Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today



  • Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all having a nice weekend. That was a great time you did at the parkrun Iain, and well done on the weightloss!!

    Hi jm - welcome to the thread - well done on starting your training plan. Its a good idea you have a goal to aim for - so just go for it. I wasn't that brave to try a 10k first, so i did a 5k, but i'd need to get myself into gear and enter a 10k soon. Look forward to hearing how you get on.

    Cheetah - i want a posh garmin thingy as well (though can't afford it at the minute) - good luck with the 5k tomorrow.

    Nice run (or more like jog) for me yesterday - went out before it got too warm......surprisingly it left me full of energy for the rest of the day! I must try that mapmyrun thing as i don't have a clue about my distance, and just base my training on times.

    Happy running....image

  • Hi all! Welcome to the thread Jm! Go for it with the 10K! Glad everyone else seems to be on the mend and enjoying their running! I've had a busy few days trying to fit in some diy in the eves hence why I haven't been on for a few days. I went out on Weds and did 5 x run 1min/ walk 1 min, just to test my knees out. It was much better after the rest. Still got a little bit of pain after a while, but nothing like the other week. So I'm going to just continue with week 1 for another week and see how I am at the end of that. I was thinking I might do the plan but just do 2 weeks of everything (unless my knees start behaving themselves). Just don't want to risk any more injuries. So I'm going to go out again tomorrow night and then back on schedule for 3 times next week.

    It's been chucking it down here today, although cleared up nicely this eve.

    Oh I'm a bit frustrated that I haven't seem to have progressed at all, especially since I feel that I can do more "cardiovascularly" (is that a word?), but just my knees letting me down! Still, I'm determined to stick with it!

    Well done on the weight loss, Iain and Cheetah! It's very encouraging!

    Will let you know how I get on tomorrow eve. Now back to the painting!


  • Well, I chickened out of running on Monday as my legs still felt pretty stiff and tender, and ran on Tuesday morning instead. And realised that it was actually week 8 day 1 not week 7 day 3, so had to do 28 mins not 25. Doh! Having said that, I ran a new route on pavements and grass verges and it went pretty well. No pain other than the usual starting stiffness and twinges but they soon disappeared. Haven't run since Tuesday morning cos we've had a poorly mog so have had to dash to the vet a couple of times image She's still not well but at least we've both got next week off work so can be at home looking after her rather than at work worrying. Going out for a run in a bit - feels too long since the last time and I miss it!

    Snails - thanks for the info on the walk breaks, and it's good to know the hard/easier/hard pattern isn't just me. Glad to read your new shoes are helping with the knee pain, it must feel brilliant to be able to run again without any problems. I run for time rather than distance, then use to see how far I've run, I'm also going to map out a 5k distance then see how long it takes me.

    Minty - so glad your legs are healed, it's amazing what a few days rest can do. The wedding does sound lovely, what a fantastic place to be able to have it. If you do make it to Taverham definitely do the gait analysis thing if you have time. It only takes about 15mins and most of that is chatting! You run on the treadmill in the shoes you're wearing (I wore my old trainers that I used to wear to the gym), then you run in your socks, then in different running shoes to find out which type are the most comfortable. When I went in I felt really self conscious, but Neil and Steph (physio lady) are so friendly and helpful and genuinely pleased that another person wants to take up running. Do it!

    Cheetah - happy birthday! Hope you had/have a good one. And HURRAY for the return of your running mojo! I'm so impressed with 4.5k in 30 mins!!! (I used the calculator on this site to figure out how fast I'm running: 25 mins for 3.5k = 45mins for 5k image so not very fast at all) Have you been out for your 5k yet? Hope it goes well.

    Iain - well done on your new PB! Did you do the Eaton parkrun? Weird how three of us are from the same area… small world image Good luck with the running clubs, I hope you find one that you like. And really well done on the weight loss, that's brilliant! Not bad achievements for only 5 months running!

    Hi jm - looking forward to hearing how your running goes. Are you completely new to running? I've been thinking about a 10k too, but no definite plans yet.

