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  • Hi All

    NV - Sounds like a good session, only 4 seconds slower with a headwind, awesome work!

    Grant - tee hee don't blame you. Don't worry we won't tell image

    Nick - Just put it down to experience and miles banked in legs.

    Paul - Nice running there. 10min mile pace I miss it, I'll get back there!! Hope you have a good 10miler this weekend

    Well I've been good I'm still resting, I'm bored! But I am going out tomorrow morning and take it slow and see how it goes. Whatever happens weekend after I'm doing 13.1miles image
  • Morning all,

    Well done Nick. Moving along nicely now.

    Grant, I reckon you should be OK increasng by a few minutes, because that's all it'll be. Still, if you're happy following the plan it'll make no difference in the long term scheme of things. Going well!

    Good week Paul, nice mileage.

    Very sensible Claire. Nothing you can do now to influence the result of the half.

    30 minutes core stability last night, and a 2 hour brick, 60/60, with the run as a time trial planned for tonight. Struggling with a bit of a cold though.
  • Hi all

    I am feeling loads better and have finally been out for a run, I had to or else I wouldn't have been able to sleep tonight,  last night was terrible, felt like I was tapering I felt like a coiled up spring, prefer to be pooped I think. 12m today and although the week can not be rescued mileage wise I think I will get out for another couple of shorter runs over the weekend, maybe 5 or 6m so it won't be a total disaster. On a personal level, sorry about the down post I was all out of sorts because my mum was waiting to see if she would get the treatment that she needs/wants and they have agreed so I feel like a weight has been lifted slightly, depressingly it doesn't change the prognosis but hopefully it will give her more time.  Anyway enough of that.

    MD6 - Glad your exams are finished, just Dublin to look forward to now.

    Claire - Fingers crossed the run goes well, would a bit of cross training help ease the boredom?

    NV - Boo to the cold, hope you get your brick done - have you decided about the race?

    Grant - Don't worry about speed - I never do - can't you tell by my name, I just aim to enjoy the runs and feel good, during and after, for me ultimately I am always competing against myself, sometimes more sucessfully than others!

    Nick - Sounds like that was your speed session, I agree with Claire, its all miles in the bank, they can't all be faster than the last one.

    Paul - That looks like a really good week.

    Andrew - Thanks

    I am sure that I have forgotton someone....if I have sorry and hi and happy running to all


  • Em, no need to apologise! We all need to unload sometimes. I think I've found a race. Doesn't seem to have many on the start list though.

    I'll have a think about it.
  • NV - Not many people at all - do these events fill up nearer the time? some funny names there - Horsham? amphibians - that made me chuckle....the police triathalon team too. 
  • Em - No need for any apology. Glad you got out for a run. Yeah I've been doing some cross training, not a huge amount though as been trying to rest joints.

    NV - Hope the session goes well tonight and your cold goes asap! Will have a look at that race

  • Morning All

    Well been out and done 10.5miles that will have to be enough for my long run for half next weekend. Was doing ok till about 9miles then knees just hurt so pushed myself round last loop and called it a day. Time wise it wasn't too bad about 1hr 55 so I'm feeling alot happier now.

    One question..... Has anyone got any tips for what to eat race day? Race starts at 2pm. All other ones I've done has been an 11ish start so just had breakfast - porridge and maybe some toast.

    Hope everyone is having great weekend image
  • Well done Claire.... keeping going for nigh on 2 hrsis good in anyones book I reckon, regardless of distance... best of luck for next week now!

  • Morning all,

    Claire, have a lie in and a late breakfast image Or how about a wholemeal bagel a couple of hours before?

    Didn't do Friday's brick because I was late home from work. 42 miles on the bike in 2:33 followed by a 2 mile run at 7:40/mile yesterday.
  • Did a 10k this morning was tough but managed it in 61mins,legs have now seized tho! Lol!!
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Evening all!

    Well done Claire, sure you'll do great next weekend.

