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  • TT - sorry poor max is under the weather. i think cough medicines are generally considered to be pretty much pants actually. and yes - i do have the kids back imageimage
  • Wow cool pirate ship MM!

    Well done PP, Camlo, Chynah. I envy all the regular races Camlo.

    Happy holidays Kinsey and Karen. 

    JG - he he to your hubby. It is good for them to experience that every now and then!

    JT - hope your normality returns and that you can get something to clear the thrush up quickly if it is that.

    TT - are you enjoying being 'home'? The kids have been really great since the accident, Dylan is the one who I would say was most affected by it but he seems to have stopped dwelling on it these last couple of days. Kids are pretty resilient aren't they. I've felt very emotional today think things have just caught up with me a bit. The lack of running is probably putting me out of balance too!

    Hubby back to work tomorrow but Kids are off school until thursday here. Hope I get a car sorted by then. We can't even use our bikes as a mode of transport!

  • x-posts.

    Yay to having the kids back CM.

    TT - hope Max is better soon. I hate when they have coughs and they are so small, feels like there isn't much you can do for them. He is a real cutie from your FB pics.

  • JT - my mum (and dad) iron everything.  underwear including bras (how?!), towels, bedding, socks... the lot. i think i have reacted to that by ironing pretty much nothing really!

    glad the feeding is feeling bit better today.

    sunday brunch party sounds fab.  as long as people don't stay all day image

    right - off to bed as busy day tomorrow. 

  • And wow to the cake. Prob not what i needed to see right now mind you as am gasping on some choc in fact just had bowl low fat ice cream with cocoa powder to make it choc ice cream. Didnt really work and had coughing fit when powder caught throat! Well done on the racing today folks! Right it may be time for cooking choc. Note to self must buy nutella for future nights like this.
  • Sounds like nice days all round, apart from chesty Max.

    I stayed a record 6 hrs behind at work - am supposed to work 10.30-4.30 on a Sun and it was gone 10pm when we left - you don't even want to know how much vomit, diarrhoea, foul smells and blood was involved in what we were doing!  Must remember to keep my wellies in the car.

    Good racing ladies!  Am really glad I only ran 5 miles this morning now, if I'd done 10 I might have stopped functioning a few hrs ago.  As it is, I need bed!

  • EF - you have a problem there!  There must be an opening for a company who delivers in emergency situations like that!  imageimage

    Caro - sounds like a BIG day at work - that is quite some overtime!  Hope you get a good night's sleep, sounds as though you need it.  I'm glad I know that you are a vet, otherwise I might be a little concerned about what you were doing today.

  • Hehe, it might make sense for me to iron my bras, I'm so flat up there nowadays! Dot the cleaner does all our ironing image I give her 20 quid and she manages to clean the entire house top to bottom and do a big pile of ironing - money well spent, I'd say!

    ((Lotte) Not surprising you're feeling a bit emotional - I'm sure anyone would, given the circumstances. Really hope you get your car and bikes sorted soon and manage to get out for a run too x

    CM - yay to having the kids back!image

    PP - well done on the BOBPB and PPPB! Awesome stuff.

    MM - that cake is awesome! Puts me to shame, with my Tesco caterpillar cake... He was nice, mind. image

    Thrush - ouch, especially on the boobs...

    caro - that sounds like fun! image Hope you had a good sleep.

    TT -  hope Max is much better today. There are so many horrid bugs about at the moment. Both JP and I have had a nasty cold for the last 2 weeks that is still lingering in the form of a chesty cough. He's not been poorly with it, but I have been. 2 weeks ago I floated into work in a haze of Lemsip - don't really know how I kept working, but I made it somehow! Have only done one very short run in 2 weeks because I've been feeling so carp and have only just had energy for ordinary things like work. Not good. Hoping to get out later today for a short trot and see if that doesn't loosen the gunk off my chest. Yuck!

    Hope everyone has a nice day.

  • And well done to Chynah and Camlo too!
  • Hello image

    JUst popping in to say Hi. Have been over on the pregnant forum but will lurk on both for another wee while i think!