    Happy running all!
  • I just ran 5.25k in 33:12 minutes without stopping! imageimageimage there was a lovely bit of cold rain at the end too that cooled me down nicely. To celebrate my best run yet - I have all the ingredients for the recipe for lamb burgers with beetroot and feta cheese that's in this month's issue of Runner's World and has been tempting me for the last couple of weeks and I'm going to cook some for tea! (To "help muscle recovery" image)

    Hi jm - welcome to the thread. I started training for a 2.6 mile race in September and I'm already running further than that - so 10k is definitely do-able by October. The 8 week programme with the running club I've joined goes up to about 10k - I hope I can keep at it until then!

    Hi Snails - I should have asked for a Garmin for my birthday, I can't afford one either - maybe someone else can afford to get me one lol! Well done on the run - I quite like MapMyRun, I was using google maps at first but it's not actually desiged for mapping runs so not quite so user friendly. MapMyRun is just a slightly more fit-for-purpose version!

    Well done for getting back out there Minty and glad the knee is feeling better - you're doing the right thing taking it slowly. Good luck with tonight's run!

    Norfolklass - well done on your 28 minutes and I hope todays went well if you've been! Sorry your mog isn't well, I shall get ours to send healing purrs in your general direction.

    It's 2.5 miles at the running club tomorrow - less than I did today and a flatter route too - so I should be fine so long as I don't speed off too fast at the beginning like last week! I have the week off work - my birthday is on Tuesday and we're going to pick up the new cross trainer I got on ebay (Prezzie to myself as the old one has got a bit rickety!) then we're probably going out for a curry. I can run it off on Wednesday! image

    *edit to add*

    The burgers were gorgeous! Anyone who hasn't got the August edition of Runner's World should get one just for the recipe! (we're having them tomorrow too as there's only two of us and I made 4!)

  • Despite the rain this weekend, I have managed 2 good training sesions, mostly because i used the gym at work and didn't venture outside!

    Used a treadmill on saturday, set at 8 min mile pace, and ran for 2 1/2 miles, followed by 2 1/2 miles on an exercise bike.
    Just treadmill today, again set at 8 min mile pace, and covered 3.1 miles (5k) in 24.50 (increased the speed for last minute to simulate a "burst of speed for the finish line" type of thing).

     Started to feel a slight niggle in my right knee towards the end, but seeing a physio tomorrow to check it over and try to identify what the problem is, rest day tomorrow any way so wont over do it.

    Will be checking out Norwich Athletic club next week, the road running coordinator also happens to be the guy who organises the Eaton Park Parkrun on saturdays. Will let you know how that goes.

    Anyone going to Eaton Park this Saturday? Will be running it myself anyway, so if anyone wants to come try it or just be a spectator/ cheering section, just give me a shout.

    Minty, everyone has times when they feel like they're not progressing.
    Dont let it get you down, rest the knee when you need to, as its much easier to get through a minor problem in a short time with rest, than a major injury over a number of weeks or months because you pushed to hard!
    Listen to your body, if it hurts, its for a reason!
    If in doubt, pop into one of the running shops in your area for advice/guidance on how to treat it/resolve the issue.

  • Hi - can I join your thread? You all sound a very friendly bunch, and I'd like to join in if that's ok!

    I'm also getting back into running - I did run about  6 years ago, and did the GNR as my main achievement, but then stopped, have started again and stopped again several times, but this year seem to have cracked it again. I went right back to basics and did the whole couch to 5k plan, completing that in mid May, but since then I've kind of just plodded on, and don't feel I've progressed much, if at all. I can't remember the last time i ran for 30 minutes continuously actually image

    I try and get out twice or three times a week, though in the last half term work has taken up a lot of my evenings, so it's been sporadic to say the least! I'm so slow, and need to lose a couple of stone as well, which adds to my slow speed I'm sure, but I'm working on the assumption that getting out there is better than not going at all!

    I've also got a mad dog who is my running partner - though he does try to trip me up sometimes which is not helpful!

  • Hi Everyone! 

    Happy Birthday Cheetah! Hope you're being spoiled and are probably enjoying your curry as I type! Did you get your new cross trainer? And very well done on your very long run!

    Norfolk Lass -  how are your legs, and how is your poor cat? Hope she's a bit better?

