Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today



  • Hi all, hope every one is well and running fast

     Shortish run for me today, doing 2 1/2 miles with a work colleague in my lunch break.
    Felt quite good, no problems from my knee, so really hopeful of a reasonable time at the Parkrun tomorrow morning. Still hoping to see one or two of you there (subtle hint or what!) for a 1st time effort at this event!

    Dont worry about where you think you MIGHT finish, just come along and have a go, enjoy it, whatever your time may be.

    Whatever you all do this wekend, have fun and good luck.

  • My foot and achilles tendon feel a bit strange tonight, so I might skip tomorrow.  See how it is tomorrow. image
  • A quick post before bed. I went out for 5k this morning but only managed 4.5k as it was really sunny and hot, plus I ran a new route that ended with a deceptively steep hill that nearly finished me off! I might try and squeeze in 10k tomorrow morning, but it seems that if I don't get out nice and early running is so much harder, probably because I run before I've eaten breakfast.

    Minty, well done on the 2 x 15mins and the continuing weight loss! Hope you all had a lovely time at the caravan, the weather's been lovely. Hope too your mum is feeling better. Did you find time for a run? If so I hope your legs weren't still feeling stiff.

    Cheetah, that poor somersaulting man, I hope he only hurt his pride! How did Wednesday's long run and today's random run go? Did you manage to run even further on Wednesday? Are trail shoes very different from normal running shoes? I much prefer running in the cold so I'm quite looking forward to the winter but I'm a bit worried about the whole running on frosty/icy/snowy pavements thing!

    Iain, good to read your running is still going well, and best of luck with tomorrow's parkrun, looking forward to hearing how it went! I'm planning on plucking up the courage and signing up soon, but I think I'm going to head over and do a recce of the course first, I've never been to Eaton Park and it looks amazing so I'd quite like to explore it anyway.

    Snails, did your week's running go to plan? And are you doing the parkrun tomorrow? Best of luck if you do! It's good to read that the 4 runs a week thing is making a big difference to your running, I'm trying to stick with it but my work shift pattern makes it a bit tricky. Hope you managed today's 6 miles without any knee niggles. Let us know how tomorrow's parkrun goes, I hope you enjoy it image

    RoadRunner, I hope your foot and achilles feel better tomorrow. Are you still doing interval training? Hope it's going well. What kind of distances are you running now, and do you have any races planned?

    Right, off to bed and up early for 10k, hopefully! Night all x
  • Well, parkrun done and quite pleased with my time.
    Finished in 25.39, which is reasonable (my PB is 24.57) and considering the issues with my knee over the last 3 months I shouldn't really be expecting to be any faster just yet.

    No problems with the knee at all, so really happy on that issue, just some tightness in the lower legs once i got out of the car at home. One hot bath later, and all is well.

    New running jacket arrived this morning, fits quite well, just waiting on the LED unit to arrive (goes on back of the jacket).

    Rest day tomorrow, running again on Monday

    Enjoy your weekend folks

  • Hey everyone,

    Hope you are all having a nice weekend and looking forward to the extra hours kip.

    Did 6 miles today (well 6.2 to be exact cos i wanted to see my 10K time). In August the off-road 10K was 1 hr 17m with multiple walk breaks, todays 10K (similar ground) took 1hr 6m and no walk breaks.... its taken me from August until today to get back up to that distance.... slow and steady is definately the trick.

    Well done everyone on all your running, and also for doing your 1st Parkrun Iain...

    Happy running imagexx

  • Whoop!!! Well done Iain and Snails!!! You must both be really pleased with your achievements, brilliant stuff!!!
    No run for me today, had a much needed lie in instead, but off out for 10+k tomorrow morning, hopefully. That extra hour should help image
    Night all, and happy running! x
  • norfolklass wrote (see)
     image RoadRunner, I hope your foot and achilles feel better tomorrow. Are you still doing interval training? Hope it's going well. What kind of distances are you running now, and do you have any races planned? Right, off to bed and up early for 10k, hopefully! Night all x

    Yep, still doing the intervals, it's going well.  I've decided to rest my foot until Tuesday - that's when my intervals schedule begins again - hopefully by then whatever it is would've gone away completely.  Might do some rowing on my machine to make up for it.  I'm not really thinking distances at the moment, but the most I've done in one go is about 9 miles or so.  Soon I'm going to get one of those Nike+ sports bands, so from now on I'll be able to accurately say how far/fast I've gone without having to plot the course when I get home!

