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  • Morning all,

    Well done Grant. Are you planning to continue to increase distance before your race? It would make sense to do that.

    Welcome Elaine.

    Em, I quite like the Torq gels. The Banoffee caffeinated one is like syrup rather than paste. The SIS ones do have a bit of a dodgy texture.

    How far is the bike commute now MD?

    When are you going to Oz Claire?

    No training for me for a couple of days. I've had a virus of some sort. Temperature all over the place and a sore throat. Feeling a lot better today apart from the throat so should get 2 rides and a run done over the weekend.

    Anyone ever done a blog? I'm thinking about setting up a blog website for my training.
  • bike commute is only 6 miles each way its better to run than ride but i don't have showers at work yet so running isn't an option.  hope the worst of the ill is over and you're good for the weekend - its going to be a good one as i undertand it.

    Em, i quite like the high 5 gels they are less thick and more

    well done Grant! how long until your race? I'd agree with NV and extend your run if you can so that on the day 5k doesn't seem so much - also you might be able to go faster as you have more endurance

  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Hi NV / MD - Race is this coming Wednesday so not much time to improve at all. I was keen to get a full 5K in before then, break a big mental barrier. Will go out again on Sunday for another 3 mile workout and then a light jog on Monday methinks.

    NV - Sorry to hear about your virus, fingers crossed for a good weekend. I did a blog about 2 years ago for something completely unrelated to running (sound synthesis, was more exciting than it sounds!). I used Blogspot and found it worked quite well but I guess it would make more sense if you used a training site for your blog. I posted about 20 times but didn't keep it up as I just didn't have the time. Good luck!

  • Hi all

    A rest day for me today, I need to do a couple of reasonable length runs over the weekend, hope I can get them in, 8 tomorrow for def then I will have to see about Sunday.  

    NV - I am going to try the torq ones next as I have never tried them before, I agree with you its the texture of the SIS ones as well as the horrible taste.  Glad that you are on the mend, don't rush back though viruses can be tricky.

    Grant - Well done on the 5k , hope the neck is ok.

    Hi to all, happy running

  • Hi All

    Wow having a busy couple of days. Managed to get out for a run this morning, I did 3miles. Didnt want to push it too much and just see how I get on. It all went well, took it nice and steady and did 10.30min/mile pace and only had to stop once for a coughing fit. Hoping to get out for another little run on Sunday, then next week start building up some miles.

    Em - Sounds like some good runs there, well done on the 16mile plus one. I dont like Jack Russells either (sorry if anyone owns one) they are just yappy dogs and dont seem to be quiet for a second. Hope you had a good swim. I really should do more swimming......

    Elaine - Hi and welcome, put on what you feel comfortable in running in, like everyone has said the shoes are the important bit. Hows is it going have you been out yet?

    MD - Im liking the choccy off setting thought with the commute. It is a good way to get the training in. Have you got any races planned?

    Andrew - Sorry your knee is still sore. I liked the photo of you for Freckleton Half.

    Grant - Hope the neck is still ok, Well done on the 5k run. So have you thought of a new target time for your race? Good Luck for it,  My race is 14th August image I would like to get one in before I go, but will have to see whats going on and if I can fit a race in.

    NV - Hope your feeling better soon. When I get some miles back I will have to give the torq gels a go, Ive tried a few but not had much luck. Off to Oz on the 4th August imageimage Cant wait!!

  • well i had a nice little run today which was good, I did a nice tempo run 4 miles which was meant to be 6, but my calf started to feel a bit tight. Pace was 7:24, 7:49, 7:23 and then last one at 6:58. felt good the whole way around and kept the HR down to a reasonable level average 159, max 176.

    Claire, glad to see you're starting to get a better. take it easy till the cough is gone you don't want to make yourself worse! And Oz, lucky you, I can't wait to get back there...not soon enough I'm afraid. Although the gf is going home for xmas, I'm not...which is nice image

    hi everyone else

  • Hi all

    MD6 - Fab tempo run, hope the calf has come to nothing

    Claire - Hope the cough is better

    I had a rubbish weekend running wise, they always are at the moment, sometimes family stuff must come first, managed to get 8m in on Sunday but must really pull my finger out and try and do some faster running soon.

    Happy running all


  • Morning all,

    Haven't trained for a week now with this crappy virus. Hoping to get 45 minutes easy run in today.
  • Morning All

    NV - Hope your feeling better soon, take it easy if you go out later.

    Em - Sorry your having rubbish runs, but your right family stuff does come first.

