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Thought I'd have a rant about my new wicking t shirt which I wore for the second time today. It's absolutely crap: wicks away from the skin ok, but not from the T shirt - which I thought was the whole point. I just end up with a completely soaking T shirt.

So if you're looking at wicking T shirts, don't buy this one! My other wicking Ts are Nike dry fit - cotton, not this synthetic stuff - and are much better.


  • Hi, I use coolmax t-shirt made by North Cape( they are great. Cost about £15 - £20 from any good walking shops.
  • I found the Nike polyester/cotton t shirt behaves just like a normal t shirt! Sticks to your skin and stays there (until the time comes for you to take it off!)

    The 100% dri fit t's do the trick, but my absolute fave (besides the URWFRC vest) is my Ron Hill Coolmax t does the business! Its soft so it doesn't carve up your nips and it transports sweat beautifully!
  • ChaosChaos ✭✭✭
    Currently my favourite out of choice of dri-fit, view-from coolmax, club nylon thing(yuk), and sub-4 coolmax-equivalent tshirts is the Sub4.

    After the first wash it was really soft and light, dries out very quickly so can be used for a brow wipe repeatedly as well. Gone a little bobbly and tatty unlike the others but it's definitely my favourite. Perhaps the Ron Hills the same weight and material so I'll give that a go.

    For long sleeve tops, Patagonia make an excellent range with similar properties. You may have to go to a camping shop for one rather than a running shop though.
  • I agree about the Ron Hill coolmax T-shirt. Cheap and very comfortable. Also lightweight Lowe Alpine T-shirts - available from outdoor/hiking shops - are very good, although more expensive than Ron Hill. Both dry extremely quickly after washing, too, so you can get back out there in a clean T as soon as possible!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I bought an Adidas climalite vest style top in TKMaxx of all places - reduced from £20 to £8 (last year's colour I assume, but who cares?). It's very light, soft, and dries in seconds. I haven't worn anything else for weeks. (Running, that is - I don't wear it to work - yet)
  • New Ron Hill 'Hilly' T shirts are great! Thin, very good at wicking away sweat and well made! However the one I have has panelling on the sides so the seams tend to feel a bit funny, but they're away from the nips so doesn't cause any... irritation!
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