Friday 12th November 2010

GobiGobi ✭✭✭
What: travel and a crunchie AM
Short run PM
Why: Nice to Cannes on Sunday
Last hard: yesterday
Last rest: 7 days
Lyrics: CrunchieTastic


  • Morning peeps.

    Yesterdays lyrics: Killer by Queen.

    Todays- No idea at moment.

    What:3M Easy run as legs and rest of body feel heavy and tired.

    Wet and windy up here.

    Have a good Friday.

    Gobi: Enjoy France,

  • mavamava ✭✭✭

    morning all.

    Go well Gobi.

    Windy here, but not as bad as yesterday, and dry.  The wind though is a swirling wind so difficult to run in.

    What: smidge under 5.3 miles easy
    Why: because
    Last hard: sunday
    Last rest:6 April

    Have a good one peeps

  • Have a great one Gobi!

    Sorry to hear that RFJ.

    AF - you've earnt it.

    windy night here again - made sleeping difficult.

    What:              nothing.
    Why:                still haven't quite found my bounce and it is off season.
    Last hard:       7/11.
    Last rest:        4/11.

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Afternoon

    Quiet on here today eh ?!

  • Afternoon folks!

    Ah, Gobi, that planes comment makes sense. Cycling, yes? How long is it? just saw that it's a marathon. Cool and good luck! image Let me know what the course/conditions are like please, as I may need a later one next year if I'm not ready for September/October.

    Hi y'all. Just thought I'd stick my head in and say hello. Hope you're all doing well?

    I had knee arthroscopy yesterday. Essentially my problems seem to have been caused by some debris in the knee joint from the bang, plus inflammation behind the kneecap itself, which was preventing the kneecap from settling into it's groove properly and making it maltrack, so the joint has been cleaned out, and I've had a steroid injection into the tissues behind the kneecap. Luckily there was no cartilage or bone damage, so recovery, in theory, should be a touch quicker. Going to take it very cautiously though, as having put up with this for 7.5 months already I've got too much to lose by trying to rush back.

    However, I hope to get back to posting on here more regularly over the coming months as I begin to be able to resume training - fingers crossed this will actually fix it now!

    Will pop in again soon.

    Run well all image

    <edit 2> obviously fancied a name/avatar change as well!

  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Hello all.

    What: Nothing (apart from cycle to work)

    Why: Not feeling 100% and think I need a rest!

    Lyrics: No

    Any exciting plans for the weekend?

    Happy Friday image

  • Gobi:  Have a nice time in Nice.   

    Welcome Zatu - good to see you back!

    The ritual humiliation of the council tax benefic claim was a hoot.  After answering all the questions to fill in a 16 page form, we get to the last question:  " How much savings to you have?"  Apparently, if you have more >16k, no benefit.  Why that can't be the 1st qustion is a puzzle.  Or why they don't mention it on the web site remains a mystery.

    I really will have to write to the Daily Mail.  I was expection a life of easement as a benefit scrounger, but it's just not turning out that way.  It surely must be true - it's in the paper image

    • What:  6m
    • Why:  One foot in front of the other
    • Last Hard:  N/A
    • Last Rest:  8/11

    Have a good one!

  • Hello

    Lyrics - me no like

    Today 11 miles very slow image - why - must be more tired than I thought, would've liked to have done more - always next week

    A lot calmer here today.  Sorry you got no sleep LMUH image

  • Evening.

    Ah TT now Zatu - nice to see you. image

    No running for me today. Due for a 1.25 tempo with the hubs but it was just too wet, windy and awful. So instead I did a Crossfit workout called Cindy. 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats = 1 round. Supposed to do as many rounds in 20 minutes as possible. I did 13. The record for a man is 21 I think so I'm pretty happy.

    This Crossfit thing is supposed to not only be good for strength training but also train your cardio and VO2 max as well, a full-on whole body workout. Looking into incorporating it and their Crossfit Endurance stuff (read: marathon, triathlon, etc. training) into marathon training. Back to running on Sunday. image

    Until then...Later!
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