Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • "Stupid O Clock " travels well - I have just returned from 2 weeks in Turkey where I ran every morning at app 6am - although temp was already 28 degrees it was absolutely beautiful running along a path parallel with  the beach & seeing the sun rise. I took my running gear "just in case" & was so glad I did I would have been gutted if I had missed that opportunity to be out at that time of day it was wonderful & a part of the holiday I will never forget.

    I must try & hold that feeling when I go back to my stupid o clock runs here - not the same when you are off to work after your run instead of relaxing by the pool !!

  • Day off today, back to normal tomorrow.
  • gosh Chris, i hope you keep your witts about you with those soldiers hiding in the heather!!

    sounds like your fitness is excellent at the moment! 11.5 miles and then hills! i find 12 miles is a good run for me but never feel like hills at the end of it! ( maybe if i was chased by soldiers?)

    hey Christie! well done for running on hols, im off for a very brief trip soon and have already planned my new exciting away from home routes- the only worry i have is i might get completely lost!!

    yup back to normal for me tomorrow too, hoping to increase the milage up soon after this quite week, think the lateral left knee / calf injury is ok now....touch wood.

  • 4.5M Fartlek done. Legs shattered though

    Bill Oddie watchimagene dead fox, 2 living foxes, 4 rabbits , 2 squirrels and 6 seagulls !

     Christie: Sounds a good run in Turkey. Agree re not being the same. eg running along sea shore in Spain and then when back, along the banks of the Clyde are a bit different !

  • Chris: Their camouflague couldn't have been that good then image
  • i think my session  this morning nearly became a swim!!! yikes rain!!image
  • I'm still a relative newbie to all this running but I've been out a few times early for a jog/run, although it's normally after work when I go.

     The first time I attempted it was when I started Couch to 5K a few months ago.  I'd quit the gym and wanted to jog outside so I decided to go out on the first run nice and early on a Saturday morning.  I was a bit nervous about it to be honest and didn't sleep well so at about 6.15am on a Saturday morning I got up, got changed and went out.  It was lovely and quiet and only a couple of people around (walking their dogs), it was great.

    Then one other time a few weeks ago I'd been stressing about something and only managed a few hours sleep that night.  I got up and went out for a jog at 6.30am and it was fantastic, there was no-one around.  It was cool, quiet and really enjoyable.

    I've since tried to get up early and go for a jog but I find it so hard to get out of bed at times.  It's probably not helping that these days I've a lot more energy and feel better so I'm not that tired come 11pm so it makes getting to sleep difficult.  As a result it can be after midnight before I nod off, or later, and then I can't get out of bed at 6am.

    It is lovely going out early though, especially during the summer as the temperature is much cooler.

  • nice wet muddy run this morning - no wildlife to be seen though.....

    good idea, Gemma - combining running and swimming in one session would save time and money!!

    birkmyre - it's not their lack of camouflage that gives them away, it's usually the smell of their fag smoke!!
  • I want to know how you manage Hill sprint Chris, i just concentrate on getting up them
  • Steve, i don't usually tag hill sprints onto the end of a long run but felt unusually energetic yesterday!! must be the beetroot juice!
  • taken a few weeks ago on a stupid o'clock run....


  • Wow Chris, now thats what i call proper wildlife!

    this morning nice tempo session. not much wildlife other than black cat with white paws, few squirrels, a very early dog walker, cabbies and few late nighters still in suits from night before.

    amazing full moon though! shame its suddenly so dark again..

  •  7 miles tempo run done this morning.

    wildlife includes loads of rabits & Geese ducks and a swan.

    It was a glorious sun rise over the lakes thismorning I think i'm going to take my camera tomorrow if its not too cloudy.image

  • go for it Tommygun, it'd be great to see some photos up here. if i get the chance/ or see anything good enough i will too!


  • really nice sunny morning....wildlife: a couple of rabbits, a fox and a whole load of soldiers having a major battle!!

    Here are some photos I took at about 5:30am on a run in early June...    sunrise

  • i want to swap running locations with you!

    three words: jealous, jealous, jealous!!!!

    will put pics up soon x

  • I am the same!!!!  I am lucky enough to be able to run during my lunch hour so it doesn't interfere with family comitments etc.  At the weekend I am up at 5am on a Sunday!!!!!!!! and out running at 6am.  That way I am back just as my wife and daughter are getting up and I have the rest of the day to do family things.
  • Sorry Gemma, think I'll stay where I am for the time being....just wish I didn't have the daily commute into London and back!

    Don't think I could manage a 5am start on Sunday Paul - I always seem to be up late on Saturdays, watching a film, out at the pub or just messing about on Facebook or something!!
  • Chris Oco wrote (see)
    Sorry Gemma, think I'll stay where I am for the time being....just wish I didn't have the daily commute into London and back!
    I wish I didn't have the the commute to London every day eitherimage
  • well i may not have the daily commute but it means im constantly surrounded by traffic, smog and tooting horns!image..if that makes you feel any better!

    paul, i always find even though i have a lie in on sunday i cant help waking up same time as through the week! annoying! bet everyone else has that problem?

  • Nope..never have that problem myself. Alarm's set for 7:15 on Sunday morning and that's when I wake up! Leisurely breakfast and out for a run by about 8:30 - 9:00.
  • darn. unfortunately i am not that well trained. i always wake up an hour before and just lie there...image
  • Chris: Cracking photo.

    Out this morning, thought I'd posted on here, but hadn't !

  • I'll never look at a duck in the same way again!!


  • Lovely dawn breaking as I ran thismorning. Took a short cut across a field only to find 2 Horses staring at me. They just carried on eating the grass and never bothered me,My heart went into overdrive !

    They wereen't in that field yesterday.Oh and also  a deer, 2 rabbits and a cat for 'nature watch' today !

  • saw 2 coots, 4 ducks, lots of geese and a swan..but since Chris post i just now see them all as mini dogs in masks!

    lovely dawn today i agree bikrmyre and not too windy which i thought it might be.  lets a bit heavy from hill session yesterday so hopefully recover by tomorrow!

  • Up at 5.30am faffed around to find camera only to find the batteries had been taken out, faffed a bit more looking for new batteries, couldn't find any. So eventually got out of the door at 5.50am

    7.5 miles plodded this morning, didn't see much wildlife a rabbit some ducks and a few squirrels, but I did encounter two lady runners which is a first at that time of day and place. Gave them a cheery "Morning" which they seemed a bit surprised atimage

    So I will sort out camera tonight ready for tomorrow morning, except is due to be pissing down tomorrow morning where I live. image

  • sorry about camera faff tommygun!

    yeah, what is it about some runners who never return nods or waves when running past each other!?! sometimes i give a cheery smile or morning too snd get just blank or surprised stares!! tut tutimage

    hopefully wont rain too much tomorrow, i have a surprise for tomorrow but cant tell you guys til then!!!


  • first run out in the new mizunos this morning...so far so good and with a bit of mud and rain they'll soon lose that 'new trainer' look!

    not much in the way of critters this morning - just the usual squirrels and rabbits....a hot air balloon drifted overhead at one point and that's about it.

    and now I'm wondering what could Gemma's surprise be?
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