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    That's another one to try.

    Save the thread as a bookmark, thne you can't lose it!


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    it's ok for me Bus, it's in my started threads section!

    Over the last 2-3months when i've been building the mileage and intensity back up, and thus not on the M man's training, i'd switched my rest day to saturday... Therefore, today was my first run on a saturday for 7 weeks!!

    Felt just like I remembered...underfuelled and never easy image 

    Also made me think, 3miles in under 22mins at easy pace, just how unfit was my old schoolpal from the Chesham 5k doing 27mins at race pace!

    Could no doubt happen to us all though, so keep a training we do image

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    Well, what a lot has gone on in the last week! The return of Stevie G, for one.  Could this be the most magnificent comeback since Peter Andre? (albeit more welcome). Good to see you back in the fold, and racing as well, with 17:37 a pretty nifty comeback time after so long out.But surely, according to some, we are “owed” some kind of massive explanation of your whereabouts, complete with all the gory injury details?

    Great back to back racing by Bus as well, especially with a PB and a trophy on the second day.  You could have dressed up for the mayor though.

    Good racing from all others – I did read it in detail last night, but I’d just come in from a nightmare journey up the A303, so you’ll forgive my forgetfulness.

    SG – re Wokingham vs Reading, my Reading time was 80 secs quicker than Wokingham this year, although that was in the context of fairly continuous improvement.

    Any idea how Luvsa did at Yateley?

    I’ve been off in South Devon for a week. Not much running done, as life, alcohol and inclement weather got in the way. Felt fine after my 20 on Friday though. My only real running option was the South West coast path, incorporating some very exposed clifftop bits. Some great up and downhills, and scattering sheep is always fun (it must be that I’m half Welsh).  Lovely in the sun the couple of times I did go out (9-ish miles), but would have been ridiculously dangerous on the days we had high winds. So I’m writing this off as a rest week, although I do have the Wargrave 10k tomorrow.

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    If you were half Welsh you wouldn't have scattered them, you'd have crept up on them image

    Picked a corker of a week for being in the south west! We almost went camping in Dorset, but changed our minds!  I'd have dressed up for the mayoress if she dressed up for me (though fair play she had also ran the race!)

    Just back myself forma 8M xc - legs felt VERY heavy! I reckon your old school pal would have come close today SG! Hard week I guess....

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    Ta Dachs...not too dramatic a fall off really...only really a small handful of actual injury days, but i did strip things back, and re-build very sensible, mileage at easy first, and then longer, then harder etc...wouldn't ever say i'm 100%, but i'm back for now!

    You've overtaken me in my absence though! And actually did was I was hoping to do last year, namely pb at Wokingham, have 4-5 good training weeks, then pb again at Reading....didn't quite happen for me, with a week off work injured, and a bit of after the Lord Major's show, but you've shown it's doable...Mee Meep reckons Reading is quicker with the same effort too...

    Would you say it's the marathon training that's brought about your stirling form? Did i see a 34:40 or so 10k during my flick reading when i was away?

    Yateley is put on by my 1st claim club...but as I'm 40miles away from there I'm not exactly in the loop!

    Good luck tomorrow...a nice race report will do your typically entertaining style, that I must admit always makes me laugh!

    ps Bus...myself and Phil are potentially doing a 7am long one tomorrow? Fancy joining? Early yes, but it gets it done doesn't it! Relaxed should be alright.

  • Dachs-Nothing spectacular for this thread I'm afraid. Did 39:10 on the garmin. Didn't attach chip to tie properly so I'm not listed in the results.

    Went out with a 3:39 per k strategy that I struggled with from 2k onwards. A whole min down at 6k. Managed a final 150 metre sprint at finish to get back 3 places & unchick myself. My lack of speed endurance at the mo is a bit frustrating.

    The winning time was 34:xx, so you prob would have been knocking on the door if you ran.
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    What were conditions like Luvsa?

