first half post paralysis!

Right. It's settled. It's to be Waterbeach, 20th October. Gulp.

Why such a popular and well known venue for a comeback?

Well, it's complicated, but just about the time I ended up on sticks, a pal of mine's ten year old daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She's had a ding-dong couple of years, so when I learned to run again, I promised Elizabeth (the ten year old) that she could have my first race for the charity of her choice, to say thank-you to whatever group she felt had helped most in a pretty sticky two years.

It's going to be CLIC.

But it has to be a very local run. We'll rope in anyone we can catch to run along with, and beg quite shamelessly, and make a fun day of it, even if it takes a very long time to get round. We will finish up at the sailing club afterwards (just down the road) for lunch.

Now lets just hope I can do it on the day! At least I know just exactly what I am aiming for.

I'm ridiculously excited. marj


  • Good for you - keep us posted - and if you flag at all you know where we all are for help.
  • Nice one Marj. Just the job for motivation. Not just for you but for all of us. If you want some sponsorship let me know where to send the dosh.

    All the best,

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I'll sponsor you too if you e-mail your address.

    Good luck - we know you can do it.
  • Well done, Marj. Starting off with a half, too. You're not one to hang about testing the water are you?!

    Count me in for an entry on your sponsor sheet too - e-mail me your details. That can be my penance for deciding to do the GNR for fun rather than funds.

    Cheers, V-rap.

  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Best of luck Marj and happy running!:)
  • V-rap - it isn't exactly my first effort. I did three halfs about 10 years ago (2hr12 pb), so I sort of remember what's coming to me. And I think I am wiser now, if not fitter, so with luck will survive it better. I've done a 10Kish fun run in April, and race for life in June, since paralysis.

    I'm much touched by the response both in the forum and at home already. At least one, possibly two sons, and possibly a husband will join me in running from my family. Elizabeth's dad is contemplating evicting the spiders from his trainers and joining in (I may yet find a training partner) - he himself is a cancer survivor - 10 years.

    Yes, I think we'll manage to make a good party of it.

  • Marjorie
    Excellent news, if you fancy trying to do fundraising on line have a look at
    Good luck
  • Great news Marj.
    You are well ahead of me, I'm only just getting going again, but have not identifed a race, or even got a timescale in mind at the moment. You are doing well, and good news is welcome to all.
  • Barkles-
    I certainly appreciate the solidarity of other runners who have the experience of not being quite in command of their feet! Do I understand that you are able to run a bit again? Did you get sensation and movement back?

    I follow your progress with considerable interest.

    Keep me posted. Marj

  • Stickless,
    Well done,
    I might join you at Waterbeach. It would be my first half. Do you know much about it, what sort of course is it (flat presumably, from what I know of the area), will there be a big field? - I worry about being last (that old chestnut!)
  • Karen hi-

    I know nothing about the field at Waterbeach. I rather expect it will be fairly limited, and probably mostly regulars from the Cambridge area. However, you will have some superb company round the back - me! I think 2:20 - 2:30 is likely for me. And there may be other irregular runners there in Elizabeth's honour (her Dad, possibly) so we will do our best to make a party of it. You are certainly welcome to join in the celebrations.

    I hope to contact the organiser this week, and warn him that there will be some slow coaches there in a good cause.

    If you're interested, I'll let you know.

    All the best, Marj
  • When I signed off earlier, I couldn't beleive that I had just said that I would run a half in October!
    I think 2;30 for me, rather than 2;20, isn't that when the marshals usually pack up and go home?!
    But yes, I'm still interested, so let me know.
    I've got a lot of training to do!!!.
  • I was thinking of tragetting Waterbeach - anyone know anything about the course? Put me down on your sponsorsheet Marj - I'll try to make contact at the race, otherwise e-mail your details to me: [email protected] and i'll stick a cheque in the post.
  • Hope it goes well.If I lived closer I would have joined you all.
    Raising for a cause is the biggest motivator of all.I am raising for the meningitis Trust in Sept - a half marathon having only ever done a 5K!
    My little girl had it when she was a baby and the charity was a wonderful support for us all.She is now a fully recovered 4 year old,we were lucky!
    If I was not raising for a cause I think I would have deferred such a long run!!
    If you have any tips on raising money after exhausting friends and family could you please let me know - anyone.
  • Debs
    You could start by putting a page on - if you email me I'll give you a more considered reply on some of the things I'm doing to raise £20k for Hope for Children (I'm still along way off yet)

  • Stickless,

    Any word from the organisers yet? I have started training, but would like to be sure that slow coaches are OK. Also, need to get my entry in.
    I would be happy to wear a clic vest, and try and raise a few quid, although it will only be a few, as I've already bled family and friends dry this year!

  • The contact number has only been on answerphone this week, but I'm still trying.

    I will post here and let everybody know. I will also sort out vests - I am aware of the problem of asking friends for multiple donations (!) but every bit helps, and thanks.
  • Hi- got through.

    The race: one lap, on roads. Obviously flat, and from my experience, possibly windy.

    Time limit: absolutely none. Apparently they already have one entrant estimating a 5 hour personal best!

    The universal race entry form in the RW will do, send with 8 pounds to

    Race Secretary
    The Hythe
    Capper Road
    Cambridge, CB5 9LY.

    CLIC vests: I am trying to coordinate ordering these. Let me know if you want one. Ditto sponsorship forms.

    Thanks, Marj

  • Marj,

    Yes, I would like a vest and a sponsor form, thanks

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