Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today



  • Hi everyone,

    Welcome to the thread Iain - its great to read your tips on keeping motivated, and i really must try and plan a few more routes. Are you following another programme now? Good luck with the Parkrun tomorrow.

    Minty - hope you have a lovely weekend away and that the weather stays nice for you all. Surprisingly i managed to stay away from all sports related shops - though not sure how long that will last.

    Tommy - thats brilliant you felt so good after your run, and you deserve an extra pat on the back for going out at 0530 (ie.the middle of the night!).

    Cheetah - your post from last night was soooo funny, and its great you also did your official run today. I'm not surprised your taking it easy till Sunday - hopefully the beer will help you chill out.

    I didn't run today, but will do my run in the morning hopefully....xx

  • Bit of bad news on my part....

     I've taken up playing tennis and football more often in order to keep up my fitness for running however, just before I was ready to pack up my racket and go home I stretched out to hit the ball and felt a "twinge" in my knee. It didn't feel bad at first but it soon became apparent It hurt to walk, anyway after a trip to the doctors it turns out that it's not too serious and  shouldn't be one of those injuries that keeps re-occuring but I won't be out running for a couple of week.

     Luckily this might have come at the right time because I go on holiday in a week and I was planning to take a week off from running anyway, If  I think it's hard running in the heat over here I can't imagine what it would be like running in benidorm but hopefully will do some swimming to keep fit.

    Anyway I get back on Saturday the 15th so all being well I can go out for a small run on the following Monday to see if it's better.

  • Hi everyone,

    What a lovely weekend! I am so glad i ran yesterday - cos its much hotter today and i doubt i would have been able to last long. So, ready for the next step which thankfully is only one minute longer, at run 18/walk 1 x3. Can't wait then till the following week when i go down to 2 repetitions (even though i forfeit one of my walk breaks and run longer, i think its easier psychologically - cos at least i can say 1 down, only 1 to go..... rather than 1 down, oh my goodness how am i going to do this another 2 times!!).

    Sorry to hear about your injury Tommy - though as you say maybe if there ever is a right time, its now, as your going on holiday you won't feel guilty about not trying to run, as its important you rest your leg - and no better place than a sun lounger....enjoy!!

    Cheetah - were you able to get out for a run today? If you ran in that heat you deserve a medal! Whats the plan for next week then - 30mins non-stop?

    Minty - hope you enjoyed your weekend at the coast - it was perfect weather for it.

    Iain - hope the parkrun went well yesterday.

    Norfolklass - hope your running is going as planned.

    Hope i haven't left anyone out - if you look back at a previous page you lose what you've already typed - and it takes me ages to type it once let alone twice.....image

    Have a good evening..........xx

  • Evening - I am REALLY not good in heat!!!! I managed 3 quarters of my run and walked the rest of the way or I would have melted! (15 minutes running, one minute walking, 7 minutes running and the rest just MELTING haha!)

    I'm not being too hard on myself as I do an extra day anyway, and I stuck to the plan the rest of the week WITH an extra run too image

    Yep 30 mins tomorrow, if it's this hot though I'm taking my timer and putting a walk break in, or the canal will just look TOO tempting to throw myself in!

    Well done on your run snails - I hope it cools down before you have to add a minute!

    Sorry to hear about your knee Tommy, but at least you have a holiday to recover.

    Hope everyone else is doing OK image

    Now can somebody PLEASE turn the weather down so I can get on with my training properly!!!!!

  • I graduated from the beginners' group at the running club! image I ran all 30mins without stopping yesterday, and I'm going to join the Improvers group next Monday, starting with a 2 mile run which is less than I did yesterday.

    I just went VERY slowly as it was still hot - it helped that it's nice and flat by the canal and river I think. I just need to try it round here with the hills now! Some people are repeating the beginners programme - but I don't think I could go back to running a minute walking a minute now so I'm going up to the next group. I can always go back to the beginner's if it gets too hard or scary for me(it's building up to 5 miles in 8 weeks image).

