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  • Hello all image

    I have my little Brighton place and have been having a nightmare with health and running, so kind of pretending its not happening over the summer.  But now am facing it, head on.  And with it, looking for somewhere to stay.

    Anyone got any advice on accomodation for the race please?

    <sticks fingers in ears and tries not to notice the fabulous training and racing everyone else is doing> imageimage

  • Ello Julia...I'm hoping to be running Brighton..but next year, think I'm a bit late for this year image

    Wotsit Travelodge at Preston Park seems to be the choice of many. Or these are  near the start too.

     If you prefer something near the finish there are loads of B&Bs around the Kemp Town area and bigger hotels on the seafront.

  • Evening all well we got here now sat in the hotel room

    There a demonstration on up here tomorrow by the EDL and a counter demonstration by the Anti-Fascism fight so the Leicester city council has arranged for all the street lights to go green and are handing out green ribbons at the start of the race on Sunday to promote the fact that Leicester is one city


    I like the idea of the green ribbon the uni has warned all the students to avoid the city centre on Saturday according to the daughter


    As for the carb loading had jacket potatoes Tuesday and pasta Wednesday and Thursday so now sick of pasta


    Hello Dips nice to hear you’re on the road to recovery


    Wotsit welcome

    Julia T glade your enjoying the rest take it easy and don’t plod to soon


    Virago as i said i ran the bath half last year and this and to be honest last year was a shambles the organization was poor  but this year if let went well and was a 200% improvement

     Waves to everyone else
  • Oh Dips you are a one. You know I meant next year.......image. Glad to hear you're running again, fingers crossed for the foot.

    Wotsit, Mr T and I have splashed out on a room at the Thistle, figured i deserve it image Whatever you do, don't go to the Preston Park Hotel. We did for this years race and it was rubbish. Expensive too. It might be a short stroll from the start but unless they have had a major re-vamp then don't go there!

    Toby how about a nice bowl of rice? I'll do a couple of miles with you in spirit tomorrow.

  • Afternoon all

      Well took the car back this morning and then went to Victoria pack and found a place to meet the wife and daughter after the race and found a couple of cheer points  

    Then back to the hotel and spent the day by the pool being to wonder if it will take place with all the violence that went on and still hearing police sirens

      Will they have time to set things up

     I am going to have a look at the Leicester web site to see if there’s any news

  • Am in process of booking Hilton Metropole for long weekend, using Tesco vouchers!! thought p'raps they wouldn't accept them for that weekend, but it's fine, so having £700, 40th birthday, long weekend with hubby for free! imageHas taken us a year to save up vouchers! They have a spa and pool so will be booking in for some treats on the Monday!image
  • Hi everyone.

    Just a quick update on my groin, toes etc. (you'll have to read back abit as I've been lazy and not posted for a while, too much going on)

    Anyway toes, blisters, are now much better and the black nail falling off went fine as well. The groin however hasn't been so good, tried to do 8 miles last week-end and only really managed 6.5 miles as it started to tighten up around the tendon at the top, sorry if that's all too much info. Didn't really seem to be getting much better earlier this week, I  now think it was the inside leg raises I was doing were just a bit too much for it.

    Anyway saw the physio last night, it had been feeling a bit even after my 5 miles on Thursday morning, and he said it seemed much better to him, the tendon was much thinner than before which is good. Had a good swim today and hopefully the 8 miles to-morrow will go OK. I'm going to take it easy and run as flat a route as possible so as to mange the intensity.

    Well done everyone on some great race results and good training.

    Also to those of you with injuries, niggles etc (toby3, UI et al) get well soon and don't push it, even though it's so fustrating!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Everyone ((((waves)))

    Did a lovely 13.1miler this morning, flat but off-road, along Canvey Wall. What lovely weather! 2.33.59 which is actually a PB and quicker than my half mara races! After thyroid probs (still on the meds), am training soooo much better so fingers crossed I beat my current Brighton Mara time of 6.49.(can't remember the seconds!).

    Training for Brighton Half Mara, 30 October at Midnight, to run when the clocks change, for British Heart Foundation.

    Also signed up for (Julia, check it out image ) 21 November.

    TraceyG, yes to Billericay 10k, and now I have to keep my 10k sub-60 speed when I know it's hilly!

    Virago, great touch with the tesco vouchers! We did a week in Park Resorts for summer hols in Wales (inc. of some beach and trail runs, and climbing a mountain) for free on those. You'll have a fabulous weekend image

    Hi Redhead, what record are you setting next year ? image

  • TracyB - I did the Billericay I did Billericay 10k in 1:01:11 8 days after my first Beachy Head Marathon. It is not that hilly a route. My pb at the time was 59:28,  If my friend does not enter we can run together and get you another sub 60 min 10k.
  • Aha, a pacer for Billericay eh TG? I'm doing that one too but so far my best is 1.03ish. One day i dream of sub 60!

