Brighton Marathon 2011



  • Feeling quite worn out now. Glad that after this weekends race I have a few weeks until my next event. Think I need to recharge the batteries! Oh well, will have to keep going, which will mean hitting the gym latter for a gentle session to get myself going again.

    Julia T: I am number 118, I will be wearing red shorts and black tee-shirt. I will keep an eye out for you. I wonder what the hills will be like? In the race pack they sent us there is a hill profile graph, but the details are too small to read! But looking at the peaks and troughs, I count 9 big hills and a handful of smaller ones, lets just hope there not to big. Still to early to get the weather forecast for Sunday, I do not think it will be to hot, we could do with out wind and rain though. How's your tapering going?

    Oh, and managed to get a refund on the jacket from JJB. Shame really as was ideal for my winter running and was comfortable to wear. Now will have to look round for a replacement. But seeing as I bought the last one in the sales for half price, I do not think I will find one now for that quality at that price.

  • Anyone else awaiting the ballot results for London?  I'll have a dilemma if I actually get a place this year. 

  • Afternoon all

    Just a quick post

    Just back from the Gym struggled 8 miles on the treadmill then in to the pool for a swim then had to suffer the horrors of the Jacuzzi will have to get the fitness level up if i hope to run all of Leicester


    SR the above is the course from mapmyrun, if you look on the right hand side of the page there is a box you can tick to get course elevation, i have to say, to me, it doesn't look toooooooo bad. I mean yes there are lots uphills but each one has a downhill and there's nothing over steep - more longer lower drags. The worst bit will probably be leaving ryde in the first 2 miles, especially if there are any spectators! (to see me walking) !! and in my mind, the highest point is at mile 10 so after that i will tell myself it's all easy peasy. My main aim is to get to 15 miles in 3 hours 10, then i know i'll be ok. Tapering is going well, feeling like a racehorse now image weather still looking unsettled. I will be in black shorts with pink stripe and a black tshirt but you will not miss my socks! Good news about the jacket.

    TB it's THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!  eeeekkkkk. I shall think of you smashing that hour while i am attempting to keep under 12.40 minute miles image How was the clacton tri??????

    BR how did it go??

    Beet I gave up on the VLM after they took away the 5 rejection rule. and to be honest, having done Brighton this year i'm not sure i could cope with that many runners in london. And Mr T isn't so keen from a spectating point of view. Good luck though!

    Toby you will be fine for Leicester. You have the mental advantage of knowing that you can cover the distance easy-peasy-lemion-squeezy-simple-pimple. How many weeks have you got left?

  • Julia T. Thanks for that link. No, in the hill profile on MapMyRun, things do not appear to scary. Besides there is no point in worrying about it, just have to get out there and run it.

    Toby: sounds a plush gym you belong to if you have Jacuzzis. All we have at the one I use is a sauna for chilling out, or should I say sweating out! What are the treadmills like at your gym?.

    beetchawawa: so when do you find out if your in London?

    Had a session down the gym last night and had to hold myself back from doing to much. With so many new machines to try after refit I just want to use them all! Feeling more with it today after good nights sleep, and think I will be race fit again by Sunday.

  • Afternoon all

    Off to the gym in a minute may try some speed work today or just a gentle 5 miler  or may just go for a swim have to see how i feel when i get there

    Julia T the problem is the race is a week on Sunday the 10th so have very little time and after yesterday i really being to think that i cannot run 13 miles at the moment

    S/R nothing as posh as yours they have TV screens mounted on the wall in front off some but not all the treadmills

  • Evening everyone, just came to say cheerio as off to pack and catching the ferry in the morning.

    SR - see you there.

    Toby, maybe if you run a bit slower than usual you may be able to run the whole thing? Or do a run/walk race? Just to participate and get round will be an achievement after all you've been through lately.

    Take care everyone!