    MD - Great run there, hope the calf is alright. Yep can't wait for Oz!!! Got my sister sorting out a nice spa day after City2Surf image

    Well I ventured down to the club last night, not been down for weeks with cold, sore knees etc etc etc. Anyway went out with one of the older club runners it was alot slower than I was wanting to go, but we did a 3mile loop through fields and down country lanes. It was really enjoyable especially no pressure with pace. Think it took about 38mins.
  • Hi all

    Just on to wish Grant good luck for tomorrow.

    NV - Hope you are better soon

    Claire - I love those no pressure runs, you need some of those sometimes.

    Have had a good couple of running days here, after my 8m run on Sunday, I have managed the same yesterday and today and the Monday run had 4m tempo pace thrown in and tonights run wasn't too sluggish either so overall I am very pleased. A rest day tomorrow then first 20 on Thursday, looking for animal free routes.

    Anyway happy running


  • Thanks Claire.

    That sounds like it's all coming together Em.

    Good luck Grant. Smash it up!

    Very easy 5.6 miles tonight at 8:50/mile. Hot, humid, and I thought that there was going to be thunder and lightning to report as well. Just managed to miss it though. Good to get back out.
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Thanks to everyone for your well wishes about tonight but they have only gone and bloody cancelled it (low number of entrants)! Really gutted cause had a nightmare weekend with a house full of stomach bug victims, including myself on Sunday / Monday and I had tried my hardest yesterday to get back to something resembling full fitness for tonight. It was touch and go but after a long walk last night and decent dog walk this morning I decided I could do it and found the email in my inbox. Grrrrrrrr! Will try and get out tonight anyway, back to it!

    NV - Glad to hear you got out again!

    Em - Yay to getting some good runs in again!

    Claire - That sounds like my kind of pace! image Good to hear you got a nice relaxed run.

    Hi to everyone else!

  • Morning all,

    Bad luck Grant. has it been cancelled altogether or postponed? Can you find a Parkrun to do at the weekend instead?

    Bit of speed starting to come now then Em? I could stick a Torq gel in the post to you if you want to try them first, rather then buy a boxfull and discover you don't like them. I've also got a load of Zipvit ones that my kids picked up from the finish line table at Marshman. I think they're the ones you're supposed to take with water though.

    Claire, I bet you're looking forward to Oz!!!

    20 mile TT on the bike tonight for me. Going to treat it as a tempo ride rather than a race I think.
  • Hi all

    NV - Glad that you are on the mend,  thanks for the offer of the gel, I am going to the West Mids at the end of this week, I'll pm you the address there. As for speed, sadly not, I think its the endurance, I am finding that I am keeping my pace and not slowing down despite reasonable length consecutive runs and my legs aren't as tired.  The tempo run on Monday was done with the running club and again, if I run with others and we keep talking all the way then I seem to be able to run much quicker than I can manage on my own. Good luck for the TT tonight!

    Grant - Thats a real shame but there will be other races, is there anything else local?

    Happy running all


  • No problem Em. Just remind me when you've PM'd because I don't very often think to check it.

    I used to think the same about running faster than easy pace. It does take a bit more concentration, but when you've done it a few times it becomes a bit more natural. You kind of get used to the different speed.
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    NV / Em - Been postponed until "later in the summer". I know it is no big deal but the race was going to mark the end of my C25K chapter so its a bit frustrating. Just been looking for another race locally and nothing jumping out for now. The nearest Parkrun is Edinburgh which is a bit of a trek so would require some planning. Will see about maybe combining with some Festival shows. Or I could do the Glasgow one and combine with visiting some friends. Both sound like good options to me!

    Enjoy the TT tonight NV.

  • Hi All

    Well just been for a run. The first mile was great. rest..... not so great, did walk bits, not going to be too hard on myself as I dont think im 100% yet. Still all in all I managed 4.6miles and I did enjoy being out in the nice weather. Good news is that my knees seem to be fine now. image 

    Grant - Sorry about the cancelled race. Could go out and push yourself and see what time you get? Hope you manage to find another race soon.

    Em - Sounds like some good runs there. Hope you find an animal free 20mile route.

    NV - Glad you got out on a run. Enjoy the bike tonight. Yep im looking forward to Oz.

  • Morning all.

    Hope you find something then Grant.

    Have a good long run today Em.

    20 mile TT was tough last night. Did 60:05, and that will be nearly last I reckon. I was passsed 7 times in the first 15 miles image Average speed was 19.97mph, compared to my 10TT time of 20.27. Good training session though.
  • Hi all

    Did my 20m run today, it went really well, I went to a new place, the only down was I had to run past my car twice, once at 12m then again at 18, I have to say it was hard to run past it at 18m. I took 2 gels at 6m and 12m. I was hardly fast (avg 11.20m/m) but it was pretty undulating and my splits were even and it didn't feel too hard at all, could I have done another 6.2 - most certainly. No dogs, loads of sheep but they were more nervous of me so I didn't mind. A lovely day too apart from the 4 lots of torrential rain, but at least there was the sun to dry me inbetween.  I am very happy now as I feel that I can only improve on that.

