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  • Evening SteadyCJ

    So I do need to get tri-shorts. Thanks

    Birds sound pretty. We get a fat pigeon that headbuts the feeder to make all the seeds drop out onto the ground so he can eat them!

    Back from my weekend away in Belfast. Had a lovely time with my big girl and hubby and the other three seem to have survived on a diet of MacDonalds and pizza image

    Did a lunchtime bike ride. Short but lots of hills which I really need to train on. Had hoped to do 5 mile run before dinner but since no school homework was done over the weekend it all had today and then I ran out of time.

    Oh, well. Tomorrow is a swim day. And will try to squeeze and run in before Brownies.


  • hiya can i join in here... just signed up to east grinstead tri and am doing windsor oly too.. good running training over dec but not alot of swim/bike due to weather and colds etc..
  • Hi bootsie

    I may see you at East Grinstead.

    I managed to get to the gym today, what an adventure. I would usually drive( journey 5-10 mins) but as arm still in cast, had to use bus. This entailed 10 min walk to bus stop. Bus eventually turned up, then halfway to town, stopped and we all had to get off and onto the bus behind. Apparently 1st bus was so late it had to turn round to keep to the schedule. Get off bus in town to walk to Leisure centre. Left home at 9:30 got back 1pm.

    Anyway I digress slightly, I did 30 mins on treadmill comprising of 2 min jog at 7.5 km/h and 1min walk, then did 20 mins on bike. Boy, did it feel good moving at faster than a walk. It may not have been quick but its a start.

  • well done steady... thats great progress.. i foudn it hard training for a tri last year with broken arm.. just stick wtih it.  You'll be very proud on the finish line
  • Hi Bootsie - Great to have you join us. image

    Hey SteadyCJ - Sounds good.

    Managed 40 lengths yesterday, first proper swim since before Christmas. It's a bit hard to swim lengths on family play swims. Then I squeezed in a 5k in the evening.

    This evening I did my 'difficult' 5 miles which is 2.5 miles uphill and 2.5 miles downhill. Truthfully I'm kind of used to it now so it's not so hard. But it's a not circular run and I'm avoiding changing my route to encompass a really killer of a hill.

    Tomorrow I' hope to do a long (for me) bike ride. I'm then hoping to do a short brick session on Friday of a short bike ride immediately followed by a short run. Do I need to do this more than once a week at present?

    Have bought some tri shorts on ebay, so I'm looking forward to them arriving. It's my birthday in a couple of weeks, so am making a list of all the other little things I need like a water bottle carrier.

    Ummm, as a wannabe pirate I am right in thinking chocolate is an essential part of my tri training isn't it? Am really craving a Dairy Milk image

  • did 30 mins on the turbo last night, just trying to get back on track with the whole cycling thing.  going for a run at lunchtime today
  • Chilibean - no excuses needed for chocolate. I lost over a stone in weight and still had chocolate most days. Mind you it has to be dark chocolate for me.. was told that the dark stuff is better for you and I prefer the taste.
  • I quite like Bournville too image, but not such a fan of the bitter dark chocolate.

    Bootsie, i have a question about the turbo - can you vary the resistance or something like that? Or is it just one pace. And I've seen some that look like rollers, how do you get the bike to stay on it?

    I am ashamed of how short my 'long' bike ride was today. image Well, I guess that means I can only improve! Such a lovely mild day though. My Smidge even agreed to walk both ways on the school run this afternoon if we fed the ducks.

    And my tri-suit has arrived! It's an Orca, fire engine red and beautiful, but it did raise my hubby's eyebrows when i put it on. It does look awfully tight. I guess it is supposed to, but I think I shall have to throw a t-shirt on over the top for the bike and run. 

  • chillbean.. yup you can vary the resistence.. i was very confused when i started on it.. you can guess i'm incredibly new to this.  There are 5 different settings on mine that you can only change by getting off or getting someone to help you, however your gears work as normal on these settings so you still have the full 18 gears to go through as well so its a good workout image just very boring!!

    SteadyCJ where are you based? if you are near east grinstead might be fun to meet up for some training? 

     1km done in the pool this morning using paddles for the first time (only for 6 lengths mind!) really enjoyed it.. made me lengthen my stroke and not start to pull back too soon image 

  • oh and I still have to have chocolate.. but for me its green and blacks white choc!!!
  • Bootsie -  I am near J9 M25.

    Have resisted the chocolate so far today, but will probably have a few squares of Sainsburys Belgium Dark after dinner tonight. I can give up alcohol no problem but not the chocolate.

    Did 30 mins on dreadmill, still a mix of walk and run but much more run than walk. Then did just 10 mins on bike, I still do not enjoy being indoors exercising unless the weather is being vile. 

    Looking forward to going swimming once the cast is off; do you think hospital in morning, cast off and xray, if all well, then swim after lunch is just a tad too keen? 

  • ah cool not too far from me then! i'm junction 6
  • Ooooh, SteadyCJ, so tomorrow you get the cast off??!!! image Fantastic. Swim? Why not? image

    I'm on the M25 too, but J25 so exactly the other side of London to you.

    Did my first brick session today. 5 miles hilly cycle immediately followed by 5k run (one little hill). It felt awful. Legs like sausages and was convinced I was going so slowly. But the 5k only took just over 31mins so pretty pleased with that. I haven't been cycling long enough yet to know if my time is okay. But I got up to 25mph coming downhill today and got scared! I know, I'm a bit of a wuss, but I don't like going that fast.

    Hope my legs have recovered by the morning cos I'm supposed to be taking my big girl to parkrun.