  • Morning All

    Went  to the  gym  Yesterday and did 5 miles set the treadmill 3% slope then ran half mile at 5.5mph then up it to 7mphfor the next half a mile then walked for half a mile and repeated then again went for a swim

    Must get out for a run Friday to see how the shine holds up

    got my Leicester T-shirt with the race pack on Monday let’s just say it would be very nice if  your a lady but perhaps not suitable for a man it has a pink and purple transfer on it with a giant sunflower running towards you

    Needless to say the O/h will be getting a free T- Shirt

    S/R good luck for Sunday

  • Toby - I am sure you look lovely in pink and purple image 

    Looks like I am doing Brighton and London Marathons image

  • Good luck Tracey G!  I didn't get into London but I am slightly relieved to be honest...

  • toby: to be honest the treadmills with TV screen built into them are a waste of time. I find the thing to damn close to be able to watch it, and then there is the fact you are running. I prefer the treadmills without the built in TV, (our gym has a 50/50 split between treadmills with and without), then I can look at what is going on around me, with the TVs on the front wall if I want to watch something. Saying that though the new treadmills are better to run on the the old ones. They just seem smoother and less springy.
  • London reject joining in on this one if thats ok.

    Really tempted to do this one through a charity, found one that just says raise anything you can so hopefully no stress there.

    Whats accomodation like in the area for those who did i last year, do they bump their prices up, does it all go quickly, any recommendations for good places?


  • hello all,

    Sounds like theres been alot of good running going on lately.

    I did an 8k and a 10k last week and suprised myself by getting P.B's in both.

    Congratulations Tracy on your London place, I have been rejected for the fourth  time nowimage, are you planning to do both?

    Also heard that I have  won new trainers through runnersworld weekday winnersimageimage

    Toby - Goodluck with Leicester and Julia, Im too late to say goodluck but goodluck anyway. My next run is the Henley half a week Sunday.

    Richard - welcome, I hope you get a place to do Brighton, you wil love it.

  • Congratulations Tracey G.  I got my commiserations magazine yesterday.  Not bothered, the only thing I didn't want to happen was that either me or Mr Beet got a London place and the other didn't, because that would have given us a dilemma.  But we both missed out on London, so can fully focus on Brighton!

  • Weather is not nice out there today. Tomorrow looks better, but turning wet and windy again for Sunday. Just hope it is not to bad, as ferry will not be running to Isle of Wight if it is to windy! Not that i really want to run a marathon in the rain, but guess if I have to, I willimage

    Fingers crossed it is not to bad.

  • Tracey G: looks like your be busy next Aprilimage Well done on getting into London.
  • Well done getting in Tracey G image

    Julia T.. missed you! but wish you very very best for a fun day out image

    Waiting to find out about London.. if get in, seriously considering the two, but mainly walking London I think.. no way could I run the both.

    Charlotte well done ! image I've been entering daily but won nothing. Is lovely when it's someone you know that wins image

  • charlotte - Yes I am doing both marathons, but  I knew that anyway as had guaranteed 5 rejection place.

    TracyB - Never done two marathons a week apart but have done them 2 weeks apart.

  • I have got my London rejection though, but I am not disappointed as I have entered Brighton - I ran it this year and loved it.  I entered the London ballot because I am in the previous rejections pipeline and didn't want to miss out, and I would like to do London again one year, but very happy to focus on Brighton.
  • I also got my London rejection letter. Not at all disappointed as my plan had been to defer London in preference of Brighton if I got in anyway.

    More serious though is that I am battling a niggly knee / IT Band issues again image.............only this time on the right side not the left. image My training for the last 4 weeks since the marathon has been sporadic with long rest phases to try to assist healing. In my 3 week taper I only did 24 miles and have only done that now again in the 4 weeks since and nothing longer than 6 miles!!!........48 miles in 7 weeks is pretty grim!!!!! Despite lots of swmming it has definately affected my fitness levels. Between this and the sore knee, I was forced this week to accept that a PB attempt at the Great Eastern Half is just not going to happen and so have decided not to run it. It's just not worth the expense of the weekend away if I am not running for PB.

    I am still hoping to run or even just run/walk my way around the Maidstone Half on 17th Oct. I plan to get a massage and lay off running completely again for a couple of weeks with only the swimming and maybe some gym work. Then no more racing for the year. Get over this injury properly and hopefully build up slowly again for Brighton.

    TraceyG............You are exceedingly brave to attempt London and Brighton........rather u than me. My body would just come apart!!!!

