Returning after illness

Please can anyone give me some advice on how to return to training, I've recently had a viral infection and tonsillitis which has kept me out of training for six weeks althought I'm a New runner my times were really good (I think) 7 min miles but I've just come back in from doing a 5 mile run and feel that I've fallen way behind, and feel some what unmotivated to get back in to it, Please Help Me


  • Hi Paul,

    You probably need to build back up gradually. It sounds as though your virus and tonsillitis hit you pretty hard, and it may take you a little while to recover. 5 miles is quite a long way, and if that was your first run since being ill it may have been too much. I bet it won't take you long to get back to where you were before, but you probably need to accept that you're not there yet. Too much too soon can be counterproductive. Good luck, and I hope you're feeling stronger soon :)
  • I agree with Wee Piglet, I returned to running recently after a mere 20 year break and tried to run at my old pace - HA roling in the gutter, lungs on fire etc. Worked hard etc. ran 4K racein 14:23 - great i thought back to the old form!!

    Like you got struck by nasty virus/chest infection:- 2 weeks out, felt better and ran in 5K - 27 bleedin minutes and no sprint finish.

    Moral of the story, take it easy when recovering - slowly does it. Best of luck.
  • Paul, take it easy coming back to the running. Don't try the speedwork for another week, just go for gentle jogs and increase the distance slowly. Take about 2 weeks to get back to where you were. rushing back after a viral illness can knock you back another week or so, or even lead to Chronic Fatigue syndrome and that will really put you back for weeks or even months!!
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