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    Well done Chilli spesh in the rain.I need to get my longer distances in again.

    Wow Angel that does sound mega brainy.

    Franny hope you have a lovely night.

    Hi AF.

    Hi DJ and my ikkle Loula. Sorry if I missed anyone.

    No running for me today.Im guna have a little one tomorrow.Im racing Tues and Weds now as I have agreed to do 2m relays on Weds.I gota run twice tho as one of the other teams is short.

    I did get treated to breccie by my Hubby this morning.He was off work so we had a nice day together.I was good tho and only had a toasted teacake.image

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    well done chili- i have that problem too if i run in the cold- my hands dont work for ages!!.....hi Ecky my buddyimage.....hows you? ooo cant wait to hear how you get on in your relays, i think its fab you do those -and brave-im too scared to do thatimage............im doing  a run 7:30AM tomorrow with my friend, will be at least 7 miles , maybe more depending how i feel......have a good evening all.......image

    mmmmmcould just eat a toasted tea cake......image

  • LOOOOOULA Im good ta. I must admit the relays are fast and I was a bit scared the first time but once you have done one you are ok. Im not sure about running twice but I dont want to let my running buddy down.. She has just become a coach and its her ladies team so she has organised them all.She was supposed to be racing but has got injured so has had to pull out.

    I hope you have a good run tomorrow.

    I have cream scones with Jam if anyone is peckish.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    yeah yeah yeah, cream , jam and scone please......image
  • *lobs scone in Loula's direction* There you go.
  • Hi Loula, Hi Ecky. I have Bambrick too if you'd like any (don't think I spelt that right). It's the welsh fruit cake. Virtually non-fat and not much added sugar and half wholemeal flour. The flavour comes from the mixed dried fruit that you soak in tea for 5 hours and the mixed spice. It's really nice. image

     Have warmed up now and had my dinner - which was a strange mixture due to hubby saying that he was doing dinner but then forgetting to cook half of it. Oh well...

    We don't have a TV but my mum video taped James Cracknell running the Marathon du Sable and I've just finished watching it. Complete nutter. Can't believe he put his body through all of that. Loula if you are still thinking of doing it some year I will sponsor you but there is no way I'd even consider such a nightmare.

    However over on the tri thread there is much excitement. It was announced this week that the big Pirate Ironman is going to be in England. Usually they go abroad but nedt year it's at Nottingham. Am going to sign up on a relay team to do the swim I think image

    oops! just come back to my computer and realised I'd forgotten to submit message. 

  • Chili - bara brith
  • Hello folks,

    Can i join you in this thread ?

    I am training for this race for life july 10th, i'm still a novice and 3 days ago FINALLY ran my firat 5k without stopping !!  HOORAY !  Well last night i went for a run and mapped it found out i had beaten my PB at 3.7miles,was gobsmacked !   Must admit my knees were wobbling a bit after !

    My goal is to to lose weight, stay fit and keep running, i would to enter races,i bet the feeling at the end is amazing, i'm still struggling to shift some weight, my baby weight from july !! image I'm 5ft 8 and weigh 13st but weighed myself few days back and it says 13st 6 now so feel gutted BUT is it my legs toning up, either way i wish my stomach would shift !

  • That's the one! image You know, my brain isn't working, my fingers aren't working - think I'll go to bed and sleep. Work can wait until tomorrow. Night, night everyone
  • Sorry, Nikki, we crossed posted. Welcome! Of course you can join us, but we do love cake as well as running, so you have to name your favourite.

    When I first started running I put on 7lbs in the first couple of months before loosing weight, and it was deffinitely my legs and glutes that got bigger. Stick with the running, eat sensibly and the weight will shift. And congratulations on the PB. They are very nice aren't they.image

  • Ooh Chilli I love Barabrith.

    Hi Nikki  of course you can join in. The weight will soon shift you just got to give it time.I too gained weight when I started running like Chilli. Well done on your pb run too.Its so good when you run further than before.

  • Hi folks, remember me?image

     Well, the wedding was fab - I even managed to squeeze in a 10K the day before on the treadmill because the weather was naff! Luckily it dried up and was stunning on the day of the wedding.

     I've managed 3 runs since we got back but must begin again in earnest come Monday when things finally get back to normal with the kids and their dad time.

    Haven't read back but I know Ecky has been ultra-busy raising both money and the profile of Cameron's Smile (seen her posting loads on FB). It's good to be back on board, I've missed chatting to you all. Catch up again soon.xx

    Mrs Saz Baggies Shaw.image

  • WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mrs  Shaw. CONGRATULATIONS. Its sooooo good to have you back with us. We have really missed you.
  • BTW your Wedding pics are gorgeous.You look stunning.image.
  • Aww, thanks Ecky. We really did have a wonderful day - it was perfect from the moment we got up to the moment we went to bed. I'd go back there in a heartbeat.
  • Morning all and welcome back Mrs Shaw you have been missed. Sorry but I don't bother with facebook so haven't seen photos. Glad you had fabulous time.

