Wanted:Baby jogger performance running buggy

Hi There So my baby is now 6 months and I'm desperate to get my hands on a running buggy. I cant really afford a brand new one so i just thought I would see if anybody has one they fancy selling? I'm based in Staines so could pick up from anywhere Londonish, or South East. Thanks Madeleine


  • If you want a cheaper alternative I use an Out 'n' About Nipper Sport which is brilliant. I ran a half marathon with it last week. My baby is 14 months now and I'll probably use it for a few more years it's so comfy to push. Might run him to school until he's too embarrassed!!

    Hope you find something.
  • Hi Suziewee! Would you mind giving me a bit more info about your experience with the Nipper Sport, please? I've been running with our Croozer, but it really is a bit too big, heavy and bulky for regular use! I've seen the Nipper Sport and was really impressed with it, but I can't find many reviews of it online and am wondering whether I should go for the Baby Jogger Performance or even the Baby Jogger Summit XC... Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! Sue

  • Hi there,

    I chose the Nipper Sport partly because it came out well in the RW review. The other factors that swung it was the weight, as it weighs the same as the BJ performance and the price. I really wanted the BJ performance but just couldn't justify the spending over ??300. I was then torn between the BJ FIT but that was much heavier so I plumped for the sport which I got from a website called outdoor pushchairs for ??179 including the raincover.

    As I said before it is excellent for running with and I also use it a lot for off road walking and even take it round town, although the front wheel isnt ideal for steering round small shops. I put my baby in it from 5 weeks for very short runs on very smooth surfaces and he was fine. He was well wrapped up and I used the head hugger from his car seat.

    The only negatives are that the hood isn't very good at keeping the sun off so when he was little I pegged a muslin cloth over it and that's it really.

    The most important aspects for me were weight and comfort for baby and price and it's been fantastic on all counts.

    I've never used a BJ performance so I can't compare them, but I think they are the gold standard. So it might come down to budget at the end of the day.

    Hope you find something, running with my baby has really helped my sanity and I am a stronger runner as a result (just knocked 5 mins off my HM PB!)
  • DMaxDMax ✭✭✭

    What about the Phil and Teds explorer. Its very light to push around.

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    I have an `Out N About` Nipper (`10k Ultimate` in the US) which I keep meaning to getting round to selling. It is in good condition and not used that much (mainly, I used it when my wife wanted to run or do a race together).  I don`t think it is as good as a BJ, but the next best thing and perfect for running with (very light). I live in Worthing, West Sussex.  If you`re interested, let me know. I am sure we can do a deal.

  • Hi,

    Sorry it's taken me so long to repost! Thanks for the advice Suziewee. I had a look at the out and about and it certainly looked really good. I actually managed to get a Baby Jogger on EBayimage No excuses now!;)c
  • Brill, hope you and the little one enjoy it!
  • Phil,

    If Madeliene doesn't get back to you I would be interested!  I could come down at the weekend to collect.  would be interested in what 'good' condition means and how much you are looking for.


  • D0MD0M ✭✭✭

    Hi JH,

     By good condition i mean nice and clean, no rips in material, tyres good/not worn, no rust (all aluminium), have a spare seat cover. Not sure if I have the rain cover but will have a look. I think it cost about £269, so would look for about £85. Email is [email protected] 

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