    I've had a total rest day today as my sciatica has decided to start playing up  - so I have my TENS machine stuck to my bum! I think it's just down to the heat and I should be OK to run tomorrow after my driving lesson. I drove OH's car home from Sainsbury's  at the weekend, it was the most nervewracking thing I've ever done I think, as it's an Avensis and feels completely different to the mini I'm learning in, all the controls feel different as well as it being 3 times the size and with no dual controls in case I crash! I didn't crash though.....

    Hope everyone's doing OK - the heavens have opened here now so hopefully it will clear some of the heat a bit! 

  • Hi guys! REALLY well done, Cheetah! I've been a bit slack since my last run on Sat (DH's birthday, meals out etc.), but going tonight so will write a proper post after that. xx
  • Hi Everyone, well done on your fantastic running! Sorry to hear about your injury Tommy, hope it gets better over your holiday.

    Not good news for my either I'm afraid. I went for another run 2/walk 1 on Saturday at Blakeney. It was still quite warm, but I managed it. BUT both my legs and knees were really hurting. I hadn't been out since then because various reasons, bad sleep from being up with the kids all night and was my hubby's birthday so we were out last night etc. etc.! So I went out this evening, planning on doing my first run 3/walk 1 and it was agony immediately, so I stopped and just had a brisk walk. My legs had been hurting since Saturday, whilst walking. I just don't know what to do? image I think my only option is to rest completely for a couple of weeks maybe until there's no pain at all when walking, and try again then. Maybe my body's just not up to it whilst carrying the excess 2-3 stone in weight? Any advice gladly received. 

    So frustrating and depressing! image

  • Hi everyone,

    Congratulations Cheetah on your well deserved graduation to the improvers group, and also on your driving on Saturday - isn't it so scary without the instructor to brake for you? Still, you did it - just wondering if the OH nerves were frayed at all after the experience? lol image

    I haven't run since Saturday - and wasn't a bit motivated to go tonight, but i'm glad i did. The only thing is - i changed the training schedule - i just couldn't face doing 3 reps of 18 mins all week. Next weeks schedule is good - day 1=22m x2, day 2=25m x2, day 3=30m x2........ so i thought i'd do each of them twice over the next 2 weeks, cos its quite a jump doing all that in only 1 week. So, did 22m x2 and it was ok.

    Enjoy your next runs...........xx

  • Hi Minty,

    Sorry i was cross-posting as usual.....really sorry to hear about your knees - i'd say you might be right to hold off running if you hurt even when walking. Are you able to take anti-inflammatory tablets?? or try icepacks? I read a few places where they recommend swimming when you can't run as its non-wieght bearing. Would you maybe even post on the 'injury' forum for some advice from experienced runners??

    Really hope you feel better soon... image

  • Evening all, hope you're all fit and well and have been enjoying more running. Had a fabulous weekend in Bristol at our friend's wedding, but it has completely blown my running schedule out of the window - apparently I'm now waaaay too old to stay up till the wee small hours and have only just caught up on sleep, so no runs since last week!

    Did W7D1 last Friday morning and decided to venture out of the local park and onto the streets - running round and round had become really tedious and was making the running feel a lot harder, running out on the streets with new things to look at made the 25mins flash past in no time, and I really enjoyed it. And a very kind motorist went out of his way to drive right up next to the kerb so he could drive through a puddle and splash me with water - so thoughtful! I'm sure he wouldn't have bothered if he'd realised that it was actually felt really nice and cooled me down! The only downside was that my legs felt much more achy than usual so that was my excuse for not taking the trainers with me image (Who was I kidding?? There was NO WAY I'd have been able to run for half an hour before breakfast!)

    I spent a good half an hour talking running and marathons with one of my friends. He started running 5 years ago and has done loads of competitive stuff - marathons, triathlons, ironmans, etc - and he's so enthusiastic about it all, he was trying to convince me to sign up for a race, he reckoned 10k by October would be easy. He's such a bad influence!

    Cheetah - massive congratulations on your graduation!!! And well done on the driving too! Hope the TENS machine has done its job and your sciatica has cleared up.

    Snails - glad to read it's going well for you, it's very encouraging to hear from someone who's' running much further than 5k and continuing to enjoy it and improve. I'm at the one run of 25 mins stage, and the thought of doing that twice is pretty daunting!