    Hi Iain, how did you get on with the physio? Hope your knee is on the mend. Well done on your training this week. Thanks for the sympathy and the advice.

    On the subject of the Eaton parkrun, my friend did it last Saturday. She hasn't run for years and did it (without any prior training) in 33 mins! Pretty good going! 

    Well, I went out tonight after a few days off due to one thing or another. I did basically week 1, run 1 /walk 1 x 8. But I'm feeling really good as it seemed really quite easy and NO PAINimage! I felt that I could easily run longer and faster, but resisted! But the best thing is that that is the first time I've really felt that, so even though I haven't managed to go 3 times per week for the last few weeks, it is obviously still doing something. Amazing! So I have much renewed enthusiasm and am going to go Thurs and Sun, then progress to week 2 next week if all goes well.

    Hope everyone else has been having good runs too. xxx

  • Hi Miffy, welcome to the thread!  Well done on the GNR and getting back out there. I saw someone out running with a dog this evening and thought how nice that would be! I too have (at least) two stone to lose and I keep thinking how much easier it would feel to run if I wasn't carrying the extra, but I'm not very good at dieting, so trying to tackle it a different way this time. It's pretty inspiring to hear about the other guys' weight loss on this thread.image

  • Hi MIntyB - thanks for the welcome. The dog does help - he has perfected the hangdog look if I don't take him out, and goes loopy if I go upstairs to change into my kit - I can't help smiling cos he's so bonkers. But it does motivate me to go out when it'd be too easy to just stay curled up on the sofa!

    Will post on here to keep me motivated and hopefully I want to get back to the full 30 mins nonstop asap!

  • Saw the physio yesterday, who gave my legs a thorough check over and identified the source of the discomfort as the lateral collateral ligament/iliotibial band, and has advised at least a week away from running, followed by a gentle return to running over short distances on a treadmill to reduce the amount of impact going through the knee joint.
    There was slightly more sideways movement in the knee joint than is normal, along with some tightness in the iliotibial band, which runs down the outside of the thigh from the pelvis to the top of the lower leg just below the knee

    I can continue to use things like exercise bike, cross trainer etc to maintain fitness as they dont put a lot of strain on the knee, as well as making sure I stretch properly before and after exercise, something i'm not always as thorough with as I should be, especially when pushed for time ie during lunch break runs.

    This does mean though that I cant do Parkrun this week-end, which is annoying, particularly as i'm working the next 3 saturdays, so cant run it again till 20th August. Better to miss it though than risk a more serious injury.
    I will still be going to the run though as I can still volunteer to help with setting up, time recording etc

    Oh, apparently my right leg is 1/2 inch longer than the left!

  • Hi everyone,

    How are the runs going? I was meant to run this afternoon but had a horrible headache that has only recently lifted, so will go in morning instead.

    Hi Miffy - welcome to the thread. i googled the GNR to see how far it was - my goodness, i had no idea it is a half-marathon - big well done on that, and also on getting back out again. Your story is a bit like mine, in that i was quite happy to plod along for a while after the 5K programme i did, and the week after i fininshed, having ran 30min at a time the previous week, i was rubbish and one day only managed 7 mins - i was disgusted with myself, and realised i need the structure of a traing schedule to keep me motivated and improving. Have you thought of checking out the bridge to 10K? Heres the link so you can have a look - . Although it brings you back to run/walk, it does build up to running 60mins non-stop in 6wks. Speed wise, i'm slow too, but have read the speed improves with time (heres hoping).

    Minty - yay!! well done on your running, and even better news - no pain!! Its good you have that feeling you could've done more - it really leaves you looking forward to the next time.

    Cheetah - i so meant to post yesterday to wish you happy birthday, so sorry i'm a day late image. Hope you had a lovely day and enjoyed your curry. Bet your all excited with your new cross-trainer too.

    Norfolklass - hope your poor sick moggy is doing okay?? Its so worrying isn't it - i have a Westie dog, almost 16, almost blind and deaf, but much loved. Our vet is fantastic and i don't think he would still be alive if it wasn't for her.