    I ask, because looking at those results, the powerhouse fromy my 1stclaim boys, did 34:30, and at peak he's 32s, and 1hr 11 for a half. He was a bit injured for the XC series last year maybe still not top form.

    Similarly a fella I'm very neck and neck with did, 35:48, which while not exactly dossing, i'd have thought he'd be pushing at the sub 35.  Having said that he was 35:25 to 36;05 for the 3 races last year...

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    Right... a few rants...

    Having not raced under my original club's name since mid last year, I thought it would nice to get my 5k result on their fb page...

    No deal, says the rep, as on Run Britain I show as my 1st claim mob. The fact i ran under the local lot's colours and name, and the fact I'm dual listed on power of 10 doesn't seem to make any odds.... therefore, i'm having to mail run britain, and get them to change it..just to get on the local club's page...this is one of those quests that the principle ends up being massively more important than the end gain image


    Now to Run Britain itself...

    This is a site that tells me my "handicap" is 3.0. Great, whatever that means. But to improve the handicap to 2.9?

    I'd need to run a 17:51 5k. image

    That's despite just racing a 17:37 5k on a course that the site's own ranking gives a 1.4 difficulty rating. Just to put that in context, a 0.1 is a super fast course like Wokingham, Very tough hilly Wycombe half is 1.5, and that quamire park run that I continually take abuse on, was 1.8. (presumably the rating changes on weather there's no way in good weather that that course is harder than a hilly half marathon!!)

    Yet., despite doing a tough (by their ratings) 5k, I'm allowed to race 14seconds slower....presumably on a super flat course, and get a lower handicap?

    What a rubbish system.

  • SG-Conditions were perfect. Amazingly all the rain from Tues pm had evaporated & the school playing field where race starts & finishes was dry. I was preparing myself for running through a bog! Good job the race wasn't 24 hrs later.

    Better get some effective speed sessions done before Race 2!
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    Oh well Luvsa, luckily there's two more of them to get the pace up!

    SG - runbritain is just crap! The SSS score is based on something like how runners times compared overall for that distance as a proxy for conditions I think. They don't actually take the conditions themselves into account. Similar to your 5k anomaly, mine tells me I'm a 3.1 and need to run a 1:20 half to get down to 3, despite running a 1:18:46 half a couple of months ago, or a 36:17 10k even though they have a ranking 36:15k listed - or the easy alternative, a 2:48 marathon image

    Thanks for the invite for tomorrow, but I intend to be sleeping at 7am! Also, 16M would just finish me off I think - my legs feel like blocks of wood! I was thinking of the doing the Chiltern Chase 10k perhaps, but that would be hopeless so might just do a very easy double instead.


  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    Doing more races seems a way to get your handicap down too, making it even more farcical.

    Yeah i wouldn't do an offroad 10k race..that'd be harder than the pootling 16 we have planned!

    Knee felt a bit stiff on the last run, hopefully nothing, you often go through a range of random feelings and areas on different runs.

    Luvsa, i don't quite understand the idea of the Yateley 10ks. Most series you have over different races, why have the same course x3?

  • Stevie G . wrote (see)


    Luvsa, i don't quite understand the idea of the Yateley 10ks. Most series you have over different races, why have the same course x3?

    SG- I think Yateley was designed for all those OCD sufferers out thereimage

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    i havent a clue about run britain so logged on and im 0.4 and a ladder 1043.  Havent a slightest idea if thats good or awful. to improve it i have to PB in every distance other than 5k which it allows me 20 secs grace off my last race/pb.  Cant say i will ever log in again.  Im happy enough with clock time on races and the rankings to give me an idea of how its all going.

    Also noticed i had a follower on runbritian, looks like i am in the crosshairs of somebody on this thread image

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    Bizarrely Dean, I've got 2 followers on mine too...which is odd, as before today i'd only ever been on about twice.

