Average Bike Speed for Women

Hi, thinking of having a go at a tri and was wondering what speeds were middle of the road for a lady in her mid forties.  I've looked at the internet for this answer to this question relating to women but it just seems loads of responses for men boasting how fast they can go.  I'm only 5ft and a bit and 7st 7lb so keeping up with big blokes is mission imposs.  I am pretty fit from running but feel that when I'm out on my bike men (cos I don't see many women) just go past me like I'm not moving.  So I'm just interested what's considered the middle ground so I can gauge whether its because I'm just dead slow !  Thanks for any advice.



  • That will depend on what distances you want to cover

    The best way is to look at some previous results v age group and you will see where you slot in

    Technique may be more of an issue for you I suspect

  • ave speed over say 25miles is 13.5mph, I've not been out many times yet but was just wondering whether I was tons slower than the average woman.

    M..eldy - when you say you suspect tecnique may be more of an issue what do you mean?


  • I agree with Meldy, have a look at past results.

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Hard to say what a decent average cycling speed is but if you are an experienced runner then I'd say 30 minutes for a 10 mile time trial might equate to something like a  50-53minute 10k.   Others may disagree with that and they may be right but there are so many variables that affect bike speed that it really is hard to draw an equivalent.

    Best thing really is to go out and have a go with others and see how you compare - there will be groups of your ability going out locally whatever speed you are and riding with others is always a good way to improve.   

  • Id really not worry too much - its not one discipline - its three - so being good at one third of the event isnt that much of a benefit. Most of us know fast bikers who blow up big time on the run.  Not that I've ever done it myself. Oh no...... 

  • If you are new to biking you will improve really quickly.

    My advice would be to spend as much time on your bike to improve handling . My handling is still pants after 3 years of having a bike and I look forward to my times improving when I learn to corner and descend better.

  • Thanks for the advice everyone, think I'll have to look at doing a proper measure of what speeds I'm doing at the mo cos on my previous rides I worked out an av of 13.5 but that did include 60+ speed bumps in the streets where I live in Southport and loads of pot holed roads as well as a bad section of the bypass cycle track from Southport - Tarleton.  I dont get out of breath ever, so I probably need to learn how to make my little legs go round faster.

  • I agree, I started cycling in Jan at 12mph for 6m commutes and then averaged 16.6mph over 112 at outlaw, improvement comes really quickly and seemed far easier to improve than running.
  • Largely depends on whether the woman has ironing to do, or knows that Casualty is due to start. I also tend to find that women ride a lot slower when they have their husband in tow. Too busy muttering about what a crap and selfish bike rider he is. 

  • Totally understand where you are coming from Reflector; in fact I asked a similar question on this very forum a few weeks ago because I was (and still incredibly am) paranoid about how slow I am on the bike when gents in very tight lycra go whizzing by.

    I ultimately found my solution in the suggestions above - find the results table for one of the larger races, drag the data into Excel and average out the times and you will get an idea as to where you need to be.

    Don't be discouraged if you find, like me, you have a long way to go!

  • If you dont ever get out of breath cycling then you're just taking it too easy. You need to be able to push yourself a bit more. 

    I've cycled for yeeeears and every ride I do I get out of breath.  If I never did - my averages would be a lot slower. 

    Have you tried a spin class ? They make you do intervals and really push you. 

  • Now I know whats a reasonable speed for a woman, I know what I shoud be aiming at.   I aim to get a new road bike in about 8 weeks with those clipless pedal thingys as at the mo I am battling it out on a 20 year old peugot bike that is slightly to big for me in terms of arm reach, hopefully getting a size 47 frame and the clipless pedals will make me more efficient.  When I say I dont get out of breath I am comparing it to my running, my legs tend to tire before I'm huffing and puffing, the good thing is though the day after doing 25 miles I have no muscle soreness whatsoever. 

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