    Am now a mother of 3 girls. Yikes. Had Mara on the 13th October and my other girls are 4.5yrs and 5.5yrs. I live north of Inverness in scotland.

    Am a pretty slow plodder normally. Managed to 'jog' upto a bout week 28 and then had to give up but kept cycling up until the day before she was born ( only about a mile or so with the girls!) Did yoga throughout so still feel fairly supple although canna imagine when I will run again. Am not going to push myself. Have abdominal diastasis the MW said so I should be doing gentle excercises daily to close the gap. Must do them!!! image

  • Janie Tri wrote (see)

    Well I think that maybe I haven't got thrush as I seem to have fed through the majority of the pain if that makes sense.  Had come on here last night to see if anyone had any ideas and seemed to be reading my symptoms but hopefully I was wrong.  In the daylight I think it's *just* a case of cracking so have hit the Lansinoh and things seem to be better.  I figured that Lansinoh would probably have made things worse if it was thrush and the pain outside of feeding seems to have gone.  Hoping it's just a case of a wrong latch on as I know I had a painful feed yesterday. 

    JT, According to the Breastfeeding Network (whose site is down at the mo'!!) the symptoms of thrush start after feeding & aren't associated with pain during feeding unless there's already something else going on - like cracking. They suggest sorting out everything like positioning & the way the baby is latching & then seeing what the pain is like afterwards. If it's 'just' cracks, then the pain should stop pretty much straight away after the baby stops feeding. If you can get into their site, you can download the leaflet. It's a good one to have 'cos if you do end up thinking it is thrush, then some GPs can be quite dense about thrush in the nipples/breasts & forget about treating the baby too. So it's handy to have something that's written by a pharmacist who knows what she's talking about medication wise.
  • Welcome runnin' free, no need to lurk, just join in! .Nice to have another choochter on board!  I'm a wee bit further north than you and Cragchick isn't far from you. Congratulations on the birth of Mara, is she named after a certain runner?!. I have 6 kids ages from 10 years down to 2 year old twin boys.

    Speaking of CC we haven't heard from you in a wee while, up to your eyes with visitors I guess. Hope you are ok.

    TB - £20 to do all that - definitely money well spent!  

    Should be getting a hire car today, hooray.

  • yuk to all the lurgy going around at the minute. Abi is coughing and spluttering too. i was up half the night with her, poor love.Here's hoping that everyone gets better soon.

    Welcome runnin' free. 3 girls, yikes indeed!  I've got just the one girl, Abigail, but I'll be going back over to the pregnancy forum soon if all goes well, but not until I start to actually feel pregnant.Run;ning up to 28 weeks is very good. I didn't manage at all last time as I felt so sickimage

    Awesome cake MM. Did you really make that? You should sack the gardening business off during the winter and do cakes! 

    I'm with EF, what's an iron? My ironing days finished the day I left the RAF. Poor Abi looks like nobody owns her sometimes but the creases do fall out eventually!!

    TB, does Dot live anywhere near Gloucester by any chance? What a bargain! 

  • Thats amazing TB. I used to pay my cleaner £30 every other week, and she never used to finish the house let alone the ironing. Had to say bye bye so I can have sports massage again!!

    Hello runnin free, nice to see you again. You remember my twin boys and now of course have Sophie who is 5 months. Just started weaning at the weekend. She just had a whole bowl of baby rice and a cube of pear and looked like she was wanting more, but decided to call it a day there. Will move onto carrot weds as have lots in fridge!!

    Boys playing quite well today, must be all the new toys. Have quite a few duplicates though, so thats other people's birthdays sorted for a while!! image

    Off out this afternoon with some of boy's friends who couldn't come yesterday, so best get sorted.

    Managed 5 miles this morning very slow 8:20s, legs felt fine but was coughing the whole way. Mind you it was -2!!

    Cake was very easy to make to be honest, 3 8 inch square cakes, cut and stuck together with jam, and then just choc butter icing to cover the lot. Mounted in jelly with blue food colouring!! Not planning on making a career out of it, my Mum did that, and it took over her life!!

