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  • JG - image - so glad to hear you are all home again.  Give the little chap a special hug from all of us tonight.  Hope you can manage to get some normality back to life again.  xx
  • JG phew, you must be so relieved. 

    CM good running, and MM hope the handicap is fun and you do as well as you'd like.

    I am shattered......not slept well the last few nights due to a hacking cough, and today I feel like I've done EVERYTHING!  First thing this morning was hanging washing on the line and maing a picnic lunch, then as soon as M was up and dressed we were out the door to the supermarket.  Then home, quick turn around and back out to a free teddy bears picnic in a local park.  We had to follow clues around the park to find the picnic, then we ate our food and listened to  some stories.  Then home, and whilst M napped I made a batch of yellow courgette chutney using our homegrown courgettes, pickled a load of beetroot I had been given, cooked down some apple from the windfalls on our tree for the freezer, and made a loaf of bread.  Then she got up, and we made cheese and courgette muffins and I entertained her till hubby came home and then straight out the door for a 5 mile tempo run - 2.2 miles at sub 6.40 pace in the middle, average pace overall 7.30.  Now am home, till 8.30 when I go out for my pilates class. Suddenly I feel like Lotte - except she does it everyday!!!!!

    I really hope I sleep well tonight!!

  • Really happy to hear Nicholas is back home with you JG. Sounds like he is doing really well. Enjoy all those cuddles!

    Caro - wow to mammoth day! don't fall asleep in pilates image

    Good luck with the race MM! Hope you get a good nights sleep after.

    lotte- I thought I was taking a long time to read a book! have been trying to read the girl with the dragon tattoo for a year now. Doing a lot better now Maggie is in her own room so I can read a little in bed before going to sleep (rather than crashing around in the dark then playing on my iphone!). Is the Notebook worth reading then? Had it on my list of books to read some day.

    JohBo - if you're in Weymouth on the bank hol its bound to rain! I'm heading down there the week after. Also they're putting in new traffic light systems all over the town centre (for the olympics) and my mum says its nuts so be careful if you drive. Always get stuck in the queue going over the ridgeway too. Get the train if you can, the station is right next to the beach.

    Had NCT meet up today, all 7 mums and babies, was nuts! Don't think I can cope with that many mums talking about poo, sleep, routines, who's rolling, crawling etc etc again anytime soon!
  • JG - so pleased to hear that Nicholas is home, what a relief for you.

    JT - I always wore a Bravado bra at night time, really comfortable. Here's a link to the one I had;

    Sorry no time to write more as just got showered after doing my 5 miles this evening and got a million things to do before I go to bed and I'm desperate for an early night ...image

  • JG - thank god!  how is he feeding and is he sleeping a bit less? 

    karen - are you back at work? how is it going?

    JT - yes those are the ones.  think they may be out of my price range tho but they do look lovely.  think the estate you mention isn't catchment for the lodge and i would prefer to be catchment to ensure we get E in (altho we got J in no trouble being well out of catchment, and having a sibling in the school helps but i don't want to take chances!). 

    i used to wear mothercare nighttime bras - they are just like sports tops only not tight (obviously) and infinitely expandable, which really helps when they start feeding less in the night.  i think they do them S, M, L by chest size rather than by cup size with rough guides as to cups.  breastpads didn't stay in brilliantly in them overnight - that was the only problem.  waking up with milk running down your ribs - niiiiice. they were so comfy that i wore them during the day when my milk was coming in and i had humongous boobs with E, as for a few days i had super melons and needed the space!

    and excellent idea re hills - we will have to set something up when you are back running again! was toying with the idea of joining the caerleon running club but have decided instead to join newport philharmonic choir as i can run on my own but singing on my own just isn't the same. haven't even joined the choir yet but am already hosting 2 of their twinned German choir as they are doing Brahms' German Requiem in Oct and they needed space for 2 ladies - which I have.  is fab for me also as am fluent in German so I should have a great time that weekend image

  • Dammit, started a post then tried to look back and lost everything.  Grr.

    JG, relieved you are all home!!  Wonderful news.

    Lotte and Carolottevetimage  I'm knackered.  reading about the pair of you has wiped me out!

    MM enjoy the club run.

