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Just listened to the last talk Ultra and thought the bit on nutrition/fuelling was quite interesting. Basically floating the idea that carb loading / taking on carbs is just training your body to run on carbs meaning that you need to keep fuelling. The idea was before training to eat a diet higher in fat as this encourages the use of fat as fuel. Kind of made sense to me, after all if we are "designed" to run long distances fat must be fuel as we only have a limited store of glycogen/carbs.
So any suggestions for healthy fats in a breakfast? Nuts/seeds - kind of boring.


  • Peanut butter?  Still nut-based, but more palatable.  Flapjacks made with sunflower oil?  Muffins made with rapeseed oil/sunflower oil?

  • I think most of the ultra nutrionists also recommend that ultra runners take on board fat while they are running, hence the cheese/meat/avocado/peanut butter wraps and sarnies that appear at aid stations. From what I recall, the reason for this is that the brain requires fat to keep functioning and this runs out after 35-odd miles. has some very good podcasts on this subject with the wonderfully named nutritionist Sunny Blende.  They can be downloaded from iTunes. 

  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭
    Can't stand peanut butter which is weeird as I like peanuts. Muffins and flapjack sound like a plan
  • peanut butter - my snack of choice image
  • Jam sandwich,flap jacks,rice puddingimageimage

  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭
    james r adams  wrote (see)
    Big Macs

    Ha yes I remember you talk at Pilgrims Challenge - chips are good but don't know I could cope with running after eating a burger. Guess it's just finding what works - good excuse to eat lots (and run lots of course!)
    Tried some breakfast bars but too chewy to eat on the run, muffins next. Rice pudding? image

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