    (Made chocolate chip cookies with my Smidge this morning)

  • Chilibean - should have said next Friday is d day for cast off, see my mind is ahead of the body again. Shame you're opposite side of the M25.

    Bootsie -  that sounds good to me, will have to wait a bit longer, need to be back on the bike in the great outdoors first, then will hope to arrange a meet up, have you done the EG Tri before or not, there are some hills on the cycle part.

  • chillbean thats normal.. ,my legs felt completely horrible at the start going from bike to run.. still do really.. i've found that doing a run after every long cycle.. even if its just 10 min run really helps!

    steadycj that sfine.. just shout when you fancy it and we can maybe do a reccy on the course closer to the time image haven't done it before but am part of the east grinstead tri club now so will ssus it all out

  • Evening

    Sorry, SteadyCJ - was getting prematurely excited for you!

    Well, I did manage the ParkRun yesterday and my big girl was awarded her 10 club t-shirt. Then we headed off to Sweatshop to get the trainers she had won image Huge smiles all round. Grovelands Parkrun only started last August so she is the first t-shirt winner. What really made my day was being referred to as her big sister!

    After 6 days of training I decided I'd better have a rest day. Deffinitely needed it although i feel a bit of a fraud since some of the those training sessions were only 30 mins. This afternoon I cleaned my bike. Although it is new to me someone else had riden it for a couple of months and the chain was thick with black gunk. I'm completely clueless at these things, so got a book out the library to tell me what to do. And hubby sat and watched me and made mostly helpful comments. Anyway, a lot of the gunk is not removed, my fingernails are black. But the bike is now back together and seems to be working great. image My hubby then decided he needed to try it out (it's a men's bike) and has fallen in love with it.

    Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow. Guess I'll see how the day goes and how much time I can steal.

  • Chilibean - impressed you have started cleaning/servicing bike, I just leave it all to OH a very practical person.

    Also the family joke is that if I wash my car it will snow, which does still happen but not during the summer months the only time I do wash it, do not blame me for this winters bad weather.

    Planning to do an hour on bike this afternoon, need to decide on what music to listen to.

  • Ouch, ouch, ouch. Walking very gingerly. My glutes hurt. Did 10 mile cycle of hills in 53 mins. Ouch. Tell me I will get fitter and better at cycling please??????? And I forgot to take my MP3 player. Hope you had some nice music.

  • Hope the glutes are easing off a bit this morning. You will get fitter and better at cycling.

    Cycling is my 2nd weakness after slow swimming, and close to slow running. I did 25Km in the garage listened to Queen greatest hits, but failed to notice how long CD lasted so last five minutes were done to the sound of a dusk chorus of bluetits and blackbirds, too lazy to get off and reset music, have no ipod at the mo, but OH has old mini system set up for when he works on the car etc.

    I do not run or cycle on roads with music, but find it a must if indoors. Hopefully this rain will stop and I can get out for a walk today.

  • Evening

    Mmmm, I seriously suspect that I will never be fast, but I do consider myself to be able to hold a steady pace. Like you I don't wear headphone whilst on the road but there is a country park close to us with cycle lanes and no traffic so will wear them there.

    Today was 40ish lengths at lunchtime. I lose count pretty easily therefore the ish. I know I didn't do less but may have done more. Then 4 mile run this eve. Had hoped to do a 5th but couldn't fit it in before taking daughter no.2 to Brownies.

    Am going away tomorrow. Am very excited cos I shall have two whole days with girl-friends and no children!  Oh it is going to be wonderful!

    See you in a couple of days


  • C'mon you lot, less chat and more training image Who's signed up for Regenberg then ? image
  • Kanga - leave me in peace to dream. Maybe some time, but not for the forseeable future.

    IM is way out of my league, I sat down today and looked at the cut off times and worked out  my times for both half IM and IM and I wouldnot make it. My swim is far too slow and not far enough, have never cycled for more than 2 hours very slowly with stops for tea and cake, and my marathon PB from 1997 is 5:30.

  • Keep dreaming, visualisation, of crossing that finish line one day image Then get lashed, and get down to the tattoo parlour* image

    * I may have only done one of these things .... yet ....

  • lol!!

    well just signed up to hever castle tri.. so thats three this year that i'm doing.. should be good and challenging!! ski trip is over so time for some serious training! 

  • Glad to hear you had a safe ski trip, with no injuries.

    Just done another session at the gym. 30 mins on treadie run 3, walk 1, with 10 min w/u and c/d on bike.

    40 hours to go until the cast comes off - whoopee. Will look round for a late season tri or maybe a half marathon.

  • Steady , hever tri is last weekend in september if you fancy it
  • Thanks I will have a look.

    Today was scheduled as 45 min cycle but just did not want to do it. Instead went for an hour long brisk walk and did 4miles, feel better for having done something and it has made me feel positive on being able to increase distances.

    17 hours to go until cast off!!!

  • well done for getting out there Steady.. better than doing nothing.. good luck tomorrow with the cast
  • Hi all,

    Can I join in or is it mum's only?

    I'm new to Tri myself, as in not done oneimage

    New bike for Christmas (road bike) old bike Mtb 14 years old lol not swam since school apart from cooling off on holidays image Did 2 halfs last year and 2 off road Duathlons.

    Going to join local Tri club this Sunday and join in with there swim sessions (already brought some goggles lol) told them to be gentle with me image

    I live in mids and married with 4 kids so know all about the juggling at weekends with football rugby dancing gymnastics tennis and ballet. 2 girls 2 boys 11 8 4 2 G B B G.

  • mum???

    have you signed up to any tris yet silver? welcome to the forum

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