Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today



  • Hi Roadrunner, I've only had the Garmin for about a week and before that I used MapMyRun. The distances on the garmin are coming out the same so I'd say it's pretty accurate! image

    My race pace for Sunday has arrived today - and the distance now appears to be 2.3 miles, not 2.6 as previously published...... therefore I bloody well BETTER do it in under 25 minutes haha! I have a 22 minute goal now! image

  • Hi everyone, sorry I haven't written for a while, things a bit hectic here without my DH. I have to go to bed really early to make it through the next day as one child not sleeping well (we normally do shifts so I get up at 5 or 6, then he takes over at 6.30/7 whilst I go back to bed til 8, makes all the difference!).

    Managed to get out for a run this eve, first time since Monday. Was quite tough, but did the 5mins x 4 again. Off to the caravan this weekend with mum and dad and planning another run on Sat, so that will make it 3 times this week. YAY!image

    Oh, had my driving lesson yesterday. I didn't kill anyone or crash, so that was a bonus!image Was a lot harder to get back into it than I thought it would be, but by the end of the hour I'd done a couple of roundabouts and felt a lot better. Only stalled once, and that was in our cul-de-sac, so not too embarrassing. Another one next Weds.

    Well done on your running everyone, some great times and distances! Good luck for Sunday, Cheetah!

    Sorry I haven't got time to reply to everyone individually, promis I will make it up to you all when DH gets back!

    Night night! imagexxx

  • Hi everyone,

    Well i runned!! I am most pleased with myself even though i only did 2.5miles. Of course this will be a very quick post cos its Thursday night and you know what that means for me - 'the Killing' is on at 2100.

    Its took me 3mins to type that wee bit, so i'm away. I'll chat properly tomorrow....

    Night night....imagexxx

  • Morning all, hope you're all well and injury-free. I've been on earlies this week and really tired so I haven't done as much running as I wanted. I christened my Garmin with two 50min runs last weekend. The first one I did on time and the second one I tried out the heart rate monitor, and had to make two Garmin-related stops for fiddling and swearing! Think I've got the hang of it now though image but I'm a bit confused re pace. Until I ran with the HR monitor I've always run according to breathing, normally 3 in 2 out, and that's a fairly comfortable pace for me - not ridiculously difficult but fast enough to feel like I'm properly exercising. But, when I ran with the HR monitor set to zone 4 it was loads slower and my breathing was down to 4 in 4 out and I kept getting beeped at to slow down. When I stopped I felt as if I'd made no effort at all and it felt wrong.

    So. Does that mean that up until now I've been training too hard and running too fast? Or does it mean that my heart is really unfit? Scary thought image Should I just forget the HR training and carry on at my usual pace? If I run at zone 4 pace I'm doing a 12 min mile, previously I was doing just over an 11 min mile. I know I've only been running since May and am carrying some extra weight but now I'm confused, I wanted to get faster not slower!!

    Got to take the cat to the vet for her booster soon but planning a run afterwards before lunch, hopefully 55mins, so more later...
  • Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all well. I have just come in from a wee 3 mile trot - it was very mucky as we had heavy rain, and it took me 30 mins 16 secs, so the usual 10min/mile. You know i really think i have just one speed and thats it!! Have to confess i had to walk twice for a wee minute to catch my breath - don't know if it was cos i was faced with a slight hill, or the fact that i had lunch out, followed by coffee/walnut cake (was yummy), or the more likely one - i'm still not fit!!

    Norfolklass - i haven't used my HR monitor yet - mainly cos at the minute i just go at a pace i'm comfortable with. So far i like the Garmin for measuring distance, and i find when i look at the pace too much then i try and go faster and don't enjoy it as much. I am wondering maybe if you should just go with your usual pace too - after all, your running has improved so much - i mean, you are doing 50mins at a time!! Hope the cat got on okay at the vets today - poor thing image.

    Minty - you're at the caravan at the minute so you won't see this, but i hope you and the kids are having a nice break with your parents. Well done on the first driving lesson - i bet you won't be long until you get your confidence back and you'll be happy enough to go on your own.

    Cheetah - its so exciting its your race tomorrow - i really hope it stays cool and dry for you (it can bucket after cos you'll not care as you'll be celebrating getting under 22mins with a nice G+T.... don't forget to let us know how you get on...Good luck x

    Roadrunner - thats great you've been underestimating your runs - wish thats what i had done. Have you any particular distance goal or race in mind?