    Good weekened here. Upped my run by a couple of minutes yesterday (gone off programme, shock horror) and it felt good again. image

  • Phew.... Just got in from a very satisfying LSR, 10miles dead on in 1:35.... felt very good, although tricky to keep pace down to what McMillan reckoned my endurance runs should be. Felt like there was more in the tank at the end, and coped pretty well with the usual hills on my route (that I somehow managed to work itso I hit them at 6, 8 and 9 miles!!) so I am a very happy bunny indeed!
  • Well done Grant! Always a nice feeling when you do more and it feels comfortable....
    Nice one Nick, 10k is just about my favourite distance.....
  • Morning All

    NV - Sounds like good training there. Will attempt to lie in but i'm pretty useless at that image defo good plan about bagel. Thanks

    Nick - Good run there well done

    Grant - Great stuff! Thanks I'm hoping niggles will stay at bay till after the race

    Paul - Sounds like a great run there! No wonder your happy. I like the 10mile distance, when back 100% I will look for a race that distance image

  • Hi all

    Lots of good running and cycling going on NV, Grant, Paul and Nick

    Claire - How is your leg holding up?

    I managed a couple of 6m runs over the weekend so it brings the total for this week to 32, not a total deadloss.  Start the plan for Loch Ness today and it is raining!

  • Hi all

    Can i just add my goals ?

    To Lose weight

    To stay in shape

    To be able to RUN (notwalk) the race for life

    To continue with running

    Be injury free !

  • Morning all,

    Hi Nikki. Good goals. When's the RFL?

    Em, raining? In Scotland? Surely not? image That wasn't a bad week at all then.

    Grant, well done! What are you going to do when you finish the C25k?

    Good run Paul. That's not a bad pace either for 10 miles.

    Well done Nick.

    Loads of good running going on over the weekend!

    Should be doing a bike interval session today, but not sure how I'm going to fit it in. Working from home tomorrow, so I might have to get up and do it early, then swim in the evening.

  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Paul / Claire / Em - Thanks for the encouragement, always helps! image And as for raining in Scotland, been a rather miserable weekend here in Dundee too.

    Nikki - Welcome!

    NV -  I have a race on the 29th, after that I am not really sure. I am primarily doing this for weight loss / general fitness purposes but am enjoying running very much so think I will push on to 10k (there is a similar programme, Bridge to 10K). I do plan on dropping at least one of my runs when I start playing squash again competitively though, there just aren't enough days in the week! image Looking into starting doing press-ups / sit-ups / chin-ups / etc too (found another online programme, I love these things!) - do you think it is ok to do these on what C25K defines as rest days?

  • Hi NV  (is that your name image )

    RFL is Race For Life, i'm doing it with my friend on july 10th, she is walking as she doesn;t run but i aim to run whether it kills me !  image  The furthest i have ever ran withoutstopping was 2 days ago at  just over 2.half miles, so i'm nearly there, want to go out now bu the weathers off putting and i'm hungry !  image Might just go on the cross trainer instead image

  • Nikki, no, my name's Neil, but pretty much only my mum calls me that. I've been NV to my mates for as long as I can remember image get outside and run. What are you going to do if it rains on 10th July image

    Grant, that's cross training, and it'll be fine to do that on rest days. Give yourself a full day off every now and again though.

  • Well done Nikki, just build up to it slowly but surely going a little further each time...

    NV - pace was all a bit wrong really, supposed to be around 9:49 - 10:19, but everytime I checked my pace I was veering towards 8:00 miles so was slowing up to compensate.. Overall was avg 9:35 per mile so not that far off, but definitely wasn't smooth pacing! Either the pace calculator is out, or I'm just getting fitter and need to race a 10/5k to get a new PB to use....
  • I've found the Macmillan pace calculator to be pretty good generally Paul. Are you using a race result for it, or is it a training run that you ran hard? If the latter, that could be skewing the pace towards the slow side. I find it very difficult to replicate race pace in training. The improvement curve is very steep early on as well, so you're right, it could just be that the paces are out of date because you're more fit. From what I've heard so far, I'd say 8:00/mile is too quick though. You'd want to be running a sub-40 10k for that to be your long run pace.
  • Yeah, hard training run the other week where I went to 52mins on 10k.