    Iain - thats good you saw the physio - at least now you know what is wrong, and how you can remedy it. I've seen a few things (can't remember if its been in mags or on the forums) about ITBS and using a 'foam roller' to alleviate symptoms - i've no personal experience with ITBS but you might want to check it out. Its good you are still going to volunteer at the parkrun - cos they wouldn't happen if it wasn't for people volunteering.

    JM - how are the runs going for you?

    Happy running everyone...........image

  • Hi everyone!

    Minty - I actually WAS enjoying my curry as you were typing, it was reeeeaaalllly nice too! image I'm glad your run went well, I LOVE the feeling after a good run!

    Welcome to the thread Miffy, I've also finished the beginner programme recently, and at the moment all my runs are around half an hour ish, I'm going to be following what my running club are doing but the last couple of weeks it's been a bit less than my normal runs anyway. 3 miles on Monday though - then I think they add an extra half mile each week. If that doesn't workout for me I might try the plan Snails is following.

    Iain - your seeion with the sports physio sounded really useful, pity you can't run, but it's good you can keep fit in other ways (I think I'd explode if I couldn't do anything at all!).

    Hi Snails - thank you for the belated happy birthday, the new cross trainer is GREAT! It's a York one, and it does just about everything! It has a heart rate monitor, magnetic resistance, measures body fat, has different programmes you can set, even does BMI (I was wondering why it was asking me for my vital statistics!)

    I got a running watch for my birthday from OH - it's not a GPS one but it does interval timing and is a bit sleeker than the clunky thing I got on ebay! (It does heart rate too - so between the watch and the cross trainer I can always check I'm still alive hehe!)

    Norfolflass - hoping your cat is OK too (we've got 7 of them so lots of purrs heading your way!)

    I've been bad this week and not been for a run since the 2.5 miles with the running club on Monday. I blame the rather generous gin and tonics the curry house were serving me last night, my stomach just could not face being jiggled up and down! I managed a driving lesson though, driving round the city centre which didn't help my poor hungover frazzled nerves - I did OK though!

    I'm going to try to get out for a run tomorrow, I should be fully recovered by then - at very least I'm having a proper go on the cross trainer!

    For now, I'm off to stretch out on the sofa with a late night movie and a cat or two for company (OH went to bed with a migraine, we're both suffering today lol!)

    Hope to be able to report on a run tomorrow! image

  • OK I have redeemed myself now - I ran 5.44k in 37 minutes this afternoon! (Would have been quicker but I threw a hill in at the end to see if I could!) image
  • Hi everyone,

    Nice weather for a run today, not warm and no rain - just nice. Had my first go at the 30min x2 with a 1min walk in the middle. I had some small hills on the 1st 30min and was going to go that way back again, but its a bit hillier and i knew i'd end up stopping, so to avoid that i did a wee detour and my 2nd 30min was all flat.

    I am in full admiration Cheetah that you can do a hill at the end of a run. Lucky you getting a running watch too......hope the heart rate alarm wasn't going off when you were doing that last hill, lol image

    Going now to watch 'the killing'.........anyone else seen it? Tonight is the 4th part.

    Enjoy your runs...........imagexx

  • reading this thread is great is giving me inspiration to do more and push my self i started a six week beginers schedule today in prep for the 1.5mile run i have to do in jan for the Army although i want to do a 5k run as well so im training for both. did first session earlier about 1730 for 30 mins intervals and i am suprised at how unfit i am seriously need to lose some wieght (2 stone to be exact)
  • Hi everyone,

    Went out this eve and did run 1 / walk 1 x 8 again, and was it was brill again. No pain except bit of a twinge in my right leg after, but nothing serious. I was going a bit faster today. I think when I was running before, with the pain, I was so tense and taking such short strides, it feels liberating to stretch out and sort of relax into it.

    Iain - sorry you're going to miss the parkrun for a few weeks, but yes, it's definitely not worth risking and injury for.  Your physio sounds good and very thorough. Apparently my right leg is longer than my left. I was wondering this eve whether that causes me to run a bit funny with that leg. It's almost like I skew it a bit so it doesn't catch the floor - I even do it when walking, but only really noticed recently.