    Iain, Tommy, Miffy, Blondie - hope you are all well....

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, xximage

  • Garmins...never used one, so cant comment about the heart rate stuff.

    Cheetah, good luck tomorrow, dont get sucked into trying to keep up with other runners, run your own race. Too fast too soon and you'll end up blowing like a whale, you know your pace and how it feels so run a smart race.

    Tried mapmyrun, so much easier than runjog walk for measuring distances.

    Done a few sessions at work gym this week, a mixture of weights to strengthen the legs and some crosstrainer/treadmill to get the heart and lungs going again.
    Ran 2 miles in 16 minutes on the mill today, followed by some leg presses and calf raises in the weights room. Wringing wet by the time i finished, but felt good.
    Knee seems OK at the moment, but not going to get silly and do too much too soon.
    Will run 2 miles again tomorrow and some more leg strength exercises (extensions and curls), weights only on Monday, rest on Tuesday.

    Purchased a foam roller to help stretch out the iliotibial bands in my thighs as this is the 2nd cause of problems in my knee (after the ligament strain). Its very common in runners and cyclists, with stretching a very effective remedy. 

     Not sure i'm going to be able to run the 5k on the 24th, as i've yet to start back to running on the road, and dont want to over stress my knee by doing it too soon. The treadmill has a sprung base which takes a lot of the impact off the knee, the road is going to be so different with no give in it at all. Will see how things progress.

  • @Snail's Pace:  Long term?  London Marathon. image  I know, that's a long way off but it's sort of implanted itself as an ambition over the past few weeks.  A great milestone to reach for now would be 20 miles a week - I'm probably doing about 15 miles right now, or maybe a bit less on average each week.

     Short term goals are to enter a 5k park run that's local to me - and not to come last!!  I always used to come last at sport's day when at school!!  Before I enter that, I'm doing a 5k intervals course which appears to have the objective of getting your speed up as well as distance, then when I see my 5k times coming down, I'll be giving the 5k race a go.

    If I could get to running 6+ miles three times a week, that would be a good 'immediate future' goal.  Right now, after accomplishing a 6.20 mile run, my next one usually drops back quite a bit.  Hopefully before too long I'll be able to do an hour at 6mph or so every time I go out. image  I'm also going to try some routes that don't involve circulating near local roads - some routes that head off out into the open if you like. image

     Edit:  MapMyRun has also got this really cool 3D flyover of your route which spells out to you just how far you're actually running out there; it's cool when your teenage nephew exclaims 'you ran down that long road??'

  • I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!! imageimageimage

    I had a practice run of the race distance on Friday evening, I pushed myself as hard as I could - and managed 22:02, which I was happy with - and gave me something to beat on race day.

    I didn't sleep too well last night, and on the way to the race site I had to run for the tram and I was out of breath straight away - I didn't think I was looking too good to beat 22 minutes so decided that anything under 24 would be OK for me.

    The atmosphere when we got there was AMAZING - lining up at the start line I was nearly overcome with excitement - and felt a bit like a race horse before the Grand National lol! The adrenaline carried on until the start of the race and carried me forwards a bit faster than normal - it wasn't my most comfortable pace ever but I kept going. There were loads of spectators cheering us on which really helped - a couple shouted "nice ears!" at me (I was wearing cat ears as I was running in aid of Cats Protection).

    I slowed down a bit for the last mile as I was finding it hard going - until I saw the finish line and just went for it! I crossed the line at 21:05 by my Garmin - and the race was 2.32 miles so I'm a little bit chuffed with my time! image I shall post my official time later on when the results are up. I got a medal, a bottle of lovely cold water, and a goodie bag full of sweeties afterwards!

    We also decided to be naughty and go to the pub for a pint - the marathon went past while we were there so we stayed to cheer them on as I now know how cool that is when you're running, and these guys had already done a couple of hours and lots of them were still smiling! 

    I want to enter the half marathon next year now! image (and go a bit slower than today!)