    Cm delighted you are back running and also that T is being slightly normal and so it sounds like it is all coming together.

    TB enjoy your last few weeks of freedom. 

    Sonya, i enjoyed the dragon tattoo book - and the other 2 - so persevere!!  Well done Lotte on finishing a novel!  I'm reading "Bounce" by Matthew Syed which is all about how champions are made.  Planning my retirement fund from all the dosh Lou is going to make me as a champion.  I just have to decide on a sport.  I'm inclined towards tennis cos of the sponsorship deals.  In seriousness the book is really good. 

    AF just turned up (well the yucky mucusy stuff as previously described approx 21 days ago).  AF is  approx 5 days early.  Gordon bloody Bennett my body is useless.  How's a girl supposed to plan her life when AF is so unpredicatable.  Until this last year my period used to be clockwork but now it's fine for a few months then a blip and then fine and then another blip.  As it happens, if I am not to be preg, which clearly am not, then it suits me to get the worst of it out of the way before next week.  I enjoyed pate crackers tonight and I am going to have a large glass of vino to console self that have another tiring month ahead. 

    Off to Bulgaria on Monday.  Read this year's reviews of my hotel though and they weren't good.  EEEEK.  Last year's were fine!!  You should NEVER do this.  It is now stressing me out because apparently all the clientele are Romanian and German and now all I can think is it's just going to be a fog of smoke with big beer bellies looming through.  Not that I am stereotyping at all.  And not that I have any idea whether Romanians are big smokers but experience tells me that all european nations tend to chainsmoke on hols!  Over reacting??? me???  I am telling myself that the only people who post reviews are the folk who are fed up and that some of the comments are bordering on the ludicrous - one woman complained that there weren't even any bathrobes, not even to buy.  Yeah right like she planned to pay for it!  It's a beach hol not a spa!

    This is never going to fit.  Must remember to select all and copy before I post!  Night night!!

  • Oh and whilst i am foreigner bashing, I want my city back.  I am sick sick sick of fighting to get a cup of coffee, fighting to get along the pavement, fighting to get on the bus then sitting in endless queues whilst millions of schoolkids try to get on.  I want to go to court and not have to fight my way back through throngs of people all on holiday and having a good time.  I'm in a black suit and am carrying a briefcase and a ton of papers, do I LOOK like I can go to see your comedy show at 2.45pm???  More importantly do I appear to you to have a spare hand to take one of the fifty leaflets being thrust at me?

    Grr again.  Feel better for rant.  Hubby always says I have to accept the tourists as part of the deal that comes with living somewhere nice ie people want to visit it.   He suggests I go and live in ****** if I want to be somewhere without any tourists.  You can fill in blank to suit your own local equivalent.  I'd better not write it cos I can't remember if any of you are from there!

    Oh and one final thing, I'm still hopeless at the real name thing on FB.  Who is Liz Bridges?  You're being recommended to me but I thought I had most if not all of you already!

  • EF - sorry re AF.  Liz Bridgen is LizzyB but she hasn't posted on here for a while
  • Lotte & Carovet -please can I have what you're on??(& CCfor wanting to go in the sea in October-bonkers).

    JG-Fab that you are home, it's so scary I totally understand not wanting to hand him over! 

    EF- does your new monitor thingy tell you when af is on it's way? Hope you get a break soon then you won't have to push through the crowds! 

    TB- won't be long & you'll be regretting saying you are bored... exciting though about starting a new job, lots of new people to meet & hopefully enjoy. 

    Eldest heard today that the job he had been given wasn't agreed by head office & as it's coming winter (??) they aren't allowed to recruit. He's now officially back on the working for free, trying to get into college heap. 

    Went for a glorious trek over the wilderness tonight- only about 7 miles but was truely tough. 

    Facebook- for those that remember my post about Archie getting into the oil from eldest's car-I've put a photo on (I'm Mary H)

  • apols for rant last night, was in v bad mood!!

    Monitor will in time tell me when AF due but not this month as first month plus it never got the chance what with her arriving early!

    Will have a look at those pics Camlo, I remember the post!!

  • Wonderful news JG, and so glad its seems to have settled down. Harry's settled down very quickly and in fact I think the blips they saw on the monitor were more to do with the IV antibiotics than the fact that he had tachycardia!! Time to enjoy having a baby again now...