    No races planned as yet, I might leave that side of it until the Spring - but I'm definitely going to try some then!  I'm going to keep running through the winter though - last year I took a long break and when I came back, I was well off form and the day after my first run back, I was like The Tin Man. image  I've got my winter running gear all ready to go.  Speaking of which, do you guys have hi visibilty sashes (I think that's what they're called) over your clothes during winter?  My gear has reflective strips and reflective logo, but I don't know if that's enough or not. 

    I might go down the track on Tuesday or Thursday instead of doing the streets - haven't run on a track for years!  Do they usually charge anything for using the track?

  • Evening image

    Big well dones to Snails and Iain for respectable times! image 

    I shall try and keep my post as quick as possible, I've done 3 runs since my last one!

    For my long run on Wednesday - I actually managed 10 miles!!!!!!!! I wanted to see if I could, and 10 seemed like a nice round number! It took me 01:47:16, average pace 10:43m/m. I'm glad I did it, but I'm not going to be trying it again just yet - it was getting really quite painful during the last mile! My legs were really achy for the rest of the night too, but recovered enough for me to go on the cross trainer the morning after (just on a lower resistance than normal!).

    I think I'll stick to 8 or 9 miles at the most for my next couple of long runs until I get more used to the further distances - but it's nice to know my legs CAN do it if needed! 

    I'd completely recovered for my random run on Friday - so did 10k, and got to enjoy a few Diwali firework displays on the way! image I did it in 01:05:14 - so quicker than the week before!

    Tonight it was my slow crap run night -  I managed 4.5 miles in 46:27 - 10:18m/m so not quite as slow as I felt like I was going. I think I've figured out why I'm so bad on a Sunday compared to other days - it's dehydration. All my other runs are after I've been to work - and I drink loads of water throughout the day at work, and hardly any on Sundays. I'm going to try to drink more next week (water, not beer the night before!) to see if it helps.

    4 miles at the running club tomorrow with optional halloween fancy dress - so my cat ears get to come for another run with me! There's halloween goodies after the run too! image

    Norfolklass - re. the trail shoes - I read on here somewhere they're good for snowy/icy weather - and there's some pretty cheap ones at Sports Direct, so I figured it's worth a go. There's something called Yak Traks (I think) that go round your normal shoes and give you a better grip - sort of like snow chains for tyres - something else to look into.

     Roadrunner - I normally wear a top that just has a couple of reflective stripes on, and I have a really bright pink top for the running club as they insist on bright things in the dark! (And of course my naturally hi-viz legs til I get some proper bottoms!)  Some people wear hi-viz vest things that just slip over your normal running clothes - you can get them for less than a tenner. (This sort of thing)

    Minty - well done on the 2 lots of 15 minutes - and hope the weigh-in went well! (I've lost another couple of pounds too! I'm actually starting to wonder what happens when I don't want to get any thinner but want to keep running - do I have to eat more...? Or will I just stop at a certain weight...?)

    I shall finish with another HUGE well done for Snails and Iain - accompanied by a mexican wave from the cats! 

    Happy running everyone - night night! Xxx

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  • image Ooh we got spammed!!

    3 miles done earlier, park very busy though as i forgot its half-term.

    Hope everyone is running well,xx

  • Hi All,

    Well I won’t go into the boring long list of excuses, but I haven’t been out for a week (lets just blame the kids)! Went to the caravan but didn’t make it out for a run. Then was decorating bedroom all weekend and evenings since.

