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    Toby3 said "Though john 2443 who looks and sound like he’s on the Brighton team posted this on the 2012 thread"

    You've promoted me slightly image , I'm not really on the team, well not on the core/staff team, I'm a volunteer and was driving, delivering kit, putting up banners and generally joining in the organised panic as the day progressed on Saturday, and then reversing the whole proceedure on Sunday and Monday so that the course and the Metropole were cleared and everything back in storage.

    Lots of volunteers are out on the course and don't know what's happening anywhere further than they can see, but the drivers work closely with event control so we tend to know what's going on in the wider picture. This is my 3rd year so I have a good knowledge of what goes on backstage (no I'm not tempted to run before you ask, 5k parkrun is my current limit, I used to do 1/2 maras 30 years ago but no more!) .

    So, anything I say here is my own opinion, not that of BM </disclaimer> I've just been posting on here to do my best to help you runners out.

    If possible next year, could you all try to drink more water, it was delivered out to the course from a 7 ton truck with a forklift, but we had to manhandle it back into the vans and then into storage. Thanks, please do your best to help image

  • Afternoon all

    well still here in Brighton weather this morning was terrible rain lash down the sea was really rough glad we ran Sunday fortunately  it blew over so went for a walk we started at the 26 mile mark an ended up at the turn around point on the road to hell my goodness it seemed along way

    Must say we weren’t looking forward to walking back but as we had stopped in the cafe the lady behind the counter told us how to get out at that end of the road by going over 2 lock gates and we caught the bus back (note to self remember that for Brighton 2013)

    will have to wait until Friday when i get paid before me or the  wife can use are Exbo codes to enter

  • Started hi, thanks for the support.

    Started my training this morning. Went for a run, or rather a run-walk where I was running 1 minute and walking 5. Was out for around half an hour doing this. Was really relaxing. Might have to up the amount of time running to push myself a little better. 

  • SnowMaiden well done to you on a good start

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    Heisenberg wrote (see)

    I've got an expo code too so I'll register in the next day or so. Hopefully I've managed to convince a few mates to do it as well.

    BTW can anyone from Brighton recommend a good running club to join? I've seen there are a few out in the area. I think I may be addicted now.

    I think Brighton and Hove Athletic club or Arena80 for general runners, also Phoenix but I think they are geared more towards serious/fast people, but I may be wrong as I'm not a member of any of them!

    If you want a regular run there's parkrun at Hove park 9am every Saturday, it's free, open to any speed from 14 mins to walking pace. Register at and turn up every or some weeks. There are members of all 3 clubs there so you can ask around to see which suits you.

  • Yeah, I signed up again. Probably would have been better going for London now I have a good for age entry, but enjoyed Sunday so much decided to come back. I see they increased the entry fee, £57.50 seems steep, plus park & ride cost on top and also have to pay extra petrol and parking to collect number in the days before next year as well, all adds up to well over £100. An expensive race outing, but worth it.
  • Nelson good to see you've signed up so I can keep picking your brains
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    Seems to be a massive increase on last year...already charging £55 plus! The spectator areas seems good on one hand, but it seems to me that there suddenly seems to be a huge number of add on's to the cost compared to last year. At the moment it is this v's the pull of wanting to settle a score of my knee giving me problems from 14 miles onwards with a finishing time of 5 hours 27 mins (probably would have been closer to 4 hours 20 minutes otherwise. Pondering what to do as I type...
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    Just done - score to settle is a price worth paying more than the cost of the event itself! I get that it's popular but an entry price initially of £45 is almost a quarter on top of last year's fee I paid...let alone the cost of £57.50! Then again, as many of you have said, I also found the day very enjoyable despite the knee making the 2nd half of the race almost 3 and a half hours long! So here we go again then!
  • Well done to all the finishers this year, hope to join you all next year, as had to pull out at mile 21.5. I owe the course one more go!
  • Entered again!

    Also going to do the double again next year, Brighton then London the week after as I managed to ping 3.08 on sunday which should be okay for a GFA start at VLM2013.

     Taking a couple of weeks off training to recover this time though image

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    bet this is a good marathon
  • OK, I'm in! All signed up and definitely not starting in the blue coral next year!

    Think I'm going to keep up the training all year, unlike last year where I didn't run again until 3 weeks before the Beachy Head marathon in October! Will enter some shorter races and work on my speed a bit as I seem to just run at pretty much the same pace regardless of the distance!

    Pretty sure this thread will be even more popular than the 2012 based on recent posts!

    Good luck to all those training hard or about to start training.

    Toby3 (and family) - enjoy the rest of your holiday in Brighton. Hope the weather picks up a bit, today was awful. Tomorrow's not looking good either and I've got a 190 mile round trip to Ipswich!