    I have days like that Caro. Just shows how much you can get done in a day though. I am going to get these monsters out on their bikes/scooters before the rain hits us. Then we're doing cleaning and packing (for camping this weekend) this morning, have to try and make it all into a game I think!!

    Boys have their eye check ups today at the hospital. I am sure there is nothing wrong with J's eyes but they want to check anyway, so hubbie taking half day as I can't see how I'd manage to get into both appts be encouraging and breast feed Sophie. Hoping to run later but I fear it might be more like a swim instead!

    Boo to AF EF, you did sound peeved in your posts last night! image

    Ran pretty well I think, obviously had not much idea, but managed average of 6:45 pace, which brought me in at 17:39 for the 2.6 mile route. Last year I ran 16:05, so only 90sec off the pace, about 30-35secs per mile to gain!! Gives me an idea before I race Cirencester 10k at the end of September anyway. Legs tired today though, and yes I slept wonderfully well thank you!!

  • Thanks everyone, I am totally knackered but happy of course - think it's all catching up with me.  He is awake a lot more and so much more lively, and stays awake during his feeds, just needs a nappy change or a bit of a break in the middle to wake up again!  It's hard to know how much of his sleepiness was illness and how much was just newborn behaviour, but he's definitely improved.

    It's just so scary to think that for the first 3 weeks of his life, his life was in danger and we never knew.  It was like he was running a marathon constantly with his heart beating so fast and not pumping stuff round his body properly.  He's been sick a couple of times (quite a lot came up) but it's more like the familiar baby sick that just comes out rather than him retching and stuff.  I hope this is still normal...

    And his thrush is coming back in his mouth but I don't want to give him his medicine for it again in case it's not compatible with his other medicines.  I could take him back to the doctor, but I'd have to ask not to see the one he saw last Wed who listened to his chest and declared him fine, and within 12 hours he was being rushed to hospital...

    Not sure if I mentioned that hubby's dad is in hospital up here now after suffering slight heart failure on Sat night?  They live near Reading but they can't transfer him down there until he has a date for open heart surgery as he'd be put back at the bottom of the waiting list, ridiculous...  So it means the dreaded (but slightly helpful, I admit) MIL is staying at the moment, which also means my mum can't come up as we have no room image.  She's done her usual trick of buying things for our house, it drives me up the wall - as if I would ever try redecorating or rearranging her house!!  And she's going to have to come up every weekend to visit him if he has to stay that long...I know it's not fair to moan about it but still...

    Anyway better get dressed and take the munchkin out...

  • Feel pleased, have got boys out for an hour of fresh air before the rain has started, cycled to park, charged around there for half an hour, cycled back and then we picked the veg and I hacked the tomatoes a bit so I can actually get in the greenhouse to pick them!!

    So now we're inside for the rest of the day as rain has started. Boo!!

    Great to hear from you JG, I am so pleased for you. Boo to MIL but am glad FIL is OK.

    Sounds fun JT, we are going to do 'jobs' once I've fed Sophie image. Not sure how I feel about them cleaning the loo with me though image!!

  • Oh and meant to say my boobs have now shrunk to 34A/B after being 36D when I started feeding, just like last time, but I can't find any BF bras, all online start at 34C it seems noone buys small bras and keeps BF, so am still using my 36B/C bras on tightest. I am going to keep going till xmas so not sure what to do really. Might brave the Mall at Cribbs next week when boys at pre-school. Shock horror!!
  • MM - I'm in 34B BF bras from mothercare. Had to order online though as shops only seem to stock E upwards. Has rain already arrived there then? Still sunny in London, guess I better get out for a some fresh air with baby before it hits. Meant to be doing intervals tonight...

    JT- I got the mothercare BF bras too, more of a crop top than bra and doesn't hold breast pad in place but lovely and comfy (also wear them in the day sometimes).

    Shame about AF arriving EF, ranting is definitely allowed, and of course we're allowed to whinge about tourists. I always complain about central London being too busy!!
    Getting scientific on the monitor thing, did AF turn up less than 10 days after peak day? If so, you have a short luteal phase which can mean egg has trouble implanting even if successfully fertilized. I used to get 20+ days pre peak day then only 8 post peak day (until month it worked on of course image).

