Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today



  • Snails - dying to hear how you got on today? image
  • Yes, tell us snails!!!
    Hope it went well!
  • Snaaaaaaiiiiiilllllsssssssssss! image (fingers crossed!)
  • Aw you guys are great...........well as you can tell i made it (without the aid of an ambulance). Took me a long time, and i really do live up to my name - 1 hr 17min 21secs.......and i did have a number of very short walk breaks and 2 long ones which were on the hilly bits. It was all off road, about 1/4 on gravel paths and 3/4 on forest trail - so i'm glad i done so much of my running on trails until now. Two people actually ended up dropping out as they twisted their ankles. Also i didn't come last (but i was 4th last) - still it gives me an idea of what a 10K is like (i didn't have my Garmin till i finished the 10K plan, and i'm actually debating whether i had run 10K before) - and it gives me a time to work on. It was a really well organised event and only cost £10 to enter, and we got water, muffins and a medal at the end. So now i'm bathed and stretched!! Sorry to have kept you in suspense, but i wasn't home till 21.30.

    How are you all doing?? Thanks so much for all your support xxx

  • GO SNAILS!!! Knew you could do it!!! Off to bed now, will do proper reply tomorrow. Have a good rest! xxxx
  • Hiya all - Cheetah i love reading your thread - gives me inspiration to start walk run programme . Am just doing walking at the mo as had an op 7 weeks ago ...but hopefully a couple more will then get me on the move...

    You all write with such motivation and enthusiasm - pouring with rain but determined to do 30 mins fast walk  today .

    Abby image

  • Wooohooo go snails - I knew you could do it!!!!!!!

    Hi Abby and welcome to the thread and good luck with your walk if you haven't already done it - it's about to chuck it down here too I think.

    I shall post more later - off out for a run as soon as I stop bleeding (just had an injection at the doctor's, he's not very good at them!!!!!!!) 

  • Hi everyone,

    Abby - hi and welcome to the thread....hope you got your walk done okay, and most of all that you enjoyed it. You will really love it when you start your walk/run programme too.

    Cheetah - thanks for that. I hope you've stopped bleeding by now - sounds a bit of a gruesome experience for you..... maybe ask if the nurse can give it next time (hopefully there won't be one). Did you get out for your run after?

    Minty - thanks for reply last night. It was so funny - there i was all bathed, stretched and supposedly relaxed for bed......and i was still buzzing wide awake at 3am (not at all unusual for me to not be able to sleep, but i'm not usually buzzing) - it was either the adrenaline or the lucozade!! Hows your running going?

    Norfolklass - well done doing the 5k distance - good time too. Are you going to do any speed work at all during the week to try and improve your time? Also what are you increasing your Sat run to? I'm in a bit of quandry at the minute - my aim was to get my miles built up by following a half marathon plan, but i know i'm not ready physically or mentally for that level yet, so i don't know what to do next. Any ideas guys?? - should i do some shorter runs and do them quicker and then a longer run at weekend? I know i need to work on hills definately! All advice welcome. Oooh - i near forgot to tell you - they posted the results on their site today, and said that both the 5k and 10k races were slightly longer due to unforseen problems or something - i just thought my Garmin had it wrong - it was actually 6.8miles which is 10.94 km - so that was a nice surprise.

    Iain - not much longer to persevere till you get to see the physio - fingers crossed its good news for you.

    Tommy and Miffy - hope all is good with you and that your running is going well.

    Night Night all (obviously i'm not going to name you all cos then it'd be like the 'Waltons')imagexxx

  • Hey thanks folks you are a friendly bunch X
  • OK I think I have time to do a proper post tonight!

    An update on my running - I managed the full 3.5 miles at the running club again on Monday - in about 38 minutes. I was impressed with myself as Imanaged tokeep upwith some of the "good" people who've been going longer than me, and I didn't stop this week (the weather was quite a bit cooler which helped!)

    Then I DID manage to go for my run yesterday, I did the same route as on Sunday - 3.84 miles, only I was a minute slower. I blame the wind in my face on the way back, it was blowing me backwards! image Two young lads on scooters shouted "Nice tits" as I went past them, I think I'll take it as a compliment. They looked a bit embarrassed when I went past them again on a different bit of road later in my run though!

