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  • Hello,

    This week I have cycled 169 miles and raced one 10k, at which I did not get a PB, but it was very hard work, so thats ok!

    I have a job interview. It's on what was day 3 of LEJOG, but some uber-stressful shuffling and logstics has fixed it.

    Wotsit - when I think of Wickett, I think more Fisher Price than Tony Fisher. image

    Erm... thats all i think.

  • Excellent news on the interview, Flyers!!
  • Morning all - hope you had a lovely weekend?

    June birthday #1 done and dusted.  2 to go...

    I have been doing an exercise video in my lounge, like a proper yummy mummy.  Pilates next.  Must be coming up to summer holiday time!

    How on earth are the deca-nutters coping with so little sleep? Even the idea of it makes me shudder, never mind the bit where you have to do an ironman a day on top of it.

  • Morning all

    The more I think on the deca thing, the crazier it seems.

    Flyers - good news, but hope it's not too much of a diversion from the LEJOG route. Do they know you'll be turnign up in cycling gear? image

  • you couldn't make it up.... whilst putting an ikea shelf up in an awkward place I managed to pull a muscle in my side, and while moving to try and straighten up I kicked my toolbox and have badly bruised a toe! Swollen and purple. I give up on DIY.
  • Barkles - a wise decision. No good can come of DIY.
  • Indeed mate. There was no indication of such calamity in the instructions.
  • Typical Ikea - always something missing from the box.

    (Actually, despite the popular myth, I've never had an incomplete set from there.)

  • I usually find I have a bit left over....

  • Great TOTP there.
  • LOL!
  • ...well at least I have the perfect excuse to loaf about for a couple of days.
  • Who needs an excuse? Although some loafing would be nice, right now!

    I shall mostly be trying to say 'no' today. Not sure if I am being mean though... A colleague rang me yesterday and said 'you have a sewing machine, don't you?' Yes says, I (cos I do!). It's broken at the moment and I told her this and she seems to ignored that. Turns out she is going to a fancy dress party and wants some 'help'. For this I read 'me to make the outfit'. Then she suggested we go to the fabric shop at lunch time today because 'you know where it is' - fact that she has lived here all her life and I live over 20 miles away escaping her. So we have to go in my car (you don't mind do you?) because she is walking into work at the  moment. So bang goes my lunch time, driving someone to buy material. But I'm going to say that I can't make it for her. I mean, I've just looked at my diary and I don't have a single weekend free until Mid July (which is lovely for me, of course), but they are all (with the exception of this Deca weekend) volunteering at races or shadow reffing at races - all stuff that I hope raises my profile locally and enhances my Event Management CV. So in essence, most weeks, I am working 6 or 7 days a weel, couple that with my own training, the mentoring/training i am doing for others and my new role as Shadow Club Secretary (initial meeting last night, first official one in two weeks) and I haven't got time. I barely have time for myself. So I can say no, right?

  • Absolutely. She'll probably try to make you feel guilty about it, but stand firm. No need to make excuses, just say you dont have time. It's not being selfish or mean, it's being realistic.
  • Thank you Flyaway - I must be firm!
  • Remember min just say NO!

    yours annoyed of Merthyr.

  • Morbidslut. Home laptop has died in a spectacular way; if anyone wants me, fb or on here, please!
  • We always want  you, Crashie!
  • What have you done to the laptop?

  • TT - yellow dust caps!!
  • Moon on the stick image

    Get my staff to sort in a bit. Not allowed to write, but can type with my left hand. You texted me your address yes?

  • Will do now... image

  • Afternoon all. Nothing much else to report. As you were.
  • Ditto.
  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭

    afternoon all

    well TT'd Min

    Did the first Blaise Blazer 6k multi terain last night - tough but enjoyable way to spend 34mins 7 secs of your life (winner did it in 20:54image)

  • Afternoon all!

    Remember Min - just say no!

    Well it's been one of those days - started badly, ended badly and was manic inbetween image

    I have also put out the cricket club lady by saying HLad was unavailable to play tonight when she called at 3.30pm (she did send a text this morning but I was too busy at work to look at my phone) - they have called on 3 occasions - twice at 3 pm and once at 5.40 pm to ask if HLad could play at 6pm the same day - now given it's for U11 I realise they are ony calling when desperate as he's the only U9 who's got any hard ball cricket experience but I don't think I should be made to feel bad if we can't then make it!  I think it's a cricket phenomenon - the county U9s team was released less than 24 hours before the last match - but my life doesn't work like that!!!

    <and breathe.....>

    Anway, my previous boss is leaving her post at the end of term so I'm back off to the Ladies' College tonight for the first time in over 8 years for her leaving do - I'm surprised to find out that I'm on "top table" - which although a great honour is a bit of a shame as I was hoping to meet up with my former admin colleagues and have a good gossip - as it is I'll have to try and make polite conversation image

  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭
    Don't Drink too much HL!!
  • Morning all

    (whispers so as not to disturb HL too much)

    Entries are open now for the new MK marathon (29th April next year). Go on, you know you want to.

  • Morning all!
  • Morning Min - did you say no? !!

    Wind's picked up again, so I would imagine its far from ideal in the New Forest. I got rained on yesterday, whilst biking. I mean, how rude is that?!

    The Angel of the North weighs the same as 250 million HulaHoops.

    Have a good Wednesday.

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