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  • i am worn out too, but no running because of my back still.  however, am v impressed with all the mileage going on here!

    i have my two babies sleeping upstairs so i am happy tonight.  found yday without them v hard indeed - spent most of the evening in tears. but today has been better and it is just a case of one day and night at a time.

    so far, J seems fairly underwhelmed by it all.  he asked me tonight if i was ever living with daddy again (no), and would i stay in this house forever and until i died (i said that was unlikely) and then he said 'will god die?' and when i said 'no', he said, 'is that because he doesn't breathe air?'.  so either the parental split is one of the great imponderables, or he is truly taking it in his stride!

  • CM- children are much less affected sometimes than we imagine, a happy Mummy is a bonus to them! The nights without them will get easier & in yrs to come you may even look forward to some 'you' time. That said there are some 'hot spots' which you will have to either grin and bear or risk upsetting the apple cart over. Was easier for me with eldest as his Dad almost never had him so I didn't have the alternate wkends/  half half dilemma but I still found xmas / birthdays were a potential arguement as that was the only time when his Dad 'did' want him...  Hopefully you will be able to negotiate fairly when hubby is not being a kn*b. 

    Fab running MM- thought most ladies took it easy in the post-natal period??

    JT- the time will fly!! Just make sure you don't over do it. 

    Took my new inov8's out for their first session today, 9.64 miles over the hills with a 2 mile road finish. Bliss!!

  • Take it easy Camlo. Ho Ho Ho!! I have twin 3 yr old boys remember!!

    Going to express soon and hit the sack can barely keep my eyes openimage...

  • Gosh, some awful news, hopefully all good from here.

    Minks, that must have been so scary, hope Kit is now on the mend.

    JG, sounds like Nicholas is improving. Hope you get closer to home soon.

    Chynah, hope Nate is recovered?

    EF, I hope your SIL is now bring properly cared for!
  • Evening all - had a nice day out at my mum's today as it's her birthday tomorrow which is why I did the 10 yesterday. Managed to get round in 1 hr 28 which I think is around 8.50 pace, so I was pretty pleased with that as although my legs felt a bit numb towards the end I didn't feel like I was working too hard. Having said that I did spend a lot of the run thinking to myself maybe I'm not cut out for long distance running and should have stuck to 10ksimage, but of course felt great to have completed it and am now already thinking about how I'm going to cope with next week's long run which is 12 miles (eek again!).

    Caro - would definitely recommend taking M to Museum of London. We walked from Liverpool Street station and it took about 10 minutes so it's not too difficult to get to. BTW - good running today, did you run in the forest?

    RB - we'd like to go to the Docklands one too as we've never been there before. Only problem is that although it's not actually that far the transport links from here don't make it easy to get to. Don't suppose there's any point trying to drive and park is there?

    EF - your poor SIL, that's so awful. I had c-section with my first and it's one of those nightmares that you can't help worrying about. Seem to remember exagerating what I could feel when they were pumping in the anaesthetic to make sure they used plenty and there was no way I could feel a thing.

    Hurray - first full pay day this Friday coming after trying to survive on statutory maternity pay for the last 2 months! Am planning to treat myself to some new trainers as I can't even remember how long I'd had these ones before I got pregnant so I'm def due a new pair.

    Off to sort out work clothes for tomorrow and hopefully get an early night - have a good week everyone.

  • Karen There is a big underground car park at Canary Wharf, which is a short walk even for a toddler. I've only ever tried to park there on a weekend when it is free for 3hrs parking if you spend £10 in any of the shops there (includes Waitrose and John Lewis - so not hard to spend £10).

    TTid It was a nice sunny day today but rained this evening. We're not booked into the cottages until next Sat - we're at Granny & Grandad's until then. In any case, there's planty of indoor stuff to do if necessary and we all have wet gear.

    JT I'll enjoy the good behaviour while it lasts anyway!