    There was definitely a reassuring police presence around yesterday evening after all the trouble that's been going on.

    Minty - so glad you found all your missing stuff! I'm not sure if the Magnum worked, it was a toss-up between that and some Jaffa Cakes. Maybe I'll try the Jaffa Cakes next time! Glad your run went well, and also that I'm not the only one that goes backwards! image

    Norfolklass - well done on your 5k! I'm loving the new cross trainer, and it doesn't seem like it's going to break any time soon. I can also hear the radio properly over the top of it unlike the last two!

    Abby - how did you get on with your walk?

    Snails - it WAS a bit gruesome, it was only a contraceptive injection - the nurse normally does it but she's on holiday this week so I got the doctor instead. I knew something was up when he started apologising profusely and saying something about it running down my leg (although I should have been suspicious when he got a plaster ready before he did it!). I now have a bruised bum and am sitting on a cushion - and I'm not quite sure if the run helped or not hehe! Probably too much information there!

    It's my night off tonight - so I plan on doing absolutely sod all for the rest of it! Night night all (I can only remember John Boy out of the Waltons........) 

  • Snails!!! Well done!!! The route sounds really tricksy, it's much harder to run on uneven trails than on nice flat pavement and it's definitely slower - hope the two ankle twists weren't serious. The whole event sounds great, even if they did make you run nearly 11k! I bet that muffin tasted good afterwards image and I'm not surprised you couldn't sleep, all those endorphins and lucozade bubbles!

    I'm going to stick to 5k during the week, and try to gradually increase my speed - I'd like to be able to do it in 30mins but I don't know how realistic that is yet. Still planning on increasing my weekend run to 10k, hopefully that will help my 5k time too. I'm not following a plan for it, just adding 10% each week so this weekend I'm aiming for 39mins, maybe I'll round it up to 40.

    Cheetah - yay re 3.5 miles and keeping up with the good people, well done you too! Why is it that no matter which direction you run in the wind always seemed to be blowing at you?? Definitely take it as a compliment, cheeky buggers. (My new sports bra claims to reduce bounce by up to 78%, now I just need something similar for my bum image) Long live the new cross trainer! Hope your injection site is healing quickly, sounds painful. Definitely put your feet up on another cushion and enjoy your evening image

    Hi Abby, welcome to the thread and to running! Hope your recovery is going smoothly and the fast walking is going well despite the weather.

    Hope everyone else is fit and healthy and walking/running/resting. Another 5k for me tomorrow morning - never EVER thought I'd ever be saying that.

  • Hi all,

    Just got in from my 2nd lot of run 3 / walk 1 and it was brill! Didn’t have high hopes again as it’s quite warm and not had much sleep the past few nights thanks to my daughter. But it definitely felt easier. The sixth run was uphill and as it was the last one I pushed myself a bit and thought I was going to die, but felt so good afterwards! Got heckled by a stupid teenage girl who said something really clever like “ooh, I want to be a runner”.image Think I would definitely prefer “nice tits” any day!

    Snails – so really well done on your 10K! I think I would be really buzzing after such an achievement! You must have been annoyed about it being nearly 11K!! Interested to hear what you do decide to work on next, but I’m not really in a position to advise about that. I’ll leave that to the other guys.

    Hi Abby, welcome to the thread! I think it’s a really good idea to do some fast walking before starting anyway – I should have done that as, not sure if you read it, but I had some quite bad leg pains in the 3rd week of the plan which made me stop for a couple of weeks and had to start again from the beginning. I’m sure I wouldn’t have had that if I’d prepared with some fast walking first. Good luck when you decide to start!

    Cheetah – whereabouts are you? Hope you’ve not been too affected by the rioting. It’s scary stuff. Has anyone else had any trouble near them? Well done on your running. Yes, doctors and midwives, not very good at injections or taking blood in my experience. Give me a nurse or phlebotomist any day! Hope it’s feeling better!