    It's not that difficult a concept to get my head round, similar to when I was weight training, but tricky to condition your mind to keep to the slower pace. I can do it for recovery runs as that is significantly slower again, but this pace seems to be that bit trickier to hold consistently. I'll get there though, keep telling myself I only started at the beginning of May....
  • It is a bit counter-intuitive, running slower to get faster image It's good progress though. Get yourself into a 5k parkrun or something and update the paces.
  • Hi all

    Did my run yesterday but the weather was horrible, really windy with horizontal rain so it wasn't the tempo run it was meant to be, just a steady run - 8m.  I am going to attempt the tempo run tonight, 8m with 4m at a pace I don't think I can manage! Might check out the macmillan paces and see what they suggest as smartcoach is a hard task master.

    Hi Nikki,  you are nearly there distance wise already.

    Happy running all


  • Morning all.

    So far a pretty layed back time. Was going to go out a run last night but it did not happen. So tonight instead of my swim session I will be heading out the door for hopefully a wee 10K in preparation for Sundays half marathon!

    Hi Nikki - good set of goals there.

    Grant - Good work on upping your run times, did not realise you were from Dundee, I am from East Kilbride image

    Em - I feel sorry for you, that weather is just terrible to do anything in. I would of been depressed just looking at it image

    NV- You decided what other events you are doing this year?

    Everyone else happy running.
  • hi all, just a flying visit before i head off with work to Lux for a few days, its always fun in Luxembourg....
    anyway, had a few good run commutes 5.5miles in 43'16 on thursday (or friday can't remember) and then 44'15 yesterday, but ave (moving) pace yesterday was 1 sec/mile quicker than last week. Felt easier HR lower (154 av against 160 av). All in all feeling better although there is a weird pain on the top of my foot - i was worried that it was a stress fracture but it doesn't hurt enough for that. so i'm running through it and hoping for the best.

    NV thanks for your offer but I can't make canetbury now, I'll be at a christening that weekend in Dublin (or Meath or Wicklow they haven't yet told me where it is!), all these peoploe dropping sprogs is getting expensive.

    Paul, 8m/m pace is quick for a long run, i tend to do mine at about 8'15 or 8'30 pace and sometimes even that is too quick (like at the moment as i'm not fit) so drop it down. At first it is very hard to keep your pace down when you run as you probably are used to running shorter (or for the bus) near flat out. What i found helped was to run to a HR. Test and get a max, work out the zones - or a % of max (normally about 65-75%) then run within that zone. That keeps your pace to a comfortable level and stops the fast/slow cycle, promotes even pacing and you can tailor what you're doing to how you feel. Plus it gives you an idea when you may be getting ill as your HR will be noticably higher for no apparent reason.

    Hi Nikki, good goals there and i'm sure you'll manage them.
  • Iron - good idea re HR, will look into it - birthday next week so may treat myself....

    Just fid a nice 4m recovery jog at lunch, very warm out there but kept in my target pace of 10:29 - 10:49 fairly well... Fastest pace slip only went to 9:45 for about 30 yards so getting better....

    I do need to get a handle on it as the mileage starts to increase now as I begin a 13wk plan ahead of Bristol HM in Sept...

  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Evening all!

    Last week of C25K, did a 30 minute run this morning, with a few dog stops still around the 13min/mile pace mark although was harder this morning for some reason. Can't believe I am nearly done! image

    Andrew - I work just up the road from you in Uddingston. Where do you go out running, just around EK?

    Paul - Garmin FR 305 sitting at around the £100 mark on Amazon / Ebay / etc, I love mine. Go on treat yourself! image

    Nikki - Like MD says, I am sure you'll manage it, you're almost there!

  • Well I did it ! I did my first 5k without stopping ! Ok so I was slow towards the end and my knees started aching but I did it! Does it class as cheating if you stop to walk up steps, I crossed a river bridge and had to go up the side, as itvwas at the end of my run i walked up them image went across a field ( never again !) it had dips everywhere, I turned round as was concerned my ankle would go (my left one is pretty weak from a ski ing trip, I badly sprained it both sides so have to watch for that, it makes me pronate as well, god I'm a wreck!! image
    Anyway, thought I'd share my news, will be even better when my race for life comes :!

    Thanks nikki
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