Cycling Down Hill. A chance to increase your speed or a moments rest???

Hi All,

First time ever posting so be kind image

I have entered into the my first ever sprint at the end of August so have been working hard to build up my fitness over all three sports. I went out for 25 miles yesterday on my bike and averaged 14 miles a hour.

My question is, should I power my way down hills to increase my average speed or use the momentum and have a short rest?

Just wanted to see what other people do / think.




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    depends on how you're feeling Chris

    on long distance rides downhills do give you a chance to recover (plus eat or take a drink) and conserve energy but in short distance tris, you can still power downhill. You'll see lots of riders ease off as they crest a hill but it's quite surprising how much you can take out of these people by keeping the power going. You can then rest on the downs when you have spun out and can't pedal any quicker - get tucked into an aero position to keep the speed up.
  • downhills do give you a chance to recover (plus eat or take a drink)

    Uphills to eat and drink old chap! Downhills tuck in and decend. Up to rider to pedal or just let gravity do the work.

    can't waste 55MPH going down the bank on the fastest 25TT course in the uk image

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