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Can anyone recommend a pair of trail running shopes that would be good for snow and icey conditions? I've been using ASICS Gel Trabuco in various forms for years and they serve me well in all conditions except extreme mud and ice/snow. I am training for a marathon and i need something i can keep going in, whereas with the ASICS i find myself moving slowly and worried about busting something. I'm in Sheffield, UK.


  • Google Yak Traks.....
  • Inov8 Orocs are also worth a look but agree with Tigerlily that Yak Traks or something like Kahtoola Micro Spikes give the grip you need, fit your existing shoes and can be worn / carried as needed !
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    I'll check out the Yak Traks. I was just looking at the Inov8 Orocs, they have them in 280 and 340, with the 340 looking like longer rubber grip.

    Yup, i think i'm ging for the Inov8 340. The Yaktrax look good, but too much mucking about with the on off think.

  • With reference to the yaktrax, it would appear they are very good on snow/heavy ice....but what about sporadic patches of black ice? Wouldnt they wear out pretty quickly if they're mostly impacting on normal tarmac?
  • Antizeitgeist: That's what I found, I got through 3 pairs of yaktrax last winter (and that included multiple intermediate home-repairs with pliers!) as though my runs were on snow and ice there was a section of thin ice/fairly well-cleared road and tarmac, and they didn't last long on that. Otherwise really liked them though.
  • Anyone tried Icebugs ?

    or someone once posted a link to putting short screws into the soles of an old pair of your regular trail shoes for running on  snow/compacted ice

    Aldi have some ice grip thingies in (last week ) that have spikes not the coils and I thought they may work on compacted or frozen snow?

  • Yes - yak traks need continuous hard ice/compacted snow - they were invaluable last year!  I don't think any type of sole works on the hard icy stuff we had for weeks last year.  Fresh Snow is fine to run on - ice is lethal. 
  • An orienteering shoes would be great but my money would go for a VJ rather than Inov-8...

    Oroc :


  • A more durable option than YakTrax is STABILicers - they have hexagonal cleats around the edges (which are replaceable if you do manage to wear them down). I found them fantastic last winter. They come with a velcro strap for if you're expecting to go through deep/heavy snow. I only weight 48 kg/7.5 stone and they didn't quite bite properly into the very hardest ice, but were basically great - allowed me to run while most people were finding it difficult/unsafe to even walk. Perfectly fine on the bits of ice/snow-free pavement and tarmac as well, but not great for walking across really hard & smooth artificial surfaces (supermarket flooring).
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    I went ahead and bought some Inov8 oroc 340 shoes today and tested them out in some pretty boddy conditions and they are superb. i think they will be fine in the colder weather and i might just get some Yaktrax or Kahoola Micro Spikes as well so i have it all covered. I've not heard of the STABILicers, but will Google them.
  • Debra - STABILicers look great, did you buy yours in the UK?
  • Don't know if these are any good?? but got this this morning only 16 hours left on the offer...

  • Yo ho ho: Yes, I got them in the UK. I picked mine up at the London Running Show last year (three days before the snow and ice came - perfect timing!) but you can get them via various UK online retailers. I really did find them fantastic. Sorry can't recommend any bricks-and-mortar retailers to get them from (I'm sure there are some, I just don't know them). Information on sizes is available online.

    NOTE: It's the STABILicers SPORT you want - the picture should show them black on top, with blue soles). They're about £40 I'm afraid but they're so tough you could use them attached to your ordinary shoes for walking around on ice pavements etc. as well as using them while running (I certainly did).

  • Thanks Debra - just ordered a pair from Amazon, plus a bag of replacement cleats.  Thanks for the tip!
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