    Norfolklass – good to hear about your plans and how you go about increasing your weekend runs. I like the idea of tackling the park run in a few weeks time, though it will be probably be longer than the plan for the week, if you see what I mean. Really want to see if I can do it, but without pushing myself into an injury. And if you find anyone selling a sports bra for bums, then let me know! I would definitely buy one! Am still running in support knickers to hold everything in a bit, but they’re not very comfy.

    Hope everyone else is doing OK? I'm off to get my culture fix with Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model which I recorded. Yay! Then early night. xxx

  • I'm in Nottingham Minty - we didn't have it as bad as some places,  they tried to break into JD Sports (of ALL places - I'm sure it's next to a couple of jewellers, but no - they wanted tracksuits haha!) a couple of police stations were attacked too. They're also trying to tie in an arson attack with the trouble which was right outside our house - I was watching the firemen from the lounge! I don't think it was connected though,  I didn't see any rioting.

    Glad your run went well! I STILL finish on a hill now, but I gradually got used to it! image (And the hecklers - luckily they mainly seem to be good-natured if annoying).

    Good luck with your 5k in the morning Norfolklass - I'm going to try and go for a run tomorrow evening, I haven't decided yet whether to try 4 miles, or wait til Sunday .

    Right, off for a gin and tonic before bed! 

  • I am back, I have returned!
    Unfortunately , with a bill for £104 for repairing my computer!

    So, you lot all running well I see.
    10k's through the trails, 5k's for the first time, next levels done on the run/walk program!

    Well done one and all on your efforts and acheivments this last week.

    I am still on the bike, the physio is away on hols for another week, so i'm sticking to what he told me, and will wait till we can have a chat before I consider getting on the treadmill.
    So its another few sessions peddling like an idiot without going anywhere.
    I've stayed with a 35 min session, but upped  the resistance setting by 2 levels for the last 2 minutes. My legs are burning anyway for the last half of the workout, but are now on fire at the end!

    Weight loss has more or less stopped, currently at 97 kilos, but not suprising as i've not run regularly for around 3 weeks now. Hope that will change once I can start putting in some time on the mill again.

    I'll be at the Eaton park run on saturday 20th as a volunteer, might as well help if I cant run.

    Also decided to join City of Norwich AC, checked out exactly where they are based, which is just round the corner form the parkrun at Eaton park, and is easy to get to on my way home from work, so evening training should be easy to do (not until my knee is healed though!)


  • Hi all - have just caught up on all the posts since my last one - sounds as if you're all running loads! And well done Snails on your 10K - a fab achievement image

    I've been away on holiday - a week in the Gower, which was lovely - lots of walking, sea swimming, and lounging around on the beaches, as the weather was great fortunately. I did manage one run - not a good one, but it was hilly! That's my excuse anyway - I'm not used to hills at all, living in East Anglia, so it really slowed me down, and I had to walk several times on the way up. Ran all the way down though, and was faster too! image

    Since we've been back, I've spent a few days away again at my parents - managed another hilly run while I was there, which was better than the other one,  but now I'm home and no more trips on the horizon, so need to get back into regular running back here.

    I've toyed with the idea of doing a parkrun - there's one a couple of miles away, which I could easily cycle to and then run, but I'm worried it'll be too fast - I am soooo slow when I run. I use the nike+ sensor with my ipod, and the graph I get off that when I upload it doesn't show much difference between my walking and running pace, so I reckon I run about as slowly as is possible without classing it just as walking. I may aim to try the parkrun at the end of the summer, as by then I'll have had three more weeks of consistent running - I hope!

    It's good to catch up again - sorry for not responding to everyone individually. And thanks for sharing the photo cheetah - it's good to put a face to a name on here.

    I'm planning to go out running today, so will post back once I've been. Feel free to remind/nag/bully if I don't get out there!

  • I've been out for a run - just half an hour, and it wasn't great by any standards. had a few walking breaks, and felt very puffed most of the way. [image]

    But... this is my fresh start. I've got three more weeks off work, in which to make a real effort with my running, and weight loss, so I hope to improve all round before I go back to school. Got a wedding to attend in 3 weeks too, so any weight loss would be good [image]

  • Evening - only JUST back from the supermarket as we went late, but the good news is I drove us back, the first time I've done it without stalling! image

    Yesterday I decided I WOULD try for the 4 miles - and I'm glad as the email from the running club says that it's 4.5 miles on Monday - a bit of a scary jump from 3.5!

