C25k almost finished

Hi I am on week 8 of the c25k so almost finished. I am a bit unsure what to do next and was looking for some advice please. Do I: 1. Just run? Try to get some miles under my belt and just enjoy it? 2. Try to improve my speed? Currently a 13 minute mile so very slow. 3. Try to improve my distances? 4. Start Couch to 10k? 5. None of the above!! I know that noone can tell me what to do, but a bit of advice on what others have done would be great. Thanks


  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Once you have completed the C25K have an easy recovery week.

    Have you taken part in any parkruns? is there one near you?

    Work out what you want to do. Is your priority to get faster or is it to run further?
    Building on endurance would be a good idea, it will help with both being able to run faster and further.

    I would take a couple of weeks to consolidate your running to date then try and progress and if C210K looks like a useful route to go down then do that.

    Great work so far.

  • which part of the schedule did you enjoy.........did having a schedule help to keep you motivated...if the schedule helped motivate you then look at another one.......or you could keep on repeating the last few weeks of the old one and when you are ready every few weeks you could add a mile to one of your runs.until they are all longer...........or keep the runs the same and add just to one run to make it a long run........


    the important thing is to keep on motivating yourself and enjoying it

    well done on getting to the endimage

  • Thanks for your replies.

    I have a parkrun close and I hope to take part in that within the next few weeks. I have been looking at the results and I reckon I'd be last but I'm fine with that. I'd just like the experience.

    In a way I'd like to both increase my distance but also my speed. I'd like to be able to choose a long, slow run then maybe once a week a tempo run. Don't want much, eh!

    I think I will do another couple of weeks just repeating the last week of c25k and try to increase my speed during these weeks. I've been reading about interval training and this interests me. I do like the fact I had a schedule to stick to, and it kept me motivated and pushed me. I didn't want to let it beat me!

    Thanks for all your suggestions.
  • definitely go to the park run......when I'm training i find these are my fast speed work of my week as I always run faster than on my own.........the ones I have been to are lovely and friendly and no one minds what pace you are......

    once you have stated going further then you might look for a 10k schedule to stick to.........if you increase your mileage slowly and do parkruns a few times a month then you will drfinitely get faster so donyt worry about speed ...it will come


    good luck

  • Deffo do the park run!

    Then if you really liked the c25k then you can find apps that bridge the gap to 10k!

    Have fun!image
  • hi pink_lynne,

    i'd say go for the park run too, you know you can do 5k,

    and in the mean time personally i'd repeat the weeks before week 9,

    where you have different run lengths back up to week 9,

    aiming to increase speed, 

     you could also keep running when laura says you've made it, which would add another 5+ mins to your run, then do cool down walk.

    this is what i planned to do, before got injured, and after i'd completed a 5k event i was going to do a programme which took me from 5k to 10k.

    i found one on bupa website, but of course there are many.

    i have also been told of the following one, which i havent yet looked at:


    good luck

  • morning pink_lynne,

    how are you? what's happening?

  • Hi Sarah, sorry didn't get to reply earlier.

    I have 2 sessions left til I finish the programme, the torrential rain kept me in 3 days in a row, don't mind getting wet but that was ridiculous! I have been looking back at the start of the plan and it makes me laugh now that I struggled with it. It looks so easy. So I'm going to start again and try to increase my speed. I did run this morning and was 30 seconds faster per kilometre than usual so it's a step in the right direction.

    I cannot recommend the c25k enough, it has worked miracles with me!
  • glad to hear PL........

    and great to hear you are still enthusiastic...........image

  • evening pink_lynne,

    ah great news! yes i did the same around then, couldnt believe a) that i was still doing it, and b) that it had been so hard to start with.

    well done to you, i hope to be able to re-start soon.


  • morning pink_lynne,

    i ran yesterday morning, not too bad a session, but thereafter heel terrible all day and this morning.

    so disheartened.

    seeing doc on tues and will bite the bullet (or tongue depressor! lol) and have the injection.

    have you finished couch now? whats next? a programme to 10K?

  • There's some bridge to 10k programmes out there do you don't have to start from scratch again? That's what I did and now I'm following one for a half marathon. Just a thought . Good luck.
  • evening pink_lynne,

    had the jab today - VERY painful oh yes it was!

    all being well, might get a trot on friday!

  • Hi, back from holiday today so catching up on what I've missed.

    Sarah - how are you doing now after your jab? Did you manage to get out to run yet?

    I am going to go out tomorrow morning, still not finished my c25k but almost! Was planning to take my trainers on hols but forgot them so I think I am really going to struggle!
  • morning lynne,

    jab was v painful, but since then i have been almost pain free, just odd little ache.

    forcing myself to walk with steady measured steps.

    i will not be running for a while tho, cos as my gentleman friend reminded me, its not just that i couldnt run, but i had overlooked the fact that my WALKING had dropped back significantly too.

    i had been doing 2miles briskly to work and from work 3 days a week and to work once a week, and am now down to a slow mile and a half.

    so i am building that back up first. i really really dont want to go thru the heel pain again.

    hope you had a good time

  • Hi Lynne, I had the same thing and came across a really helpful blog from a woman in the States - http://runmuffin.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/After the Couch to 5k this is the link to three possible routes for people once they've done the C25k; carry on as a recreational runner, get faster or go longer. I like her blog in general - really helpful and thoughtful advice.

  • thanks kleesrosegarden, i'll have a look too.

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