    Anyway, sorry I said I wouldn’t list the excuses. Just went out this evening and it wasn’t great. I did 15 mins, then struggled with the second lot. Ended up doing 5 and 5 and 2. So not great, but hardly surprising. I think with dieting I have to really plan and make sure that I eat some decent food an hour or two before I go for a run. Talking of which, last time I weighed myself, a couple of days ago, I had lost 13lbs overall, so one more and that’s a stone! That was my goal, to lose a stone before I go to Centreparcs in a couple of weeks, so I’m on track for that. I’ll probably have the 5 days off when I’m there, then start again afterwards. Another stone will be my next goal. Looking forward to doing some lovely woodland runs while I’m there!

    Jone jerseyshuang – welcome to the thread! Ask away! image

    Iain, re the parkrun, it’s all very well saying don’t worry about where you come when you run it in 25.39!!!!!!! imageWell done, that’s a brill time by anyone’s standards, especially with the recent injuries you’ve been recovering from!

    Roadrunner, how is your foot / Achilles? Hope you’re ok? Have you been out on the track yet?

    Snails – Well done on your 10K time! That’s fantastic improvement, and impressive to do it without any walk breaks! Fantastic!

    Cheetah – you’re doing incredibly well! I don’t know where you find the energy to do so much mileage, cross training AND cuddle all those cats! Well done on the 10 miles! As for the weight issue, I’m not really sure, but all I can say is that I wish I had that problem! I suppose you just have to end up eating more?

    Norfolklass – how are you doing? Did you get out for your 10K the other day?

    Right, better go and put one of the kids to bed! Hope to get out again on Friday, so will catch up then and let you know how the weigh in goes!

    Happy running everyone! xximage
  • Evening all, hope you're all having good weeks - nearly Friday image

    I went out for 10k on Sunday, and had in the back of my mind that maybe I should think about running a bit further. Once round the broad then out along the lane to the end is 5k, so two of those is 10k, and once round just the broad is about 3.5k. I had to stop for a comfort break after one lap of the broad, and I was a bit disappointed that I'd stopped, so decided to try and do two full 5k laps without stopping. It was the HARDEST and SLOWEST run ever and the last 2k REALLY hurt, but I did 13.5k! I had a few twinges during and after, and the next day, but nothing serious. Then I ran my quickest 5k yesterday morning: 30:11! Really pleased image Next run is Friday morning, then another long run at the weekend - think I'm going to see if I can repeat the 13.5k but will see how it feels.

    Cheetah, I've got no idea how you did 10 miles at 10:43, that's SO impressive! My ave pace over 13.5k (8.38 miles) was 11:23. You picked a great forum name image I googled yaktrax - they look pretty grippy but apparently work best on proper solid ice rather than slightly frosty pavements - there are some hardcore runners out there! I guess as it's Wednesday you're off out on your long run again, hope it's going well.

    Snails, well done on your run, hope nobody got in your way in the park. And now you know you can do it without a walking break, that's great! Are you going to stick at 10k and get a few more under your belt? And knocking over 10mins off your August time is fantastic! Have you registered on the parkrun website yet? (I haven't) I know it's not exactly on your doorstep.

    Minty, well done for your run, even though it wasn't as good as you hoped every second counts! And congrats on losing a stone, that's brilliant, you must be really pleased with that. Talking of slow and steady, I'm gradually losing weight at the rate of about 2-3 pounds a month. Not the quickest but I'm going in the right direction. No wonder you've struggled to fit in running, what with it being half term!

    Roadrunner, how was your foot yesterday?

    Iain, how did Monday's run go - did you test your new jacket and LED? Hope your knee is still OK.

    Have good rest of the weeks, and happy running! x
  • Mondays run went out the window because things at work overran and lunch got all messed up.

    Went out for 3 1/4 on Tuesday morning, all seemed ok 'till about 2 1/2 miles in when I got a bit of a twinge in the knee. Stopped and flexed it for a few seconds and set off again, only to stop 30 seconds later with another twinge. Ditched the run after that.

    Was supposed to do a weights session today, but had a few aches in my right shin and both hips, so binned it. Run planned for tomorow lunch time, will see how it all goes.

    Havent tried the jacket yet, as its too warm to need it at the moment, and havent been out to run in the dark either. Tomorrows forecast is a bit moist!, so may need it then.