    I added  a couple of extra bits onto my route - got home in 48:24 without stopping - and when I put it into MapMyRun when I got back it came up as 7.05km, or 4.38 miles - so I'm almost at the distance for Monday anyway! (phew!). I might try and add a little bit more tomorrow just to make sure. I got a grading on my hills too image

    Hi Iain - you're making us sound really good! You seem to be doing well with the bike workouts - I'm upping the resistance gradually at the end on the cross trainer too, it seems to be heling my running. Hopefully you'll find the same thing when you start again!

    Hi Miffy - your holiday sounds lovely! And well done for fitting in a run or two as well! I've started to like the hills in my runs, I just tell myself the more I go UPhill, the more I get to go DOWNHILL afterwards!

    OH is cooking us a nice curry for tonight, and I'm enjoying a gin and tonic. We have recorded "The Borgias" on Sky so may see if that's any good later! Night all! 

  • Did 2 more sessions on the bike over the weekend, still peddling away in my lunch breaks till i can get back "on the road".
    40 mins yesterday  with the last 2 set 2 levels higher, and 25 mins today but with resistance set 1 level higher from the start.
    Its just so tedious, but it all helps. Get some music on the telly helps the minutes to tick by though.

    Got a few days off work so will just be exercising by walking the dogs instead.

    Will find out friday when physio is in next so hopefully back to the mill soon.

  • Evening all, hope you've had good weekends. I did another 5k on Friday morning, but it was the hardest run I've done in ages and left me with really aching shins. I think it was because I was really tired, but it made me question whether I'd be able to up my distance to 10k. I decided to go for 40mins this morning but at a nice slow pace to make sure I finished. And it was probably the easiest run I've done in ages! So I think I need to make a conscious effort to run at slightly different paces for 5k during the week and longer distances at the weekend. And get more sleep! Two more lessons learned image

    Minty - I can sympathise about the lack of sleep - I've been on earlies so up at 5.45am, plus cat demanding breakfast at 4.30am, grrr. It sounds like your plan's going well, really well done for pushing yourself, it's the best feeling afterwards when you realise you've done what you didn't think you'd be able to.

    Cheetah - hope you haven't had any more rioting in your area, or any more fires in your street! Way to go with the driving!!! And well done on the increased distance, with hills - are you aiming for a particular distance with your club?

    Iain - welcome back, and well done for sticking to the exercise bike and not being tempted to run yet, hope all goes well with the physio on Friday. I'd be interested to hear what you think of the club when you join.

    Miffy - your hols sound lovely, never been to the Gower but everyone says it's beautiful. Sorry to hear yesterday's run wasn't so good, from what I've read in other threads on here sometimes the best runners just have a bad run, so don't feel too discouraged. Good luck with the fresh start and the weight loss. According to the scales I've only lost a couple of pounds and was a bit disappointed. But my clothes are looser and a pair of jeans I couldn't even get on a couple of months ago are now baggy, so the running is definitely having a positive effect image

    Tommy, Abby - how are you and how's the walking/running?

    Maybe we should all aim for a parkrun later this year, or is that too scary?!?
  • I WILL go for a run this evening! There - I've got to do it now.

    Will write more after. xx

  • I hope you've done it now Minty! image

    I managed my 4.5 miles at the running club - I'm quite proud of myself as I wimped out of my practice run yesterday! I was running with people who got wice a week and do every race going like half marathons and stuff - they were probably knackered which is why I could keep up with them!

    The main running group on Wednesday are doing the same route so I think I might go, as I do a run on a Wednesday anyway, and I'd prefer a flatter one! I bet they're all faster than me, but I can give the back marker someone to talk to! image

    Hi Norfolklass - the plan with the club is meant to be up to 10k, I thought I would have dropped back to the beginners group by now but I'm still going! No more riots or fires in the street - fingers crossed! 

    I want to do a parkrun - I just need to be able to drive to get to the local one first - I shall keep practicing! 

    Right - I'm starting to feel that run in my legs now - so after I've refreshed to see if I've crossed posts with  Minty, I shall pour myself a well-earned gin and tonic and relax for the rest of the night.