    Snails - well done on your run today! Sounds great, how did it feel? Sadly haven't been watching the Killing. My parents were raving about the British version, but I always manage to miss the first episode and never quite get round to catching up!

    Cheetah - glad you enjoyed your curry (and gin!), and your cross trainer sounds great! I would love one, but we really haven't got a space for it at the mo. Too many kids toys everywhere! I am SOOOOO JEALOUS of your 7 cats!!!image (there is no specific smiley for jealously but I thought this green one was very appropriate!) I just LOVE cats. Our beloved Minty (guess where my user name came from?) died last Feb. I would love to get another, but just waiting til my 18 month old daughter is old enough not to make it's life a misery. How did you come to have 7 cats?? You might appreciate this which I came across on Facebook recently:

    Oh and well done on your run today!

    Hi Grant, welcome to the thread! Good luck with the plan. It's really motivating how quickly you notice some positive changes even in the first couple of weeks.



  • Hi, just nipped back in after 'the killing' - minty its available on 4od as well - its my 2nd favourite programme on tv (CSI being the absolute best). Well done on your run - its so good the pain has settled and that you are really enjoying it. How did my run go? - well, it was just as hard as ever, and i was actually thinking as i was going along that it was equally as hard for me at the start doing 1min x8 as it is now doing 30min x2 - it must be because i'm continually pushing myself and just when my body gets used to one time-span its usually time to put it up another notch. Maybe someday i'll be able to post 'i had such an easy run today' (i wish!!).

    Hi Grant, welcome to the thread - well done on getting out there for your first session. The more you keep at it, the more used to it you'll get. I honestly never ever thought i'd be able to do what i can now - and thats with no previous running experience. I too found it very tough to start with (and still do as i've just written), but i keep a wee note of my runs and i can see how far i've progressed since April. The running will definitely help with your weight loss - Iains post about his weight loss is very inspiring. I am curious to know - the 1.5mile run for the Army - is this part of the recruitment process and has it to be done in certain time? Wish you well, and look forward to hear how you get on with your running.


  • Hi snails - the weather was great here  too - a lovely cool breeze so I didn't get too overheated for once! I can't do MUCH of a hill at the end (I managed about half of the steep one back home today and just couldn't carry on any further lol!)

    The Killing - is that about our new cross trainer? image It should be - I'd just finished my shower after my run and OH had the first proper go on it. He was grunting and groaning and panting lots, and he's fitter than me... and I was a bit jealous that he'd had a go and I hadn't.... so I did half an hour (with a break in the middle to gulp water - I was allowed that cos I'd been for a run too hehe!). It really is EVIL!!!! I was only on resistance level 2 - and it made me feel like I do when I'm trying to run up a hill! (a bit like having smoked 20 fags in a row!).

    I'm going to persevere with the new instrument of torture - it can only help my running!

    Hi Grant - welcome to the thread - and well done on your first run! You'll do the 1.5 mile run no problem by January - and I've lost loads of weight since I started running so that should be no problem either.

    Hiya Minty - so glad to hear your run went well again with no pain! As for the 7 cats... Well, I only planned to get the one kitten (Motley - she's 12 now and curled up next to the monitor as I'm typing this!), and then I was meant to be cat-sitting a friend's cat for a week, but he made himself at home and never left (Sparkle). Then I rescued Rosie as a stray kitten who was caught in a thunderstorm - then a friend brought me Ruby who was 7 weeks old and being attacked by her mother (and I couldn't really say no!).

    When I met OH he had two cats - Nikki and Blackie, and we eventually moved in together making 6 cats in total. Motley and Nikki have been fighting for the "Top Cat" spot ever since! Then CC decided that she was our cat - she was a stray kitten that turned up in the car park at work, and a couple of the managers were going to call the RSPCA so I saved them the trouble! I'd have more if we had more room.... *crazy cat lady alert!!*

    No running tomorrow, I may give the really evil cross trainer another go though (if my legs recover from today)! image

  • Hi again Snails, we cross-posted there! I love CSI sort of stuff so I think I shall keep a look out for The Killing! image
  • Hi everyone, i'm back! Well actually I was back a bit ago but had no internet connection image.