    The problem is that some distance rankings seem to have been moved from power of 10 over to Run Britain now.. i think it's the "extras" such as 5k road race etc

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    i think its road races on runbritain and track on power 10.  I say think as i might have made that up

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    you've completely made that up Dean!!

  • SG-Conditions were perfect. Amazingly all the rain from Tues pm had evaporated & the school playing field where race starts & finishes was dry. I was preparing myself for running through a bog! Good job the race wasn't 24 hrs later.

    Better get some effective speed sessions done before Race 2!
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    You on a Blackberry Luvsa??

    The other problem with the rankings now is you can't jucst click on the number on Po10 and see where you are. You now have to log on to runbritain, trying to remember one of 473 passwords, then enter a competition to win some Sennheiser headphones, then then re-select whatever ranking event you were looking at in the first place!


  • It's nickname's Groundhog, Busimage 

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    SG - I wouldn't say it's a case of having overtaken you.  We need a couple of head to heads to sort that out.  But yeah, I got a 34:48.  I wouldn't say it was specifically related to marathon training - just overall benefitting from having put the mileage in.  Up to October last year I was only running once, occasionally twice a week, so it's simply much more intense training brining results.  However, I think those long tempo runs (5-7 miles at tempo) made a real difference, and contributed to the difference between Wokingham and Reading times.

    I shall try to make tomorrow's report as entertaining as possible, but I can't guarantee that anything entertaining will happen.  Not really a likely PB course, but I shall give it a shot anyway.

    Luvsa - I have a history with chips, so I sympathise!  I shall be there for the July and August races.  A 3 race 10k series on the same course I can understand - it kind of removes all the other variables except for the head to heads, so you really focus on the competition around you.  More than 3 might get pretty dull though.

    Dean - yeah, sorry about that.  I figured there must be some point to the runbritain site, so I wondered if that would be it.  It seems not.  It's not just you, but I understand if you want to take out that restraining order..

    By the way, does anyone know where I can get live online streaming of international football matches?  I'm at a loss.

  • Good luck tomorrow Dachs!

    I did the same trick with the chip & tie 2 yrs ago at Yateley too!image

    I was running each race faster than the previous so I wasn't getting easily boredimage 

  • As I have 5 followers on runbritain does that make me top dog? Ran 5000m today and was looking for more open 5000m meetings and when I googled "5000m track open" I got "This was also Dean's first ever

    SG, won't be out to play tomorrow but will try and make a few over the coming months, either Sunday or midweek track evening.

    So 5000m today and after two crap 5ks I wasn't hopeful. Turned out OK, net result was 18:05 with a stiff wind that was slowing the sprinters by about 1.5 seconds down the finish straight so that probably means somewhere 17:5x and maybe 17:4x. Race itself was very odd, I normally hold my own and finish midway in the A string or win the B but today there was a bunch of 4 athletes sub 16, then another bunch of 3 sub 17 and then me and 2 others behind so I was last A and my team-mate was last B. Pacing was sort of fine, steady slowing down but nothing cliff like and as it turned out to be a mainly solo time trial you have to accept the urge to carry on does decline. At least I now have a low 18 and can look for a few sub 18s on the road in the coming weeks.

    bus, have you a pass for Didcot 5?

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    SG - i cant see the list of rankings for any road race on Po10, i can see all my individual rankings but not the list of those ahead of me. which i guess is pretty much what Bus said.  However the 5000 on the track i can see the list of rankings on Po10.  Is this not the same for you?  maybe i have it set up wrong.

    Dachs - no restraining order necessary...but if you turn up at the track with a clipboard taking notes i will start proceedings image   Good luck tomorrow, i have a local HM, very hilly and zero chance of a PB, but if i can get into the top 10 and sub 80 i will be happy which probably shows the how hilly it is.  What i find interesting is i came back to running to focus on HMs.  This will only be my second and it doesnt get my juices going anymore...i think im more motivated by the short stuff at the moment and my training is more geared to them.  So im expecting to get very tired at about mile 10 unfortunately.image

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    nice stepping stone sure a 17.x is just a race or 2 away.

    you must have stumbled on the Stoke Ac webpage... they can be quite funny as they often mention my advancing age.  Im sure its  meant as a positiveimage

  • down with spam (not this thread)

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    Had to dig around for this thread...the spam has reached incredible levels, and you can't just post on normal threads to keep them at the top as the spam is coming thick and fast!