  • I didn't - Minty must be crossing posts with me! image
  • Hi guys, well Cheetah, I WAS writing at the same time as you, but then accidentally managed to lose everything I had written AGAIN! This time, by pressing the backspace button twice too quickly which apparently makes the webpage go back to the previous one, even when you’re typing in a form. Arrgghh! So from now on, I’m writing in Word then will copy and paste when done!

    I did go for a run last night! Felt really comfortable, despite not having been out since Thurs, and not having much sleep recently. Going to do another week of running 3 mins as only went out twice last week. And next week I think I will do 4 mins as 5 seems too much of a jump. The leg pain is getting less and less each time, which is really encouraging!

    Cheetah – really well done on your driving and on your 4.5 miles! Must be a good feeling to be able to keep up with the racers!

    Iain – well done for keeping up with the cycling and good luck with the physio this week. Whereabouts is the Norwich AC then? Must be quite near me then, but never come across it.

    Miffy – sounds like you had a great holiday! I went to Gower 4 years ago, it’s beautiful, although I was pregnant at the time and whenever I think of that holiday, the overriding memory is of morning sickness! image Have you been out again since your last post? Hope it went a bit easier for you!

    Norfolklass – have you been out since? Hope you’ve managed to get some better sleep. Everything is hard when you’re tired, isn’t it? And getting up that early is not natural, though my kids don’t seem to be aware of that anymore than your cat!

    I might be persuaded to try a parkrun in the not-too-distant future! It’s definitely seeming more within the realms of possibility now!

    Will be going out again tomorrow. This evening my legs and feet are REALLY sore, but that was due to having a blissful afternoon clothes shopping without children!!image Forgotten how much stamina you need for that!

    Night night everyone, xxx

  • Hello again. Well I went out for a run this morning but I think I really should have had another rest day image Another struggle followed by really sore shins and an aching knee so no more running for me until at least Friday. Dammit! (But that does mean another hour in bed tomorrow morning image)

    Well done Cheetah on increasing your distance to 4.5miles, just converted it and that's 7.25k, so not much further to get to 10k!! If you do join the other group tomorrow have a great run, and good luck with the driving too.

    Hi Minty, it's great to hear that your running is going so well and that your leg pain is also improving. I haven't spent an afternoon clothes shopping in ages, the last time was a mad last minute dash round the shops looking for a wedding outfit the day before the wedding - not ideal conditions!

    As well as the Norwich AC there's also the Norwich Road Runners. I think I'd like to join a club one day but I don't feel anywhere near good enough yet. Did I mention the Sportlink shop at Taverham garden centre also do a weekly Saturday morning run at 9? I might give that a go in a few weeks… maybe...

    Happy injury-free running everyone!
  • Minty,

    City of Norwich AC run their training groups from the sportspark at UEA. More info is available on the website

    I travel up the A11 to the Thickthorn junction on the way home from work, and would only have to go 1 junction west on the A47 before turning off to get to the uni.
    After training its a quick trip past Eaton Park to head over to the A146 and back onto the A47 towards Yarmouth and home.

    I did look at Norwich Road Runners but their training is based towards the north side of Norwich so would mean fighting my way around Norwich at  peak travel times to get to the sessions, so it came down to geographical location when making a decision on which club to apply to for membership.

    Just waiting on membership card to arrive in the post

  • Hi everyone,

    I've had a quick read back of the posts to catch up......its been busy for me (and no i wasn't rioting or looting, lol)......getting hall,stairs and landing decorated, so stripping the wallpaper was tedious, though the decorators are almost finished - the place reeks of gloss paint today, so i'm posting now before it makes me want to throw up (sorry TMI). Also, my phone broke - too old apparently to be fixed (2.5 years old!!), so had to buy a cheapy as it was too far from pay-day to get a decent one - however i can text and make calls so thats really all i need. I'm such a dope though - all of my numbers seem to have been saved to my old phone, not the SIM, so i've lost them all which is a bit wick. Also, my wee dog took a stroke on Monday, he has had two before but it took him a bit longer to get the power back in his legs this time, and i really thought i'd have to get him put down, but thankfully he is back to normal now. So, needless to say i've not run much at all - yesterday i didn't even get 15minutes done as it was too hot and i was tired, so i'll try and do a bit more Friday and Sunday, and then next week NO EXCUSES!! The photos are on the web for the 10K - i look a right sight i can tell you - (and i'm not putting a link to them either image).