    TB FANTASTIC run for you today image HURRAH!!!!!!!!!! oooooer, Guts and Glory eh? image I will think about it......

    Toby and anyone else racing, hope you got on ok, waiting your race report with baited breath

    Virago that sounds fantastic and what a result to be able to use the vouchers image

    Glad to hear the toes and blisters are better RA, good luck for the 8 miler tomorrow.

    Waves to everyone else, hope you've had a good weekend

    I did................wait for it................. 2 miles today. Everything still works so i shall start building up the miles again next week. Only thing is, i don't really know what sort of schedule to follow now. I have the 10k at the beginning of nov, 15 miler in jan and a HM in march. Then Brighton of course. I don't want to be running 18/20 milers too often but don't want to lose everything i've done, at the same time i want to start trying to run faster. Any thoughts anyone?

  • hi all, race went ok, struggled towards the end and my left calf muscle locked up tight, but kept going.  Got round in 2:02;34 so not too bad, a little disappointed as at one stage it looked like I was on for a sub 2hr 

    The weather started overcast and cool, just right for running in and the start was well organized and the race started bang on time. 

     The route wasn’t all flat but nothing to worry about, started off at a steady pace as I did not want to blow up too early

     The support in the town was good, very little once you got out of the city but what there was enthusiastic, the Marshalls were very good helpful and again enthusiastic in their support 

    Used my usual plan of just trying to catch the person in front and as I passed one lady happened to look around to find it was Pam or super girl an amazing lady some of us met at Brighton this year and who has run over a hundred Marathons

     by about the 6 mile mark was running quite easy and was looking at a sub 2hr but things then went downhill, my  left calf muscle began to tighten up and despite my best efforts would not loosen, but now the sun was out and it had turned in to a beautiful day

      Slowly but surely my left calf muscle got tighter and tighter until it had almost locked completely and the steam was running out, all those missed runs and inadequate  training was catching up and the pace got slower  

    Got to the last mile and knew a sub 2 hr was no longer on the cards it had become a case of just keeping going as I was so close.

     Grabbed a bottle of water from the daughter as I went up new walk which was a steady climb that took you back to the finish

     Loved the course some nice scenery with the lakes and canal made a nice change from running through streets, although you were running on the pavements at some points and even went under a pedestrian under pass that’s something I’ve never done before have always been used to the roads being closed

    All in all though a good day and a nice race would definitely do it again

     just a couple of things let it down not sure about running when you have traffic coming the other way and the only thing keeping you apart is someone shouting keep left 

    And the water stations were too few and far between and cups no, give me bottles any day 

    Plus no goody bag at the end

  • Evening all

    Ran the Felixstowe half today and got round in 1h32m according to the gun time. If it was chipped timed I would have made it around slightly quickly, but not by much. Pretty pleased, as I didn't really know what to expect due a recent lack of running. I worked out that I've run less than 40 miles in the past 4 weeks, admittedly I had done a week of walking in the hills so its not like I was inactive in that time.

    The course was a two lap affair, and despite being open to traffic the police / marshalls did a real good job of stopping vehicles when crossing and generally the roads were quite quiet. The wind was horrible (20-25mph). On lap two there wasn't any groups that I could bunch up with, so ended up running into a head wind by myself for several miles. Without that I think I could have cracked 90 minutes. Never mind, I'll get there!!

    Toby, with the injury and missed runs you should be pleased with your time. How does that compare with previous half? And cups, are only good for pouring water down yourself image

    Julia, two miles is better than no miles image I doubt you'd lose your marathon legs in the next 6 months, providing you do enough to keep yourself ticking over. 

    Wotsit,  welcome!

    EVERYONE ELSE, keep up the good work

  • Hi all

    i did the Great Eastern Run at Peterborugh yesterday, and what a disaster. I had a stomach upset on Saturday, and was not going to run, but packed kit anyway. Sunday morning felt ok so set off.

    There were a lack of sign posts from the designated car parks to the start, and generally a lack of signs my wife and kids support me and they found it very difficult to finr the finish and as no sign posts.

    Well got to the start and the announcers was only interested in how many entries Werrington Running Club had in the race, the people running the race were generally the most unfriendly bunch I have found at any race. I also did not enjoy the course as it was all through housing estates and twisted and turned all the time which meant you could not get into a good even pace.

    At 4 miles my legs turned to lead, at 9 miles I was sick and got to the end on pure determination, this is not a race I will enter again for the race experience or that for the spectators.

    My result I finished in 1:57:18, so sub 2 hours, but will not be going back next year.

    Take care all and well done toby3 on your result.  

