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  • Yo, dudes and dudettes; what lovely legs you all have image

    I am on a new laptop after the old one did everything bar spontaneously combust. This one is pink; hey ho, the spec was good for the money...

    Why do so many new laptops have the mouse pad offset to the left? Tis an ergonomic nightmare!

    Pplease can everyone send me an email? It'll be easier than titting about with safe mode or typing them in manually! Ta muchly!

  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all

    Well sprinted Lexi

    The G**gle logo does make sound when you pluck the strings. (cannot call my attempt music)

    Off to sunny(??) Caernarvon tomorrow for the WCR image

  • Morning. I have to say - Poppies look absolutely stunning in East/North Herts at the moment.

    I need to have a word with a Leukaemia charity - they've nicked about a 10 mile chunk of my commute to Letchworth route for a charity ride they're doing at the weekend. It was a little strange having my route signposted by temporary pink and black arrows last night.

  • Morning all

    Crashie - I'l try and remember to send you an e-mail to your new laptop from my new laptop (manly black and metallic finish) later. image

    Having a new laptop is good because I do live in mild fear of the desktop one spontaneously combusting (or the kids combusting it) so we now have a spare.

  • Spare computers, new bass guitars - have you just won some money SVT (or you put aside money for Olympic tickets in the hope you'd get some (*), and having had hardly any (or none) taken, you've put it to other uses).

    (*) I'm afraid we did quite well - going to see 6-7 events (we did have to put 4.5K on the line for £450 worth of tickets). One of the possible permutations given what's been debited includes a track cycling ticket for me, although somehow I think it will be one of the other permutations.

  • Good morrow everyone from the work PC.

    Nowt exciting happening; vicariously following the deca is excitement enough!

  • Tricky - no Olympics, it's all phone related!

    Firstly, I got rid of my phone at the end of its contract as I've got a work Blackberry, and started saving £30 a month towards a bass. And then I struck it lucky on eBay and got the bass for £50.

    Then the laptop came free with Mrs SVT's new phone yesterday. image

    The two ended up much more affordable than Olympic tickets!

  • Morning kiddiewinks...........image.

    Thankfully, for the first time since joining WTC...i am not marshaling at Bala. Coz its gonna teem down tomoz. image.

    Crashie will send you mail.

    Musky hope you enjoy the sights of North'ish Wales.image

    Ooh nice deal on the Phone/Laptop SVT......wouldn't mind that kinda deal myself!! Can you hint whom with???

    Oooh and an embarrassing realization happened Thurs. Am helping my friend's lad in all things Tri. he's a small skinny 13yr old, very keen on training. His first race is open water at Cholmundley Castle Tri next weekend. Wetsuits optional for the 13-16 age i said try mine then see on the day how many are in wetsuit, plus weather (if cold.....def wetsuit) i thought mine would be too big for him....I mean i am petite....but he's skinny. It fitted him......all the way down OMG!!!! image

    Right bum off chair soon, i have a bike ride with Mr. T at 11am......he text at 7am.....just as i was thinking of having a nice lie in this morn.image

  • Evening all

    Lexi - you have mail (unless it's ended in your spam folder) from the phone company! Mind you, I'm not sure whether they give phone contracts to 13-year old boys...

    A day that started with SVTing 2 (off school yesterday with a dodgy stomach) walking into our room at 6:30 and beig sick (fortunately into the bucket he was carrying). So, other than popping out for a parkrun PB, I've been housebound. Which is fine by me, becasue there's plenty of setting up and installing to be done on the laptop, and I'm the weird sort of person that enjoys that. image

  • Afternoon all!

    SVT - oh dear to SVT2 but hope you've got the laptop all sorted out

    Lexi - I think I would be very impressed if I was the same shape as a 13 year old boy! - but apols if you aren't happy about it!  Hope the cycle ride went well.

    Well having been to some events at the Cheltenham Science Festival today I am heartened to know that a lot of things to do with the properties of materials can be explained by rich tea, ginger nut and time out biscuits - now if only I'd had the opportunity to study science like that I might have stuck with it image

  • SVT........Thank you image Will look into it cheers.!! Soz to hear the little one is poorly sick, but as you say good excuse to play on the computer. image

    HL re too if they had provided Ginger Nut Biscuits. Sounds like you had a nice time anyway. Hmmn i could do with a biscuit or 4 right now!!!

