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  •  Thank you for the heads up on the travelodge.  Very happy its a great location.
  • 2013 entry in. 2012 was my first marathon, first race for that matter and I said never again on Sunday evening. However, my last month of training and the run itself was so disrupted by injury that I feel I've got something left to prove! Time to start the rehab!
  • The teams are on Blackheath, still setting up for Sundays marathon. The ground looks pretty trashed after today's rain. I hope the weathers as good as last Sunday for them??
  • LindsayYLindsayY ✭✭✭

    Evening All!

    Just a quick note to say Good Luck to all you Brighton marathoners past and future doing the London Marathon this weekend.  I shall be watching on with jealous eyes on the TV!

    Hoping for third time lucky in the ballot next year.

    Have a good one!

  • Like PWD90 last weekends race was my first ever marathon, second ever race after the Ashby 20. And also my training was dogged by the passing of my father and a chest infection.

    I really enjoyed last Sunday in every way despite being 20mins off my target time of 3:30. My own fault for not eating a thing in the first 15miles (although I was worried about my stomach, as it wasn't great the days leading up to the race).

    As I have nothing to compare it to then I cant criticise the event in any way. It was well organised, had a great atmosphere and scenery and doubled up as a nice small family break.

    I'm in again for 2013 and will be hoping to improve enough over 2012 to go well within my target time.

  • john2443john2443 ✭✭✭
    Although the Travelodge (obviously) isn't in the same league (or price!) as the big seafront hotels it must be in the running for best located hotel for the start of a marathon ever! How long from your romm to start line -3 mins if you take it gently?
  • Stig - Midnight Sun marathon is on the 30th June this year. Not sure about next year but I guess it's generally close to the longest day. I am not sure what time it starts, but it would be cool to think it's an evening race with there being 24 hours of sunlight.

  • John - I stayed at the holiday inn on the seafront, really only marginally more than travelodge (I booked early). Given the choice of long walk before or after, before definitely won for me.

  • How much is the travellodge GCE just out of interest? I've booked into the Premier at Newhaven again, bit of a drive but £63 a night.
  • We'd paid about £80 a night I think it was.

  • Cheers, Juggler. Will let you all know how it goes, obviously! Managed a not so easy 4 miler today. Still loading up on sleep.

    Hello all! Hope the recovery for you Brighton 2012ers is going well.
  • Ohh the recovery is progressing nicely thanks Veester, but I've a dilemma: should I run Beachy Head, which is hilly to the extreme or Liverpool Marathon which is flat in October???
  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Been reading the BM12 thread and the fantastic reports - well done to everyone who finished, and to any who didn't also for giving it a go. I'm full of admiration for you all.

    So much so, actually, that i've signed up for next year !!

    First marathon. First race of any sort since my long gone school days, infact.

    My feelings at the moment ? Bloody excited i think .

  • Morning all

    Well we will be off home in a minute and of course as it’s are last day the sun has decided to come out Oh well sod’s law i suppose

    me and Poobear have had a nice relaxing time here are looking forward to coming back next year got paid to day so i hoping if i drop enough hits will be all signed up by the end of the day

    again a great big thank you to the people of Brighton for making last Sunday a special day

  • Good morning all!

    Forgive me if this has already been asked previous but does anyone know roughly how long before the places generally fill up for BM13?
    Sunday was my third marathon (after Edinburgh and Liverpool) and it was by far my favourite. Loved it!
    Now persuaded a mate to do it with me next year but I also want to register for Chester in October.

    Now...I can only afford to register for one this week (another week til payday!) so which one should I register for this week...or am I just being silly because it will be ages before both races fill up?

    Good luck to all you VLM runners this weekend...hoping to be successful in the ballot for next years.
  • Sign up this this one first would be my suggestion. Nick. Over a quarter of places went in 24 hrs and price increases as more folk enter...
  • john2443john2443 ✭✭✭
    Last year Brighton filled up very quickly, I think there are charity places left for a  long time, but pure running places go in small number of weeks, maybe even in days.
  • Mace - Welcome and glad to see you've signed up for BM13 too! I only joined the BM12 late on but you've now got a full year to help with the training and get advice and tips off those with some experience.

