Black Toenail Stabbing

I regularly get a bruised toenail on one particular toe.  I've tried different socks, different trainers and it still randomly turns black.  I can do a 16mile run one week without any problem and then another week go out for 5miles or something and voila bruised toenail.

Anyways at the moment it is particularly sore to the point where I'm now considering stabbing it to drain the blood or whatever from underneath... Do I stab from above, the end or the side??  I've worked out its not from below btw. image


  • I think that if you can see the blood blister underneath the nail, then you use the pin on the blister itself.

    If you can't , then you are supposed to put the pin through the top of nail itself to let the blood out and relieve the pressure. Rather you than me though!

  • If you're going through the nail you'll need to heat the pin up first, and mind the nail bed.

    I've found that if I cut the toe nail short and then burst the blood blister using a pin going in from the end of the toe slightly under the fact last time I cut the nail this burst the blister too.


  • i used to get blood blisters on the toe next to the big toe.  the nail got quite thick.  big shoes did not help as they just slid forward no matter how i laced them. 

    i read on here or somewhere that cutting a hole in the end of your shoe where the toe bashes works.  i did this and it really does.  no more black toes

  • Dear all,

    The condition of a blood clot under the nail is called a subungal haematoma. I dealth with one in my London clinic last month.

    It can occur because of trauma from a single impact or repetitive impact (like running in inadequate shoes or with an unconditioned gait). Sub ungal haematomata occur by bleeding into the space between the nail bed and the nail itself. When it first happens the build up of blood is accompanied, in this tight space, by a build up of hydrostatic pressure. This causes local ischaemia which is accompanied by pain worse than child birth. I have had grown adults in tears presenting with it.

    The treatment at this stage is to undertake trepanning. This is to create a hole in the nail itself to allow the blood out under it's own pressure. I have had the blood released for some patients hit the ceiling. The release of this blood under pressure is accompanied often by smiles and tears of joy. Trepanning is achieved by cleaning the nail with an antiseptic, using a local ring block anaesthetic in clinic if you cannot get near the offending nail. Then heat up a paper clip tip, bent to straighten it out first, until it is red hot! Apply the tip to the middle of the nail at the deepest perceived part of the haematoma. The nail smokes and the paper tip glow goes out like ET loosing the link with home. Heat it up and repeat until the blood gushes.

    This does not work with the old haematoma. It is best performed by a GP or A&E doctor trained in the technique. I learnt it from A&E in Luton and Dunstable in the good old days.

    Hope this helps.

  • Didn't get to read your post John before I cut/filed the nail down as much as possible and stabbed the offending blister from the end... Bloody hell it hurt... Still throbbing quite a bit today so hoping wearing flip flops and talking nicely to it to please stop throbbing will work and I wont have to resort to gritting my teeth on tomorrows 16miler. imageimage

    Thanks for the advice guys. image

  • Ouch, that sounds sore.image Perhaps it's a little bit infected if it is still throbbing? Keep an eye on the nail when it's growing back so you don't get an ingrowing one, and keep it clean in the mean time. Perhaps a little salt water clean in the evening after you've been wearing your flip flops (hope its not raining on you)...either that or TCP if you can stand it, although salt water will do the job and sting less.

    Take care.

  • JjJj ✭✭✭
    oh gawd - don't get it infected! If you're even slightly worried that it is, go see a doc quickly. They worry about infected feet like you wouldn't believe.
  • Hello friend,

    As you are telling that one of your toenails turned into black color and blood also get clotted in it. I think you have a blood clot in toenail. I know this situation is quite painful but don’t worry. One of my friends had the same issue. Due to wearing of tight shoes, blood clotted in her toenail, she also had a pain in it. At that time, I suggested her some home remedies which proofs very beneficial to her. She gets much relief by using those home remedies and after few weeks, blood clot completely removed from her toenail. You should try the following tips given below: -

    Use ice or ice pack- Apply ice or ice pack on the affected area gently. Ice will help the blood clot to stabilize as well as it reduces the bleeding. If there is any pain in your toenail you will also get relief from pain.

    Use Epsom saltwater- Take a few Epsom crystals and dissolve it properly in water. After that, soak your affected toenail in it for 20 minutes. This remedy helps to reduce the size of the clot and also reduces the swelling.

    Hopefully, the above remedies help to cure blood clot in toenail. For further remedies, you can visit the below-given link.
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