  • Just had quick catch up and wanted to say I'm thinking of you JG and hope Nicholas is making good progress and doesn't need to spend too much longer in hospital. Hope you and the family are doing ok.

    Will be back later for a proper catch up
  • thanks, camlo.  yes you are right, in time i *may* enjoy some freedom.  but at the moment i don't want to be happy when they aren't with me.  people have been suggesting meeting up and going out but i don't want to.  i don't want to be enjoying myself because my kids are not with me.  i know that probably sounds barking mad, but then ... perhaps i *am*!!
  • ((CM)) when is your next night with the kids? Or do you have them for a couple of days now?

    Hope all the poorly babies are getting better (and poorly new mum's EF's SIL).

    Raining cats and dogs here, just got soaked walking the mile back from sainsburys (while Maggie slept snug as a bug under rain cover!).
    Granny now gone home and already missing having her about, nice to go running, have a shower, use the loo and not have to worry about baby.
    Also, my mum said me and my sis never had toddler tantrums, or has she just blanked them from her memory?! Although Maggie already taking after her dad and being very feisty, she can already well up with tears in seconds, so I'm preparing myself for a little madam!

    Karen- your 10 miler sounds very impressive, well done you! That kind of pace in training should put you on track for a sub 1.50 half at least. Yay to pay day and definitely get those trainers image

    Me and sis did our 10 mile on Sun morning, ran round wimbledon and then richmond park while hubby and granny walked dog and Maggie. We did it in exactly 1h 40, which is what we were aiming for, although sis now worried about doing it at faster pace next week. We need to up the training pace a little if going to do sub 2 i think. She can plod on endlessly but doesn't like speeding up out of her comfort zone!
    Hubby took Maggie in the baby jogger, we padded it out with some cushioning so the straps would kind of hold her, definitely can't run until she's bigger (and brake doesn't work yet either!) but should be good for cross country walks.

  • yes, it is the logistics of showering and toilet visits which are tricky with tiny ones.  or at least, you feel guiltier abandoning them to go and shower / wee.  however, once they are mobile, you soon realise you had it easy! i used to take E upstairs with me into the shower room and she was happy lying on the floor kicking while i showered.  daren't do that now, as she eats the toilet brush / toilet roll / switches the taps on / opens the cupboard and squirts toothpaste in her eye etc...

    it *does* get easier - aged 4 J is now pretty sensible and will even rat on E when she gets up to mischief.

    great news from landlady - she is paying to have the garden fenced in, so the 6ft drops will no longer be a problem and i will be able to get J a trampoline as she is having part of it decked image

    get the kids again on weds and they are then with me till fri evening.  their dad then has them till mon evening so i am going to go down to stay with my parents as i will go insane if i stay at home on my own...

    have been given a new laptop at work today - which is fab as my old one was antediluvian - and that is being polite!  but when i type, i must be hitting some key or other because it keeps giving me loud warning beeps!

  • My computer is driving me nuts. Instead of going to sleep it just restarts, but then seems to lose all automatic settings like being logged onto runner's world and facebook. Nightmare!

    Good news on the garden CM.

    Oh will have to post more later...

  • M and I had a trip to see 'In the Night Garden' live at the O2 today and it was really sweet.  She loved it, and kept turning round and smiling, and saying 'Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy' etc.  Very cleverly done as well, keeping the relative sizes of the characters correct by sometimes using puppets and sometimes having people in the costumes.

    My only gripe is the amount of tat that was on sale, so of course you feel guilty as hell when refusing to buy a balloon for £4 when everyone else is buying their little ones balloons, and your daughter is crying and saying I want a balloon. 

    Did 5.5 miles this evening - 3.8 at a good sub 8 pace, then the rest with my friend who is trying to lose weight.  It is sooooo hard running at 11.5 min miles!!  But she is very grateful and as long as I get my bit in first I'm able to rein in stay under control!