    Got up to have a LSR but pouring with rain so have chickened out.lets hope its better tomorrow

  • Morning all & welcome back Mrs Shaw you have been missed & your wedding photos looked great on facebook. You have missed lots of missbehaviour from two 'notorious" posters!!!

    Welcome to Nicki.

    Now Spartak has gone missing.

    Smut-Hope you get out tomorrow.

    Chilli-Well done on your 10 miler.

    A day of rest for me today before my 10k race tomorrow. X Country so it could be a bit slippery- not sure whether to wear my trail shoes or not (don't find them very comfortable).

    Good luck to the other racers for tomorrow.

  • http://i645.photobucket.com/albums/uu180/sazperkins/th_MebyLinda-1.jpg


    Morning - oh, ok, afternoon all. Trying to show you some pics but it may not work. If there aren't any at the top of this message I've failed.

  • Yay, it kind of worked! Whoop!
  • Afternoon everyone.image

    Firstly - Welcome Nikki - Well done on your PB run. Makes you feel fantastic doesn't it? Don't get to hung up on the weight side of things as everyone does put on weight to begin with but your clothes will feel better on you than before. Try the measuring tape as a better guide.Well done again and keep it up.

    Saz - Nice to meet you and what lovely photos of your wedding.image

    Chilli - Well done on your run in the rain yesterday. I bet you enjoyed the lovely long ssoak in the bath.

    Loula - Hope your run went well this morning.

    Well I had a lovely night out last night and did not drink too much. Went to Parkrun this morning in the rain and well I was even worst than last weekimage Think I have overdone the running this week especially as wasn't on form healthwise. Here is to next week I will beat my parkrun timeimageI must I must I must LOL Almost was sick at the end aswell.Not used to runnin that pace now so will keep going and use it as one of my fast runs.

    Hi Ecky,Josie,DJ,Angel, AF,Smut,Spartak,Jude and anyone i've missed .

    Have agood Saturday and Good luck once again to the racers and runners.

    Better get back to work Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!!!!!! WE MISSED YOU!!!image

    I have been on my bestest bestest behaviour with my bezzy forumite of courseimage......um, well, spartak will say different of COURSE...image.....the pics are lovely saz , you look very very in love with Mr Sazimage

    hi Franny, and welcome nikki*waves*...i did my LSR today, 13.2miles in 2hr:02..bit windy but a very enjoyable run indeed, 3minutes quicker than last weekimage

    yes....where IS spartak?????image

  • Thanks Loula and Franny. Loula, I'm sure you were on your bestest, most impeccablist behaviour while I was away. <whistle>

    Nikki, I agree with Frannie re your weight. I don't bother with the scales any more, just how I feel and how my clothes feel. Always remember, the Gladiators (if you've ever seen that) would all have weighed in as obese or clinically obese. BMI is a bit of a waste of time IMO if you are training.

  • Yes Nikki- Don't worry about the weight it will fall off you.

    LLB- Well what can I say 1/2 marathon in around 2 hours- that is very quick indeed. 10k in under 50 minutes should be a doddle.

    Franny-Well done on park run. I think I have overdone it this week as well & am not expecting a great time folr my race tomorrow & it's windy again & it's raining!!

    Saz- She hasn't been behaving!!!!
  • Well hello everyone.

    Hi to the newcomers Nikki and Saz(he he).

     Nikki you'll get on great here.We offer loads of encouragement.You'll be great at the Race For Life.

    Saz ,it's great to see you back.I'm so glad your wedding went well.The pics look fantastic.Congratulations.We have missed you loads.

    AF I hope the foot has settled down today.

    Well i was going to go out for a 10 miler today,but my Garmin needed charging and we are having showers so heavy that they would be impossible to run in.They are also frequent enough to make getting caught in at least a couple of them on my run,so i'll go tomorrow when it's supposed to be a wee bit better.

    I just got my race number for next Sunday's Lordshill 10k.It's 225.

    July is looking like a quiet on the competing front.I only have one RR10 round at Fleming Park,Eastleigh on July 6th. The other RR10 round next month is the one we host,so i have to marshall.I also have to miss the next round this Wednesday as i'm off to see Kings Of Leon.I will still have run 6 events by the end of the series so i can have a full quota of scores.We can run 9 races but only post 6 results,dropping the worst 3.I just don't have any  to drop.

    Todays tune is Radiohead and 'Just'.A fantastic song.