  • I forgot to say, the best bit of the day for me was that my 9 year old daughter ran the last 400m with me hand in hand
  • afternoon,

    Toby, Tim & Spen, well done on your runs at the weekend. I ran the Henley half marathon yesterday, and achieved another P.B despite the mile and a half long hill. Coming down the hill  was  the worst bit though as it was quite steep and I had to take it easy in fear of falling over. Lovely run though, despite being a little crowded at times due to the narrow lanes and tow paths.

    Feeling quite sick today, not sure whether it is  to do with the run or whether I've caught the sickness bug my daughter bought home from school on Friday. Either way Im  having  trouble refuelling, and I usually enjoy that bit.

    Has anyone else signed up  for the Brighton  half marathon in February?

  • Fantastic running Toby, well done imageimageimageimage - i wonder if Pam is running Brighton next year?

    Tim WOW you are mighty speedy, well done. Have some of these too imageimageimageimage

    Dad so sorry to hear you had a horrible race, still an awesome time though, well done imageimageimageimage We will all be sure to steer clear of that one from your description image aaah to your daughter running with you though image

    Charlotte well done on your PB too! You deserve some too ! imageimageimageimage Hope you feel better very soon, is it down to hydration?

    Well i shall attempt about 5 tomorrow, legs permitting, fingers crossed the sun stays shining image

  • JuliaT - I am now putting it down to a bad experience, all the reviews seem to be good of the day, so it must just be me. It was great to have my daughter running with me, and she was so proud running in front of the crowds and crossing the finish line. It has also been reported that two people died, one during the race and one shortly after and 6 people were hospitalised, so not a good day.

    Charlotte, I agree with JuliaT it is probably dehydration, I get that after a race and it can last for a few hours or until the next day, then I eat everything. I am sure you will be fine.

    Its only 180 days until Brighton bring it on

  • Hi All, I did BM last year as my very first marathon and swore...never again! Completed a half marathon with 2 friends yesterday and we would love to give Brighton a go together. Stupidly I thought places would still be available. Any ideas of availability of spare place/s. Can't commit to raising hundreds/thousands for charity. We could afford a contributionof £100 each.

    Thanks Jacqui

  • jacqui

     I think your best bet would be to contact the organisers to see if they have any places been handed back in, or contact some of the charities.

    Good luck in getting a place

  • Spen: Shame you did not have the best of days yesterday. At least you finished in sub 2.

    toby: Sounds like you were really struggling with your injury. You did well to finish in the time you did.

    Tim: That's a decent time you ran your half. On not much training either by the sounds of things. Very impressive.

    Charlotte: Well done on getting a PB in your half also. Hills can be like that, and there is an art to running down them.

  • Well home now may go swimming this week as walking is not a option at the let alone running moment

    Calf is still quite tight I have leant two valuable lessons though I have to be a lot fitter and need to lose some weight

    S/R the stupid thing is the leg with the hip problem was fine as I think the exercises the physio have given me are paying off

    Julia T I did ask whether she was running Brighton but to be honest I can’t remember whether she said she was or was just handing out the medals again this year

    Spen  sorry the run never went well there are races were you’re going to find that there not for you but unfortunately we don’t find this out until it’s to late but at least we have the option of not going back well done on a sub 2hr time  even though you were not very well I only had two descent times all year a it must have been nice to fish with your daughter you never know you may have started some thing

    Charlotte well done on your P/B hope you’re feeling better soon

    Tim well done on a great time as for the time it’s about 10 minutes outside my P/B OF 1:52:32 set at bath at the beginning of the year and about 6 minutes outside the 1:56:54 I ran at Bristol last year

  • Jacqui, there are two threads on the events tab which contain thenames of those waiting for transfer places. In order to be fair we've asked that places be offered to people in order on that list.

    If you go to, and you can add your name, and hopefully folks will play fair. 

    I'm waiting for confirmation of a place via another route, but my daughter, who wants to run with me hasn't got a place yet, so we're still very interested in getting a transfer - her name is on the list as PinkSparkie.

  • Spen and Helegant thanks for the info/advice.


  • Green Fairy  - How are you? Still have a smile on my face at seing you at Hove Lagoon this year.
  • helegant congratulations
  • Great news helegantimage Now lets hope for no snow this winter.
  • oooo I love running in the snow image best training I do!  image  Looking forward to finding a place for the BM soon and joining in on here!!
  • O.K. so I've printed myself off a year planner,(well a 5 month planner!), to fill out my training schedule and stick on the back of the shoe cupboard door - I've filled in the races I'm entered in already, and the one's I'm hoping to do as part of my training, and have club training sessions on a Weds. - so where do I go next? start with how far I need to run and work backwards?

    Am reading Nerurakan's marathon training book at the mo., but it's very specialist, "so many metres at such and such a pace"... but Hilditch's is a bit too basic "...Run for a hour and a half..." Anyone recommend any others to have a look at? Am full of enthusiasm at the mo., but I don't want to go off too early!

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