    Tommy - hope your knee is feeling better. Have you packed yet?? Have a great holiday!

    Minty - sorry to read about your painful legs and knees, I wish I could offer some useful advice. I had a little bit of pain when I started but nothing serious, certainly not agony while walking. I agree that rest is probably the best thing to do, I shouldn't think that carrying a couple of extra pounds is the problem. I've read other threads on here written by people who were 5, 6 or 7 stone overweight and started running and were OK. Hope it stops hurting very soon and you can get back to the programme.

    Right, off for a cup of coffee and Lord Alan!
  • Evening - we just watched Lord Sugar too, he definitely fired the right person!

    Well, the weather is finally sensible again - so for the first time ever I ran my local route with the hills for 30 minutes without stopping! I've found that once I get past the initial "there MUST be a break coming up soon..." feeling, it's not as hard as I thought it would be to keep going. MapMyRun said I did 4.57km, or 2.8 miles. image  No sciatica today either, it must have been the heat aggravating it.

    I ordered  a new sports bra from ebay that's sort of built into a top and it arrived yesterday - only thing is it's not quite the same shade of pink it looked in the photo (there's pink in my shorts, I thought it would look nice...)'s a sort of BARBIE PINK. It's really not my colour, but the bra fits just right so I wore it anyway tonight. For some reason I got more beeps from cars than normal.... image I just hope the turquoise one that's on the way makes me look a bit less.....tarty! image

    Hi Minty, I agree you should definitely hold off running for now, maybe get a doctor to look as your knees and legs. There was a sports physio giving consultations at sweatshop for £15 a go here this week, maybe see if there's something like that near you. Have you had the gait analysis thingy for your shoes?

    Failing anything else I find gin and tonic is really good for sore achy bits!

    Snails - well done on your run, I love the feeling after one I really didn't want to do! (I haven't quite worked out if it's the accomplishment or the knowledge I don't have to do it anymore though haha!) OH went straight to the fridge and got a beer to calm his nerves after I drove us back and he'd parked the car (I sort of abandoned it across the street as it's a bit tight round here!) - I''m not sure who was more nervous but he did really well not to panic lol image

    Norfolklass - well done on your run too, I like a bit of variation too. I was really glad when the running club let us go further out instead of running up and down the same bit of canal - it made the longer runs much easier! It sounds like your friend is a bad influence in a good way! 

    It's my day off again tomorrow, I'm still cross training in the morning though and will try to fit in some crunches in the evening. 

  • Hi everyone,

    With taking a rest from running it never crossed my mind to come on here but since I go on holiday on Monday I thought i'd better see how your all doing.

    Cheetah - Well done on graduating from the begginers, you're moving onto bigger and better things! Oh and i'm deffinatley with you on the apprantice thing!

    Snails - Well done on going out for that run when you were'nt motivated. As i'm relitively new to running i'm still pretty motivated and having to take a couple of weeks off is just making me look forward to my running more but shouldn't be long before I don't feel like going out, but let's hope I can drag myself out too.

    Norfolklass - I could do with a few "thoughtful" drivers on my runs too, and I've started packing, which is good for me, but i'll probably leave it to the last miniute and panick like usual!

    Minty - Taking a couple of weeks off is probably the best idea, lets hope it's nothing too serious, hopefully just one of those things that happens to runners.

    Anyway, i'm actually healing up really well, if I hadn't taken on doctors advice I would have been back to running by now, I went on the cross trainer for a while, really slowly and not for long because I was afraid of making things worse but I felt ok the whole way through. After a couple of days there was no pain in walking at all so it shouldn't spoil my holiday. Lets see how I feel on a light run when I get back but so far so good! Since I only just completed the first week of the 8 weeks anyway I think I might as well start again, I don't want to push myself too hard after the injury and.. well... all of that Spanish food!

     Probably won't be on now until I get back but good luck to everyone in the next few weeks.

  • Hi everyone, well not too much in the way of pain today whilst walking. Thanks for your advice and sympathy. I'm feeling a bit better today image, was in such a grump last night about it and completely ready to give it up!