  • Woo Hoo!! Well done Cheetah!! image

    I am so pleased for you that you beat your target time, and also that you really enjoyed the atmosphere etc. Glad you had a great time. I'm going for a wee trot in a minute so will try and post later - just wanted to do my cheerleader bit for Cheetah <waves pom-poms>

  • The results are up! I came 189th out of 1201 - My "official" time from when the gun went off was 21:06 - and my chip time (from when I got to the start line after overtaking all the people in frongt of me waiting to go) was even better - 20:52! image On top of that, I've made £188.60 for Cats Protection! image

    Thanks everyone for the good wishes image

    Right, it's about time I replied to everyone! Hope you're enjoying the caravan Minty, and glad your driving leson went well.

    Norfolklass - I haven't tried the heart rate monitor on my Garmin yet - although when I do I think I'll just use it to see what my heart's doing and not to stay within a zone, it sounds scary! Where does the strap go? I'm guessing just under my boobs...?

    Snails - your pace is really good! I'm slower when I run further, just went a bit mad today. Hope you managed your run tonight!

    Iain - glad your knee is holding up!

    Roadrunner - I love that 3D thing - I like to pretend I ran it that fast too hehe! It makes me a bit dizzy when it goes over a tight corner though!

    That's it from me today - I'm knackered! I'm back for more at the running club tomorrow, think it's about 3.5 (SLOW) miles.

    Nighty night! image

  • Evening everyone, hope you're all well and have had good weekends. I did 55mins yesterday but didn't get out till 2pm and it was so warm and humid and I'd eaten so my stomach was really uncomfortable and stitchy - all in all a horrible run image I run round the same lake and am up to 2 laps now and it was SO tempting to stop and get in the car after the first lap but I made myself do another lap and it felt slightly easier than the first one. I'm definitely a morning runner!

    Cheetah, massive whoops and congrats to you on running such a fast time and raising so much money for the kittens!!! Not so much a Cheetah-to-be any more, more of a fully-qualified-Cheetah! Hope you're not too achy or stiff tomorrow, bet that pint tasted fab image Have you picked your next race yet?!? 189th is brilliant, well done you! (Re the HR strap, I think so, at least that's where I put mine!)

    Minty, I hope you're coping OK without your DH. I really feel for him as I lost my dad to lung cancer last year, and it still doesn't seem real. As hard as it will be for him it's good that he's been able to be with his mum, but it's so very very sad. But I hope you've all had a lovely weekend at the caravan and managed to fit in another run yesterday, have a good driving lesson on Wednesday.

    Snails, well done on your times, I'd be thrilled if I was running at 10min/mile pace! I think I'm with you re the Garmin HR monitor, definitely too distracting, back in the box it goes for now image The mog was fine, thanks, just her annual booster vaccination and check-up, although it was a bit of a battle to get her in the cat carrier, poor thing! She was off to the vet every day when she was poorly a couple of months ago, and is still deeply suspicious every time we open the wardrobe cos that's where the cat carrier lives.

    Iain, sounds like your training is going well, I hope you're back to full fitness and running soon, and that your knee continues to stay pain-free. If you google ITBS there are some stretches that come up on youtube that might be worth a try, hope the foam roller helps.

    Roadrunner, how's the 5k intervals training going - how long before your times start coming down? I'm very impressed with your weekly mileage, have you planned any scenic routes yet? I like the sound of the 3D flyover, I might have to have a go at that!

    Miffy, Blondie, Tommy, hope your running is going well.

    Night all, have a good week and happy running x
  • Hi everyone,

    firstly, WELL DONE CHEETAH!! That's a fab time! Yes I agree you are definitely a fully-fledged Cheetah now! image

    I have been crap the past week, and didn't go for a run at the weekend. Haven't been since either, but kids have been up late, only just got the 2nd one off at about 8.30 tonight. AND my new phone came today so have spent the past 45 mins staring blankly at the enormous instruction manual. hmm... but exciting.

    On a very sad note, my mother in law passed away on Friday night, but we're just so glad that my DH made it to Australia in time to be with her. She wasn't aware of much towards the end, which was probably a good thing, but she smiled at my DH when he arrived so I'm sure she knew he was there. Just so sad, the funeral is this Weds, so at least he can be there for that too.  Thanks for all your kind word, and I'm so sorry Norfolklass that you went through the same thing with your Dad so recently. It was lung cancer in my MIL's case too.

    OK, I have to go to bed now as my days seem to be starting at 5am at the moment and I'm sooo not a morning person at the best of times image

    I'm looking forward to getting back on running schedule next week. image

    In the meantime, happy running all! xxx

  • Oh Minty, that's very sad news. But at least your DH got there in time, and I'm sure his mum would have known he was with her. And it's good he can be there for the funeral too, although I'm sure it will be very hard for him and the rest of his family. I'm so sorry x
  • Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all well..