  • caro - that sounds so sweet.  E would have loved that.  i have picture rails in my new house so i have got the kids posters to hang in their rooms as can't stick anything on the walls, and i got E one of Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy and she LOVES it.  particularly when she is wearing her Iggle Piggle pjs.  she stands in front of it, laughing, pointing at the poster, then her pjs, and doing great big belly laughs and slapping her thighs!

    that sounds like an amazing run, cc - and lol to jumping in the sea.  you truly *are* mad! hope you got your 3 miler in last night!

    first day working from home with no-one around and i feel sooooo lonely.  it is just dawning on me, i guess, that under this arrangement i will be totally on my own for 50% of the time, which is not a nice thought.  at the moment i am working from home a lot as i haven't been able to travel because of my back and i have 'lost' the assignments i was working on.  am waiting for new ones to come up but because of the constraints around the kids, etc, i can't now just travel wherever, whenever, so it is much harder...

    have been discussing settlement with ex, and he looks like he is planning to buy me out of the house so i will get somewhere in the region of £82k which is half the equity (half of the equity was mine going into the purchase of the property - not that that makes any difference really).  so i went for a walk around the streets last night to check out another housing estate up here, and boy - are there some ENORMOUS houses up there.  doubt i will be able to afford them, but ... they are perched up on a hill so they have incredible views out across the usk valley and out to the estuary.  they also have vertical gardens and loads of steps though - but hey! you can't have everything.

    so assuming he does stump up the £82k relatively quickly, i could be finding out what sort of mortgage i can get, and then house hunting.  fun fun fun image.  at least i have nothing to sell so i should be in a good position.  i have this house till feb anyway so there is no rush, but these things never happen particularly quickly anyway.

  • oh and the physio said i could do a bit of run-walking now, so i am planning to do that at lunchtime today.  haven't run since mid-July so it could be rather interesting!
  • CM, great news on the money front, your life seems to be coming together well, you've come so far since even a month ago, don't you feel?  imageIt must be horrid thinking that you'll be on your own 50% of the time, but at least you'll be able to really dedicate the other 50% to your kids and that will be amazing for them and you.  I hope your hubby is able to buy you out pretty quickly.  Is it worth going for a bit more though?  You'll be losing out on any increase in the property's value since you bought it.  Good luck on your first run today!!

    Karen, Sonya, MM, CC, Caro, Camlo and Lotte (and others, I'm sure), absolutely fantastic running! image  CC, your location sounds so amazing, getting to jump in the sea afterwards especially.  I would be a bit scared with the no-one else around thing as well, but then I'm a city girl!

    CC, hope Joshua is better today.

    Caro, the Night Garden sounds fun!  (No idea what that is, but I'm sure it's only a matter of timeimage)

    RB, I trust the weather is nicer now and you're having a great holidayimage

    TTid, your new club sounds great.  I really need to make the effort to find one here.  I'm going to join a "Mums and Tots" when I get back from the UK and start being more sociable.image

    I hope all the other poorly babies and ladies are turning the corner and getting better as well.

     I finally got to have my physio appointment on Friday, it was great, about £20 for about an hour and a half - I've got ELPS, which basically means that my leg muscles on either side of my patella are imbalanced and need to be rectified through massage, weights and exercise to become more equal in strength and therefore enable the patella to track properly.  I'm allowed to do 5km at a time, slowly, on grass, before icing the knees, and 30mins a time of cycling.  I did 5km on Sunday in 28 degrees at about 8:40, so was pretty pleased about that.  Sort of thinking I could run/walk the mara with the buggy  (4 1/2 weeks away), but that's probably not sensible.  Will see how I get on.  I'm a bit frustrated that my (very expensive) 1:1 pilates classes didn't spot this before, as the whole point of doing it was so that I wouldn't struggle to return to my running after childbirth.image

    We all fly to the UK tomorrow image for 2 weeks of visits, including Jacob's first trip to the seaside (Weymouth, Sonya - my Ma lives in Dorchester).  Hopefully the weather son't be too awful.  I am putting off packing becaue the amount of stuff I think we'll need to take for J is incredible - there'll be no room for my stuff!  And of course, we're flying budget so paying per bag...yep I'm a tighta*se!