  • Hi everyone,

    Well done on all the running... i did 7 miles this morning - you wanna see the shape of me tonight coming down stairs!!! Plan is 3 miles recovery run tomorrow (providing i am able to mobilise my legs).

    Cheetah - thats absolutely brilliant you did 10 miles - i must upload my Garmin data tomorrow, but i reckon your pace for 10 miles is quicker than mine for 7.... you are living up to your name and i'm living up to mine. It is reassuring to read you had achy legs too - i hope mine recover as quickly.

    Roadrunner - hope the rest helps your foot and you can get back to the intervals next week. I still have to get some winter gear - i did look in Sports Direct and they had nice breathable and wicking long sleeved tops, but none in my size - only £6.99 too... so will check in again.

    Minty - don't be so hard on yourself - the goal of the program is to run 30 mins - you did 27mins, so only 3 off the final goal!!!! So, you can run it, just like me you have to work at eliminating the walk breaks - but you CAN do it!! Well done on the continuing weightloss too. Re eating before going out - i've read so many different preferences, and used to get a stitch when i ran after eating.... now that i'm doing a bit longer runs i take a banana and a cereal bar just before i go out, and i find i don't get as tired and have to stop (although i did take the advice of Norfolklass and slow my pace which definately helped).

    Norfolklass - i was thinking about you earlier - i watched a programme that was filmed somewhere around the Norfolk Broads, it was beautiful. Well done on the 13.5K - again i'm feeling reassured that you were achy but it went away.... did you get out again this morning? Well done on your weight loss too. I have registered on the Parkrun site - that way, if i take a notion to go i just need to turn up - i just need to get a kick up the bum to get moving that early.

    Iain - i hope your aches and pains have settled by now. Are you planning another Parkrun any time soon, or will you keep it at shorter distances for the time being?? I've no doubt you will get to use your new running jacket soon - its getting cold now (though the problem is its cold when you start running but boiling at the end - i need to find a happy medium).

    Enjoy your weekends everyone imagexx

  • -Norfolklass and Snail's Pace - foot's fine now.  I did a 10km the other day without any ill effects (apart from my legs being shot, which they always are at that distance for now)  I did my third week's interval day yesterday which was an easy 10 followed by 20 at a moderate pace.  Everything went well, now on to week four. image
  • Hello all,

    Thursdays run was a repeat of tuesday, in that it started OK but got a twinge in my knee again after about 1 1/2 miles. Ended up with a mile walk back to work as i didnt want to carry on and make things worse again.

    No run yesterday or today, weights tomorrow and will be trying a run again on Tuesday

    The jacket is very comfortable to wear, but its still too warm at the moment and i got very sweaty within a few minutes. Bring on the cold weather!

    Am planning on parkrun again on 12th november, so sign up and come and join me!

  • Hey everyone,

    Well my 7 miles last Friday was too much - afterwards my left leg was achy, and on the Saturday i woke up with a sore right knee - took some Ibuprofen which helped and rested it. Attempted to run on Sunday cos it felt okay - until i had done a mile and it quickly became very sharp and painful. Haven't attempted anything since - its still sore today just walking, so i'll take it easy till the end of the week.

    Hope you are all keeping well image xx

  • Evening all, hope you're all well and enjoyed some fireworks over the weekend. I clocked up another 5k on Friday morning, and managed 15k yesterday. It wasn't non-stop (I had to stop after 10k to use the loo again - SO annoying) but I was surprised that my legs didn't feel too bad afterwards. I was hoping to get out this morning but was just too tired so fingers crossed for tomorrow morning. This extending your distance thing is all very well but it's knackering - I needed two afternoon naps to recover last weekend!

    Iain, sorry to read that your knee problems seem to have come back, you must be disappointed. Have you done any weights or other training, or just been resting it? Are you still hoping to run tomorrow? If so I hope it goes better for you and you don't get any more twinges. Still haven't been to Eaton Park but it's my long weekend so might go and check it out on Friday and may do the parkrun on Saturday, but like Snails I need a kick up the bum to get up and out that early at the weekend!