    Cheetah - i think the chip time is the accurate one so well done on your even better time! You raised a great amount for the charity too - which isn't easy. What next on agenda then?

    Norfolklass - 55mins is brilliant...i have really gone backwards since the 10K and have got into a bad habit of taking walk breaks again - i can't do 30 mins now without stopping. I must try harder and make myself keep going. Maybe i'm not pacing it right - if you are doing 55mins what would your average pace be?

    Minty - so sorry to hear your sad news. Its lovely to hear that your mum-in-law smiled at your DH when he arrived - she must have definately have known he was there....what a nice memory for him. I know you miss your running, but it won't be long till you're back out again - in the meantime you could always exercise this way - . I'm going to try and incorporate that into my schedule - yum image

    Roadrunner - i would love to do a London Marathon too - but at the minute i'm struggling with less than 6 miles. Still, no harm in having a long term goal - maybe i'll apply for the ballot for 2013... hows the interval training going?

    Iain - hope the knee is still improving. You are a brave man doing the 'foam roller' stuff - i've heard it is excruciatingly (?sp) painful...still, itf it helps then its worth it. Have you definately ruled out the Parkrun for 24th?

    Blondie, Miffy, Tommy - hows it going with you guys?

    Almost forgot to tell what i've been up to since i last posted - i've started to follow a half-marathon plan (not that i intend to enter one, its just i need a plan to follow) - so on Sat i trotted 3 miles (had 2 walk breaks), Sun 2 miles (no break), Mon - rest, Tues 2.5 miles (no break - but was most disgusted when i got home and realised it should have been only 2 miles!), Wed - kettlebells, today 3 miles (2 w/b). I have also enrolled for a yoga class cos i want to be a bit bendier and starts next week. So i'm quite excited by all that - plus its the final night of 'The Killing' - and its on for 2 hours....can't

  • Hi all, hope you are all OK

    Had a good session yesterday on the treadmill, running 2 1/2 miles which normally takes 20.04 to complete at 8min mile pace (4 seconds is mill getting up to speed), but turned the speed up to 6 minute mile pace at 19 mins to simulate a fast finish, so finished around 19.45 . Knee felt fine and can feel my heart and lungs rapidly getting back to my previous levels.

    Intended to do the same today but at 18 mins into the run I started to feel something in my knee, not pain or discomfort as such, just a slight sensation something was not quite right. The moment I stopped so did the sensation.

    So, back to chat with the physio tomorrow although I think its the ITB rather than the ligament, possibly because i've gone back up to almost my previous distances quite quickly. Will continue to strech out the legs to keep loose, and a weights only session tomorow.

    Foam roller!
    "Excruciatingly painfull" is probably a serious overstatement, but "comfortable" is a serious understatement also!!  Its an uncomfortable thing to do for me, but that may get easier with repeated use over time. I have tried several stretches to help loosen up the ITB but find them fairly ineffective TBH.
    It may be I am not getting them quite right, but either way the ITB is getting worked.
    I am using a fair few different stretches at the moment to help keep me supple including some for hamstrings, quads, glutes,groin and both muscles which make up the calves (2 different stretch positions).

    I think parkrun on 24th is a definate no, I havent tried any roadwork yet, and with the minor issue today I think it would be stupid to attempt 5k on tarmac paths so soon. Disappointing, as I really wanted to do the run on my 40th.

  • Evening!

    My poor hamstrings have been a bit achy since I went that fast on Sunday - so it's been slower runs for me this week!

    It was an almost flat 3.82 mie route with the running club on Monday, but every SLIGHT TINY incline felt like a mountain lol! I was averaging 10:14 m/m though so not as slow as I thought! 

    I was going to go to the main running group yesterday as it was the "short" 4.5 mile route - another flat one - but I ended up swapping my driving lesson and couldn't make it. Instead I went out on my own afterwards - and did 5 miles! It was my hilly route though and I had to slow right down going up - so my average was 11:01m/m. Another run tomorrow - I haven't decided how far I'm going yet, it depends how I feel after work and how the hamstrings are holding up. image

    The photos from Sunday are up - and I was in two minds about doing this as there's some terrible ones - but I couldn't deny you the chance of ordering a commemorative print of me with my lovely red face and double chin haha! Try not to laugh too much, at least my ears are cool!