  • £20 TB????  Man I could almost pay her train fare up and still get a bargain!!image

    I pay £30 a fortnight and she does skim round the whole house so it looks "done" to the outside eye.  But as Andy recently took the day off to clean our bedroom properly and said that you couldn't actually see the carpet under the bed cos of the dust, what she does is somewhat superficial and tbh I don't think you can expect much more than that from a contractor.  What you would do for yourself is generally far more thorough but my problem is that I only clean once a year.image  or in fact once every five years. imageimageimage!!

  • and that £30 is to come in once a fortnight, it's not £15 a week!
  • Our cleaner has departed since hubby lost his job,  - so I should be cleaning right now!  She wasn't great though, so actually I don't mind too much.

    Just found out the 2 dogs I was operating on till 10 o clock last night are both alive and well so that makes it all worthwhile, and my boss said I can have a day off in lieu so all is good!  Also just got confirmation of my 1st shift for VetsNow, as an out of hrs A and E vet, so actually yesterday was good practice, even if it wasn't esp enjoyable at the time.  It's not till 6th/7th Nov, so I've got a while to get used to the idea.

    Right, time to clean the floor, then going for a 10 mile run later.

    Runnin' free where abouts are you?  I have a friend nr Invergordon so have been there a few times.  I'm a londoner myself.

  • My problem with having a cleaner is that I'd have to clean the house before letting her in. It's usually in such a state I'd be ashamed to let anyone past the living room. And definitely not into the kitchen! Maybe I should just offer the kids more money?

  • (I'm lurking as a Mum-to-be)

    We have a cleaner every 2 weeks. We pay £45, for a 3-bed house, which covers 2 people for 2 hours. I'm not sure about moving the beds (I expect not), but they certainly move the sofas and clean underneath them. They'll also change bedlinen (a recent discovery) which i think is fab. image

    It's definitely more than I'd bother doing on a week by week basis. We'd pay more for a 'spring clean' so I don't expect them to get all the nooks and crannies. 

    But worth every penny if you ask me. image

  • I do have to have a good tidy before they come though - I'm getting more and more lazy though and am now  pretty good at 'sweeping stuff under the carpet' rather than filing paperwork etc. A job I'm saving for mat leave image
  • Pink, £45 for 2 people for 2 hours is excellent. If I could get that, that'd be a months pay a year for having my house kept under control. Wow!

     When are you due?

    I'm contemplating paying the kids £10 a month each to share most of the work amongst themselves, given they create most of the mess & dirt & dish/clothes washing I think that's fair image (The youngest is turning 8 next week btw, we're not talking slave labour of toddlers here)

  • 10.55 miles off rd in the mud of Epping Forest at a 7.54 pace image  Now eating cake.  Feeling happy......
  • Minks I know you don't generally like racing - but this looks fun Reindeer race, or Karen 73R, wouldn't be too far for either of you, and sounds like it'll be family fun as well.
  • Wow Carovet that's fast for a muddy off-road. Sounds like fun. Do you use a GPS in the forest or would it lose it's signal?
  • Thanks for the welcomes image

    lotte - found the name first and then realised there was a certain Mara great at running!!! Hopefully my Mara will take after her!

    Carovet - Dingwall is my nearest town ( live in the sticks!) but I work in Invergordon hospital as a nurse.

    Oh all this talk of cleaners..................did hoover and clean the downstairs bathroom today which i thought was ok considering only 11 days post birth! Hubby has found being on 'paternity' leave the perfect opportunity to do outside/garage jobs, arghhhhhhhh!!!!So much for sleeping when the baby sleeps nonsense, not if you have other children to look after!!

    Mara has got thrush inher mouth so just got gel for her and me although I don't appear to have 'proper' thrush symptoms as yet! Have put her in 'moby' sling and she seems quite settled at the mo,

  • Roslyn, I'm due Jan 3rd. 10 weeks and trying not to count image (I'm in denial about the birth bit image)

    Good plan re the kids. I'm sure we were given jobs to do as kids. Consider it to be teaching them life skills image

    RF, let me know how you get on with the moby. M.ister W's Mum is buying us one, the theory is it'll make putting washing etc on easier with a littl'un in tow. 

    I'm pretty sure M.ister W has figured that paternity leave is for baby (and Mum) care and not for playing with bikes...   image

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