Flat footed runners and blisters

I'm fairly flat footed and (rather unsurprisingly) during gait analysis at my local Sweatshop i discovered that I overpronate quite a lot when running. 

During long runs (9 miles or more) I start to get blisters in the fallen arches of my feet, and they're not little blisters - I'm talking about 1-2 inches long, all along the 'arch', and really full of goo. As you can imagine, they're a bit of a nuisance. I went along to Sweatshop to get fitted with a new pair of shoes and they recommended a pair of Asics Kayanos, which I broke in slowly and have been running in for 4 months, and voila - the blisters have stopped!

However since running in these I have had terrible problems with knee pain, which began when I started running solely in the Kayanos and miraculously eased when I went back to my old trainers... I've decided not to wear them anymore, obviously, but am dreading building up my long runs again because of the inevitable blisters in the arches of my feet!

I had previously been running in Nike Lunarglides and Lunarelites with no aches or pains, other than the blisters.

Has anyone had any similar problems with blisters? Can anyone recommend a shoe with decent arch support that can stop the blisters, but not as severely structured as the Asics Kayano?

I have been running regularly for nearly 2 years, mostly half marathons, averaging 15-25 miles a week.


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    i recently started running again about 2 years ago and i bought a pair of asics virage. they had a mild level of support and felt fantastic until i ran more than 6 miles, then the blisters started right at the front of my arch just behind the ball of my foot. My solution was to invest in a couple of pairs of running socks (aprox £10 a pair). They remove the moisture from your foot and prevent rubbing. the blisters pretty much stopped on the medium runs (10-15 miles) and if i did a long run (15+) i would coat the sole of my foot with Vaseline. it was a very weird feeling but it worked. i pretty much stick to the same brand of shoe that i know works. Hope that helped a bit
  • Hannah M wrote (see)

    I'm fairly flat footed

    No i'm Flat Footed.....image

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    Could be worth playing around with different innersoles. You don't have to use the one's that come with the shoe, I never do. I use an innersole that came from an old pair of Saucony's. I wear Asics and Nikes for road and racing. And Salamon studs and spikes for cross country. No difference, the original innersole comes out and the Saucony goes in.
    I like them on account of them having a rubber arch support.
  • I 2nd lain in getting a decent pair of confy running socks, they got rid of my blisters. I also have Sole insoles thats work wonders for me in preventing injury due to flat feet, and they are not to expensive either.

  • I also had this problem with blisters some of which got infected!

    i purchased 1000 mile fusion double skin socks or hilly twin skin (1000mile ones are far better)

    I also use surgical spirits - it is amazing, after i shower i wipe it over my feet with a cotton ball or tissue it hardens the skin and prevents blisters. Its also great for existing blisters it stings like mad but heals them in about 2 day.

  • I am flatfooted and over pronate heavily. Whilst custom orthotics and decent sports socks (I do better with single skin ones) have helped a bit I do still get rubbing in my arches and the massive blisters of which you speak (picture is of a blister after a run before I had orthotics made for me).

    On shorter runs I find a big dab of vaseline on the offending area before I go out really helps (bodyglide for some reason doesn't work very well for me), but on longer runs the only thing that I've found works are compeed plasters used as a preventative.

    They are expensive, but last on my feet for about a week. I like to put them on my feet before bed so they're definitely stuck on by the time I go for a run. I wear them until they fall off. It helps to make sure your feet are clean and dry before application, and also warm the plaster in your hands (armpit or whatever) before sticking it to your foot. I find these also work well for being able to run again if there is a blister already there.

    Good luck

  • I also use Compeed patches for blister prevention on long runs and races. Much nicer than having to stop after 20 miles mid-event to patch up a nippy wound full of sock fluff and road grit! I'm not flat footed and I don't pronate in the slightest but I do sometimes get big arch blisters, especially on my right foot. I've tried toughening up the skin but it didn't work too well so now I just slap on a Compeed for anything over 13-15 miles...

    With my old Asics what also helped was taking out the insole and using a stanley blade to shave off a little bit of the depth of it just at the spot where it rubbed on my foot. Eased the blistering a lot.

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