    Hi Snails, good idea re the anti-inflammatories, will give it a go after I've had a rest, and will def use ice packs, well, frozen peas, next time I venture out. Well done on your progress, I agree that it seems a good idea to do each increased run a couple of times - it did sound like a big jump to go from 22 mins to 30 mins in one week.

    Hi Cheetah - well done on your hilly 30mins! Sounds really impressive! LOL re the new bra! I'm sure it looks lovely! Thanks for the advice too, yes I really ought to get a gait analysis, We've got a wedding this weekend, so maybe I'll try and go the one after. And as for G+Ts, I find that they work wonders for all sorts of things.Glad you're sciatica has gone again. TENS are brill, mine was invaluable for labour, much better than the pethedine they gave me! In fact I think that's the one situation in which Gin sadly isn't really suitable!

    Hi Norfolk Lass - glad you had a nice time at the wedding. I think I agree with you about running round the streets being more interesting than the park. It's nice to nose at people's houses and gardens, that definitely seems to make the time go quicker for me! And is it just me or does anyone else find it actually HARDER to run on grass than on pavement? I thought it was supposed to be easier on your joints, but it really feels like more effort on the grass, like you have to lift your feet higher and maybe with it being slightly uneven. And have you registered for the 10K then? Sounds like a great idea (says she, loafing injured on sofa eating pizza image).

    Hi Tommy - glad you're on the mend, enjoy your holiday!

    Was watching The Apprentice today which I'd recorded, and Dad (who evidently had watched it last night) comes in and says "I wasn't expecting him to have fired her". Thanks Dad! image

    Now, time to check who has cross-posted with me!

  • Hi Iain, sorry I didn’t mean to ignore you! Welcome to the thread, it’s good to hear about your progress. I agree that it’s definitely good to have a running partner. And inspiring to hear about your weight loss! Interesting that you’ve done the Norwich parkrun, something I would really like to do, but don’t feel ready just yet. My friend is going for the first time this Sat, she hasn’t run for ages, but says she’s perfectly happy to run/walk it, so good luck to her! How did you get on last Saturday?
  • Hi everyone,

    No run for me today, just thought i'd pop in and see how everyone is doing....

    Thats really encouraging to hear you aren't too sore today Minty. Hopefully a bit longer resting will sort things out. Gait analysis sounds like a good idea (i keep on meaning to get it done myself as my knees get bit sore, though they have improved - but it'd be worth a try).

    Norfolklass - thats great how much the change of route helped you enjoy your run. Is your programme an 8 week one? If so, have you thought about what you'll do after? After I finished my 5k training and did the race for life, i didn't think of doing a further structured training programme - i just thought i'd go out and run 30mins at a time......i didn't last, and one day only managed to do 7mins!! Thats why i started the bridge to 10K - i really need the structure to keep pushing me.

    Cheetah - 30mins plus hills! Well done! Glad the sciatica has settled too. I didn't run today either - but i'm more motivated now that i don't have to do 3 reps.

    Tommy - im glad you are feeling better now. Hopefully by the time you get back from your holiday you'll be ready to start running again. Have a great time!

    Chat tomorrow after my run....imagexx

  • Hi everyone,

    Just back from my run, 22min x2 - didn't run well today at all, i was really out of breath on the hills and thought i was going to have to stop at 16min on the 2nd rep. But thankfully it sloped down a bit after that, though i really found it much tougher than the last day. Was also quite humid too, so maybe that didn't help. I really think i'll try and brave the local streets for my next run, and see if a change of scenery helps.

    Hope if you ran today you had a good one....and Minty hope your knees are less sore today.

  • Well done for finishing your run snails!

    I've cancelled mine for tonight -  we've had crazy thunderstorms and torrential rain for the last 3 hours, and every time it looks like it's calming down it starts back up again even harder! I said I'd give it til 7pm before deciding not to completely, but the road has just turned into a river again so I've opened a beer in case I get any silly ideas haha!

    I love running in rain - even heavy rain - but this is like a river coming out of the sky! I'll probably just go either tomorow or sunday now (can't do both as it's the running club on Monday too and I don't want to do TOO much!)