    JG- so pleased to hear little one is doing well, definitely see a different doctor if you go!! Unbelievable that they missed it, I'm sure they often think we're silly over worrying mummys.
  • JG - great news, that must be such a relief. So pleased for you. It's amazing how much they can do for little ones with heart trouble now though - my nephew has a hole in his heart and a faulty left valve (it doesn't close properly). It wasn't diagnosed until he was about 18 months old when they thought he might have asthma. He had surgery on it when he was about 2 and that seemed to fix it completely. He's still under the care of a consultant at Birmingham but they only see them once a year now. He'll be 8 at the end of next month and is an absolute little star!

    ((EF)) I feel your pain! Still no AF for me, obviously I need drugs to do anything! Thought I might have one this month after no Clomid or anything, but it's been 35 days now and I don't feel premenstrual at all. we're using condoms atm just in case, but once I qualify for statutory maternity pay at the beginning of Oct, it's all systems go. If I fall preg before then it will be a DISASTER financially because I would basically get nothing - I've not paid enough NI contributions to even get MA. I've got it all figured out down to a tee - if I fall preg in the first few weeks of Oct, I'll get SMP, but if I leave it until early March, I get full burgundy book entitlements (JT will know what I mean!).

    MM - well done on the race, you're picking up speed all the time! Hope all goes well with the boys and their eye checks. JP also loves doing jobs - he particularly likes emptying the dishwasher and tidying up generally. I am a bit wary when he's waving a broom around though!

    Feeling a bit annoyed with myself this morning because I've injured my hip.image Combination of doing too much too soon (my usual trick!) and some muscle imbalances in that area (overdominant tensor facia lata and weak gluteus medius and minimus, I am reliably informed) has led to me aggravating the insertion of the dreaded iliotibial band (I am also reliably informed!). Prescription is a few days' rest and very gentle stretches, plus exercises. My personal physio (!) has said I can go for a gentle run on Fri and see how it goes. I could feel it twinging at the weekend on my long run but wasn't overly bothered. LAst night at club it started really hurting and had to cut it short to 5.5 miles. This morning it was really sore. Tried a joglette after dropping JP off to see how it felt and had to stop after a few yards - agony. then it even hurt to walk. Never mind, must do as I'm told and it will get better.

    Sorry, bit of a me post!

  • TB - shame about the injury. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get one. Hope the rest works!

    MM - annoying about the BF bras - wonder if anyone does them?

    Lovely - have got both of mine having a nap. Think Martha needs it still once in a while but she is being very tricky about it.

    Bloody rain - need my laundry to dry as we are off to Hereford tomorrow for the bank hol!
  • Hello Mums image

    Popping in from the preg thread to ask advice from the experts about baby bedding. We've been given some money from my Grandma to buy bedding and I'm shopping with Mum next weekend and want to check what I need.

    I've seen in the shops various cotbed mattress protectors some of which are waterproof. Is that necessary with a baby in nappies or is that something more for when they're being potty trained?

    We're hoping to start with moses basket and swaddle then move to sleeping bags (eventually in the cotbed), but if the baby doesn't like the swaddle I guess we'll need flat sheets and blankets? Any thoughts on cotton vs flannelette (winter baby)?

    Thanks image

    (can you tell I have no idea about this?!)

  • pink - babies and small children leak from all orifices, so waterproof mattress protectors are a godsend.  you wouldn't *believe* how far vomit will go, and you don't want to have to be scrubbing down a mattress in the middle of the night.  if you have a sicky baby, they are a must. so if you can, get a spare one with the mattress as you will appreciate it if baby sicks up an entire feed all over the mattress at 3am.

    re: blankets etc - many of us use grobags which are fab.  you can put them in there from about 7.5lbs if you buy a 0-6 month and at 2.5 tog, you can supplement with blankets if you need to. you can get summerweight ones (0.5 tog to 1.0 tog) as well.

    in a cold house, you can get fleecy sleepsuits (all in one) which you can put under the 2.5 tog grobags to boost the warmth.

    i would try and get fitted bottom sheets for moses basket and cotbed as less chance of baby grabbing hold of edge, pulling it out and ending up sleeping on sweaty waterproof mattress protector.

