Army 1.5 mile time advice.

Hiya people, I'm new to posting online so I don't really know if this should be put somewhere else, sorry if it annoys anyone.

Basically, I'm joining the army and one of my job choices is the Parachute regiment, I went to an training session with the army before my preselection where they check your fitness to make sure your not wasting their time and my 1.5 mile time was 9 minutes 54 seconds, the parachute regim ents 1.5 mile time is 9 minutes 40 seconds, my recruiter still let me keep the parachute regiment down as a job choice because I really put all my effort in an because I train hard regularly he reckons ill smash it at ADSC Glencourse (which by the way is in a couple of weeks) I would just really really appreciate any advice you guys and girls could give me in order to make it possible, thank you so much, Ben


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