    Now, to catch up with everyone else, having told my extensive tales of woe! -

    Norfolklass - sorry to read you had sore shins and knee after your last run, hope a bit of rest has helped and that your good to go again tomorrow.

    Minty - your running sounds like its going really well - thats great you're thinking of a Parkrun - i'd love to do one too (mine is 40miles away so it'd be an early jaunt for 9am on a Saturday). Still, it'd be worth it, as i do all my running by myself, and now having done 2 events with other people i actually really enjoyed the atmosphere.

    Cheetah - big well done on the 4.5miles - not even 2 miles further and you're at the 10K!! Glad to hear the driving is going well too.

    Iain - well, physio tomorrow and hopefully the 'all-clear' to get back to running. i'm sure you'll have to take it easy to start with and build up again gradually - though it'll be very tempting for you to do too much especially if you've no pain - so remember to do what the physio says, or we'll have to slap your wrists again!!image

    Miffy - sorry to hear your last run wasn't as good as you wanted it to be, as you can see from this thread we all have days like that, so don't be too hard on yourself. I'm sure even the experienced runners have 'off-days'. Glad to read you had a nice holiday (though i'll have to google Gower to see where it is).

    Tommy, Abby - hope the running is going well for you.

    Very excited that 'the Killing' is on tonight. Dare i ask if anyone intends to watch Celebrity Big Brother??

    Its been good to catch up, i missed you guys - happy running everyone xxx

  • Evening all! (Does that make me sound like the police? I suppose someone has to check there's no rioting and looting going on in this thread!)

    I'm just in from my driving lesson - I finally seem to have mastered that elusive clutch control! I think it helped that I was doing more manoevres and using it more, I was much better at pulling off from junctions on the way back.

    Well I managed to brave the main running group yesterday! image

    There wasn't anyone else there from the Monday group- but there WERE people running at a similar pace to me. I even overtook a couple half way round! I was a whole minute and 20 seconds faster than on Monday too, so a good run I think. I won't be going on a Wednesday often just yet - they normally do about 6 miles, and things called "hill repeats" which I don't like the sound of. My driving instructor used to go and reckons that if I can run 4.5 miles without stopping then I can do 6 - I think I'll keep building up gradually though! 

     I KNEW you'd be posting round about then Minty!Well done on your run, it sounds like it's going well. I think I would have put an extra week in between the big jumps if it wasn't for the running club who were following the programme exactly. I compensated by doing an extra day on a Sunday and splitting the difference - ie trying 4 minute reps on the Sunday to prepare for the 5 minutes on Monday! The thought of the 2 minute walk breaks carried me through! image

    Hi Norfolklass, hope your aches and pains are better today. I really recommend joining a club! I didn't think I'd be good enough for the Wednesday one, but there really were all abilities there, and I was somewhere in the middle. I'm still not sure about the "hill repeats" though, I may join them again at some point in the future though!

    Go on snails - link to the pic! image Go on go on go on go on go on..... *channelling Mrs Doyle from Father Ted*

    You sound like you've been busy! Sorry to hear about your poor dog - we have some unhealthy pets here don't we- our cat Nikki is now on 5 pills a day as her head has gone all scabby and the vet can't work out why. Glad he's feeling better now though, it's always worrying when they're not well image

    Oooh tea's ready - I shall NOT be watching Big Brother as Jedward are meant to be on it and they make me feel like committing violent offences every time I see them! 

    Anyone I've missed - hope the running's going well! image

  • Wow it's warm again!

    I went for a run this morning around the local Broad, not as early as I'd planned but early enough to be the only person around. Bliss! The mist was still rising off the water and a weasel darted across the track in front of me, I've got no idea how they manage to bring down rabbits, they're so tiny! I did 40mins and it went much better and was almost pain-free. And I had a bit of a running revelation: this sounds really stupid but today I realised I haven't been using my toes. Although I land on my heels, when I take off all of my foot leaves the ground at the same time so I'm quite flat-footed. I read a RW article about running form last week so I started thinking about how I was running and realised that I wasn't really pushing off from the ground. So I concentrated on pushing off with my toes and it made such a difference! All of a sudden for very little extra effort I was running rather than plodding and covering loads more ground. Eureka!!!