  • Pink We started out with sleepsuits in a moses basket with cellular blankets (no top sheet needed). Then, when big enough for cotbed, sleepsuits plus gro-bag (sleeping bag). You'll need to start with a small gro-bag and buy more as they get bigger. Also they come in winter and summer weights. This combination took us up to just over 2 years, and then we moved to proper pyjamas with sheets and blanket. Next move will be into a proper bed. No real need for waterproof protectors whilst still in nappies. You might get the odd leak or sometimes sick/dribble but no more than that. Our winter baby had flannelette bottom sheets (fitted). Looking forward to seeing you on this side in due course (which is when?)

    [oops - conflicting advice re waterproof protectors! Just goes to show there's no right way]

  • Thanks both image

    Great advice, we're already sold on the gro-bag idea, but weren't sure what to do if baby was smaller than the required weight. It seems sleep suit + blanket works. I shall give the flat top sheet a miss and go with fitted bottom sheets.

    M.ister W (hubby) was a sicky baby so might plan for that and go with a waterproof mattress cover and let him clear up  image (I, of course, was an angel!) image

    Due January 3rd image

  • pink - i didn't find the waterproof mattress protector that much of a necessity with #1 until he got his first tummy bug aged 10 months (but boy was i glad of it then!!). but #2 had reflux +++ and without it, it would have been impossible to cope!

    as you are new to all this, there is something else you should know.  there is an unwritten rule with babies and children that when they have stomach bugs, they only vomit in their cots, in their car seats or in their highchairs - and they only vomit in their highchairs if they are those type with the plastic padding with loads of nooks and crannies to clean out.  they don't vomit in them if they are simple wooden jobs.  and when they vomit in cars, they prefer to do it while they are still in those bucket car seats and rear facing, because that way the vomit goes all down the back seat, over the seatbelts and gets stuck between the seat back and the seat itself.

    the only other place they are likely to vomit is in the shopping trolley in tesco, just as you get to the checkout and have a trolley FULL of food...

    as long as you know those things, you will be fine. image

    good luck!

  • Marathon read back to try and catch up, most of it has fallen out of my head now...

    Hooray JG, so glad Nicholas is home. Can't believe that doctor didn't pick up his heart problem, don't blame you for not wanting to go back to that one. Good news about him being more wakeful now as well. Hopefully everything will just start getting easier and easier now.

    EF - Boo to AF and totally understand about the tourist rant. I live in York and I know its nowhere near as busy as Ed in Festival mode, but there are sooooo many flipping American, Japanese and Chinese tourists at the moment, coupled with the millions of kids off school. Went in to the city centre with James this morning and had a potter round the newly re-opened museum, Loads of very interesting Roman stuff, but also some very rude and loud Americans, to who a large black buggy was invisible and just wouldn't get out my way grrrrr!

    TB - injury sounds annoying and painful, hope it sorts itself out quickly. REST (easier said than done I know)

    Been some amazing fast running by MM, Lotte, CC and many others. I think I must be the slowest on here by a long way! Most people's mm paces over 7 or so miles sound like my fast pace for short intervals...

    Pink - Def go for a waterproof mattress cover, for the reasons CM gave! I'll second the grobag recommendation. They are great, and no faffing about with wriggly babies and blankets coming untucked/twisted up etc. For winter, I would go for multiple layers so you can easily adjust.

    Having a bit of a mini crisis here at the mo. I go back to work at the end of Nov, and am really starting to dread it. Hoping to go back part time for 3 months to make the transition easier, but am really not sure I want to carry on doing the job I was doing. I'm a research scientist/postdoc at a university, with most of my time spent in the lab doing experiments. The thing is, that I have not missed lab work at all, and actually don't really fancy doing it anymore. I'm starting to think quite seriously about a bit of a change of career and its doing my head in! Unfortunately we can't afford for me not to work, and I'd be silly not to go back and finish off the 18 months left on my contract anyway. It all just keeps going round in my head aarrgh. Just needed to vent a little...

    Sorry to those I've missed, sure there are loads.
  • ((kk))  - going back to work is hard.  what childcare arrangements will you have? you may find that if you have something set up which you are truly happy with, it will make it easier for you.

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