  • Evening all! Just popping in quickly before bed.

    Minty - glad your legs are less painful and you're feeling more positive. Don't let it put you off your training programme, you've enjoyed it until now so don't be put off. Hope you have a brilliant time at the wedding, plenty of opportunity for G&T and dancing! I started running on grass because I thought it would be easier on my joints than pounding the pavement, but uneven ground is hard just in a different way. My bonkers friend likes to run on ploughed fields as he reckons it's really good for your core stability. ?!? I haven't registered for any races yet (but think I might be slowly coming round to the idea) Hope your friend has a good run at the parkrun, let us know how she finds it.

    Cheetah - well done on beating those hills, and really glad your sciatica has cleared up, fingers crossed it doesn't come back. I invested in a new sports bra today, but played it safe with black - I would have bought a pink one as it was in the sale but sadly they didn't have my size. Haven't tried it on yet so hoping it's comfortable and does the job - don't want my Coopers ligaments stretching beyond repair! Hope you enjoyed your beer image

    Snails - I'm doing the NHS programme which is 9 weeks long, one more 25 min run, then 3x28 and 3x30. I still find it hard to believe that I'm nearly there. It's amazing what you can achieve in such a short space of time - when I started, the idea of running for 25 mins nonstop sounded impossible and scary. Having said that, I'm planning on doing the bridge to 10k thing next when I've finished image Which one did you use?

    Tommy - have a great time in Spain!

    Last 25 min run tomorrow - hurrah! Have great weekends everyone image
  • Hi everyone,

    Just had a nice brisk walk this morning. Am braving the streets tomorrow - but i'm going to go very early (if i can trail myself out of bed) as i think i'll not meet too many people then hopefully.

    Cheetah - You were just right not to be out in that weather - a bit of rain is nice to cool you down, but that just sounds awful - i wouldn't put my nose out the door if i thought there would be thunder - mind you, it'd be one way to see if i could do a sprint finish!!

    Norfolklass - i like the sound of your NHS plan, which i have never actually come across. Its good you are already used to not having walk breaks, cos i find i really rely on them. I actually chose my bridge to 10k plan purely because it had walk breaks, so i don't know if you would like it, but heres the link so you can have a look . I've also noticed alot of other training plans are quite complex - running hard/easy/10-mile pace for certain no.of metres etc - or maybe i'm just a bit thick - probably the latter!!

    Minty - hope your having a good time at the wedding, and that your sore legs are improving. A few G+Ts might numb the pain.

    Tommy - i'm sure your all packed up and ready to go - enjoy.

    Have a nice weekend everyone.......imagexx

  • Evening!

    I finally did my run today at about 3pm - well MOST of it anyway! About 14 minutes in I started feeling a bit sick (must be the beers last night....) but kept on going and it passed - it's gone all hot again though so it was really uncomfortable. Then - at about 17 minutes - RAIN!!!!! It was lovely - but it didn't last long and I ended up with the sun blazing in my face, then my leg started hurting.... and after 25 minutes I decided that because it was hot that was equivalent to 30mins running, and I don't want an injury, and I can always go on the cross trainer tomorrow! 

    I'm more proud of my driving accomplishment - I drove us to a retail park, then home from the supermarket - and I didn't stall this time! OH looked slightly less pale than he did last week too! image

    Good luck with your run tomorrow norfolklass! My turquoise bra SHOULD  have come today, actually it DID, but I forgot I'd arranged redelivery and forgot to turn the doorbell on image I'd prefer a black one but I couldn't find any cheap enough on ebay!

    Snails - good luck with braving the streets tomorow, they'll be a lot safer than they were today with ME on the road hehe! I'm with you on the complex training plans, all I want to do is be able to run, not work out complicated mathematical equations at the same time.... (I've only got one speed anyway so it would be pointless lol) 

    I'm not quite sure where I'm going from here, it's a two mile run with the running club on Monday so a bit less than I've been doing - I might just keep doing the 30 min runs for the rest of next week and hope it isn't too hot! 