    Dean, had a look, and yes, it seems that all rankings are now on Run Britain...main positive being stuff like 5m which you had to mess about with the "extended login" on Power of 10, is simply in the list to select from.

    As well as the fiddliness, another downside is it just lists your first claim club, rather than any clubs you might race under....if you have a pedantic club results person.

    Dachs, you're just one of the Johnny come lately high achievers then imageSome of us have taken years to get to our levels, and some of you lot ride in and overtake. Having said that it helps to have Dean's background, and I'm sure you said you used to have a decent pedigree back in early years...seems muscle memory works in running as well as weights goonery.

    Love the report Phil, especially the claiming 15-20seconds back due to the wind! We all do it though...myself and Bus certainly were at Chesham, and now I've found out Run Britain ranked it a 1.8,  even more so image

    You're missing good conditions today, so hopefully as long as no aches, will be a good 2hour job.

    Local club are doing Chiltern Chase today...i'm 50-50 whether i miss doing 15-18 club events a year with them. On the one hand you always had a target and got a fair bit of social in, but on the other hand you were racing so much, and quite beholden to the race organiser on which races you'd have to do. One guy used to pick some damm awful 10ks, always really hilly stuff that would smash you, for no benefit time wise...Icknield Way, Chiltern Chase and Frieth one year alone!

    Frieth was a really tough course, I'd say hardest race I've done...i remember coming 4th the first year, behind 3 local big names, including Frankie, and being utterly wiped out. Although 40% is on road, the 60% off road, includes some really tough prolonged climbs, and a half mile hill right at the end that obliterates...garrrh

    right...16mile time.

    Good luck Deano and Dachs...have good races....

    ps Dean..."only" looking for a sub 1hr 20 on a hilly course isn't a bad place to be in!


  • Dean, I did find the Stoke website and I am sure it was meant as a compliment, though it did read a bit like the second coming in places. Reminds me of the announcer at our match yesterday, was giving a lot of hype to the home team's Ethiopian runner in the 1500m who was being thrashed by oiur U17 boy image

    Watched some of the Watford BMC meeting streamed online at and results are online. Sure makes you realise how many layers there are to running: guys like Anuradha Cooray get to race in the 5000m C race (probably an unfair seeding, he was probably a B race at 14:17) but also Paul Martelletti (Marders of the sub 3 thread) looks pedestrian in the company and Fabian was only just off last place.

    SG, I'm having similar club versus self and first and second claim issues now. The fact is that Wycombe Phoenix don't have much senior depth at all, so much so that I was the top scorer in the cross country league last year. I run first claim for Wycombe at the moment and that means I can do track for them and cross country in the Apex league but also it means that I can't run for Datchet in e.g. 12 stage relays. If  I was to flip (or even drop Wycombe totally) then it opens a few doors (so I could do 12 stage and at Wycombe we have trouble finding 6 athletes) and the ones it closes are minimal (so no Apex league but that means with Thames Valley having 8 and Apex 5 matches I run 8 instead of 13 races before champs and 13 is a lot of races and no summer track but this year it will be one 3000 and one 5000 race so I can do those at open meets with fields closer to my ability).

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Right, Wargrave 10K just done...

    Was entertaining to see a small roped off area at the start for the sub-35 runners, which no-one dared enter, apart from a couple of guys who clearly then felt a little exposed, and quickly rejoined the rest of us.  Introduced myself to Frank on the start line, and exchanged pre-race excuses.  Race was started by local resident Paul Daniels.  I was glad to see, given the recent incident where he almost chainsawed off his own hand whilst gardening, that they hadn't entrusted him with a starting pistol, otherwise there would have been carnage.  No sign of the lovely Debbie McGee.

