Brighton Marathon - Places to eat before

Hi Everyone,

I'm running the Brighton Marathon this year and will be staying in Brighton over the weekend. Can anyone recommend a good restaurant for a no frills pasta dinner the night before?

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  • Donatellos in the lanes is nornally good and pretty cheap too. Otherwise there are all the usual chains in the centre.

    Whatever you do, dn't go to Pinnochios (same company as Donatellos but so much less well run). We went there the night befpre the marathon last year and they had crammed far too many people in the restaurant and clearly couldn't cope.

  • Donatello's is definitely good but no frills. You would be hard pressed for a better pre-race pasta. Otherwise Carluccios, Jamie's, Zizzi's etc all do good pasta.
  • Fantastic, Donatello's sounds like a good bet then! I will keep the others in reserve in case it's packed out and make sure to avoid Pinnochios.

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  • Fish and chips make a good pre-marathon meal too.  Loads of those in Brighton.
  • I would diagree with fish and chips as a pre race meal but if you did Bardsley's near the level is the best. As for Pinnoccios, yes it is a smaller version of Donatellos but then I have never had a problem there. Pinnoccios is right in theatreland and well used to being busy. Maybe they just had an off day with Caitlin Blond.
  • Fish and chips are what I'm having after the race! image
  • Now that's a good plan. I always find I need a lot of pain relief afterwards. Or alcohol as it is known.
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