Recovery After VLM

Sunday was the first time I have run that distance (taking Eons to finish I might add!)

Just starting to recover now, and after a 2 days of real muscle stiffness, things are loosening up - the only thing is, I am getting random shooting pains in various leg muscles, they keep catching me by suprise!

Is this normal for recovery after a really long distance as I have not had this happen before?


  • Sounds reasonably normal to me. I don't think I'd worry unless it persisted more than a week or so. I sometimes get random shooting pains after very long runs, also knee/ankle swelling, extreme stiffness, odd muscle spasms and cramps, legs just giving way under me, joints making alarming popping noises etc etc.

    With recovery, I tend to find the first time is the worst for any new longer distance. First time I ran a marathon I was hobbling for a week. Now I've done a few, I'm usually pretty much okay after a couple of days.

    P.S. Congrats on your achievement!  image

  • Thanks for that!

    glad to hear its fairly normal

    other than the shooting pains I'm not feeling as bad as i expected to, just pretty tired  image

  • My legs are fine today to, but like you MM I am so tired....
  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    Fairly normal, especially going down stairs or if underfoot is uneven. Shouldn't last much longer unless you've done some mischief
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