    Hope everyone's doing ok, I haven't read all of the posts yet but will try to when I have more time.

    The good news is i've had no more pain recently and went out for a few light runs but i'm going to start the schedule from the begginin again on Monday. I thought I might aswell start again since I only did 1 week and haven't run for about 2 weeks.

    So... have I missed anything important?

  • Hi everyone,

    Got my run done quite early today so i could avoid the heat. Definitely managed it better today - instead of 30min x2 i did 34min then 26 min - only so i could run via the car park to get a drink, so the drink bit was my 1min walk. Actually, it was easier psychologically doing it that way, cos i knew i'd less minutes to run on the 2nd rep. Next week i'm 'supposed' to do 60min with NO walk break - its already causing me anxiety!! lol!! Maybe i'll do 45min/15min and ease myself into it gradually image

    Cheetah - definitely recommend 'the killing' though its not very CSI - more just a murder mystery. Do you read much?? - i'm a bit of a bookworm, and love Jeffrey Deaver's books - his Lincoln Rhyme series is very CSI. Saw this article - thought it might settle your mind that you aren't a crazy cat lady, lol - Hope the link works - it took me so long to type it i've no doubt cross-posted as usual!! Its a nice story isn't it? Minty and Norfolklass will like it too as they like cats.

    Hi Tommy - welcome back! Hope you enjoyed your holiday........great to hear you've no more knee pain - clearly resting in the heat on a sun lounger is good for rehab - pity we can't get it on prescription! image Not much to report here, except alot of us have had knee/leg niggles, but thankfully are on the mend again. Maybe thats just something that all newbie runners go through.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone.....imagexx

  • Thanks all for the welcome image I've just been out for a pretty unsuccessful run - didn't manage much more than five minutes at a time tonight. Am having sporadic twinges in my knee sometimes, which make me slow then walk for a bit, then i try running again until it twinges again, and so it goes on. It was hurting every time tonight, though it's fine when I walk and is fine now. I don't know why, or whether it's down to the uneven path I run on, but it definitely affects my running.

    Snails I have looked at that link - thanks. I think I need to use something to focus and get me back into a structured progression, otherwise I may well not get any better at this lark! I find podcasts really useful - ones that tell me when to run and when to walk - otherwise if I have to keep looking at a watch, it seems to take forever between runs and walk breaks!

    Will try again either tomorrow or the next day - got 6 weeks off now - the joys of teaching - so time to focus on improving my running just a tiny bit!

  • Morning all, hope you're all well. Apologies for such a massive post! OH and I have both had this week off as it was his birthday on Friday, but what with the poorly cat and the lousy weather it's been pretty miserable. Thankfully the sun finally shone on Friday so we hired a couple of kayaks and went exploring the rivers around Stalham. It was glorious, and best of all neither of us capsized!

    Nearly finished the couch to 5k programme, did the first of the final three 30 mins runs yesterday. It felt easier than I expected, but I made the beginner's error of not warming down with a 5 min walk as I finished right by the car. My left calf muscle had been starting to niggle a little bit during the last few minutes, but stupidly I ignored it and just did the usual stretches and drove straight home so by the time I got back it was really tight and sore. I carried on stretching it and massaging it with my knuckles - ouch - and this morning it's almost back to normal. I'm due to run again tomorrow so hopefully it'll hold out.

    Thanks for all the well wishes for the poorly mog, fingers crossed she's on the mend. After a week of sickness, blood tests, various drugs and x-rays, the vet thinks she's suddenly become allergic to chicken protein. A lot of cat foods are based on chicken apparently, so now she's on venison and green pea biscuits and so far so good. Talk about fine dining!

    Welcome Miffy - I'm a slow runner with a couple of stone to lose too. Well done on completing the couch to 5k plan. Do you have another plan or goal to work towards? That might help with progress, I think Snails is right, it's much easier to keep running if you have a specific time or distance you want to achieve. Sorry your knee is twinging, hope it clears up asap. What a lovely prospect: 6 weeks off! Let's hope we have plenty of sunshine image

    And welcome Grant - you'll be running that 1.5 mile in no time, stick with your plan and you'll be amazed at how quickly you make progress.