    Race started, and I set off at the back of the leading pack and kept with them to 1 km (3:24).  Started to fall off the back of that pack after the 1 k point, and went through 2k in 3:30.  Then leapfrogged with Frankie for a bit through the next few kms (he's quick on the downhills, must be a cross-country thing) with 3:34 and 3:30.  However, in truth, it all felt a lot more laboured than it should have from 1k.  the fifth km was done in 3:56 - or rather the 5k marker was in the wrong place, cos I would have noticed if I was running that slow, and I definitely wasn't.  However, by then I knew it wasn't my day, so just tried to keep Frankie in sight with last kms of 3:36, 3:37, 3:34, 3:36 and 3:35, for a finish time of 35:56 on the watch.

    So, a pretty disappointing day all in all.  It isn't a flat course, but nor is it properly hilly.  In truth, my legs felt heavy in the warm up, as well as in my evening light run yesterday.  Also, to be honest, I didn't feel up for it in the same way as I have for other recent races, and probably didn't dig in as much as I should have.  I should have stayed with the main group for longer and made it a little easier on myself - they weren't going at a searing pace, and were still visible at halfway, and I could at least have got to half way with them before dropping back.

    So, I'm hoping it's just an off day.  I'm probably overdue one anyway, having had a good run of races, but I can't help noticing that the last 3 10ks have each been slower than the previous one.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Dachs - sounds like you could be in need of a break. When was the last time you cut right back on training intensity and had a very easy couple of weeks? That said, sub 36 is not to be sniffed at!  I can testify for Frank's downhill speed too!

    Philip - Didcot 5 is looking very doubtful unfortunately. It's the Mrs birthday and she didn't look exactly pleased with the idea when I casually dropped it into conversation. It's also not helped by the fact that it would mean 10 races in 10 weeks!  Shame, as it does look like a good opportunity to put Marlow right....


  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    Dachs, decent outing pal...keeping with Frankie is not to be sniffed at, although you have the benefit of probably not racing him much. When you've lost to him about 40 times like I have, the second you see him it's a mental thing, which is never good...

    I presume the Wargrave 10k takes in bits of the Wargrave 5k, and that has an incline near the end, so you're bound to lose time there...

    Problem with 10ks is that once you can sense the pb type fare is slipping away it's hard to force the ncessary last drops of effort out. You mention your 10k times slipping away gradually, all depends on the courses I suppose. I once did 3 races in 3 weeks, all 10ks.  The 2nd and 3rd races were offroad and hilly, and i came out 2mins slower than at the first 10k.

    Phil, I'm not sure why you keep the Wycombe Phoenix going. 95% of them are teens! Depends how important the track stuff is to you I suppose.

    Bus/Phil, funny how you're talking about the Didcot 5. About 3 years ago it was on my birthday in mid July, so I thought i'd go and race it. Pre sat nav, and on my own, I made a monumental screw up of directions, and although I got to A sports centre in Didcot, by the start time, it wasn;t the right one, and i didn't manage to race! Instead I trudged a pointless 5miler round the area!!

    Chiltern chase was also today, guy from my local club won a prize...presumably as he's about 33/34 it must have been a top 3 senior man placing...(not sure if any V40s in the mixer. Currently, I'd estimate I must be about a min + ahead over 10k, as out last 5ks were 18:10 v 17:37, with his the Datchet 2 grassy lapper, and mine the 4 lap 4inclines...but it's hard to tell... as he's on an improvement cycle...will be interesting to see the time.

    Last time I did that 10k, in 08 i came out about 39:50. That was a very hot day, and was only 34th position.

    However, it's luck of the draw as in 09, when i collected such abuse for winning the 5k (actually 5k + 1/4mile), the top 3 were mid 33s...

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