    Snails, a huge well done on your 7 miles!!! Sorry it's left you with a sore knee, I hope it's nothing serious and is just your joints getting used to more mileage. I have yet to run the day after a long run, especially now that my long runs are getting longer I think running again the next day would be really hard and painful. And I don't think you can call yourself a snail after doing 10k in 1:06! Is your knee feeling better yet? Fingers crossed plenty of rest is all it needs and you can get running again soon.

    Minty, hope the decorating is finished, it always takes twice as long as you think and the prep takes forever! Did you manage to get out for a run on Friday? If so I hope it went well. Hope too the weight loss is continuing, you're doing brilliantly! I'm at that annoying in between clothes sizes place, where my trousers are either falling down or I can't do them up. Grr!

    Cheetah, how are you? How have your random and slow runs been? Did you drink plenty of water yesterday, and did it make a difference??

    Happy running all! x
  • That 10k I did the other day - slight miscalculation - it was closer to 15k (my 5k time is just over half an hour, so 15k would be around one and a half hours).  Can't wait to get my Nike+ Sportsband, so I can accurately measure my runs. image
  • Hi

    Sorry I've been a bit slack with posting the last week - so I shall try to update before bed (I get the feeling this is going to be a long one lol!)

    4.5 miles at the running club last Monday - I managed it in 42:36, so 9:27m/m, dressed as a cat! I was proud of that one, and my shadow looked very slinky (I had a tinsel tail and everything hehe!)

    I managed 9 miles for my long run on Wednesday - 10:42m/m, so about the same as my 10 mile run only it didn't hurt as much or for as long hehe! Then I did another 10k on Friday - about 3 miles in when I was at the furthest point I could possibly be from home - the heavens absolutely opened, and didn't let up at all til I'd done - I don't think I've ever been so wet in my life, and I actually got in the shower to DRY OFF when I got home! image So more of a swim than a run really - but I managed to beat my last 10k time and finished in 01:04:47!!!!

    Then at the weekend everything went a bit wrong - I spent Saturday in a car park outside B&Q whilst Mr Cheetah was pulling his car to bits and putting in a really cool boy racer stereo -  freezing for several hours (but I had Next and Outfit nearby to drool over the jumpers, and a particularly impressive firework display nearby to watch for a bit..). I started to feel really weird by the evening - all sneezy with a tickly nose, like I was coming down with something. I still drove us home in one piece though! image Just felt a bit rubbish all night.

    Then on Sunday I HADN'T come down with anything, just still had the tickly nose - so I stuck with the plan and drank loads of water. I figured I might be allergic to something from the inside of Mr Cheetah's car doors or something, so took an antihistamine - which made me feel REALLY weird, so I had to cancel my run image

    I feel almost normal today - no running club as I double booked a doctor's appointment - Snails, you'll be pleased to know  the NURSE did my injection this time and it was pain-free with no blood! I told her about my experience with Dr Stab the last time, and she said "Yes I've heard he can be a bit brutal...." image I also had the flu jab on the other side to balance me out a bit hehe!

    As I missed the running club - I decided to switch my long run to TONIGHT, and go with the club on Wednesday instead (hope I don't get lost, I don't know the route!) .

    So - I did 9 miles again!  It took me 01:33:36 - so 10:23m/m, my best pace yet for a long run - my day off yesterday must have done me good (or maybe I'm just quicker on a Monday as I'm never awake and don't notice the pain!)

    I shall try to reply to everyone tomorrow, bed is calling me ( my legs are a BIT sore still but I think they'll be OK by tomorrow)

    Night night and happy running! Xxx

  • OK here I am to reply to everyone as promised!(I would have done earlier but I was busy calling jone jerseyshuang to answer his/hers/its questions....)

    Minty - well done on the run even if it didn't go quite to plan! Decorating is a very good workout anyway! image Well done on the weight loss. I'm not sure about food - I run in the evenings after work, so make sure I have a good lunch (normally beans on toast, on wholemeal seedy bread - it's high in protein and low GI too apparently!) - then nothing until after my run or I tend to get a stitch.

