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  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Sorry Lexi, I didn't see your post.

    It's my second trip to the Pyrenees, it's very lovely.  I can recommend a company called Pyrenees Multisport.  

    Why just a dream trip?  JFDI !


  • Mouse - well done you image  Hope you catch up on the marking soon.

    I am in assignment hell as well - although I'm writing them (well finishing them off, well and truly) - it's an absolute age since I've had to do proper Harvard Referencing and it is very, very dull!

    Musky - well run in the atrocious weekend conditions

  • I used to be able to ride a bike, I even have one (or two) somewhere. It might be wise if I found it again soon as I have Upton Tri in 4 weeks. image Can you tell I am deep into CBA at the moment?
  • Maybe it might become a reality........Mr. T has talked about us racing next year, so he seems to have a US in mind. image I hope!!! He's done the Pyrenees lots. image And experienced what you had.....freezing cold in the middle of June.image

  • the weather has been, I feel confident in saying, rubbish. Home and away, by rhe sounds of it; anyone remember that particularly hot day in April?
  • I remember the Hot 2 weeks in June........last year!!! image
  • Today's not all that bad. Probably going to be the best day of the week, weather wise.

    Which is a shame really, because I am a bit crippled at present. I did 73miles on Saturday with bassy down to the deca (ending with a hysterical "dismounting incident" from him, which will amuse me for months yet I'm sure) and then 50m on Sunday in the pouring rain, freezing cold and ridiculous winds. During which, at some point, I did something to my back. And now it hurts a lot. Especially when I sneeze. Not sure what to do really - if I should see if I can bike, or just rest until it doesnt hurt any more. I pretty much cant bend down, so it's not looking all that hopeful.

    Mouse - well done on coming back a lesser woman than you went!!! 

    In other news, 24-7 is going well, so far no-one has forgotten in the middle of the night, for which I am very thankful as it means I get to sleep.

    And my best friend's wife is 13 weeks pregnant.

  • Morning all

    Flyers - stay away from pepper.

    That's all for now.

  • Flyers........Lie down, preferably in the sun!!! REST!!!!!!!

    Morning taking my own advise today, suntan lotion at the ready!!image

  • Flyway, as a veteran of back issues, I would strongly recommend keep on moving, if you can. It has probably gone into spasm, so if you can get to a massage person, that would help alot, or if you have form of muscle relaxants, take them. Gentle stretches too. No doubt you are doing all of this!

    Mousers - welcome home. So glad you had a grand time but boohiss to the marking - seems to be that time of year for peeps!

  • Morning gentlefolk!

    Sounds like some sensible advice about the back, Flyers.

    Yep, apparently the nicest day of the week today; that'll be the day I'm at work til 8pm, obviously.

    Anyone for the Whitesnake ticket, Wolverhampton, tomorrow? Can't believe I've ended up with a spare for a sold out gig and noone's keen!

  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭

    Morning Guys

    Welcome back Mouse - guessed you had been away cycling. Enjoy the marking - the weather forecast looks like it is best to stay indoors anyway

  • Flyaway - when Wickett trashed his back the advice was to keep moving as much as possible.  You should drug up as much as possible to be able to do this.  I recommend getting some prescription painkillers to enable this, if you don't already have some kicking around.  Back spasms inevitably do their damage by knocking out the previously OK muscles in their wake.

    Mouse - thank you.  Lovely to see you back, glad to hear you had a lovely time.

    Wickett is weeping about Whitesnake being on a Wednesday.

  • I wish I could come to Whitesnake. Where is Wolverhampton? Would it take me ages to get there?

    I sat on my bike and it didnt hurt, so I cycled it 38miles, and it is no worse. Hot showers are the best thing, both yesterday and today thats loosened it off a lot. So I think I will take everyone's advice, I had had some brufen, done a bit of exercise, and going to sit in the sun and read my book for an hour or two, and then I have a prayer walk this evening.

    I am more concerned about some damage i have done to the roof of my mouth, as this prevents me eating as much as I would like to.

  • Oh, Wolverhampton is a long way away from me. Too far really. That makes me sad.
  • flyers - what sort of injury is it that causes back spasms and damages the roof of your mouth?  imageimage
  • Technically, they are both cycling related injuries, although only a numpty would eat a nutty cereal-type bar so fast in an attempt to refuel that they sliced the inside of their mouth with shards of nut....
  • Sounds like something I would do, to be honest!
  • Evening all!

    flyaway - your nut related cycling injury did make me smile.  Your back, on the other hand, I am very sympathetic about!  Lovely news about your best friend's mouth

    Ant - found the bike yet image  - you'll probably need to pump up the tyres though image

    Crashie - sorry, Whitesnake isn't really "me"!

  • HL - I found my bike under a pile of dust. image

    I have spent the last day and a half on a soldering course, next week I have laser safety and wire crimping courses. I'll soon have done more training than I did in all the time I spent at my old job.

    Malvern 10k tomorrow night.
  • Morning all

    Flyers - ouch. I'd advise avoiding crisps as well.

    Ant - didn't realise you were moving into hairdressing.
  • Something for the weekend, sir?

    In a triumph of sense over idiocy, I checked the date for Whitesnake; turns out it's tomorrow...

    Flyers, for the sore mouth, I suggest sucking vigorously on a sherbet lemon image

    Yep, I'm not on good form this week!

  • Does that mean you can go, then, Crashie?
  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    Morning all!

    Weather here is manky.
  • Gosh i really must wear my glasses........what i'm mis-reading just lately !!!!!imageimage
  • Min, yes, I can go either day, in fact, i still have a spare ticket! I'd have looked a bit of an idiot turning up tonight though image
  • Hi all - hope we're all good (haven't iplayered). 

    Looks like Echelon Cycles in Pershore is the place to go! Mmmmm.

    I touched the Premiership trophy today. My wife's class had got through to the Hertfordshire County Tag Rugby finals so I went along to support. It's organised my Saracens so they brought their trophy along and all the teams had their photos taken with it. Alas I didn't have my camera with me or I would have got a photo of me with it.

  • I can recommend a company called Pyrenees Multisport.  

    Bevan and John (IMTalk boys) recommended these guys a few years back when they held a camp with them.

  • Evening all!

    Crashie - well at least you can go now (even if it did take you a while to realise) image
    Ant - hope you dusted down the bike and given it a good cut and blow dry with your new found skills image
    Trickster - good work with the trophy and congrats to your wife's school!  Our school team have made it to the National Tag Rugby Finals for the 2nd year in a row - they won the West Midlands Regional Final on Monday image
    Lexi - you need to put in those contact lenses before reading posts by Barkles image
    <waves at Barkles>

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