Dead Sea Marathon 2013

Hi, Anyone out there done this???

My friend and I fancy a challenge next year and she suggested this.????

Mad I know !!!!!!!


  • Or know of a company who specialises in the whole package??
  • Hi - I was just searching this forum for info on the dead sea ultra and saw your post from a year ago. Sounds like were in exactly the same boat.

    I really fancied doing this race so started a thread just before Christmas asking exactly the same questions as you (i.e has anyone done it? is there a sports tour company that does it?) - but, like you, got no reply.

    Well ive decided to go for it and entered at the weekend. Now trying to sort out flights and hotel, etc. 

    I'm hoping to find some other Brits who are doing it. Ive never been to that part of the world before and obviously i don't speak the lingo so it would be nice to perhaps link up with others.

    So if you have decided to enter, please let me know!


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