    Norfolklass - I am VERY impressed with your 5k time, you should do a park run!

    I know what you mean about the last bits of long runs REALLY hurting! I try to get some fast bits in on downhill stretches early on to bump my time up a bit! image I'm going to stick with 9 miles max for my long runs whilst my legs are getting more used to it, it's got easier the last couple of times and my legs tend to be just ABOUT right the next morning, then fine by the evening.

    Snails - that's great you did 7 miles! I know what you mean about cxoming downstails, we have particularly evil steep ones (any steeper and they'd be a ladder...) - and after a long run I either send Mr Cheetah up to get stuff for me or have to sort of shuffle down sideways and slowly! image

    Your 10k time is about the same as mine - I bet your 7 mile pace isn't much different either, maybe we should both change our names to those of sort of average-paced animals hehe! 

    BOTH my knees hurt after long runs, in fact that's the bit that takes the longest to recover - but as it's both it reassures me at least I'm balanced out! Ibuprofen sorts 'em out pretty quick too.

    Roadrunner - well done on the 15k, I just looked it up and that's 9.32 miles (I'm weird, I think in metric for 5k and 10k, anything after that only makes sense in miles....) - hope your legs weren't TOO bad after!

    Iain, hope you managed your run today without any of those knee twinges, must be a bummer image

    Right hope I haven't missed anyone! I'm off to study the running club route some more as I have no idea where I'm going - Mr Cheetah is threatening to come too (so long as he has time to buy some trainers first!) so I don't want to get us both lost! 

    Happy running again! Xxx

  • Hi everyone, so sorry for neglecting you all! Guess what? Yes, we've all been ill again, stinking colds this time, maybe even manflu??! The kids have had temperatures and not been sleeping well at all, and waking up all evening, and I haven't felt up to a run at all. I'm getting SO fed up with all the sickness! It's really interferring with my running (amongst other things!).image

    Anyway, just wanted to check in, sorry for the short post and for not replying to everyone individually, just typing this while my little girl is asleep. 

    Hope to be back on track soon!

    Hope you are all doing ok, will catch up properly soon.image


  • Hi everyone,

    Just a pop in to say hi and see how everyone is. No running for me still as my knee is sore even just walking.

    Minty - that is awful you have all been sick again - and manflu? I'm surprised you could even post!! lol. Hope you all feel better soon.

    Will catch up with you all soon...xx

    PS - is anyone watching 'The Jury'? I didn't think it was that great the first night, but i'm glad now i continued to watch it and i'm quite into it now.

  • *Running round and round Minty's house with police tape to quarantine it off*

    I asked the nurse if the flu jab will cover manflu nd it doesn't - so I'm still not safe! image

    Sorry you've all been ill again - on the upside you surely must be immune to everything now!

    Snails- sorry to hear your knee is still bad too - keep it rested and I hope it feels better soon. Not seen The Jury - we really need to start setting the Sky+ to record more though for when there's nothing on - so any recommendations happily accepted! image (Is anyone alse as sad as me and been watching the X Factor? Me and Mr Cheetah need jobs as the extra judges cos we're better... image

    I survived the Wednesday running club with the proper runners - I didn't get lost either - and managed a pretty good time as the people in front of me were going faster than I normally go but I didn't want to let them out of sight or I WOULD have got lost hehe! Mr Cheetah didn't come in the end, so I would have been lost on my own in the depths of Nottingham's studenty bit!

    There was a HUGE hill at the beginning that nobody warned me about - it just kept going up and up and up for what seemed like miles - I was just about to give up and turn round to run back down it again when I finally came to the peak! I got a nice downhill bit to compensate, and the rest was fairly flat.

    The run was 5.42 miles - and I finished in 51:00, so 09:24m/m - my best average yet I think. (I bet it was more like 16m/m on that hill!)

    Driving lesson tonight - I learned how to join dual carriageways and build up speed as fast as possible - it was fun! I raced a Subaru at traffic lights on the way back and won - my driving instructor thought it was funny! image

    Hope everyone's injuries/illnesses are better soon, random run night for me tomorrow so no idea what I'm doing, 10k would be nice though!

