Supporting at Outlaw 2013



  • Aaaaaah, the ornate box of chocolates presentation image
  • Rafiki/Seren , did 14 51, about 2 hours quicker than I dreamed of , mostly because I don't run, 13 miles was the most I had ever done / will ever do ,if its not in a race! Run was 6 26, not that much quicker than the bike!

  • Kitten kat, that would be me, black dog called something beging with C? (sounds like playschool)

  • I am in for Outlaw next year, I could probably get my folks to help man the feed station as they normally volunteer every year.

  • cole , that's the one, cute dog.

    so I guess I need to get a screen name and more importantly some kit! Did I read correctly that kit could be ordered in Sept for next Spring? Are there any more timlely ways to get kit?

  • Ian - yep you need to get a new name before one os chosen for you!

    Because the kit is specially made for us and there is a min order for each item, orders only go in once or twice a year. It takes a while before its delivered etc etc. Pop across to the Kit thread, introduce yourself and place an order! image

  • ian Dixon 4 wrote (see)

    Races , I would like to do Outlaw again and the Newby Hall half distance in Sept, and the 999 sprint tri at Holme pierre point again , and  of couse the Leeds Tri and the Leeds xpress tri, and maybe some othes...

    Hi Ian, and welcome! - I'm planning on doing the Newby Hall half too, if I survive my Oly next Saturday! Are you a northerner, then? 

    Yes - you do have to be patient with kit, but sometimes there are folk willing to let you borrow theirs in the meantime ...

  • Britrisky, Hi, some friends at work are slowly following my jouney into triathlon and have done a few sprints and are planning bigger things. One of the encouraged me to do wimbleball last year but had to pull out due to injury on the bike leg. They all supported me at  outlaw which was my idea and now their idea is to do Newby hall in 2013, going along to sus it out this year. I don't want to tread on any toes so will probalby just recce it with them this year.

    I am from Leeds, since university and Merseyside prior to that , with a couple of years abroad in Canada, couldn't find a canadian flag icon (computers not my thing)  The icon is perry the cop from cop versus firefighter on u tube

  • Hi Ian, think I walked over to registration with you and Mr Zuvai, it's all becoming bit of a blur! 

  • heh , quite possibly, I walked over with about 20 pirates, Mr Zuvai must have been one of them as I ''helped'' him with his tent and a few others camping nearby, everybody seemed very friendly and a lot of people introduced themselves and their name went out of my head in the pre outlaw nerves..

    I have posted a kit request on the relevant thread and will go looking in the pirate bazaar to see if I can get anything for the rest of the season

  • Hi Ian / Citizen 146!

    Thanks again for helping me with me tent image 

    Delighted to hear how you got on - i looked for you in the resluts but couldnt remember your race number! That's a fantastic result for your first one & even better considering it was the first time you'd run the distance!


  • cheers, Mr.Z ,  was delighted with the result and was proved right in that I told the doubters at work that IM is possible for ordinary people who can't run (long standing knee surgeries mean they swell up at the slightest hint of training) but have applied themselves to getting fitter and are working hard on the bike and swim



  • Iron Pingu wrote (see)

     it's all becoming bit of a blur! 

    and you reckon I was the one who was drunk??? image

  • SuperCazSuperCaz ✭✭✭

    Hi Citizen/Ian.  Were you the one that accused Bear and I of being married when we were pitching our tent?  We couldn't stop laughing at that one all weekend!

  • oh yes that was me, am I forgiven?

  • SuperCazSuperCaz ✭✭✭

    The funny thing was that it is an ongoing joke at the moment as we keep doing really couply things together, like buying furniture.  So for you to say the same thing when you didn't know either of us was really apt.

  • Hi C146, I was pitched next to you, just before OC squeezed in with his posh contraption of a tent.  Instructions were needed for that one image.

    You buggered off to a posh campsite with swimming pool, was our rather longish pool (approx 3.8k out and back) not good enough image.

    Good to have met you, but you should have known SuperCaz wasn't married to Bear, they didn't argue image.

  • ^^^ watching OC attempt to put that tent up was one of the highlights of the weekend image

  • VT'd , perhaps we can all do it again next year? I would have preferred to stay put as felt pretty rough for an hour or so post massage ( no connection I assume) . The other campsite was twice as expensive and only half as good with 20p required for as shower , and no friendly souls, will not make the same mistake next year

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