  • Hi all, a quick post before bed! Last 25 min run tomorrow morning but kind of dreading it. I think maybe 25 mins on Thursday/Saturday/Monday might be too close together, but we'll see how tomorrow goes. Think I might have had a touch of shin splints after yesterday's run, really sore tight feeling in the front inside of my left shin which has only really eased today. I'm not sure if it's running for 25 mins non-stop or running on pavements. I'd like to stay running on grass but need to find a bigger park! I still find the first 5 mins really hard going and only really settle into a rhythm after about 10 mins. The middle third is actually pretty enjoyable, then the last third is sheer bloody mindedness and determination not to slow down to a walk. Really looking forward to the whole run being more enjoyable!!

    Snails - thanks very much for that link, I'd googled a few but like you couldn't understand some of the plans I'd found. (Still have no idea what fartlek and intervals and tapering are!) I think the walking bit in between will make quite a bit of difference, my only worry is that once I've stopped running I won't be able to start again. How do you find that?

    Cheetah - mid-afternoon is definitely NOT the best time to run! And far better to stop than carry on and pick up an injury. And congrats on the driving progress - have you thought about a date for your test yet? (Bad news re the sports bra: I tried it on in the safety of my own home, did a bit of running around the living room and jumping up and down in the kitchen, but it was really uncomfortable so it's going back tomorrow. However, when I bought it I got a £5 off voucher, so if I can find another that's more comfortable I should be able to save a fiver. Result!) Enjoy your Intermediate run with your club tomorrow!!
  • Hi everyone,

    Well i have been very bad - i haven't run since Friday. I walked Sat + Sun cos my knee was quite achy, so only did total of 2 runs last week - i just didn't want to risk hurting my knee more. I was a bit miserable cos i didn't get to run yesterday, that is until i went to the shop and saw a Double Decker bar - i haven't had one in years so I cheered myself up by buying one (and some crisps and haribo tangfastics) - yum!! I went today and got my gait analysis done - it was quite funny, the guy says do 8mph on treadmill, its a nice jog pace - well, my legs were going like a windmill, and i thought this might be a jog for you cos your about 6ft tall, but when you are 5ft tall its a flipping sprint!! I couldn't believe how much i overpronate till i saw it on the video - so i'm now kitted out with some stability shoes (Brooks) - so far i've been running in asics ones which are neutral. I am going to try them out tomorrow. Also, i got myself a kettlebell set (2.5kg,5kg,7kg), cos my legs are getting fairly toned but i still have bingo wings - mind you it was a workout in itself carrying the box to the car cos all 3 were packaged together.

    Cheetah - you are right to be chuffed with your driving and your running- well done! I learned to drive in a diesel car - so no stalling - that is until i got my first car and it was petrol - my dad said i was driving with kangaroo petrol i stalled and started that many times. Back to good old diesel now though. Have you done your theory test yet? Hope your club run goes well tonight.

    Norfolklass - my runs go very like yours - tough at the start, good after about 5mins, and hard at the end. I definitely rely on the walk breaks - and its not too hard to restart running. I see it as a wee pause to get my breath back. Hope your leg pain has settled today. Well done on doing your 25mins as well. You know whats funny - (not ha ha, i mean strange) - when i do my 22mins and its hard for 5mins at start, then good in the middle and tough at the last say 5mins - well, the 2nd repetition goes exactly the same pattern - maybe its psychological, or maybe i'm just weird!

    Minty - hows things with you?? Had you a nice time at the wedding? Hope your legs have improved so you can get out and about again soon. I definitely would advise the gait analysis - even just walking in the stability trainers feels so much more supportive. Only problem was when i came home i looked on ebay and the same trainers were £63.95 (i paid £85). I don't mind though cos it was worth getting the gait analysis done, and also i usually wear size 3 shoes, but my trainers are a size 4, so i wouldn't have the option of trying them on if i got them on-line (thats what i'm telling myself anyway).

    Right - i'm away now. I've written too much oul slabber!!