    Night all! Xxx

  • Hi folks, hope you're all OK

    Knees knees knees!
    Went for a run on tuesday during my lunch break, 2 1/2 miles, gentle pace with a work mate, but still getting the aches down the side of the knees (its both legs now), but at least finished the run 22.07.

    Because of the aches i ditched my planned run for thursday and parkrun today, and will try a run on tuesday, have now got supports for both knees and will have to get back into the habit of stretching regularly and using the roller on the IT bands.

    Have also ditched the weights for the time being because i've also been getting a minor pain in my right shin, so being cautious for now.

    Cars, going to cost me lots to put right everthing that needs doing.
    My wifes car needs new front tyres, brake pads, wipers and at least the rear silencer on the exhaust, with MOT due next month.
    My car needs scrapping!
    Gearbox is FUBAR, and sounds like a bucket of gravel in a washing machine on a spin cycle!

    Cant afford a new/recon gearbox and its not worth doing as its more than the car is worth, so will have to see if I can get one from a breakers yard and swap it over myself.

    Where's the new car fairy when you need one?image

  • Evening folks, hope you're all having good weekends.

    Roadrunner, how are the intervals going? Have you got your Nike+ thing yet? If you've got the patience to plot your route there are a few websites that can tell you how far you've run, I've used but there are others. Someone on here mentioned one where someone's run had ended in the middle of a motorway, hopefully not literally!

    Cheetah, you're really racking up the mileage and increasing your pace, I'm really impressed! And it's reassuring to read that your long runs are getting less painful the more you do - the first 15k I did nearly finished me off. When I do a long run by the last couple of km my knees feel kind of compressed, like they're wrapped in really tight bandages, very peculiar, but thankfully no lingering problems <desperately touches everything wooden within reach> Glad the driving's going well too!

    Minty, what a run of bad luck you're having, I hope you're all on the mend by now and feeling a bit better? Plenty of garlic and vitamin C is supposed to be good for your immune system, and as much sleep as you can get. How long till CentreParcs? Hope you're all back to full fitness before then.

    Snails, sorry to read that your knee isn't better, have you tried the RICE thing? It must be very frustrating as you've been doing so well and had got back up to 10k without stopping. I hope it's starting to feel less sore when you walk. Haven't been watching The Jury but halfway through the new Roy Grace book and it's fab!

    Iain, woe re your knee too. I hope the knee supports make a difference, and that the shin pain doesn't develop into anything nasty. The almost constant pain in my right shin has finally gone after a couple of weeks, I think leaving a longer gap for rest and recovery between runs made a difference, maybe I'll just stick to 3 runs per week. Bad news about your cars image hope you find a gearbox for yours. Sadly I think the new car fairy ran off with the winning lottery ticket fairy!

    I'm thinking I might sign up for the Norwich half marathon. I didn't think I'd have enough time to up my distances but I've really pushed it the last couple of weeks and have been lucky enough to get away with it without any injuries. I did 15k last Sunday, then 4k on Tuesday as I overslept and my legs were pretty sore. I went out yesterday for my long run aiming to do at least 15k, thinking I'd maybe try for 17k but actually managed 19k. Well, two 9.5k runs with a toilet break in between them so not non-stop, but still pretty pleased! The Norwich half is on the 27th, so that gives me one more weekend to run the full 21k / 13 miles. I wouldn't even be considering it but the 19k went well - the tiredness and aches and pains stopped getting any worse after about 15k so I just kept on plodding along - and my legs feel completely fine today. My only worry is the toilet break image Sorry to bring up such an unpleasant topic, but I'm not sure that there will be the opportunity to stop anywhere to use the loo, and I ALWAYS have to stop after about an hour's running! Maybe I'll email them and ask about the facilities…

    Enough about that, not sure how to sign off now - change of topic needed!!! George Harrison thing on the telly, time for a nice cup of coffee - night all! x
  • Hi everyone,