    Tomorrows long tune is a fantastic instrumental.It's Genesis and 'Los Endos'.

  • L2RAL2RA ✭✭✭

    Afternoon everyone

    Finally the weekend it could not come soon enough.  Hope everyone is having a good one even though some of you are sadly working.  Angel hope u get a well deserved day off soon.

    Last night started well for me when I nipped to the local supermarket for a bottle of wine and was asked to produce ID image  First time since my bday if Feb so happy to know I've not got to a stage yet where everyone just presumes I'm old enough.  Thought maybe my last birthday had tipped me over the edge.

    Welcome Nikki.  Well done on your PB image It's nice to hear someone is having the same problem as me.  I have recently introduced cycling to work in my training and have gained half a stone in 2 weeks!  Gutted may try the measurements thing as I'm hoping I am just building different muscles.

    Franny there is absolutely no such thing as 'just a nurse' I am absolutely in awe of u guys, what you do is amazing and u r seriously overworked and underpaid.  Sadly I have to represent far too many nurses who thankfully continue to work in such a valuable and caring profession.

    Hi Saz nice to finally meet you.  These guys really have missed you loads.  Congrats on ur wedding lovely photos.

    LLB well done on your long run that is an amazing time.

    Ecky any scones left?

    No running for me today nervously awaiting the race tomorrow.  Went to volunteer at my local park run this morning and really enjoyed watching and cheering everyone on for a change.  There was a lady at the back who took so long to complete the first full lap I thought she might have pulled out.  Thankfully she didn't and managed to complete the course.  I think it took her over an hour but I left my spot after she passed me for the last time and went to cheer her over the finish line.  There are a few at ours who complete the course in around 16 minute but personally I think her effort was the most impressive today and I hope she comes back next week.

     Hi to everyone else

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    AF , i rellay hope the weather isnt too bad for you tomorrow- not that it'll stop your speedy gonzales typw times!!image
  • SAZ!!!!!! Oh it's so good to have you back. Lovely photos and wonderful to hear what a fantastic time you've had. image

    Afternoon everyone else. Parkrun this morning with my two daughters. Managed to pick up another young girl on the way round and encouraged her to complete the 2nd lap (2 miles). It was her first time and she had come with her dad who was running faster.

    Ladies, I need some thoughts. The other girl was about 10yrs old and as she was running with me I noticed that she couldn't help holding her chest at times. I remember vividly the day I cried in PE at school and went home to tell my mum that something was wrong with me and being horrified that when she said I needed a bra. I ummmed and ahhed whether to say anything to her... didn't want to embarass her... didn't want to say anything to her dad which might make it worse. But she was obviously hurting and may not have realised why. So in the end I gently suggested she speak to her mum. Of course my daughter jumped in immediately and wanted to know if she could have a bra. I think that helped really and the other girl (they had of course become instant best friends helped by the fact that they are both Brownies) didn't seem to embaressed. So did I do okay? Or should I have kept quiet? Was it really inappropriate for me to say something?

    Hope you've recovered Franny.

    All the best AF for tomorrow. Do you need us to come and cheer you on? Saz is home now and I'm sure we could do a really good pyramid. image

  • Chilli- Yes some support would be good. Hoping to persuade my daughters to come along and sit in the car for 40 minutes as it's fathers day & then cheer for me at the finish line!

    Thanks for everyones good luck wishes!

    DJ- I won't run without my Garmin full stop as it motivates me so much. I too have cancelled runs if my battery isn't charged!!! My foot feels okish!!!

    LLB- I am going for a gentle race tomorrow & anyway you are rapidly becoming Mrs Speedy Gonzalez/Paula Ratcliffe with that time you did yesterday.
  • L2RAL2RA ✭✭✭
    Chili sounds like you did the right thing.  If the girls Mum doesn't run she may never notice as a child that age is likely to have forgotten the pain when she proudly tells her Mum about the course.  Men sadly do not understand these things and I think Dad and child wud have been embarassed if you had mentioned it to him.  I knew a girl when I was younger who made the mistake of telling her Dad about pain in her chest.  He did not mention to her mother but took her to the Doctor.  Bless him thought he was doing the right thing but the Doctor had to say erm actually although she was a little young  u just need to buy her a bra.  U have probably saved them all embarassment and gud on ur girl for making the connection and helping you out.
  • Chili - I have recovered thank you and at work but must do better next week I think you did the right thing with the young girl. It probably lightened the whole thing with your daughter being so enthusiastic about wanting one LOL

    Can I join with the pyramid cheering. Quite good at that sort of thing LOL Used to teach poledancing lessons and hen parties as a side line a few years back image

    Hope the weather cheers up for tomorrows races guys.


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