    Iain - did you see your physio? Can you start some gentle running again yet?

    Hi snails - you really have been busy! Hope the paint smell has gone, and more importantly I hope your dog is fully recovered - pets are such a worry when they're not well image sounds like you've had a pretty stressful week, did you manage to fit in a run today? I'm steering well clear of celeb bb, I already watch far too much trashy tv! Oh, and don't forget to post a link to those 10k photos!!

    Hi Cheetah - well done on the clutch control, definitely one of the trickiest bits of learning to drive. And well done on Wednesday's run, sounds like you're doing really well! No idea what hill repeats are but they sound painful. I'd like to join a club but I work till 7pm which is when the two local clubs run, so I'd only be able to do weekend runs. It's funny you should mention your cat, does she scratch her head a lot? Our mog gets a scabby head but only in the summer and the vet thinks it's probably hay fever. She gets really itchy in front of her ears and around her chin, definitely an allergy of some kind, poor thing.

    Right, early night for me. 40min run and 4 hours down the allotment (mmm, runner beans image) has finished me off! Happy running all.
  • Hi all

    Sorry my posting on here is a bit sporadic - I'll try and catch up in a bit, so apologies if I don't 'talk' to everyone individually!

    I'm still getting out there - but have decided to go back to the c25k plan - I think I was missing the structure and putting more walking bits in than I really needed, so i've gone back to it, and actually like having someone tell me when to run and when to walk and encouraging me! I haven't run a full half hour in a good while, so have gone back to week 6, and will work through from there again, but may miss out some or do them on consecutive days to move through more quickly if it's feeling ok/easy. The dog needs his daily exercise too so I can tie it in with him!

    I've been decorating too this week - unfortunately I'm the decorator, so have spent 4 full days preparing, painting, hanging wallpaper, and moving furniture back in. After a day of that every day, my energy levels aren't great!

    Norfolklass - your run sounds lovely, and the new technique sounds worth a go  - I'll try it too and see if I can analyse my running a bit! My brother runs lots and he lands on his toes I think - is that forefoot running?? - he swears by it, and has tried on numerous occasions to show me how to do it, but I just can't do it. I need to focus on just keeping going at the moment image

    Will tryand post more often. Hi to everyone!

  • Evening - it's hot again, but I managed a shorter than normal run this evening - just under 5k, so I'm proud of myself for that!

    I went a bit crazy on Friday evening and lengthened the route I've been doing, which meant extra hills - I was knackered afterwards and quite disappointed the distance only came to 4.65 miles - it felt like about 10 haha! I was still a bit achy tonight, hence the shorter run with the least amount of hills I could get away with.

    It's the same route as last week again at the running club - so I should be OK with that one! (The proper runners on Wednesday are doing 6.5 mile so I'll give that one a miss I think....)

    I also managed to drive us to the supermarket AND back without stalling, so even the clutch in OH's car is doing what I want it to! image

    Hi Miffy nice to hear from you - glad you're still running! Looks like everyone's decorating at the moment except us - but if I screw my eyes up enough the grubby woodchip doesn't look SO bad....

    Norfolklass - funny you should say that about form - I was also reading a RW article and have been spending my last couple of runs trying to keep my arms at 90 degree angles with my back straight - I must have looked like I was checking out my reflection in all the windows I passed, but I was just looking at my form as it's hard to tell! image I'm not sure if it helped though, I'll try and use my toes tomorrow to see what happens.

    Our cat IS a bit itchy - in front of her ears, the sides of her face and her chin - the vet thinks it may well be some sort of allergy but she wasn't sure what - it's not parasites, and we haven't changed her food - maybe it IS hayfever! The steroids/antibiotics seem to be helping and her scabs have cleared up a bit now - we'll see what the vet thinks on Tuesday.

    Hope everyone else is running well - and with good form lol! image

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