    Iain - glad your physio was able to pinpoint the problem. I think there are a few sets of exercises specifically for ITBS if you google it. Hope the gentle exercising works and you're back to full fitness asap.
  • continued!

    Snails - another CSI fan here too, also a big fan of NCIS! I'm with you on the running difficulty thing - you just get used to a distance then it's time to increase it again. But amazing how quickly your body can adapt and cope. My running friend said that the first 5 mins of pretty much every run are always a struggle, and he's been running for 5 years. And although it's hard work, it hasn't put any of us off! image (Just read your link, what a great thing that cat lady's doing!)

    Minty - so glad you're pain-free, it makes all the difference in the world! Sound like you can just relax and enjoy it now, without worrying about pain and tensing up. Sorry you lost your beloved Minty, my mum lost her mog Milo a couple of months ago and they leave such a hole in your life. Enjoy your next run, hope you'll now be pain-free permanently.

    Cheetah - so glad you enjoyed your birthday and curry and G&Ts. I'm so impressed that you also cross-train at home, I don't think I'd have the will power and any fitness equipment would just end up as an extra clothes dryer. Glad the driving is still going well, and thanks for the purrs, it's lovely to hear about your 7 mogs. And I'm mightily impressed by your running speed!!

    Hi Tommy - hope you had a fabulous holiday and the weather was better than it has been here! Glad your pain has gone, sounds like a good idea to start the programme again, hopefully the fact that you've already done some running will keep you injury-free.

    I've just read back over older posts and I think actually I've missed two 28 min runs… what an idiot! I haven't been writing anything down and have completely lost track of the programme, no wonder my calf muscle complained!
  • Hi everyone,

    Well, i did my 1 hour run with no walk break - i am ecstatic!image For me it was definately a psychological battle as usual - i got to 30mins okay, then started thinking 'i'd usually be getting my wee walk now', and then i thought, stuff this - its only a minute break you can keep on going - so i pretended in my head that i had taken a break and was restarting the 2nd 30min - and it worked!! Just thinking I maybe should have kept that to myself actually cos it sounds like i'm just weird - and i promise i'm not, lol image

     Miffy - you are soooo lucky getting 6 weeks holidays (though i definately don't envy you your job - i don't believe for one minute that teaching is at all easy). Have you ever had a gait analysis done? My knee pain went completely away very soon after i got it done and was advised to use stability trainers - maybe it would be worthwhile to see if it helps. Don't be hard on yourself over your last run - you'll get there - you've done it before - and the good thing re 'bridge to 10k' is that you start with running 10minute blocks. Hopefully when your knee gets sorted you will find it easier.

    Norfolklass - well done on your 30mins continuous run (and your bravery at getting into a kayak)!! I think that because you managed the 30min run with relative ease you don't need to worry about missing the 2x 28min runs. Thats also really reassuring to hear your friend still finds the first 5min of every run hard even 5 years down the line. Only 2 runs to go for you now and then you 'graduate' from your schedule.....have you decided what you'll do next week??

    Hi to everyone else - hope you had a good weekend....image xx

  • Wooooohooo big well done to you Snails! image Do you know how far you went? I tell myself silly things in my head too to help me keep going - I have to be careful at the running club as I have a habit of saying them out loud so everyone knows I'm mad! (Example today - "last hill coming up...apart from the one after it, oh and the little one at the end.....")

    The cat lady on the link is great - I want to be like her! I'll probably end up more like this one though.. Mad Russian Cat Lady

    Welcome back Tommy - glad you had a good holiday!

    Hi Miffy, don't worry about having a bad run - I have them all the time! Normally when it's too hot, that just sdeems to magnify every niggly achy bit for me. I strongly recommend gait analysis too - and I take an anti-inflammatory about an hour before I go for a run now, which seems to help my leg pain!

    Hi Norfolklass - I definitely agree about the "5 minute rule" as we call it here, OH does too (he's fitter than me so I believe him lol). I think that's why I started to find running easier once the repititions got longer than 5 minutes, as I just wasn't getting to that point before and just had to start again before going past it!

    (The new cross trainer is the opposite though - the first 5 minutes aren't too bad - the rest HURTS lol!)