    JuliaT............Thinking of u as the nerves must be setting in..........and even more so tomorrow!!! Hoping it goes well. Solent....thinking of u too............hoping it's not wild and windy as forecast!!!

    TracyB..........All the best for that sub 60 attempt tomorrow. You are running SOOOOOOOO well at the moment. I know u can do it!!!!

    Charlote...................Thats 3 people now that I know to have won prizes in that weekday comp. We had 2 winners in our club!!!! Sadly not me.image Well Done!!

  • 2btiny! You poor thing! My body is falling apart image but the injuries don't stay thankfully. Anyway... this is all about you (not me!) image Good idea to recover before you start the Brighton training, perhaps it's just cos you've been running so much? I really feel for you. Would go into my injuries, but as said.. this is about you. So heaps of best wishes for your recovery, get back to the foam roller etc that helped you last time. And you must rest it!

    London reject too image Wasn't sure I really wanted to do it after supporting OH last year after we did Brighton.. it just didn't seem as 'nice' and although all the support is great, I found it too much just to stand in the crowds! IF I got in, I was planning to jog/walk it in fancy dress with charity bucket!

    Happy running and happy recoveries everyone.

  • Never got out for a run today went down to Poole last night as had to take back some things to the driving school i had been working for we left Poole about 10.30 and by the time we got back was so tired went to bed for a couple of hours did managed to get over the gym for a swim will try to get out for a run tomorrow

    My it’s busy on here so won’t do individual replies but well done to those who have got into London and commiserations to those who didn’t

  • I didn't manage to get a Brighton entry in for 2011 but as it's local to me and I thought it looked great when I supported this year.

    I know it's unlikely but if anyone has a Brighton Mara entry and now doesn't want to do it due to either injury (hopefully not) or due to getting a VLM place then please let me know as I'm happy to buy your Brighton place,  transfers can be done before 31st October.


  • Hi everyone, can anyone tell me when we will hear from the brighton marathon organisers ie race numbers and instructions
  •  I just deferred my London marathon place,i could not do 2 marathons in a week.I salute anyone who attempts it.I am totally dedicated to beating this years time.I did read that the average time for the 2009 London marathon was 4hrs 41 mins,so my Brighton time wasn't that bad by that comparison. The race packs this year were posted out around a month before the off.

  • Hi all, have not got into VLM, but my contingency plan of entering Brighton at the same time has worked out well image

    Looking forward to the sea air, and a dip in the sea afterwards (maybe, brrr) - on with the training!

  • I am really surprised that numbers etc are mailed - it will be a first for me not to have to show up at registration the day before, all the other marathons I've done the race packet had to be personally collected, usually with proof of identity. I am nervous whether mine will really be sent to me here in Germany.

    Did my first 10km run for over 2 months today, due to my torn calf muscle injury, took it very slowly at first, more of a shuffle/jog than a real run until it seemed my leg wasn't going to hurt, was out for well over an hour so I guess it will take a while still to get back to my normal sort of speed. But it seems as if the muscle really has healed. Just as well as I've entered a 50km for the end of January!

  • Morning all

    Never did get out for that run was just too tired and to be honest just was too lazy to get of my fat behind

    And i am now having serious doubts about Leicester on Sunday at the moment 13 miles seems to be an unrealistic target

    at the moment i seem to be all Mo and no Jo when we rejoined the gym you were given a free 30 minute session with a personal trainer he had me doing exercises with a medicine ball working to get my core fitness level up it was then i realized how unfit i had got over the last 2 months

    The last thing i want to do is go to Leicester and have to be picking up by the recovery car

    Have a trip to the phyiso today and will see how i feel on Tuesday

  • Hello!

    Can I join in? Need someone to chat to to keep motivation going! Brighton will be my first Marathon.

    Am doing Cardiff Half in a couple of weeks, but then have nothing planned, except a few xmas fun runs/x-country G.P.

    Was thinking of Bath Half at beginning of March? Or is that too close?

    Am planning on using Tesco vouhers to pay for posh hotel nr. Brighton for weekend,as it's the week of my 40th birthday - any suggestions?

  • Virago - welcome aboard image Have you got a training plan for your marathon? You could use Bath half as a step back week. What a great way to celebrate your 40th Bithday image

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