    Hope everyone is well, apologies to those I've missed.

  • ((CM)). Enjoy your run/walk, that will lift your spirits no end.

    Oh never get to write properly!! Back later...

  • hope you have a good flight back JohBo!

    we had the house valued and unfortunately it hasn't increased much in the 6.5 years since we bought it given how much work we have done to it! but there is about 30k more equity in it now for me than i put in (think i put in about £50k from the sale of my house in London) - mostly due to how much of the mortgage has been paid off actually,  but i suppose that's not a bad return for 6.5 years given what interest rates are doing at the moment!

    there is quite a complicated formula for working out how much you get out of the transfer of the house to a sole party - house sale estimate (which is not the same as a valuation - which always gives you an asking price) MINUS the outstanding balance of mortgage MINUS 2% of sale value of the house (for fees and costs) MINUS the mortgage redemption cost (which I don't see why I should pay as it is hubby's choice to redeem the mortgage, but apparently I have to!), which gives the total equity, which is then divided by 2.

    anyway about to run shortly. or run / walk, of course.  not supposed the run the whole thing! image

  • first time out since July 13th.  2.3 miles walk / run alternating 2 mins.  So in total I ran for 12 mins and walked for 14.  Hurrah!!!!!!!!!

    there was no pain at all - apart from my lungs on the hills.  imageso not used to hills but now i am living in caerleon, that will have to change! it will do me good as before i used to do all my running on the flatlands of the estuary, but now i am surrounded by hills and live half way up one.

    the 2 mins running felt like 20 seconds and the 2 mins walking felt like 20 minutes, so that is at least a good sign.

    and no pain now either: am going to stretch and do my exercises now and fingers crossed.


  • CM - Woo Hoo!!  Great result for your first time out, looks as though your back is properly on the mend.  Also looks as though you'll be able to move forward with your separation which is good news.  Hope you managed to put your gossiping neighbour back in his box.

    CC - sounds like a great run, love the sound of your dip at the end.  I could so easily do that here (and the water is probably a fair few degrees warmer image) but I am such a lightweight - would worry about the sand and salt chafing on the way home (and the sharks!).

    Johbo - good luck with the packing - I'm dreading the whole mobilisation of the troops thing when we come back to UK, they have sooo much stuff don't they?    Hope you have a great visit with the family - is it J'sfirst trip back?

    OK, was half way through cleaning the kitchen floor when I got distracted by my computer - better finish I guess image.

  • CM - yay! You'll be back running marathons before you know it! image

    JohBo - have fun with the packing...Always so hard to remember everything! I always think if I forget something I can always buy another one! Glad the physio appt went well - it sounds like you've got a good plan of action there. Doing the mara with a buggy would be a bit mad, but could be fun...

    TT - I am permanently distracted from doing anything useful by my computer! That said, I am trying to make the most of my last 2 weeks off - I'm starting my new job on 6th Sept. Can't wait now actually, I am SO bored now I haven't got my PhD to do. I will probably be snowed under though - might not have as much time to chat on here in term time. image

    CC - hope J is better today. ROFL at your dip in the sea!

    RB - hope you're having a good holiday and that Mrs B is starting to unwind.

    Well, even though it is meant to be late summer, my garden is telling me that it's autumn already. My lawn is covered in leaves! And I am so cold today I have got changed into jeans and a jumper. How depressing! Never mind, club run tonight should warm me up.

  • CM - great news on the running front.

    RB - hope you are having a good time and wishing JohBo a safe journey and hope you enjoy your holiday.