    (I like how it says I did the MARATHON in 20:52 on there - even an actual CHEETAH couldn't do that!)

    Norfolklass - well done on managing the second lap even though you were having a horrible run! It's always a better feeling afterwards I find, having done something that you really didn't enjoy! I still haven't tried the heart rate monitor, I keep meaning to then forgetting!

    So sorry to hear your news Minty, glad your husband made it in time to say his goodbyes and will also be there for the funeral. Hope you're getting enough sleep - and following the training schedule that Snails posted up there!

    Hi Snails - I'm 190th with the chip time, but I think I'd rather be faster and have another person in front of me! image I'm not sure what to do next now - definitely the half marathon next year, I really don't fancy the full one as I'd probably get bored before the end - but then I never imagined myself wanting to do a half! I'll have to enter a 10k or two, including that night one in the forest with obstacles and fancy dress next March!

    I've always fancied having a go at yoga - I just never have time to go to a class! 

    Right - that's it from me, off to snuggle some cats! 

  • Ooops cross-posted with Iain! Hope your physio sorts you out soon so you can run properly again! Sounds like a great treadmill session yesterday - and you beat my race time haha! image
  • Quick post during the advert -

    great photos Cheetah - you seem to be flying along

    Iain - great speed on the treadmill, hope the niggle is nothing serious. I'm glad you said that about the foam roller - i get upper back pain and i was wondering if it would help, but i wasn't keen as i'd heard it was so painful - so i might try it now (i must google it and see if it is used for back pain/stiffness).

  • Hi everyone,

    Quick post before i go to bed - reading a Lee Child book at the minute called 'worth dying for' - its a thriller and very good. I was most upset last night at 'The Killing' - i was ready and waiting for the grand finale - and it ended on a cliffhanger - they are going to shoot a second series!!

    Hope you all have a nice weekend. I'm meant to do 4 miles tomorrow and 2.5 on Sunday.

    Night night imagexx

  • @Snail's Pace:  Re. the interval training, it's not going at all right now - my knees have been feeling a bit strange this week, so I've given the running a rest, but I just did 30 minutes rowing on my Total Trainer machine.  Not as tough as running 30 minutes (around 5k), but a damn good total body workout.  It wasn't as boring as it might sound - I can watch TV while doing it, but nothing beats getting out there for a good solid run. image  I think I might start integrating that into my days between running.  I'm planning on getting into the interval training properly next week. image
  • I did 10k again last night! 6.25 miles, so just over. I managed it in 01:06 again so at least I'm consistent! image

    I wasn't going to go so far - my hamstrings were better but my knees felt a bit sore - but then after about 2.5 miles nothing hurt so I just kept going!

    About half way round I got slapped on the butt by a GIRL - I was a bit shocked, but I was running one way and she was staggering in the other (she was far from sober...) so I couldn't really do anything. Then I sort of started hoping I'd bump into her again on my way back - I hadn't decided whether or not to return the slap or just pretend that she'd pulled haha!  I should post about that in the heckling thread.

    My legs were pretty sore last night - but they feel normal today so looks like I got away with it! 

    That's it from me for now - I'm off to get a new car with OH (the shed outside failed it's MOT - a new one will be cheaper than fixing the old one!) Happy running! image

  • Hi everyone, my DH is back on Weds so me and mum have promised ourselves to do at least 2 runs next week. It’s got a bit too difficult to get out and it feels like ages.

    Norfolklass – thanks for your kind words. I  think DH is just looking forward to coming home now, he’s missing the kids. Though I’m sure it will be difficult leaving his Dad.  But how is your running going?

    Snails – again, thanks for the nice words. And thanks even more for that article. Although it kind of makes me think that I might just do that instead of running. Your new plan sounds great. And do you go to a Kettlebell class? How did you get on with your 4 miles today? Re The Killing, you really made me wish I’d watched it. Looked it up to see if it’s still available to watch online, but sadly not from the beginning. I’m sure they’ll repeat it again and I will make sure I don’t miss it!!

    Hi Iain, hmm don’t like the sound of the foam roller! Sounds like your right to be a bit cautious with the running. Definitely better to take your time rather than risk going back to square one. You’ll just have to find an alternative way to celebrate your 40th! Is it actually on the 24th?