    Yay! Just ran 15mins x 2, and apparently according to my new favourite website, mapmyrun, it was 4.08K. Not very fast, but just glad I’m back to where I was before the sickness started!image

    Cheetah, it’s OK, you can come and talk to me now, I think we’re probably not infectious anymore! Although my nose is still running, has anyone tried blowing their nose whilst running, it’s really difficult to do it without making these weird snorty noises! Fortunately not whilst I was near anyone.image  Well done on your run with the club, really great time! That’s a great tip by the way, to speed up on the downhill bits, I hadn’t really thought about that. On the subject of X Factor, I’m afraid I haven’t really seen much of it, I’m more of a Strictly girl. I used to watch X Factor, but sort of went off it a bit when they started messing with the format.

    Snails, sorry to hear about your leg pains, how are they now? Have you managed to get out for a run at all? Despite this, well done on your 7 miles! No, sadly, The Jury seems to be another one I’ve missed the start of! I really love House and was really annoyed when we noticed the new series had started and we’d somehow managed to miss the first three episodes! Grr!! The problem with having so many channels, hard to keep track of everything!

    Iain, sorry to hear you’re still suffering. And bad luck on the car front. If I see the new car fairy, I’ll send her your way (after she’s done her job here). Our car is due for it’s MOT at the end of December, and we always hold our breath with a feeling of dread. Got away with it last year, but don’t think it will be too much longer. It’s such a crappy time of year to have to deal with it all too, what with Christmas etc.

    Norfolklass, yes, we are sooo fed up with all the illness. My daughter threw up twice yesterday image(all over DH!) and we were thinking “here we go again” but everyone seems OK today thank god! I’m going to stock up with some vitamins and Echinacea tomorrow and I’ve just decided that I’m not going to catch anything for at least a month, so will see if positive thinking can ward things off at all! Centreparcs is a week tomorrow (Monday to Friday), and I can’t wait! We’re going to hibernate this week so we don’t catch anything. I’m looking forward to some nice runs whilst we’re there (and an evening out as my parents are coming and will babysit!). Really well done on your 19K! You should definitely do the half marathon! When is it, I’ll come and cheer you on! I’m sure they’d have toilets, have you looked at the website, it should say?

    Roadrunner, ooh yes have you got your Nike thing yet and what is it please? I’m thinking of getting a garmin or something, does it do the same sort of thing?

    Anyone that has a garmin, can you please remind me which ones you have and how much they were. Hoping that I might be able to scrape enough Christmas money together for one.

    Oh and by the way, last Friday I had lost another 2.5lbs, so that is now 16.5lbs! Bought some new jeans today, two sizes smaller! Hooray!! image

    Glass of wine and catch up TV is calling! Night all xxx
  • I haven't got my Nike Sportsband yet, but I intend to before the end of the year.  I don't think it's as good as a Garmin, but all I want is something to measure pace, distance, calories and time so it'll do me fine.  You don't need Nike shoes to use the 'pod' that comes with it, as there are little pouches at Amazon that enable you to attach them to the laces of any shoe. image 

    Intervals are going well, but I'm taking next week off because a niggle I had in my right knee all week told me at 30 minutes into today's run that calling it a day would be prudent.  With any luck a week's rest will get rid of it, I'll still be doing my resistance sessions and probably some rowing thrown in as well to replace the running.

    This is what I'm looking at. image

    It's about £40 in Argos, or around £35 at Amazon.
  • Roadrunner - thanks for that, it looks great! Will be interested to hear how you get on with it, I think maybe this would be enough for me, the Garmins probably do a lot more than I need. I think I just want pace, distance and time.

    Hope the niggle gets better soon! image

  • Hey everyone,

    I hope you are all doing well.

    Knee still is very painful to walk on - had it checked by a sports physio yesterday and i have a per anserine bursitis (which of course i had to come home and google cos i'd never heard of it). So, plan is ice packs, and if that hasn't brought it down by the time he rescans it on Thurs, then an ice bath image. No running however for another 3-4 weeks, so you know how well i'll do when i get back to it - i'll probably have to go back to run 1 min/walk

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