Well I never



  • Never done the kilomathon or a TT, would try the latter but don't want to come last so some training needed for that, last 10 miler on my local course was over 20mph for last place.

    Never finished half IM yet due to various issues and helicopters image
  • 10 m was my first race....................never done a cycling race or TT..................................

    Not allowed to draft in Oly's in Wales either FB............image

    Never been sick at a finish line

  • Never done a 5K; done plenty of 10s.

    I have never eaten a kebab.

    EDIT: Oh hang on, I've eaten small things on sticks but never the flat meat in a pitta

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    I've never done an oly either - far too hard I reckon

    I've never done a duathlon either, or an aquathlon

    I've done a 50 mile race over the Connor Pass in Ireland and quite a few maras, halfs and 10ks

    I've done a few 5ks recently but I don't much like them

    I can paddle a canoe singlehandedly and used to row in an eight at school
  • Parklife....you have had a deprived upbringing image
  • I gave up meat at 16 but I'd eaten most other not so widely available animals at that point like rabbit, venison and quail.

  • So we all seem to agree, anything short is hard and the longer distances you do the easier it gets image

  • I've never undertaken a gait analysis before buying new running shoes. I try some on and buy the ones I like.

     I've never been able to pursuade my wife to let me buy everything I need to compete in a triathlon.

  • Never finished half IM yet due to various issues and helicopters image

    SyM.es - sounds like there's a story in there.....image

    Never done a 5miler

    Never done a duathlon

    Never been skiing (look like madness)

    Never done an IM.... maybe one day.....

  • Puffin - now that would be telling image
  • Never get out of bed for anything less than a 1/2 IM  image
  • Slightly shy to admit that aside from countless halfs and 5 full mara's I have only done 3 tris in my life - 2 sprint tris and 1 IM. Obviously quality not quantity.

    The next tri is IM Regensburg........................................am I allowed on here?? or maybe I am adhering to the Pirate mantra?????

  • Never done a 5k!

    In fact my mincing career went like this.

    • Ultras (30m) several
    • Half Mara
    • Ultras (50m) several
    • 10k (or speedwork as I call it)
    • Marathon (done 2 of the 6 marathon majors)

    My Tri career was as follows:

    • Enter HIM
    • Do Sprint as a trial
    • HIM(s)
    • Oly (This year soley so I could say I have done it)
    • IM (next week)

    Never done a Cycle Sportive or Cycle Race

    Never done LE-JOG (but want to) but have done the following:

    • Penine Way
    • Coast2Coast
    • Offas Dyke Path
    • West Highland Way
    • Cleveland Way
    • North Downs Way
    • South Downs Way
    • Dales Way
    • Cumbrian Way
    • St Cuthberts Way

     Never kissed a girl but I have climbed Mt Ruapehoe in North Island NZ in winter.

  • Never done an adventure race. Have my eye on one for September though.
  • Never done a Race For Life.
  • Ironholgs wrote (see)
    Never done a Race For Life.

    Saving that for the next book?

  • image ha ha S.A

    Er........Never wrestled a grizzly bear naked with my nuts dipped in honey.

  • you have nuts?

    Class S.A. class.

  • FF, you should try it sometime. It's great!!!
  • I've never done a 5k on a measured course, though I've done nominal 5ks at the end of duathlons/sprint tri's.

    I've raced (in inverted commas) over 10k, 12k, 4 miles, 5 miles, 10 miles, 13.1miles, 20 miles, 26.2 miles, 35 miles, 45 miles and various trail runs of marathon+ distances.

    I've done sprint tri's and middle distance tri's (though I had to pull out of one of them for largely the same reason as Symes) and IMs and tried and failed twice at DIM.

    Never done an Oly, never smoked a cigarette, never finished in the top 20 in a race.

    I once won some sunglasses for runnning, but I don't like to talk about it. image

  • I've never done an ultra image

    But I have done R4L, 5k, 10k, half mara and mara and duathlons, sprints, olys, middle distance and IM (though yet to get an official finish at that)

    Don't think I will ever do a DIM or above

  • I have never done a sprint, and only did my first Oly this month (my second tri... first was a HIM in '09) - think I would quite like sprint's though for the pace
  • I finished on the podium once but have never won a race image
  • I've never raced a 5k or an ultra, watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show or had a limb put in a cast. Clearly I have not lived.
  • I have never broken a bone longer than an inch.............. of my own of course
  • never knowingly be undersold!

    So many combos, no one will ever cover ever distance/event etc.

    Never say never, see an event, like it, do it. Find out how to swim i will crack the IM thingy. The cycle and run are a bit of piss.

  • Try Taffia wrote (see)

    So many combos, no one will ever cover ever distance/event etc.

    Not so sure on this. I have done 5 mile, 10km ,10mile,13.1 mile, 20 mile, 26.2mile, 30mile 50mile, 52.4 mile and 54 mile. The only obvious one I am missing is a 5km and its not like a couldn't do it. Park run would mean I could do it for free even.

    I intend to rectify the 5km and will be on the lookout for one soon.

    Triathlon I have done Super Sprint (pool), Sprint (OW), Oly, HIM and doing IM next week. Bar the Doubles, Trebles and Decas I think I have got the distances covered. I am likely to do 4 distances this year alone.

    Done a couple of adventure races, a duathlon (Ballbuster) and few other silly things as well. There have been a few things mentioned in this list that I have added to my want to do list as well - but it isn't a Race4Life.


  • A book? Surely that is the time to move to film.

    IronHolgs does Race4Life

    The true story of one man's dedication to great sporting achievements. See him push himself to break into a slight shuffle due to the pushchiars in fornt him.

  • Plum wrote (see)
    I have never broken a bone longer than an inch.............. of my own of course

    image I've never broken am arm or a leg. Have broken fingers, toes, rigs, scull, check bone, and bones in hands and left foot through.

    Mummy says I'm special. image

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