    I don't mind my shape, it has its advantages, no vat on kiddies clothes.....would be nice to have just a little more up top though, oh and longer legs......please, even just a few inches.....'thats legs guys'!!!!.image

    The bike ride went Fab. Although i get very short text messages off Mr. T., When we cycle.....he never shuts up, which is great really!! We missed the rain clouds and did a couple of sprints up some steep inclines during the 2hrs.....erm well he did, i just hung on. I went to the gym after and did 60 minute session on the treadmill. Gradient 8, speed 13, then upped the speed slowly to 13.5, after 20 minutes brought the gradient down to 7 and upped the speed to 14.(that was sicky hard) After 40 minutes (quick nip to the toilet) back on the tready and did 10 minutes speed 14.5 then intervals getting the speed up to 16.5....nearly went off the back on that one......legs were @*$@* ed by that time. Later did some core exercise and finished with 10 minute tready at speed 13. Think am going to suffer in the morning image.

  • Afternoon all

    Lexi - so, a nice relaxing day then?!

    HL - sounds like fun. I feel like I might need to conduct some of those experiments...

    In other news, SVTing 2 is back to full appetite and I just belatedly did the quiz of the week's news on the BBC site and got 7/7. That's at least twice in the last month. I probably deserve some sort of medal for that.

  • Good morning.  Thank crunchie its Monday. 
  • Morning.

    <puts on a pot of strong coffee>

  • Morning

    Wotsit - your comment had me checking to see if I had saved that fun-size Crunchie that was hidden under my phone. Alas, I remembered I ate it on Friday afternoon. image

  • Morning.......image

    Reaches for the strong coffee!!!

  • SVT - it is far too early for chocolate.  But not for cake.  Fortunately, in a fit of sensible-ness, I have thrown out all of the left over cake, so I shall have to have gruel, or something similarly low-calorie and tasteless. 

    I have run, it was horrid.  I feel as though the air density has incresed today.  My pace was OK, but it was a huge effort to do it.  Kept having to take big gulpy breaths as though my airways hadn't opened wide enough.  Do you reckon that could all be down to the faffy, niggly, sniffly cold?  Or could my fitness really have slipped that far in 3 weeks of running twice, rather than 3 times?  Seems odd?

    Kettle on, collapse time.  Damn, remembered I have 2 assignments to mark.  Grr....

  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all

    Back from the whistle-stop tour of Wales.

    Lots of heavy rain whilst driving up.  Went via Leominster, Shrewsbury and then Oswestry and Llangollen on the A5. Beautiful scenery in Snowdonia.

    Saturday was lovely and sunny, but a bit windy. Saw off our first runner at 10.30 and then the long journey back south began.

    Did my leg from Maentwrog form Harlech (9.5mils)  in 75:38, finishing 38th and some 22 mins behind the winner, then it was back to the chase of dropping off and picking up our runners again.

    Overnight in Newtown included a takeaway chinese and 2  pints of very good beer from Monty's Brewery before another night sleping on a gym floor.

    Sunday morning started at 7.00, just as the rain started and it stayed wet all the way down to Cardiff. Got absolutely soaked marshalling at Abercynon and then even wetter waiting for the runners to come in at Cardiff Castle.

    Brilliant time and hope I can do it again next year.

    GWR won the WCR*


  • musky - sounds like fun (by which I mean just the running, eating and drinking parts)!
  • Absolutely; I like running, eating and drinking.

    In other news, hello.

    Mousers, where have you been? Are you now back?

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I have been to the Pyrenees and I have ridden my bike up the Tourmalet*.  I am now back.  However, half my gusset region seems to be absent.


    I am also now faced with a mountain of marking so my interaction with the outside world remains woeful.

    I do note a post above that mentions food though....

    Wotsit - I think it's your cold.

     * and other cols.

  • Hello

    It looks like missing Bala this year was a wise move.
  • After a brief trip to facebook, indeed, so you did! Well done! Was it a good trip away?
  • Evening.......image.

    Well done on the cycle trip to the Pyrenees M.ouse (my dream trip....with a certain cyclist).

    Musky....great result on the Mascot......I lurve the WCR's. Had a fab time doing one section for a previous running club. Came 2nd Lady....those were the days!!!!image How about a Pirates Team next year......i would so wanna run Foel to erm forgot the finish villageimage...but it was 9 mile. image

  • Foel to Ll. Caereinion imageimage I remembered!!!
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Ant - yes indeed, sounds like the weather was dreadful.

    I am hereby stating my intention to go back next year though!

    Crashie - the weather was pants.  It rained every day and Tuesday's riding (where it was raining from the start) was hindered by a lack of suitable clothing.  This meant that when I got to the top of the Tourmalet I was unable to feel my feet and had to throw in the towel and get in the support vehicle and not descend and ride to our hotel because I think it would have been dangerous BUT I had made it to the top and that was my aim for the day. 

    We remained in good spirits through the week though and 'fun' (and chaffing) were had by all. I have made a note to take even MORE kit with me on future trips to cover all eventualities.  I really didn't think I would need my winter jacket and overshoes in June.

    I did try and keep up with Symes et al as best I could but didn't have much time for other stuff.

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