    CC - you are mad! I am surrounded by lovely beaches but rarely feel the need to jump in the sea! Lol. The water is so bloomin cold up here but I shouldn't imagine it is that much warmer beside you. That said we did a beach clean up for the swimming club on Sundday (communitiy council pays local groups to keep the beaches clean. It was windy, overcast and cold but my crazy kids were in the sea with their shortie wetsuits and boards while everyone else was cleaning the beach in jackets and rubber boots!

    Speaking about Sunday I was shattered, infact I think I am only starting to feel ok today, even yesterday I was done in.  We had friends around after Reeces party on Saturday and by the time they left at 2.30am and I got to bed at 3am I have been up for 22 hours and done a 21 mile run that day. The combination of that and too much wine fairly wiped me out. Have promised myself a few early nights this week. Did a slow 7 yesterday and 12 miles this morning at average 8.09 pace but it felt much harder than it should. 

    For the first time since the twins were born I have managed to finish a novel!! Just finished it just now while the twins are napping and have been in tears for the last hour, it was The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks.Of course I should have been doing something far more constructive so I better get on with that now before the after school madness!

  • lotte - i am not surprised you were wiped out on sunday! don't forget you are a mortal like the rest of us really image. it's just that you constantly do superhuman things!

    back still holding up fine after run, so am itching to go out and do something early tomorrow.  will still keep it short and sensible for the moment as i have just had nearly 6 weeks off and i do NOT want to jeopardise anything at this stage!!

  • Lotte - I think I would have passed out well before 3am!!

    Did a 2 miler this morning - just under 10 min miles, will try and do a long one Thurs morning before I head off to g,parents for weekend and then a short one while I'm there.
  • CM - great news that you are hopefully back running too, and that the house stuff is getting sorted out as well!

    I am thinking I will get a Ready Bed for Martha - just wondered if anyone else has any views? The reviews online sound good but I'm not sure how long it will last her for?
  • kinsey - we had a bob the builder ready bed for J and literally used it twice, i think.  he is now too big for it!! i don't think they last long at all. in his case, he probably could have slept on it from aged about 2 to 3 (poss - although may have been too big by then).

    fortunately E shows no signs of disliking the travel cot (J hated them which was a right pain) - and J will now sleep on any old thing on the floor (literally!!). 

  • Have to say we are in the lovers of ready bed camp. The boys have a cars one and its lasted since they were 2 and will last a wee while longer. We're taking them camping this weekend.

    Good news about the run CM, sound slike its really perked you up which is great.

    Had nice afternoon with friends at the park but my god the wind is horrific, such a shame as the sun is actually quite nice today here.

    Doing my first 'race' tonight. Its just a club event. 2.6 miles around a loop run as a handicap, but I feel nervous already!! Going to express at 6pm and get out of here, well once hubbie makes it home that is!!

    Nice you have read a book Lotte. I have been feeling wiped out like you too. I guess it hits us all eventually, starting to feel better again after two good nights sleep. Just hope the sicky bugs are all behind us now, but we'll see hey!!

    Right best sort out the tea madness, S is joining in by yelling too!!

  • We're home!!!!! imageimageimageimageimagex million

    Thank you soooo much for all your thoughts, it really has meant a lot.

    MM - how bizarre that Harry had the tachy-wotsit, I heard that term thrown around but didn't know what it was.

    He has drugs to keep his heart regular, relax his breathing and diuretics to help his body flush fluid out, but the atrial flutter has stopped and he's soooo much better.  He should eventually grow out of it although his left valve isn't quite closing properly so that might need looking at later on, but they're not worried at the moment.  He will eventually be down to just one drug once a day and will be reviewed regularly.

    Anyway we feel like we've been to hell and back this past week and I have reluctantly passed him over to MIL for cuddles, even though I never want to let go of him again image.

  • So happy to hear you are home JG - what a nightmare. Fingers crossed you don't have any drama for a while now - how is his feeding going?

    Thanks for the thoughts - i definitely need something for Martha to sleep on as there aren't any solutions at the g,parents - a mattress on the floor would be ideal!
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