    Cheetah – thanks for the fab pics! Love the ears! And well done on another 10K last night! You’re clocking up some miles now aren’t you!!? Did you get a new car? How exciting. I’m not looking forward to driving our car after using the driving instructor’s one as ours is getting on a bit now and has a tendency to stall between 1st and 2nd gear. Something I could do without!

    Hi Roadrunner, great to hear about your goals. Your rowing sounds good too, I used to really enjoy the rowing machine at the gym I used to go to. Good luck with your interval training next week.

    Hope everyone else is doing OK?

    Mum and dad are away this weekend so I am truly on my own with the kids. Had some terrible nights the past few days. Thankfully they both went to sleep early tonight, so I’m going now as been awake since 4. Hideous. image (that one is getting a lot of use lately!)xxx

  •  Hi Minty - hope you get some rest!

    OH has put a deposit down on a very slinky black Ford Focus - just waiting on the finance now  *fingers crossed*.  We'll know on Monday!

    I drove the old one to the shops and back too - it felt OK to me, the MOT people don't know what they're talking about! (Something about dodgy gasses leaking from the exhaust...) image

    I've enjoyed my day off running, my legs feel rested enough now to try a short fast-ish run tomorrow.

  • OK everyone, have just been spurred into action, well thinking, more than action really, by just having watched BBC's Lifeline Charity appeal show for the Huntington's Disease Association. One of my best friends has been diagnosed with the gene for this horrible disease. So I'm thinking of entering for a proper race so I can try to raise some money. Just need a bit of encouragement as it is a bit scary signing up for something and announcing it because it would be then so awful if I wasn't up to it when the time came.

    As you know, my progress has been a bit slow through the "8" week programme, so do you think it would be realistic to enter a 5k on 11th December? Or should I give myself a bit more time? I think that it should be plenty of time to get up to speed, so to speak, but I'm so nervous at the thought of it! Recently, I've been managing to run 4 lots of run 5 mins, walk 2. 

    What do you think guys?? <img src="/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif" mce_src="/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif">


  • Huh? What happened with my smiley??? LOL!!

  • Hi everyone,

    Rubbish running for me this week, so i'm going to have to restart week 1 of the training plan and do it with no walk breaks, cos thats my downfall image

    Minty - of course you should enter the 5K on Dec 11th - thats 12 weeks today, so even if you had never run one step before today it would still be achievable!! So get your name down and then tell everyone you're doing it, cos you're already doing well with your running - remember how hard we found even the first week? Plus it'll keep you focused on your training plan. The kettlebell stuff is just me at home - theres lots of videos for the exercises on the internet. I had registered to start yoga next week too, but its cancelled.

    Cheetah - you are flying along now...are you going to follow a half-marathon plan or anything? Did you see the GNR today - what an atmosphere! Lucky you getting a new car too - bet you are excited.

    Roadrunner - hope your knee has settled again so you can do your interval training this week. Its good though you could do the rowing when you weren't running.

    Norfolklass - hope you've had a good week - did you get a run done at all?

    Iain - we shall have a 40th birthday celebration for you on the thread (its definately the 24th is it?) - in work one time we thought it was a guys 50th birthday, and got him a cake etc - he took the hump though and wouldn't come out to blow out the candles cos it was actually his 49th - we'd been misinformed! The cake was nice though.

    Happy running everyone, imagexx

  • Knee's OK now - I was going to go for a run yesterday after my resistance workout, but the weather decided otherwise.  I'm not too sure what to wear in the rain to avoid getting too hot while running - do you guys run in the rain?  I mean if it's actually raining when you decide to set off, do you still go or abandon it until/unless the rain stops?
  • Hi Roadrunner, I've been leaving the house in the rain if it's a light drizzle, but have waited for heavy rain to stop. Haven't had any extra layers, but only because I haven't got anything suitable. image
  • Hi Roadrunner - i'd go on ahead if it was just a wee shower as i find it keeps me cool - i don't put on anything different (although if i'd just washed my hair i might wear a cap). If it was heavy rain with a forecast of thunder, i wouldn't go out the door image
  • I agree about a light drizzle being quite fun to run in as it does cool you down, but there would be no fun in getting caught in a heavy shower!  Running shoes are far from waterproof, aren't they? image
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