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  • I went to the doctor about my mouth injury. They told me to come back on Friday if it wasnt any better. Nothing like good health care, and that was....

    Still, I was resigned to toughing it out (as I have been for the last 5 days)  but then my friend said maybe there's ashard of glass that was in my cereal bar, now lodged in the roof of my mouth. That didnt make me feel all that great.

    Still, my back's getting better.

    My phone died a bit of a death. It just didnt want to recieve incoming calls any more, so it would send calls straight to voicemail, but not actually ring, or tell me someone had rung. I thought this somewhat negated the point of a phone, but it has taken me all day to persaude the tweens in O2 to give me a temporary one while they send mine away to be fixed. That was nothing like good health care either...

    Better get to bed, I have to be awake between 1 and 2 am....

  • Hello

    Malvern 10k (hilly x-country) done in 53:56.

    Flyaway - When I messed my ankle up at London I went to the minor injuries unit after being recommended to do so by a couple of nurses I know. The unit's advice was, 'Well, if you ran 7 miles on it to finish the marathon it probably isn't broken - come back in a week if it hasn't improved"
  • When my cousins ex-husband broke his ankle, the hospital sent him away with some painkillers telling him it wasn't broken (after taking xrays). The ankle got more and more painful so a couple of days later he rang back saying it's really really painful. Their response? Oh, we were waiting for you to call back, we had another look at your x-rays and you have broken your ankle - can you come in so we can put it in a plastercast.
  • Morning,

    Have I missed anything?

  • Ooh, loads!

    Flyers, most soft tissue injuries in the mough get left to heal themselves because intervention causes more damage than the original problem; treat yourself to some of those anaesthetic throat pastilles and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide mouthwash (Peroxyl or similar)

    The default treatment for a sprained ankle is 'go away and walk on it, which sounds harsh unrtil you sit in A+E and watch people walking out normally, hobbling on alternate ankles etc; the problem is that they forget that there are people out there who are good with pain who will attend only if in serious trouble (I cite my pulled muscle/pulmonary embolism argument)

    Ant, nice running!

  • Did you see 24 hours in A&E last night?  Woman there with terrible pain in her side.  Or her neck.  She kept changing her mind.  As bad as childbirth, she told the Doc, though she never winced once when moving about.  They reckoned it was a pulled muscle in her side.  Showed her putting on a t-shirt and lifting arms above head beautifully.  I can't even do that after doing tae-bo!

    Hope the mouth is improving Flyaway.  

    Tricky - we have an echelon cycle in our garage.  You should see the cobwebs on it! image

  • Well, I figured mouths usually heal on their own, which is why I left it 5 days initially. But its not getting any better. In fact, it's worse than it was on Sunday. My whole right jaw aches now. But I've got some new mouth wash, so with a bit of luck I'll OD on that within the next 24hours, cutting down my waiting time.
  • Afternoon all

    I believe vodka makes a good mouthwash. (I'm not saying it's true, just that I choose to believe it.)

  • Why is it my days seem so busy, yet I seem to move no further forward!
  • Good question, GOM.

    There's a man in my office who looks a bit like Wickett..... And one that looks like Crashie..... Am I in a parrellel universe?

    Flyaway - is your back better?

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Vodka is also very good for cleaning up cat wee.

    Shall I prepare my boltgun for your Flyers?  Why did you have to be up between 1am and 2am?  (If we're allowed to ask).

    GOM's post reminded me of Paula Abdul's 'classic hit' that goes along the lines of 'two steps forward, one step back, we come together cos opposites attract' or however it goes.

    There's a cat in my office, but no man.

    *WAVES* HELLO LEXI !!! image

    That's about all I can remember for now.

    HL - how long till end of term?

  • Min - as if that wasn't spooky enough, there's a man in my office who looks like me. image
  • Mouse - I'm not sure what's worse - you misquoting Paula Abdul, or me knowing it was a misquote. It's "one step forward, two steps back". A duet with some sort of cartoon cat, IIRC.
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭


    It's ok SVT, I'm not laughing with you, I'm laughing AT you.


  • I'm laughing at you too, SVT! Hahaha! Classic!
  • Min - almost. Just a wee bit achey still. Considerably better than bassy's anyway.

    I have spent the day alternating between Oraldene mouthwash and Orabase mouth-ulcer stuff. Neither tastes particularly pleasant.

    Mousey - this is the penultimate day of the 24-7 prayer week I was asked to organise at our church. It pretty much does what it says on the tin - you split the day into 1 hour slots, and someone signs up for that hour, and spends it praying, in the prayer room I created in the parish centre. It's not an original idea of mine, 24-7 Prayer is an international prayer movement, founded in Reading in 1999. It is the first one I have organised though. I will not be rivalling Min in the field of event management, but it has gone pretty well. I had to cover a last minute cancellation between 1 and 2 am. Which was tough, cos I did the 3 - 4am slot the night before, but I do have ample opportunity to doze during the day.

