Maternity Running Gear


I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good running shorts/tights that comes in maternity sizes?  I've found these websites, but most of the clothes look suitable for yoga or slobbing round the house in, rather than running.  Anyone tried any of them?

 Also, someone suggested that as you get bigger a 'tummy support' might make jogging more comfortable.  Not sure what the garment they were talking about actually is, and where to get one.  Anyone tried anything similar?

 I'm 4 months pregnant now, and not planning to do the marathon at 9 months (although have a lot of respect for the woman that did!), but would like to keep running for as long as I'm enjoying it!

 Thank you.


  • Fit and fabulous have a great range of maternity sports wear designed with tecnical sports fabrics try I ran untill 33 weeks but carried on doing aerobics annd body pump 3-4 times a weeks untill I had my daughter. It makes a huge differance. Keep up the good work! xx
  • RK, think you're talking about a bump support belt, I tried one but it didn't make a lot of difference. 

    I was lucky that my bump was quite small and I carried on running, or waddling till the night before little C came along image

    Good luck

  • I tried running with a carriwell bump support band but it just seems to squash my bladder, have the same problem when folding down leggings so they sat under the bump. Also my tops and leggings began to gape apart which given the temperature right now is not ideal. I failed to find any maternity sportswear designed for actually running in so in the end I bought a pair of unpadded bib tights which are designed for cycling but streach quite nicely over the bump. I've been wearing those with a base layer underneath and a larger sized wicking tee over the top. I did find that you can get a running skirt with integrated shorts and a bump band ( and they do some properly fitted wicking tops so I'm planning on ordering from there once it warms up a bit.
  • i would definintely recommend - all designed specifically for exercising in pregnancy - I have the capris and the high support top (and I love the pink colour, but thats just me! there are other colours!) hope this helps image

  • I got these Bumpfit leggings and they are really comfy.
  • I got a few stuff from here, highly recommended.
  • Check out https;// - i have their leggings and tshirt and they are great for running
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