  • Am also in. Not too sure about the idea of a spectators paying area though!
  • Two day in, the forum is already 6 pages. This is faster than the end if 2012 last few days (indeed, fast than the too fast 4:00 pacer!!)

    It's been weird past two days, like a goal missing from life, all of a sudden, 2013 entry and a new forum. Life complete again.

  • Has anyone had a problem with their deferral code ?
  • Ah decisions, decisions. I did this in 2011, watched it this year feeling totally jealous of the runners! Filled in half the form then thought image £55!

    It would be ok if I'm still living in Brighton next year but steep if I need to get accomodation too. Can anyone remember whether more places came available in the Autumn? I'd rather make the decision on whether to do it then. 

  • yes i'm in, i just had to give it a go, decided i couldnt spectate for another year as much as i loved shouting you guys on

    GCE i saw you on sunday at mile 12 and shouted but not sure if u heard me

    Stig, it was nice to meet you at the start, it did help me locate you when u were running and orange t.shirts are good and bright to see!!

    I am alot slower than you lot, i'm a 13min mile runner so 6 hours will be my aim, unless of course i improve over 12mths ( guess it is possible )

    i havent read all 6 pages i'm afraid, hope everyone enjoyed it

    what were peoples times?
  • Hi Hannah i see you found us there were a lot of very good PB this year i ran 4:00:28 and took 13 minutes of my PB but there were people that took even more of and a lot of first timers that went sub 4hr

  • Hello. Well here we go again, hope to make it to the start and finish line uninjured this time. Had to drop out this year relatively early in training because I wasn't getting to where I needed to be fitness wise and still nursing a dodgy calf/ankle from last year. Am now having to contend with a wrenched and swollen ankle from twisting it for no apparent reason 2 weeks ago. Not safe to be let out! However I am determined to build up my obvious area of weakness and so will be visiting physio to get some exercises. Meanwhile any suggestions from fellow forumites would be most welcome.
    Congratulations to all joining this thread who are recovering from the effort of the weekend. Toby-I have to take my hat off to you for going for it again!
    Green Fairy- hope that 2013 is finally your year!
    Toenails are over rated, although nice to see them when they grow back.
    Looking forward to sharing the journey with you all. Looking forward to getting a lot fitter than I am currently.
  • Am in! It's so difficult trying to estimate finish times, but based on 4:40 (first marathon) I am aiming for 4:00 - 4:15.
  • i did indeed Toby and keep meaning to sign off with my name - Jo, Hannah is my daughter but used her name as she is my inspiration for running image

    when are u in Brighton til, we came down for the week this year, me and my 3 children, we had a fab time ( we always do ) visited Littlehampton ( lovely park on the beach front with a train going along the promenade ) which the kids loved, about 40mins down the road from Brighton, easy to park as well lol

  • Well I'm back for marathon number 2. Got my sub 4 so not sure what to aim for next time. Concentrating on my karate for next couple of months as going out to train in Japan but just keep running ticking over 20-30 miles a week then see where the summer takes me. Good luck everyone.
  • HannahsmomUK - 13 minute-miles is quite fast enough for a lot of usimage
  • Hannah were here till Friday but not all day as we are due to catch the train home on Friday morning we had a nice relaxing time here this year as we went for a self catering flat instead of the bedsit we have stayed in the past 2 years it’s been great as it meant we could get up when we like eat when like and what every we liked

    Don’t get me wrong the bed sit was nice but i never felt like you could just slump and then there was the add expense as you had to eat out all the time as we only got Breakfast

    Forty i have to say i never got black toe nail this year as i started to use foam toe protectors they meant to stop your toes rubbing together and getting blisters

     but i have an unfortunate habit of making a hole in the top of my running shoes were my big toe rubs through so i have been wearing them i have to say all though it did not stop the problem completely i have only worn a hole in one shoe this time on the right foot the left is fine

    And i have not developed black toes nails on either foot this year

    Green Fairy it looks like at the moment like this thread could turn out to be bigger than last year but will give it a couple of week for all the excitement to die down and see where we our then

  • Hi Jo, really sorry, I don't think I did see you? The crowd was so brilliant the whole way, that I was constantly responding to cheers of my name. Thank you so much for being there though.

    Especially pleased to hear your going to run it next year.

  • GCE - I see from the 2012 thread your thinking about Beachy. Do it. Would probably be easier to meet at the start as well if you fancy it
  • Stig, it's tempting? Those hills look like a good challenge? (although a flight of stairs look like a challenge right now).

    I'll decide by the weekend. Have you done it before Stig?
  • Yeah did it last year. A great route. Very tough in places and was sore for a week after but signed up for this year already
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