    Have a good evening............imagexx

  • Hi everyone, sorry not been around much lately! Have been doing zero running while my knees / calves get better, but I DID do loads of dancing at the wedding, which surely must count for something as it was a ceilidh and most people seemed to have buggered off to the bar tent, so they were desperate for people to make up the numbers, so I got roped into quite a lot of the dances. But it was brilliant fun. However, my knees started hurting quite a lot so confirmed that I should still be resting on the running front.  The wedding was lovely though! It was in a beautiful newly planted community woodland, which the bride has been instrumental in setting up. Quite hippy-dippy but just lovely.image

    We’ve been doing the garden recently so might go plant shopping at Taverham Garden Centre next weekend, which is where Norfolk Lass said there is a shop which does gait analysis, so might try to make myself do it. Stupid I know, but I feel really silly doing those sort of things! Do you do them in your current running shoes, or bare foot? I suppose bare foot would make more sense.

    Snails – sorry to hear your knee’s been hurting too. Interesting to hear about your gait analysis.  God I hope they don’t try to make me run that fast! I’ll go flying off the end! Have you run in the new shoes yet? How are they?

    Cheetah – well done on the driving! Did you go for your club run yesterday? No more leg pain for you I hope?

    Norfolklass – wow, seems we’re all in the wars at the moment! How are your legs today?

    By the way, been meaning to mention it for a while, but have any of you guys read “Born to Run”? It’s a brilliant, inspiring book that I really recommend. Only thing is it makes you feel a bit sceptical about buying expensive running shoes, as one of the main messages in the book is about how our bodies (well, surely with the exception of mine at the moment) are perfectly designed for long distance running and that to spend lots of money on special shoes which “correct” our running gait, is not only unnecessary, but actually damaging. Not sure on my standpoint on this issue though. Don’t feel I’m experienced enough to comment. But still, it’s still a really absorbing read and I really recommend it.

    Might try a little test run tomorrow. (what's happened to my text!?). Maybe revert to run 1/walk 1 and see how I get on. Will let you know! imagexx

  • Evening - that wedding sounds lovely, Minty! Glad you had a great time dancing - it's about time I went out dancing, and it just happens to be my birthday next week so I have an excuse! image

    Snails - hope you managed a run in your new shoes! 

    I went to the running club yesterday and only just about managed the 2 miles, so not a great run for me. I went a bit faster to start with as there are people there repeating the improvers group who've had a bit more practice, and I got caught up in the momentum. I regretted it about 20 mins in though! It was STILL hot, and I started getting that niggly leg pain again - plus I needed the loo.... I'm not giving in just yet though and I'm going to try the 2.5 mile run next week! image

    I'm not sure what's up with my leg - it's a strange sort of dull ache just above my left knee, and it only happens when I've been running for at least 15 minutes, and it's fine again when I've stopped - so more ANNOYING than serious I think (especially when it's really hot and I need the loo...)

    I'm going to try another 30 minute run tomorrow to see what happens! I'm still on the cross-trainer in between runs, but we need a new one as it's getting very loud and rickety (between me and OH it took us 6 months to wear it out!). It's a Davina McCall one and has served us well - but we're going to go for something a BIT flashier if we can to see if it lasts us longer! 

  • Hi everyone,

    Still havent run this week yet as knee still achy. Though its reassuring to see we sre going through something similar. Will definitely go out tomorrow, and fri, and Sun (hopefully). Keep looking at new trainers in box - i like!!

    Minty - dancing is still exercise! Really glad to hear you enjoyed the wedding. I had to do my gait analysis in my usual trainers. Must check out that book (i'm a bit of a bookworm). I've been reading 'the non-runners guide to marathon training' - also very good.

    Cheetah - don't be hard on yourself about your run - its hard enough running at a faster pace you aren't used to, plus it was hot - so double hard work! Maybe your knee is just protesting a bit at the pace - hopefully it'll not recur tomorrow when you do your normal pace.

    Norfolklass - hope your runs going as planned and that they are okay.

    Night Night imagexx

  • I've got my running mojo back! image

    Tonight I FINALLY had a good run - 30 mins without stopping with the hills, and I varied my route a little bit and it just happened to take me right back to my front door in 30mins exactly! 4.52k according to MapMyRun, so slowing down definitely helped! I took an anti-inflammatory about an hour before which must have worked as nothing hurt - and I didn't go out til later (I didn't get back from my driving lesson 'til after 7pm and then I had to get changed and warm up) so it was quite a bit cooler.

