown up with the rate my heart was beating at that timeimage Goodness knows what any passing motorists thought .

     I rarely listen to music when running. However if somebody bought me an ipod or gave me an MP3 player I probably would. image

  • Hi Everyone,  Thanks for the reassurance regarding hectic schedules/partying/training plans.

    Managed to combine partying & running last night - kind of.  Found out a mate of mine has recently started running again & has also entered the Liverpool Half Marathon.  Been thinking it'd be nice to have occasional company, particularly for LSR - looks like I may have found myself a running buddy. 

    Don't fancy my chances including running in the topics of conversation during tonight's Hen Do tho'.image

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend

  • congrats on the running buddy ickle!!!

     yeah i dont think hen do's are the place to discuss running times/ schedules!!

    no early today being weekend but went out the running club for good long run, did anyone find it surprisingly muggy today? really stuffy!

    anyway as no wildlife today being later i bring you THIS:




  • Ha ha - nice to see those crazy foxes having such fun!!!

    was very muggy this morning...I tend to sweat a lot anyway when I'm running and I was completely drenched when I got back today....

    more of the same mugginess in store tomorrow apparently!!

    Had a good swim this afternoon which was refreshing - got my mile time down to just over 31' which is good for me!!

    long run tomorrow...
  • i know image.. a friend told me about the you tube vid, theres a few like it which are cracking!

    hope this weather gets fresher! long run for me tomorrow too, building the long runs up to hopefully marathon worthy training in few months, slow but surely... very impressed with the swimming though! im not much of a water animal much prefer land!

    enjoy the drenching tomorrow, bet you cant wait for the earlier mornings come the week then! image


  • Gemma; Yes it was a very heavy drizzle yesterday and I got soaked ! Bit of a change today up here though.
  • another crazy canine.... my running mate Jackson getting down to some seious digging!!  Jackson

    I worked it out the other day that we've run over 5000 miles together!!!

  • Chris!

    your dog is crazy!!!! but absolutely gorgeous...image i love it, he really is going for it isnt he? i used to have a black lab and he was a bit of a nutter too. with 5000 miles under his belt i think he should try some marathons himself!

    wet morning sunday, anyone else get soaked? but rather nice to be honest image

    if i find any other you tube greats i'll post them up for a few chuckles....x

  • excellent run this morning...felt really good despite it being another sticky, humid day. even managed a hill sprint session at the end of the 11.5 mile course. the cross training seems to be paying dividends and I'm noticing an overall improvement in my fitness.

    not much in the way of wildlife - the usual rabbits and squirrels plus a few horses, cows, and chickens plus a squad of soldiers in camouflage hiding in the heather!
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