    Claire - the knee fixed sounds like a good side effect of the cold.

    NV - Seems like a good time to be, are you fully recovered yet?

    Grant - Race possibilities?


  • Went out for the progression run tonight but really didn't feel like there was much in the tank. Still, managed to grit my teeth and did 15 minutes warm up at 9:12/mile, then 15 at 8:25/mile, then 15 at 7:50/mile, then cooled down with 15 at 9:41/mile. 5.6 in total and well pleased that I got a decent run when I didn't fancy it at all.

    Great stuff Em. How many 20 milers are you planning before LN?
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Still suffering a bit with a head cold so not been out since Sunday, will try and go out again tomorrow. Now that my C25K is finished I need a new programme to follow, otherwise my motivation may dip, so I have decided to follow the One Hour Runner programme, modifying it slightly to my needs so in 10 weeks I will be able to run 10K. Will start that on Monday!

    As for races, I plan on doing the Edinburgh parkrun towards the end of July, just too busy to squeeze it in before then unfortunately.

    Claire - I am sure you will soon be back to full fitness, nothing wrong with having to walk for a bit, especially if you're still on the mend. Good news about knee.

    Em - Great news about your 20 miles, nothing stopping you now!

    NV - It is incredibly satisfying when you squeeze a good run out of a reluctant body, well done!

  • Hi all

    A rest day for me today, legs feel a bit fatigued in the quads area but ok overall esp considering I haven't run that far since last Sept. I slept really well last night!

    I am not sure what I can fit in at the weekend so I will get in at least an 8m run and try to get to the gym for a spot of cross training.

    NV - You have a will of iron! I want to do 5 runs of 20 or more in total, 4x20 and 1x22, 1 down, 4 more to go

    Grant - That sounds like an excellent idea and a good plan to follow.  How many runs a week does it have?

    Claire - Any runs planned for the weekend?

    Happy running all


  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭
    Em - I am not surprised you slept well! The OHR programme lasts for 10 weeks with the core concept of 2 runs of half hour or so during the week with a longer run at the weekend steadily increasing up to the hour mark. I am going to translate the times into miles assuming 10min/miles and run that instead. Enjoy the rest day!
  • Morning all,

    Sounds like a good plan Grant. Don't forget that you'll need to register for the Parkrun, and print off your barcode.

    Sounds like you're in a good place already Em. 20 miles comfortable with little muscle soreness. This should be a good marathon for you!

    Soreness more or less gone today. Odd, because Ithougt I'd be quite bad after running when already aching last night. Swim tonight, easy hour's spin on the bike tomorrow, then the Canterbury sprint on Sunday.
  • I don't want to jinx it but I am crossing everything that the training is going to go to plan!

    Is the Canterbury sprint the one that some of your work colleagues are doing?

  • Everything crossed as well.

    No, that was Hever Castle. Yesterday, I found out that one had decided to bail out, and this morning my boss told me he had bailed as well. Not going to enter it myself now. No fun to be had at their expense image
  • Easy spin on the bike this morning. 19.4 miles. Glorious morning. Could have happily stayed out for a couple more hours image
  • well i had a nice 8 miles today, 1:06, first half was 8:30 pace, then picked up the pace to really motor in the way home. Last mile was 7:30 which was great, although i got a stitch then my contact lense started to dry out and folded up under the eyelid, so i couldn't see from one eye for the last half mile...terrible but not bad pace considering that. Also didn't really manage great nutrition 2 jam donuts for brekkie wasn't the best!

    NV sounds like your still smashing out the training! Whats next up for you?

    Em, it definately sounds like your training is going well, keep going and you'll have no trouble at all.

  • Nice one MD. All coming back together for you. Jam donuts is my kind of breakfast.

    Canterbury sprint tomorrow, then nothing lined up. I really should get on and book a few races.
  • Hi All

    Had bit of set back the past couple of days, think was bit too soon for me to go out for a run. Anyway I rested Thurd/fri/sat and I have been out for a slow gentle just short of 6miles. I did walk bits, not fussed about that I just enjoyed getting out in such lovely weather.

    NV - Hope Canterbury Sprint went well!! Sounds like your training has been going really well. Don't blame you for bailing on the one your boss isnt doing. Like you said no fun in that one.

    Em - Sounds like a great 20miles there, bet it was tough running past your car at 18miles. I know what I would have done image I love running in the rain. Think you have a will of iron too all the miles you cover in the runs.

    Grant - Hope your cold has gone. Sounds like a great plan there, that one hour mark is a great one to get too.

    MD - Sounds like a good run there, especially as you couldnt really see for the last bit.

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