    I got heckled too! About 10 minutes in, a bloke with his mate shouted "pick your feet up, love!" so I did a silly heel-flicky skippy sort of run as I went past them and they cheered. By the time I'd stopped laughing I'd managed to do another 5 minutes!

    Right - off to watch The Apprentice - hope everyone else has good runs! image

  • Hi everyone,

    Cheetah thats brilliant you had such a good run image

    I went out yesterday late afternoon and did my first run in my new trainers - my knee was just a little achy but that was near the end - today its a different story - no pain at all, not even going down stairs, so thats good news. Mind you it also might have been because i had 4 rest days!! lol. I'll see what its like tomorrow. Ran in the town too, as i just couldn't bear to get my trainers dirty - however, back to the forest and the muck tomorrow.

    Enjoy your runs.......image

  • Hi peeps,

    Been a bit busy since my first post, holidays and work etc., so have just skimmed through the recent posts/questions

    The parkrun went well (2/7/11), posted a new PB time of 24.57, my first under 25 minutes, so well chuffed with that. Due to work i wont be running it again 'till 23/7.

    The only "program" i'm following at the moment is to just get myself out there and run 4 or 5 times a week.
    I'd already acheived my main target which was to be able to complete a 5k, so just maintaining that distance, but trying to go a little faster each time.
    I have a 2.5 mile circuit that I run in my lunch break, and also try to improve my time on that. Ran it day before yesterday in 19.27, a new best time again.

     I'm going to try a couple of local running clubs over the next month (norwich road runners/norwich athletic club), see if either club suits me and take it from there.
    If I find the right club, I may try to train up to a 10k distance, depending on resolving a slight issue with my right leg. Both clubs have qualified coaches, so want to pick their brains about injurys and how to prevent/treat them correctly.

    Weight. Had a major shock last week!!
    I was approx 110 kilos/242 pounds last time I dared get on the scales back in November last year.
    I'd based my weight loss on the fact my work trousers used to be very tight/too small and are now somewhat slack with the need to do my belt up an extra notch, so figured i'd lost around a stone.
    Got on the scales last week to find I was 98 kilos/216 pounds, 12 kilos/26.4 pounds gone!! Thats nearly 2 stone of fat off my lardy frame! My beer belly has reduced considerably, though I doubt it will ever be flat agin!
    Some of the weight loss is due to a slightly more sensible diet (less sugar rich snack/sweet stuff/less beer/smaller portion size), but mostly due to the exercise I now get when running.
    Just got to make sure I dont put it back on again.

    Forget who asked, but i started running in late February this year.

  • Hi everyone - Iain, I want to be as fast as you! image (One day.... I think I'll just keep working on my distance for now!) That's great about the weight loss - so far I've lost a stone of what I put on after quitting smoking, and have better legs than ever to go with it haha!

    Glad the new trainers seem to be working Snails - I couldn't WAIT to get mine dirty when I got them as they just looked too shiny, and I was paranoid I'd look like an unfit newby from a mile off! (the bright red face and gasping breaths probably did that all by themselves though!)

    I did my run this evening - laster on again, at 7.45 so it was nice and cool. I THOUGHT I'd added a bit to my distance, but MapMyRun says no, 4.5k.... image Never mind, I liked my slightly altered route, as although I added an extra bit of steep hill, this gave me a nice long gradual downhill bit as a reward! image 32 mins in total, I thought I was going faster too.... MapMyRun must be lying to me. I need one of those posh Garmin thingies! 

    Hope everyone else is doing well - I'm going to try for 5k without stopping on Sunday to see if I can - although MapMyRun will probably say I've done 2.5 or something!

  • Hi MintyB i've just started as well this week im not doing too bad either seeming i have never seen myself as a runner but i don't want to jinx myself but i'm finding myself loving it!!I need to lose around a stone and a half i'm hoping that will make it all easier as well.we've got a 10k coming up in October in our area so i'm thinking of aiming for that? Don't know if i may be being a bit ambitious but I think i'm going to go for it!!image Hope all goes well with you
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