    Nick_S - definitely sign up for BM12 first over Chester. Given they were handing out Chester fliers at the expo for October time and BM13 is already filling up quick, you're either going to miss out on your own place, or pay a lot to get one. I had to opt for a charity place for BM12 as I left it way too late!

    SDRR Gaz - sorry to hear about the passing of your father. I'm sure with injury free training and a bit of experience behind you, you'll be able to smash the time you set last Sunday.

    PWD90 - I said never again after my first FLM in 2006, and BM12 was my 6th, I'm already signed up for Beachy Head, BM13 and my VLM13 entry will be going off as soon as the ballot opens!

    GCE - Do Beachy Head, do Beachy Head! Surely a tougher marathon will make Brighton seem like a walk in the park!

  • Gonna try a post-marathon run tomorrow morning followed by a light session in the gym.

    Has anyone suffered post-Marathon blues?

    It's nice to have more free time, but I'm looking forward to stretching the legs tomorrow with a short run.

  • Post Marathon Blues? I'm border line depressed.
  • Last year after Brighton (my first marathon), I wanted/needed a break from running and had about 8 weeks off (this did co-incide with a 3 week holiday and a house move though so I guess I was quite busy!), this year I have been itching to get back out since about Tuesday and went out for my first post-marathon run this morning - a lovely steady 6 miler along the seafront as the sun was coming up.

     It felt good to be back image

  • See if I had a seafront to run accross I'd be much happier.

    I won't run again until next week now. I've had a few niggles of late so will give them a chance to do one.

  • I think that's why I REALLY enjoyed training for this year's marathon compared to last year when we were living in London - running around the streets of London vs a run along the seafront - no comparison really!
  • Thanks for your words of wisdom...I'm in! Yay!

    Post marathon blues? Yeah...problem is, I need to rest the niggling groin strain I've had for about 12 months. Going to leave it 2 months before I get my trustee old trainees out again! I'll have gone up the walls by then!
    Was originally going to rest for about 7 months but I can't wait another year before doing another marathon...I just can't!
  • We got really lucky with the weather in the end last Sunday. It's been gusting and pissing it down all week down here.

    I definitely wasn't tempted to go out and do a seafront run earlier in the week.

  • Heisenberg, I hate the post marathon void. I've eaten almost my own body weight in chocolate. I threw away my trainers after Sunday, and looking forward to breaking in the new pair, that have sat patiently until now. Only problem being a constant pain in the top of my foot. It's eased slightly, been massage it out on a tennis ball.

    I'm so jealous of runners in London this Sunday. I want to do it!!
  • Help what have I done!

    I have now paid the full entry fee for the Brighton Marathon 2013 and have my place confirmed. 

    We are back in Bristol now and I need to prepare myself for training properly for the Marathon.  I will admit I put down the maximum time on the entry form to give myself plenty of time.

    I have a few training plans bookmarked already, so I am sure I will be ok.

  • It's my birthday night out on Saturday so I imagine the marathon void will be filled with a few pints and shots. Been out of the game for a while, so I'll be floored by about 8pm.
  • I've felt like something has been missing in my life this week! To make matters worse I was supposed to be getting married tomorrow! Saying that though, I'm still with my girlfriend; I just think we were a bit ahead of ourselves with the whole marriage thing. And further, I wouldn't have been running Brighton last weekend if things hadn't gone tits up with the wedding (swings and roundabouts and all that!).

    Looking forward to running again but will probably leave it to next week now. I'm sure being in London Sunday to help with the marathon will have me itching to run!

    Nick_S, poohbear - glad you're in!
  • Afternoon all

    Well as Poobear said we now back in Bristol and have just paid up for next year so we will be back my goal for next year is to knock 29 seconds of my PB as for post marathon runs i won’t be out now till next week

    They won’t be anything to long as the next race i have is a 10k so there’s really no need to do anything over 6 miles so will probably make up some form of plan to follow my self

    I see from the entry from that all numbers will have to be collected next year from the Exbo so that’s going to be new to me as for the last three i have them sent

    Lombster sorry to hear about the wedding hope things work them self out

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