    Well done on your premature 30 minutes! Are you going to do a couple more now, or go back and do a couple of 28's..?

    I had a bit of a useless run yesterday - I left it as late as I could (about 6pm-ish) but it was still really hot. I made it about 2 thirds of the way round my normal route, then the sun was just beaming straight into my face and it was horrible - and the only way I could have changed route was to go UP... so I stopped and walked the rest after 23 minutes! I went on the cross trainer for 15 minutes when I got home though to make up the time I missed - it might be evil but it's in the shade and in front of a big fan! image

    I did better at the running club tonight - the weather was a lot cooler, and I did the whole 3 mile run without stopping (it's actually about 3.1 miles). It took me 33:54 image 3.5 miles next week, here's hoping for a nice cool breeze again. image

    Last but not least - it's confession time. I have BOUGHT A BUM BAG! I am going to wear it with pride, cos it means I can take my phone with me when I run now, and download one of those GPS apps that will tell me how far I've been! I can take some money too, but not sure if I trust myself going past that Wetherspoons! image

  • Hi Everyone,

     Snails - Well done! I can't imagine myself doing anything like that long run without a break! image

    Cheetah - Good luck with the 3.5 miles. If your going to download a gps tracking app i'd reccomend one called imapmyrun. it's what i've got but I can't remember if it was free or if it was just 59p or something. I use it alot and it lets you upload your map online and shows you a 3D route so you can brag about those hills! You can look at other peoples maps in your area too to give you inspiration for new routes. I was looking at some guys route who ran 7 mile then finished in the middle of the motorway image I hope he's ok.

     Anyway, today was the start of my restarted running schedule, and to be honest I didn't feel like doing anything. After football yesterday and tennis  today it's fair to say I was aching a bit. It's weird actually, I used to run to get fitter for other sports now it's the other way around. Anyway I was aching and it was getting later and not much cooler so I compramised and went on the treadmill. I think in that couple of week off I forgot all the positives about running and just retained the memories of the pain. Anyway now i'm back in the mood for getting out there and my next run, probably wednesday, should be outdoor.

  • Well done Snails - that'sa fab achievement!

    Hi Cheetah - your run doesn't sound useless at all! And to go straight on the cross trainer when you got in is nothing short of saintly I reckon!

    Hi Tommy, and everyone else who's on this thread - it's very inspiring to read how everyone is getting on.

    Snails I had a proper gait analysis on 2005 - years ago, but when i was training properly for my half marathon. But since then I haven't, and I'm still wearing the same trainers image- perhaps that's my problem! But in my defence - the trainers I'm using haven't done that many miles I don't think as I got them close to the end of my training and then haven't really done much until this year. I remember I read somewhere - probably on here somewhere - that trainers are good for about 500 miles, and I don't think I can have done anywhere near that, can I?? I don't know. Perhaps I'll go and get analysed again over the holidays. There's a new running shop opened up locally - can't remember which one though I remember seeing an ad in a local paper - so I'll investigate that, or go to the nearest sweatshop where I went before.

    I will go out later on today - not sure when, but sometime today. That's a promise!

  • Been out - had a much better run, still took a couple of walk breaks - one enforced where I have to keep the dog on the lead, and one where I just needed to! but my running stints were much longer than recent efforts, so I'm feeling just a tiny bit pleased with myself image

  • Dont you just hate people who have a problem, get advice, dont follow it properly and then make a situation worse?

    I am awarding myself the "dumb arse of the day" trophy for the above reason!

    Nine days since I last ran, so thought i'd be OK for a slow trot at lunch time with 2 work mates, a nice gentle 3 to 4 mile run, slow as we like, no pressure, no time targets, just an easy run.

    Started to get a minor twinge in my knee about 3/4 of a mile out, stupidly chose to ignore it and carried on.
    About another 3/4 mile later the twinge has worsened, so I decide we had better turn back earlier than planned. Still running at this stage, another mistake.
    Got back to the start point after 29 minutes, knee aching but more so than prior to seeing the physio last week.

    I think a trip to the doctor is in order as this is clearly not going to go away anytime soon.

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