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Johnny BlazeJohnny Blaze ✭✭✭

I have finally decided to try for a made to measure suit because my current suit makes me look like I've spent the night in one of Rik Waller's cast-offs.

It is yonks since I had one and I have no idea about price or where to go.

I wondered if any gents out there had any advice?


  • Gresham Blake, Bespoke tailors in Brighton. Saw Lawrence L Bowen filming outside there once so must be good. Selfridges on Oxford street do a wide range of good off the peg suits.
  • I got a suit made by visiting Hong Kong tailor William Cheng.  Fitting done in London suit delivered in the post.

    This tailor was recommended by a mate.  Mate's recommendation plus cheap prices persuaded me that I had very little to lose.

    The suit is a cracker and fits well.  I've spent a lot more for suits that don't look anything like as good.  I think it was around £300 (maybe £350) for jacket + 2 pairs of trousers.

  • goldbeetlegoldbeetle ✭✭✭
    Ozwald Boateng his suits are amazing and very stylish
  • You are gentlemen's relish KK image
  • I wanted a thread (geddit) which would be for gents only. Now the girls have gone lets talk about girls and cars.

    Thanks for the advice btw.

  • Okay,

     How tall are you Johnny ?

    I'm asking as I'm only 5feet6, and not exactly Mr Muscles. Means my suit makes me look like

    a) a page boy b) a crim going to court .... neither of which gets results. And the thing was fitted + cost a packet

    Black makes me look like a sawn-off penguin.

    Any advice ?

  • I'm only 5 8 so a badly cut suit makes me look like 10 lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag...

  • Cars + Girls....... at the same time ? on the same thread ? are you sure that's legal ?

  • No-one'll ever know...
  • I got a pretty good suit (fits nice but I made a few design errors) from It was around £200
  • 5'8, that's tall compared to me.

    I had to buy the smallest possible adult sized bicycle.(17" frame)  The one that fitted properly was a childs size image..... and I was 24 at the time, so no bloomin way was I going to buy a "kids" bike + ride it to work.... even the wheels were smaller than normal bicycle wheels....

  • Hey wiggrun, Specialised do a 15.5 (or did when I bought mine) adult bike with 26" wheels, I'm 5'8 but have super short legs, makes the bike really light
  • Sorry have intruded on a short eople thread image
  • I cant speak for everyone, but I prefer little people - makes me sound more tolkienesque
  • I think it is an advantage being a 'little' person.

    Big people don't fit into airlines/trains buses, knees press against steering wheels when driving, bang our heads on aforementioned public transport, can't buy cheap clothes from places like Matalan because they always skimp on the sizing, don't fit in the beds in a lot of hotels, suffer from back pain and have difficulty finding large sizes.

    Be grateful that you are small.

  • And short people are less likely to get cancer.

    (It said on The Now Show yesterday)

  • Yeah, short can be good.

    means I have less "me" to carry when I run, also means my 20 kilo toolbox is a much higher % of my bodyweight than when my 6f6 co-worker carried it ( 2/7ths rather than 2/10ths ).

     Cheap clothes don't fit short people either, they "cover up the legal minimums" on "average" people. badly. Hotel baths require a planned assault to step over the side. Some Toilets are too high, leaving feet dangling, and less production... The famous "gap" on the trains IS dangerous, I could easilly fit through that gap in one go, and reaching the "dangly bits" on the undergound is pointless. can touch, just not grip.Motorcycles are all too tall, I'd love a dirt bike/enduro bike, sadly they are too tall. sports bikes too heavy, so I'm on tiddlers. booring.

    pmo - I should be on something that size.... I now have a Marin with a 17 inch frame, seat post very much shortened, and non-standard cranks to enable me to ride it. have done around 10-5k miles on it, so not bad. legs don't lock out at full stroke, and toes touch the ground - sort of. and yes, I do drop it from time to time.....

    North London Runner - whats an "eople" ?

  • Still struggling on the tailor front. I may have to go into Birmingham,

    It's a sad reflection of the decline of our Empire when a chap can't even find a decent gentleman's outfitters.

  • And you think Birmingham may be the answer?
  • SqueakzSqueakz ✭✭✭
    Gieves & Hawkes at number one savile row London do great quality bespoke suits, they hold a royal warrant for their suits, really worth a visit if you want a nice suit imho
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    if you do go down the custom made route, get 2 pairs of trousers made as you can always guarantee that they will wear out quicker than the jacket and you might find it difficult to get a new pair made some time later as material stocks change. otherwise you end up with a usable jacket and no strides.

  • Cannot recommend Thom Sweeney highly enough. Starts around £800ish for make to measure, and start around 2k for full bespoke. I get all my suits from them and they are excellent (Also thoroughly nice guys). Also FB is absolutely right stating that you need to get 2 pairs of trews! I made that mistake on my first suit and now have a very sharp jacket, but no trousers. I've also used Timothy Everest in the past, who are good too.
  • "A suit that fits" made to measure london based company - very good!
  • If you but any decent suit, any decent tailor should be ablie to bring it in/take it out for you.

    i used to have stunning suits fro work. looked the mutts nuts in them. All off the peg and further tailored. Looked a million dollars, cost about a million lira.

  • I have an Ozwald Boateng suit.


    I know that's no help to you, JB, I just wanted to boast image

    TBH, I can only just get away with it because although I'm not really tall enough I am slim.  I suspect JB, being of more ample proportions, might find the cut isn't right.

  • I have a couple of made to measures from King and Allen which come in around the 4-500 quid mark but I picked up a Hugo Boss 3 piece for 350 in the summer sale and it's a great fit
  • Another vote for Gresham Blake in Brighton - D has 2 suits from there - the made to measure was around £1,100 and they do off the shelf for around £500 plus adjustments. Really worth the money and look good.

    Have to agree with the 2x trousers. Really a mistake not to.

  • Oh yeah, and while I'm at it, little people rock cos big people don't fit into GT40's - who said girls can't talk about cars!

    or bikes.

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