Inside food pain

I am training for a marathon in 8 weeks time but have suddently ot a dull ache on the arch of my right foot.  Any thoughts?  Treatments?

 I have done a lot of off road lately so would a road run make a difference?   Bought new trail shoes not so long ago so it is not that they are old or worn out.

 This is something i just do not need.


  • Assuming you meant foot and not food then this is likely to be PF

    Thats said I am not a trained medical professional and it could just be ablister   image
  • Yep, foot pain. 

     A dull ache at the moment and have done the stretches that are bouncing round the web. 

  • If you've suddenly increased your mileage for the marathon training then its likely this is the cause of your pain,  but its not going to go away on its own. I would suggest seeing a podiatrist as soon as possible, they will advise you properly on how to get through your training/marathon, unless of course theres a bigger problem.

    I had similar problem and my podiatrist showed me how to strap up my foot for the long runs and also exercises to strengthen leg muscles, all very simple and surprising it actually worked & I was able to run the marathon without pain or in danger of worsening the situation. So i would recommend a visit to your podiatrist without fail.

    Good luckimage

  • I do have some superfeet insoles so i could try using those and see if that helps.  Thankfully there is a local podiatrist in town. 

  • I had similar ache inside of arch this is usually related to posterior tibia tendon which can flare up if you have increased mileage recently. Could also be problem with navicular bone which mine turned out to be and now need surgery image suggest you see GP and take extra precautions when running because you may end up compensating because of pain and altering gait which will cause increase pressure on peroneal tendon and then you end up with compensatory injury as well!!!

    Sorry my post sounds gloomy but just be really careful and get it properly checked and good luck with your marathon image

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