  • Nice event organising, Flyers. You and Min could combine forces organise Prayerman, an ultra-endurance 24-hour mutli-discipline prayer race.  I've got no idea what that would look like, but then again I'm not the event organiser...
  • Tee hee! That would be really something!!

    Did anyone else hear about the midget fortune teller who escaped from prison? She's a small medium at large...

  • Evening all!

    Well done on the prayer organising flyers.  Hope the mouth starts to improve
    SVT - I'm a great believer in the anaesthetic power of vodka image
    mouse - just over 5 weeks (not that I'm counting or that I'll actually be "on holiday" this year) given that the financial year end is 31 August - that's not going to work on my term-time only contract image 

    However, HLad has been awarded a county "cap" in a 2nd sport as he's made the Herefordshire & Worcestershire 9U county cup squad for tennis - mind you it's a hoodie rather than a cap they give you (or knowing the LTA they force you to pay for!!) but that's good news for him image

  • Yayfor HLad! Yay for oral healing!

    Good morning gentlefolk! I can confirm that I'm currently alone, so can't be in Min's office.

    Whitesnake was most entertaining. Drum solos should be banned (actually, I'd ban guitar solos too)'s probably very clever'n'all, but if they want to show off, why not perform an instumental SONG while the vocalist nips off for his Sanatogen..?

    Do people still sniff lighter fluid in public? I could smell it at the gig last night.

    I went to the optician yesterday; turns out my eyes are the same as they were, except I've had a bleed at the back of my right eye; another trip to the doc beckons...

  • Good work HLad!

    Endurance Praying? Crikey. I think a lot of tea and biscuits would also be required.

    Um, probably, Crashie. Dunno, though, not been out for such a long time, I have no idea what the kicking kids do! One of my first ever albums was a White Snake one - can't remember now what it was called, but I'm sure there was a snake and an apple on the front cover and a sytlised crucifix. Although that description probably covers severl releases!

  • Yeah, I'd agree about drum solos. Especially when they make it onto live albums. That's cruel and unusual torture. Guitar solos are not so bad, depending on the guitarist. I could watch Steve Vai play scales for at least 20mins before getting bored....

    I am stuck at home waiting for my Bon Jovi tickets to be delivered. 

    Lighter fluid... probably cheaper than glue, so sure, why not? Although are you sure it wasnt hair spray?

    Am I a very bad girl not to have been to the dentist or opticians in over 5 years?

  • Min - sounds like "Come An' Get it", although yes, much of the artwork was just a variation on a theme....
  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    Morning all - Crashie has clearly had a wonderful time at the ageing rockers festival!!!

    Hope all are fine and Dandy!
  • Good Morning..........image.

    My Nephew's girlfriend goes to our gym........except she and my nephew live in sure its about double!!!! image

    Oops need to be somewhere else.

    Bye till later.........image

  • Barkles wrote (
    Morning all - Crashie has clearly had a wonderful time at the ageing rockers festival!!! Hope all are fine and Dandy!

    I had my glasses on this time Barkles.............imageimage

    Right best go..............!!!!!

  • Morning/afternoon all

    A man goes to a pacific island for vacation. As the boat nears, he notices the  constant sound of drumming. As he gets off the boat, he asks a native how long  the drumming will go on. The native casts about nervously and says "very bad  when drumming stops."

    Later that day, the drumming is still going and it is really starting to get to him. So,  he asks another native when the drumming will stop. The native looks as if he's  just been spooked. "Very bad when drumming stops," he says, and hurries off.

    After a couple of days with little sleep, the man had had enough. He grabbed the  first native he saw, slammed him up against a tree, and shouted, "What happens  when the drumming stops?!"

    The native replied, "Bass solo."

  • More than a SQTMS, but just slightly less than a ROFLMAO image

    Both guitarists had a solo, plus the drummer (what do you call someone who hangs round with musicians..?); we were, possibly thanks to the power of 24/7 prayer, spared a bass solo...

    Gigs have definitely got quieter; we were able to converse while the music was on; this would never have been possible when I were a lad!

  • My elder sister seems to be forever going to see AC/DC these days.These amuses us somewhat, cos she so was not a rocker as a youngster. She met her hubby when she was 41 and has clearly, erm, lets say 'rewritten' her past somewhat... image
  • Crashie - there's definitely a super-injunction joke to be made regarding your last post, but I want to remain a free man.

    My morning involved driving 60 miles, having a cup of tea whilst being informed that they'd forgotten I was coming and were in various stages of turmoil and so were neither ready for me nor had any time to spare, and me driving back again. That was the whole morning gone. It's a good job I like driving.

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